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Found 8 results

  1. Information from the Steam page: I'm sure a lot of people, especially those who grew up in the 2000s, were anticipating a sequel to the cult classic 'Battle For Bikini Bottom' for many, many years, and judging by the trailer....this appears to be that very sequel in all but name. More gameplay should be coming sometime soon, the game is confirmed to be at Gamescom after all, but for now this looks to be a very solid platformer staring our favorite sea sponge!
  2. Surprised nobody made this topic yet Besides Ms. Pac-Man being fucking dead™ i'm very pleased to see this be a reality. Pac-Man World is such a classic, and to see it be remade for a new generation is a real treat. Pac-Man World Re-PAC launches August 26th of this year, just under two months until the Pac is Back...again.
  3. https://blog.playstation.com/2022/07/14/introducing-playstation-stars-an-all-new-loyalty-program/ Not entirely sure if this is the correct sub for this, but this sounds like Sony's answer to MyNintendo in a way, while also being it's...semi-own thing? I'll have to check this out when it launches.
  4. http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2015/07/this-is-the-playstation-that-nintendo-never-released/ This is an amazing piece of gaming history. Never thought we'd ever see one of these surface.
  5. Ok, so to help keep the Wii-u from continuing to be a back and forth wall of text arguements, I am starting this thread So the basic idea of this thread, is what makes a console powerful? what makes it weak? what makes it overly gimicky? what makes a controller good or bad? Essentaily this is the place to talk about the differences of consoles and controllers, and game features, console differences and gimics, and other various stuff, such as the current disscusion in the wii-u thread So rules are keep it clean, dont be afraid to voice your opinion, and when you can provide references Sorry the opening isnt as through as it could be, but ya this is a place to dicuss various game console stuff, generaly about what is good and bad, and sucessful and failed, and can also apply to games and controllers if someone wants to make a more complete, in depth opening go ahead
  6. The DualShock 4 sports a new ergonomic design base on previous iterations of the DualShock, so while it does look much like the older models, it will probably feel nicer to play with. It appears to feature a more grippy surface texture, along with redesigned analogue control sticks and triggers. The biggest, most obvious addition is the addition of a Vita-style touch pad in its center, which may allow some Vita games dependent on touch to be ported to the PS4 (though its positioning suggests not, as it might get bloody uncomfortable to use for long periods). There is also a headphone jack on the back, a speaker (or is it a mic?) on the front beneath the touch pad, beside the charge cable input, and a Move-style colored sensor beneath them. A Share button has also been added, which is located up near the D-Pad, to allow players to easily record and distribute their own screenshots and videos of their games. To aid the Move-esque sensor, there is a Kinect-style stereo camera peripheral which will sit below the TV. Third pic down. Discuss?
  7. I thought I would start a thread asking you what your best and/or worst Sonic games are. You can give just your best game, worst game, or both, it's all up to you. One thing I ask of you is to please elaborate on your opinion. As for me, I don't have a best Sonic game yet as I haven't played that many, and I only recently got back into the franchise. My choice of worst Sonic game is an easy one: Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis for the Game Boy Advance. Why? The framerate is terrible, making it very uneasy to the eyes and making the game unplayable. There is also the zoom to fit the GBA screen size, making it almost impossible to see enemies coming towards you while you are running. The music is also atrocious, even with the GBA's not very outstanding sound quality. The arrangements of all the tracks (with the exception of Star Light Zone) are either raped (Green Hill Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Labyrinth Zone) or half-arsed (all the others). And finally, the slowdown that is all over the game: For example, the speed shoes causes slowdown, jumping causes slowdown, having 3 or more enemies on the screen causes slowdown, the water (which is slow enough in the original) also slows down the game, and (not sure if this is true but many people have said it), the sound actually causes most of the lag. That's my opinion, what are yours?
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