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Found 4 results

  1. So this topic is about the Adventure games. Many people consider them the best 3d games, and some people consider them the best Sonic games ever. But an equal number of people find them mediocre or hate them. So what do you think of Sonic's first two 3d titles? Here's my thoughts. I LOVE SA1. It's my second favourite 3d Sonic game. The alternate playstyles were the least offensive in that game because most of the characters were almost as fast as Sonic and/or played like a Sonic character (Except BIG THE FUCKING CAT), and the level design (For everyone except Big) was awesome, quite open and gave a sense of freedom. Sure the controls were not good at high speeds but I still love this game. The art style was also great, bringing some realism while still giving off that Sonic feel, and the story, while it suffered from bad writing, was still very good, and expanded on some of the Sonic mythos. If I had to score it, sure it's showing it's age but I'd say 8.5 out of ten. Now SA2. I love this game but not as much as SA1. The speed stages were still very fun, but they got more linear. The mech stages I like, as I did in SA1, but Tails was far better in SA1 because he was on his feet and the mech does not fit his playstyle. However, the mech stages fit perfectly for Eggman! I liked about a quarter of the hunting stages, but some of them just get obsessively big, and SEGA made the stupid decision of gimping the radar too! So overall, the alternate playstyles were more offensive in this game. The art style leaned too far towards realism, with there being only a few levels that felt Sonic-y. The story was as awesome as SA1's. It did not expand on the mythos as much, but overall it's a better told story to make up for it, and I LOVE Shadow in this game. Overall, it's great, but not as much as SA1, so I'd give it a 7/10.
  2. So, the topic is: Are you happy with the direction of the series? You can talk about anything: Story direction, gameplay direction, art direction, anything that has to do with the overall direction of the series! Here's my two red rings. I'm very happy with the series's direction right now! I love Modern gameplay, and I want them to keep on improving it (hopefully improving controls and adding more momentum-based level design). The one thing I can really complain about in recent game is the story. I was fine with Colour's approach for a ONE TIME change of pace (lol), but I don't want it to happen again, and I was quite disappointed in Generation's story. I want stories more in the tone and detail level of SA1 or Unleashed to come back, with better dialogue writing hopefully. Thoughts?
  3. DING DING DING Sonic the Hedgehog has had a hell of a lot of different styles and directions. Being around for twenty goddamn years probably helped that along. Some directions were good, some not so much. Some made us want to rip our hair out. For the next few weeks mad uncle Joker proposes a game, choose which Sonic games got what styles right, and which... didn't, and do tell us why. This game will work just as Soniman's legendary Sonic Unleashed vs. Sonic Colors topic did, but with more explosions! RULEZ -Have fun. -Don't feed them after midnight. -Pick a group of Sonic games listed by yours truly and tell the world why its the best at what it does! -Try to respect others' opinions on the topic. But I don't need to tell you that! -give me some money Without further *Apu*, let's get this show on the road! Story Let us start on a bombshell, eh? Sonic isn't exactly renowned for stories of high-quality, but dammit if there isn't a few golden nuggets in there. The series seems to follow a couple of specific patterns for story, now which do you prefer? Style 1: Grand Epic Adventures (Sonic Adventure (duh), '06, Unleashed) This kind of Sonic story involves a big-ass scope and a lot of balls. Be it Eggman blowing up the planet, blowing up a city or blowing up the moon, he's blowing something up and he's being assisted by the God of something or other. Basically, there's a high emphasis on Gods, time and space as we know it, and a LOT of new characters, be they a mass of NPCs or new furballs to play with. Focus is shared between Sonic and the others with no specific spotlight character. Cutscenes are many, drama is high, cheese is... plentiful. Characters die, learn things, are reset to their previous flanderizations so they go through them again... or all three. Style 2 - Character over Story (Classics) These games may lack the Cutscenes and scope of their successors, but they sure as hell tell a story. The bright, colorful characters, the mysterious level quirks, you name it. Essentially they tell a silent story through means other than Cutscenes. Style 3 - Characterization comes first! (Heroes, Colors, Lost World) Not a lot of actual things happen. The emphasis is clearly on bringing characters to life. Exactly by how much is up for debate. Cutscenes are few, plots are thin, but hey, they're entertaining. I've probably said enough. So now, I hand over to you, the little people, for a week of fun, mischief, and uh... yeah. Until next Sunday, the dawn of round 2, Let The Games Begin! Joker out.
  4. So, we have a GOTY topic and it made me think. What are the worst games I've played this year? So, I made this topic for the discussion of your WGOTY in 2013. Now, a little ground rule before we start. Avoid drama, please. We're all mature people here, we should be able to accept the fact that we all have different opinions. This cuts both ways, however, as you should have 'vaild' reasons on why you think the games you've listed are worthy of this title. By valid, I do mean no "I hate it because Sonic sucks now", rather "I don't like how Sonic controls in this title". (Apologies if this comes across as backseat moderating) Have fun!
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