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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings ladies and gentlemen! I am back once again for another topic! This topic will focus on Roger van der Weide's video series, Sonic Dissected. It's a series of videos on discussing stories and characters about the Sonic series and analyze them. Since they are quite a lot of videos so I'm going to post a video every week or so. So without further ado, let's get started! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y7ltXKg-hc So for this week's video, Roger and his co-host, Luke, talk about how too many characters is the wrong complaint to Sonic becoming too overpowered and then to exposition in the Sonic stories. I do agree that too many characters are the wrong complaint since it just comes off as shallow and not really understanding the problem and I also agree on how giving each character flaws balances each other out like Sonic being the fastest but not very strong, Tails being the smartest but not entirely brave, Knuckles being very strong but isn't very bright and Amy being the "heart" of the group but isn't very fast and etc. Which then flows to how Sonic Team now writes Sonic as a guy that can handle any problem no sweat, well before Lost World atleast. This is when Roger starts praising the Adventures for doing it right, which to an extent I agree on. Like Sonic, having a sense of justice, doesn't go fight GUN or he'll be screwed over or gets gassed with knockout gas or whatever. But I don't these as flaws technically since it makes Sonic a more relatable character and gives each character their own time to shine but that's just me. Then he talks about the modern games and how "poor" they are. Like Roger emphasize the cockiness Sonic has in the modern games but I don't see this as a problem since Sonic has handled many situations before so he's pretty confident he handle other situations. But there are moments that I dislike this aspect like in Heroes, Team Sonic sees Shadow after he was assumed to have "died". If I were to have seen someone who has died before now in front of me, I would be surprised first and the be confused on what happened to that person. But Sonic's reaction is like he didn't realized that Shadow "died" and decides to fight him. Then again Heroes had a poor way of giving justifications on the Team Battles so that's an entirely different issue. Then I have another problem with Roger's statement, he then states that Secret Rings' story doesn't have as much subtleness as the Adventures. I think that Roger is overly simplifying Secret Rings' story without realizing the darker elements that the story had just to praise the Adventures more but that's just me. Then he says that Sonic not having any emotional moments with the main cast in the modern games as a problem. I don't really follow this since in most of these cases, he can only interact with the new characters like in the Storybook series. In Unleashed, it's justifiable since Sonic has a limited time hanging out with Chip and can hang around with Tails for a much longer time. Then Roger and Luke discuss about how OP the writers made Sonic to be and I agree this is a problem since making Sonic so powerful can cause problems balancing the main cast. Like how in the world does Sonic be able to master board riding in a matter of seconds already competing with racers who had years of experience or as much as I like Black Knight's story, him having equal skill in sword fighting as the Knights of the Round Table it seems rather far fetched if anything. And then Roger focuses on Black Knight for a moment about how poor the story introduces King Arthur. Granted I can see that Black Knight's intro was rather poor since Sonic was able to defeat the minions with ease so if Merlina didn't interfere, there's a good chance that Sonic would've beaten him right there but that's just me and Arthur was also a bit foolish by not interfering with the escape of Sonic and Merlina. And Roger goes into Colors, he hates Colors btw, and how pointless Tails' purpose was in that game, stating that Sonic would have handled the situation just fine without him, which is somewhat true. Then the final topic they talk about is the exposition used in the game's story. Luke states that you have to follow one rule to make sure that the plot can atleast be tolerable, which is don't waste the audience's time. He used Tails' story from Adventure to give an example of a good story, giving Tails character development from a scared boy to a hero of the city. Luke then complains about Colors giving plot points and it solves itself quickly, whether it's about Eggman truly having an evil plot or Tails being mind controlled for a moment. Roger then compares Colors' Mind Control Cannon with Adventure 2's Eclipse Cannon. Stating that the latter had proper buildup while the former had little to no buildup whatsoever. Luke then complains about Colors being very repetitive about Colors' points about Eggman using the Wisps to take over the planet through brainwash and how it annoys him so much that even a scene that he genuinely liked, he couldn't care less about it due to the game's repetitiveness of the plot points. Roger states this is overexposition since it has less emotional value every time it's been mentioned. But I want to give Pontac and Graff some lack since they had no control of the plot of Colors and Generations and had to resort to dialogue which they tried their best to make it work but flopped in their faces. So those are my thoughts on the video, what do you guys think? Do you agree with what they said? Or do you disagree? Please discuss!
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