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Found 1 result

  1. What is Nintendo Direct? Nintendo Direct is an online presentation series created by... well, Nintendo. Launched back in 2011, these livestreams are commonly used to keep Nintendo fans updated on the latest software and hardware developments. This can be anything from updates on current titles, to newly announced games, or even firmware and game version updates. Nintendo Directs can pop up every month or two and are region specific, tailored to your particular part of the world with possible exclusive news updates. Can I see the latest one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpXQtFbRChg When is the next Direct? When a new Direct is announced, information will be posted here in the thread with times and dates. Check the latest posts. Where can I see them? You can catch a Nintendo Direct at any of the following links, when they're scheduled to air: Nintendo Direct Homepage (US Stream) [x] Nintendo Direct Homepage (EU Stream) [x] Nintendo Direct Homepage (AU Steam) [x] Nintendo's YouTube Channel (US Stream) [x] Nintendo's Twitch (US Stream) [x] Why a megathread? Every single Nintendo Direct seems to get its own thread with time and dates, discussion, etc. then as the games and the news is announced, it shifts to those games' specific discussion threads and the Direct thread dies out. I thought it'd be simpler to have a big hub for everyone to come to so we can keep updated and return to discuss in rather than make multiple needless threads.
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