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Found 5 results

  1. Thought we could use a topic about this. For those who don't know, Super Mario Bros. Z is an ongoing Flash series on Newgrounds created by flash artist Alvin Earthworm. As the name suggest, its a parody of Dragon Ball Z using the cast of Mario, but also incorporates Sonic as well turning it into a crossover of sorts. The premise is basically the same as the Android saga of DBZ, with the characters taking up some of the roles in the respective arc. Mario=Goku Luigi=Gohan Sonic=Future Trunks Shadow=Vegeta Despite the blatant recycling, it does at least stay true to the character's respective series(for the most part) and their characters and background,and some some details are different. The series is basically about Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and Shadow trying to gather the Chaos Emeralds before Mecha Sonic(Who is a combination of the traditional Metal Sonic and bunch of other Sonic bots) can and destroys the earth. Mecha Sonic murdered all of Sonic and Shadow's friends, as well as Eggman himself. And Bowser also is involved in the madness. The series` real catcher though are the fight scenes, which are damn near awesomely animated considering the series uses sprites and 2D backgrounds, with the occasional 3D drop. Behold: The series has been running since 2005 and has produced 8 episodes so far, with the ninth in production after a 2 and a half year hiatus. Episode List: http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/supermariobrosz SO yeah, if you never liked DBZ, you probably won't like this series, and anyone looking for anything more developed, don't hold you breath.
  2. Here's an interesting one. Shogakukan's Sonic the Hedgehog began life in 1992 in the eponymous magazine, a publication for young students. Written by Kenji Terada and drawn by Sango Norimoto, the manga starred Nicky: a kindhearted, cowardly hedgehog who transformed into the cocky, hot-blooded Sonic a la Jekyll and Hyde to thwart Dr. Eggman's villainous schemes. Though the book focused primarily on Sonic's escapades with sidekick Tails, Nicky had a sizable supporting cast made up of his family members Paulie and Brenda (pop and mom respectively) and little sister Anita, his best buddy Little John, and his girlfriend, the debuting Amy. Other than these facts (along with the additional tidbit of there being six issues, or one for each elementary grade), very little is known about the manga. It has never been reprinted since its publication, and as such only a scant few people have access to any issues. It's another unsolved mystery for fans of Sonic, but what's there provides us with an opportune look into one of the more removed takes on the franchise. Any thoughts or information?
  3. So, the topic is: Are you happy with the direction of the series? You can talk about anything: Story direction, gameplay direction, art direction, anything that has to do with the overall direction of the series! Here's my two red rings. I'm very happy with the series's direction right now! I love Modern gameplay, and I want them to keep on improving it (hopefully improving controls and adding more momentum-based level design). The one thing I can really complain about in recent game is the story. I was fine with Colour's approach for a ONE TIME change of pace (lol), but I don't want it to happen again, and I was quite disappointed in Generation's story. I want stories more in the tone and detail level of SA1 or Unleashed to come back, with better dialogue writing hopefully. Thoughts?
  4. So, we have Metroid: Other M, a 3rd person Metroid game. Not many people like it (Myself not included). So, the question is, how would you design a 3rd person Metroid game? Myself, I thought the Other M playstyle was fun, it was the story, upgrade system (DAMN YOU AUTHORIZATION), writing and so on that were the problem. It was a breath of fresh air to see Samus so agile in 3d IMO, considering her agility in the 2d games that was kinda lost in the Prime series (not to say I don't love the Prime series). Not to say it was perfect though. They should add that famous Metroid non-linearity into the level designs, add the traditional Metroid upgrade system, make it so you can fire missiles in 3rd person mode, and a more Prime Series-like story direction and you have an awesome 3rd person Metroid IMO. Also, maybe a different targeting system. I did not mind the lock-on, but I know some people did, but I don't know what you would do instead. Discuss!
  5. I noticed we don't have a topic about these games, so we may as well talk about them and what we hate about them. So yeah, Sonic Riders, built on the concept of making Sonic a racing series....with hoverboards. Notably they introduced the Babylon Rogues as an extra(And arguably unnecessary) set of rivals to the Big three, and revolved around a tournament, and the (Very confusing) backstory of the Rogues. ......that's all I got.
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