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Found 3 results

  1. Do you have a phone? Then what kind? Brand? New, old? Don't have a phone?! (What time you live in? Stone age??) Haha, I bet anyone have a thing they use to contact the world today! Thinking of getting a new phone... Android definetly! But not sure what's the best thing on the market today... A big problem for me is to find a phone WITH qwerty today (phone with full hardware keyboard). Since most of the producers who make these phones stopped making those, it's been hard finding new ones for todays update. Right now I have a MK16i (and MK16a) Sony Xperia Pro modell (with qwerty). But this is starting to get kinda old, since it's from 2011. Not so fast anymore... Maybe I should drop qwerty... But it's kinda usefull in many ways! Which phone is the best today? Which is the most powerful? A jungle of choices actually... Share with us what phone you have and why you wanted that one
  2. Everytime when I log in then pick "Remember Me" option it doesn,t remember me. It is annoying. It never happen to me before. I recently switched my phone back to the one that I had before. It only happens if I exit the internet or take too long to type message. In fact it happened while I was typing this up! I want to add that I not delete browser cookie history or whatever it be called there. It used to only ask me to log in again if I sign out or reset the browser cookie history. I not like repeatedly logging in because if I exit internet on phone or if I go to another web page. It annoying typing message for it to be all gone because the message "Sorry, you not have permission for that!" appears if you take too long to type message it!
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk...nology-19377261 The precise sum which Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple is $1,051,855,000 ($1.05bn). An astronomical sum of money. I'm not a fan of Apple in the slightest, and this whole saga just makes me dislike the company even more. The ideal response from the Judge and Jury would have been Apple being told that they can't patent round corners, and that all of their 'innovations' are prior art... like this: Dat prior art from 1987.
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