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  1. Yup, the 15th anniversary game has now turned 15 itself. Where does the time go. What can be said about this game that hasn't already been said, so I'll try to keep this brief. This game has a lot of meaning to me and the franchise as a whole to put it mildly, that even a decade and a half later, it's still arguably a huge stain on the franchise's reputation that even popular gaming sites still talk about to this very day. It's likely the reason the series has become so safe and unambitious as of late, and it's pretty much the point when the supporting characters all had reduced roles and the Flanderization starting to get real apparent. This game is infamous for a reason. I have so many mixed feelings about this game ; On an aesthetic level, it has almost everything that really got me attached to this series; a larger than life narrative, while progressing the character arcs of my favorites (i.e. Team Dark) along with a slew of different story perspectives. On the other hand, god this game fucking sucks to play so much; I was thirteen when I played this game and even I knew how frustrating this shit was. I never went back to play it after my initial playthrough cuz I just didn't have the patience. And this game was pretty much the point when the entire gaming community and most of the fanbase essentially turned on Sonic. Kids nowadays think Forces was a betrayal of the series? Naw man, that game is child's play compared to the fall out of this game. You couldn't even talk about Sonic online without someone mentioning how terrible this game was. It was EVERYWHERE. Everything Sonic did from here on out would be scrutinized no matter how miniscule it was, from both the mainstream and especially the fanbase. Even on this very site, 06 topics were straight up banned for most of the 2010's for how heated they were. It was that bad. Ok, I think I said enough. This is just a mini retrospective on this game since its the 15th anniversary and all. So drop those retrospectives yourself.
  2. So his is an idea that had bounced around in my head since Middle school. So I finally wrote it. Just note that this fan fic won't follow the KH storyline 100% and all the Disney worlds are replaced by different game worlds. --------------------------------------- Sonic Kingdom Hearts Chapter 1 A blue hedgehog with green eyes wearing a red jumpsuit, yellow shoes, white fingerless gloves, and a black and white short-sleeved jacket gasped as he immediately sat up. Sweat dripped down his forehead as he slowly closed his eyes and pressed a hand against his forehead. The images from his dream were still very fresh in his mind. He could remember how he dreamt about sinking in a dark ocean, unable to swim to the surface. Then in his dream for a brief moment he saw a flash of light before him and then he saw the face of a male white hedgehog with yellow eyes. Just then a voice called out "Sonic, you lazy bum!" Sonic yelped in shock before immediately spinning around, coming face to face with a female pink hedgehog with green eyes wearing a white tank top, a black collar, necklace with a single white pearl, a purple skirt, and white shoes. "Amy, give me a break." the blue hedgehog groaned as he tiredly rubbed the back of his head. Amy couldn't help but laugh at the hedgehog before her. She had been looking for him since they were suppose to be building a raft and it only surprised her a little when she finally found him snoozing on the beach. She could never understood why Sonic valued naps so much. "Hey you two, I can't believe you're both slacking while I'm doing all the work." an annoyed voice said. The two hedgehogs immediately turned around to meet the glaring gaze from a male black hedgehog with red streaks on his quills and arms with red eyes, wearing a yellow and black tank top, blue baggy pants, black gloves, and blue and white shoes. The black hedgehog let out a frustrated sigh as he dropped the boards he was carrying on his shoulder onto the sandy beach. "Ah you shouldn't be so dark and moody, Shadow." Sonic smirked, "Sometimes you gotta learn to have some fun." Shadow rolled his eyes before placing his hand on Sonic's forehead and pushing him. He couldn't help but smirk when the blue hedgehog unleashed a surprised yelp as he fell backwards on to the sands. He, Amy, and Sonic had been friends ever since they were little kids. While he and Sonic were born and raised on Green Hill Islands, they had no idea where Amy came from. All they knew was that they stumbled upon her one day washed up on shore on the night of the meteor shower. Ever since they found her, Shadow knew there had to be other worlds out there. "I will get off this island one day. I will see new worlds just like those two I met ten years ago." he thought as he crossed his arms and recalled a green hawk and a purple swallow. At that moment Shadow was awakened from his thoughts when he heard Sonic shouting about racing him to the other side of the beach. Before he could even blink the blue hedgehog had already dashed off, leaving a gust of wind and a blue streak behind him. Shadow clenched his teeth, not intending on losing to his rival before taking off in a flash as well. Amy blinked her eyes for a few seconds, her mind trying to register that she had been left behind. When it finally dawned on her she took off running after them, shouting out for her two friends to slow down. After only a few seconds of running Sonic and Shadow managed to reach their goal in a tie. Sonic grumbled in annoyance at the fact he didn't beat his rival as Amy came up running to them, panting for breath. "Why do you guys always leave me behind?" she asked as she continued to take in deep breaths in between each of her words. Sonic only laughed at this response prompting the pink hedgehog to cross her arms in anger. When the blue hedgehog's laughter continued to fill the air Amy couldn't help but form a small smile on her face before laughing as well. She never could stay mad at one of her closest friends. "I think I liked you better when you were a mute." she teased as she jabbed her elbow against Sonic's arm. Sonic grinned as he rubbed the back of his head, recalling how he didn't really talk as a child. He didn't know what convinced him to never speak when he was young, all he knew was he experienced constant waves of negative feelings that it made him to the point he was too frightened to try to speak. After his laughter calmed down his green eyes glanced over at the setting sun. He had no idea that it was so late in the day already. "Well I guess I better finish fetching supplies. Be back in a flash and we'll sit at our usual spot." Sonic said before taking off. "That Sonic will never change." Shadow muttered under his breath. Amy smiled until at that moment her face turned pale as the expression of concern was painted on her face. She nervously clasped her hand around her necklace and for a moment Shadow could have swore he saw a faint light emit from her hand. Before the black hedgehog could say anything Sonic had already dashed back holding the supplies in his arms. "I got everything!" the blue hedgehog said with a grin, "Now come on let's go." Without a word the trio went over to the small island with a large palm tree that curved over the oceans water. Sonic and Amy sat on the tree trunk while Shadow only simply laid his back against it with his arms folded over his chest. "I can't wait to see what worlds lay out there. Maybe we'll even find Amy's world!" Sonic said with a hint of excitement. Amy tapped her finger against the side of her face when she thought about her world. She had no memories of where she had come from, the earliest one being when she was washed up on the shores of Green Hill Islands ten years ago. No matter how much she tried she could never place her finger on what her home world was like, all she would be able to scrounge up was an old story that she couldn't completely remember the words and a purple swallow holding a mysterious object in her hand. "Well we won't know until we set sail. Who knows how many worlds are out there and maybe it'll finally answer the question why out of all the worlds we ended up here." Shadow replied. Upon hearing this Sonic raised a brow in both confusion and concern toward his friend. He knew that Shadow had always wanted to leave the island ever since he heard the tale about how a boy that once lived on the islands left and never returned. While Shadow always was intrigued by the story Sonic always felt a feeling in his heart of bitterness toward the story. "Well we better be getting home. We'll need all the rest we can get." Amy said before sliding off of the tree trunk. Sonic nodded his head in agreement before sliding off as well. But as he was fixing to walk away he heard the black hedgehog call out his name. He turned around to see Shadow plucking a star-shaped fruit from the palm tree before tossing it at him. Sonic ended up jumbling the fruit around in his hands before he finally managed to get a good grip on it. "What's this for?" he asked, curious on why his friend gave him the fruit. "Don't you remember the story about Paopu Fruit?" Shadow replied as he walked toward Sonic, "They say if two people share it their destinies become intertwined. They'll be apart of their lives no matter what." Sonic nodded his head in response; he remembered the story but he still didn't see why Shadow tossed him one. But soon the wave of worry washed over him when he saw the black hedgehog flash a dark smirk at him. "Come on I know you want to try it, especially with a certain pink hedgehog." Shadow said, his voice dripping with a sly tone. At that moment Sonic's face immediately turned red both out of angry and embarrassment as he hit his friend's shoulder. Shadow laughed before he purposely ruffled Sonic's quills to annoy him even further before walking away. The blue hedgehog was nearly seething as he took his free-hand to fix the quills Shadow had messed up. Once he was done he glanced down at the fruit that he held in his hand. Though while he was still angry about what his friend said, apart of him was indeed curious if the legend was true. Meanwhile, far away in another land lay a castle with white tiles and a red roof. Everything was quiet until a scream filled the air. At that moment two brothers began running through the long hallways as fast as they could. One of the brothers was a short and slightly chubby man that had blue eyes, brown hair, and a black curly-mustache, and wearing a red hat with a M on it, a red sweater, blue overalls, white gloves, and brown shoes. The second brother was much taller and thinner than the first man and he also had blue eyes, brown hair, and a black curly mustache; he had the same clothing attire except his hat and sweater was green and his hat had a L on it. "Luigi, we need to hurry! Princess Peach is in danger!" the red-capped man exclaimed to his companion. "I know, Mario!" Luigi replied back, his voice full of panic. The two eventually made it to the ballroom where the saw a blonde-headed woman with blue eyes wearing a gold crown on her head, a long pink dress, white gloves that went past her elbows, and blue earrings. The princess' eyes were wide in fear as she was backing away from strange black creatures with antennas and glowing yellow eyes. "Peach, look out!" Mario shouted as one of the creatures lunged for her. Luckily Peach was able to dodge the attack by quickly jumping out of the way. The red-clothed plumber clenched his teeth and without warning a bright light emitted in his right hand, startling his brother. In a few seconds the light formed into a large key that had stars for its teeth, a fire shaped neck, and green pipes connecting to a fire flower for the handle. Without any hesitation Mario charged forward and slashed his weapon at the creatures, causing the to disappear in a burst of black smoke. Peach sighed in relief when she saw all the creatures had been slain. With a smile on her face she ran over to the plumber and embraced him. Luigi was fixing to walk over to them until he more of the strange creatures form and lunge toward Mario and Peach. Luigi gasped before crying out "Mario!" But unfortunately it was already too late. Peach screamed as the creatures latched their claws onto both hers and Mario's legs. At that moment the creatures melted away into a puddle of darkness while still clinging onto their captives. Waves of darkness surrounded the two as their bodies began sinking down into the dark abyss. Luigi clenched his teeth as he watched his brother and the princess try to escape the darkness. "Don't worry, I'll save you!" Luigi shouted. But before the green-clothed plumber could even take a step Mario shouted "Don't come near, Luigi, or the darkness will take you too!" Luigi clenched his teeth as he watched the two sink deeper in the darkness; the last he thing he wanted to do was to sit by and do nothing. "Luigi, there's no time to waste! You must find the key, only it can save us all! Go to Traverse Town and seek out a echidna named Knuckles!" Mario shouted. With that said both Peach and Mario squeezed their eyes shut as they were completely consumed by the darkness. The dark puddle remained in the room for a few moments before it finally faded away. Tears streamed down Luigi's face as he fell to his knees; his blues eyes remained glued on the spot where Mario and Peach once stood. Taking his arm he quickly wiped away his tears before standing up once again. He knew what he had to do and that was to follow his brother's directions. Without a word the plumber quickly ran out of the ballroom and went outside of the castle. Outside was where he was finding the person he was looking for, there sleeping next to a bush was a green dinosaur with a white underbelly, wearing a red saddle on his back and brown shoes. "Yoshi, wake up!" Luigi shouted as loud as he could. Yoshi's eyes instantly snapped open, revealing them to be blue as he jumped off of the ground out of shock. The dinosaur shook his head frantically, trying to figure out who woke him up until he spotted Luigi. "Luigi, why did you wake me up?" Yoshi asked as he rubbed the sleep out of one of his eyes. "Because I need you, Yoshi. Mario and Peach have been taken and we need to go on a mission to save them. It's time to get the Gummi Ship the Toads have been working on and take off." Luigi replied in a stern tone, "We have to find the key." The next day back at Green Hill Islands, Sonic stretched his arms as he listened to Amy list off all the supplies he needed to gather. He didn't understand why his friends wanted him to get all the supplies as soon as possible when he could easily gather them all up in a snap and have plenty of time to relax. "So, Sonic, do you understand everything we need?" Amy asked, snapping the blue hedgehog out of his thought. "Ah don't worry, Amy. With my speed I can easily get the job done." Sonic replied with a smirk. Amy rolled her eyes before sitting down on a rock and placing a bag on her lap. The pink hedgehog silently reached into the bag and pulled out some needle and thread along with some blue shells. Sonic raised a brow in interest as he sat down next to his friend and watched her carefully pierce shell with her needle, sewing them all together in a star shape. Amy was easily able to notice Sonic watching her and explained how she was making a lucky charm since she heard that travelers usually carried charms based off the paopu fruit. She didn't want to admit it to Sonic but she actually was inspired to make one when she had a strange dream about a purple swallow standing alone on a dark beach as she stared down at the glowing blue charm in her hand. "It's looking pretty good, Amy." Sonic said with a small smile. Amy blushed before muttering a small thank you as she brushed some of her quills out of her face. But before either one of them could say anything else Shadow shouted "Hey, Sonic, stop slacking and get over here! I need to talk to you about something!" The blue hedgehog let out a frustrated sigh before he sat up and dashed over to Shadow. Once there he saw the black hedgehog giving him an annoyed glare with his arms crossed over his chest. "Well since you want to do nothing but slack instead of following orders how about a little race just to make sure your not getting sluggish on me." Shadow said in a stern tone. "Oh please, Shadow, I'm the fastest thing alive. Like I'm ever going to become sluggish." Sonic smirked. The two hedgehogs said nothing as they got in the starting marks. Shadow let out an annoyed snarl when he saw his friend refuse to start the race all because he wanted to stretch his legs first. "So if I win I get to be captain and..." Sonic started while he was still stretching his legs. But just then Sonic was interrupted by Shadow saying "And the winner will get to share a paopu fruit with Amy." The blue hedgehog's mouth dropped open in shock as he stared at his friend's dark and mischievous smirk. He couldn't believe that once again the black hedgehog had brought up the subject about the legend and now was even threatening to share the fruit with Amy himself. Without even knowing it an angry snarl escaped from Sonic's mouth; all he wanted was for Shadow to drop the subject instead of constantly hanging it over his head. Without another word the two hedgehogs took off. Amy let out a surprised yelp when she felt a strong gust of wind brush by her from the two hedgehogs dashing by her. Her eyes looked up just in time to see the blue and gold streaks the hedgehogs left behind for a few brief seconds. The two hedgehogs continued to speed around the island till finally in the end Sonic ended up winning by a few seconds. Sonic pumped his fist in the air while jumping around in happiness. "Yes, that's victory for the blue blur!" Sonic proclaimed. "Well you win, Sonic, well I'm waiting to see you share the paopu fruit with Amy now." Shadow smirked. At that moment Sonic's face turned blood red at those words. He immediately spun around to face Shadow, trying to come up with a come back but unfortunately was unable to form any words in his mouth. The black hedgehog couldn't help but laugh at the sight before him; he found it amusing how flustered he managed to make his friend. He snickered while he ruffled Sonic's quills, revealing that he wasn't serious about the deal with the paopu fruit and only created it to see how awkward he could make his friend feel. Sonic grinded his teeth together in annoyance before straightening out his quills once again. In an attempt to blow off steam the blue hedgehog decided to gather up the supplies Amy had asked him for. It was only a few seconds he managed to gather up most of the supplies, all the was left was a few mushrooms that grew in a cave near the waterfall. Wasting no time Sonic dashed into the cave but instead of grabbing mushrooms like he was suppose to his green eyes began glancing around at the carvings on the cave walls. "This place brings back memories." Sonic muttered as he ran his hand across some of the carvings. "Wow! What is this place?" a young five year-old Amy wearing a white dress asked. Young five-year old Sonic wearing a white shirt and red shorts nervously hid behind a huge rock. Amy frowned as she slowly walked toward the blue hedgehog only to see him try to hide behind the rock more. Ever since she first met Sonic he hadn't uttered a single word to anyone and she didn't know why. The pink hedgehog looked around the empty cave until she spotted some rocks. "Come on let's draw!" she said. Sonic's eyes widened as Amy grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him over the cave wall. The pink hedgehog hummed happily before picking up two rocks and handing one of them to Sonic. "We'll draw each other. It'll be fun!" she said before taking the rock and began carving. The young blue hedgehog took a moment to stare at the rock in his hand before kneeling down and drawing too. It only took a few moments for the two to finish the drawing of themselves smiling at each other. Amy glanced over to Sonic and much to her surprise she saw a small smile on his face. "Hey you never told me your name, I'm Amy." she introduced herself. But much to her sadness the blue hedgehog didn't not reply. Instead his eyes glanced at the ground as he nervously rubbed his arm. "What's the matter? Can't you talk?" Amy asked in concern. Upon hearing this Sonic rapidly shook his head in reply, revealing that was indeed the case. He didn't dare try to look at Amy as he kept his eyes remained staring at the ground. He wished he could tell everyone that he doesn't talk all because he too frightened of the horrible emotions he had been feeling such as anger, sadness, and fear. He had no idea what caused it but only hoped they would end one day. "Oh, well there must be some way you can tell me your name." the pink hedgehog said with a frown. Sonic silently tapped his foot on the ground in thought until finally he got an idea. Taking a rock he wrote his name in the sand. "Oh so your name is Sonic?" Amy asked. The blue hedgehog rapidly nodded his head with a huge grin. Amy remained silent for a few moments as she tapped her chin before finally smiling and replying "Hmm, I like your name, Sonic." Sonic let out a deep sigh as he finished editing the picture he and Amy made when they were children. Now the picture showed not only just Sonic and Amy smiling at each other but also it now showed Sonic in the picture giving Amy a paopu fruit. He didn't want to admit it to Shadow but a part of him was actually interested in the idea of sharing the fruit with Amy. The blue hedgehog slowly shook his head as he stared at the picture, thinking if he suggested it to Amy that she would only laugh and consider the idea ridiculous. Deciding it was time to leave Sonic picked up the mushroom he was suppose to get and stood back up on his feet. But before he could even take a single step, his green eyes widened and his heart raced in fear when he heard a voice behind him say "This world has been connected."
  3. Yes I was insane enough to make this fan fic. Rated T for Character Death and Suggestive themes. --------------------------- Sonic Heavy Rain Chapter 1 The sun shined brightly on Mobius that day. A blue hedgehog with a light-skinned arms, stomach, and muzzle groaned as he sat up in his bed, opening his green eyes. This hedgehog's name is Sonic. He stretched his arms, letting out a long yawn before getting off of the bed. Sonic scratched his head for a moment, before noticing a note on the floor. He kneeled down, picking up the note to read it. He grinned when he saw it was from his wife Sally, telling him that she took their kids to get supplies for their daughter Sonia's Birthday party. Placing the note on the dresser, Sonic figured that he could at least clean up before his family returned. So he went into the bathroom, taking off his socks and gloves before turning on the water and entering the shower. As he scrubbed his quills, he thought about how he couldn't believe his own daughter was now ten years-old. It seemed only like yesterday to Sonic that his daughter was three. Seeing he was clean enough, he shut off the water, and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel to dry off with. Once he was dry he slipped back on his socks and gloves. He walked over the mirror and began staring at his reflection. Sonic couldn't help, but smirk at his reflection, thinking about how everyone thinks he's quite the hedgehog, especially Sally. "Hmm it's almost around time for Sally and the kids to get back, maybe I'll go out for a quick run." Sonic thought to himself. He quickly went back into his room and pulled out his old red-running shoes out of the closet. He slipped on the shoes and quickly ran down stairs. When Sonic was at the front door, he glanced around at the neighborhood, seeing everyone was peaceful ever since the defeat of the evil Dr. Robotnik. With that done he quickly took off, leaving behind a blue streak trail. Sonic grinned as he felt the wind whip through his quills, only encouraging him to run faster. The sound of his feet running, his arms threw back, his soft and calm breathing always was a wonderful feeling for Sonic. Sometimes it almost felt like he could fly though he didn't need wings. After a few minutes of running, Sonic quickly made his way back home, wanting to be there before his family arrived. He stopped in front of the house door, just in time to see his family car pull up in the driveway. Sonic grinned as he watched his two children run laughing out of the car. Manik who was a hedgehog that looked like Sonic except with blue eyes and Sonia a brown chipmunk-squirrel with red hair and green eyes, wearing a pink shirt, gray pants and pink shoes. "Dad!" the two siblings said happily as they ran up to their father. Sonic laughed as he pulled his two kids into a hug. "Hey, so how's the birthday girl doing?" Sonic said. "Awesome! I'm so excited! Am I an adult now that I am ten?" Sonia squealed. "No, but you're getting there." Sonic answered, ruffling his daughter's red hair. The kids ran off to the backyard as soon as they saw their mother Sally approaching. Sally Acorn was a brown chipmunk-squirrel with red hair and blue eyes, wearing blue boots and a blue vest. Sonic ran up to her when he saw she was carrying three bags full of groceries and party supplies. He lifted the bags out of her arms, offering to carry them for her. Sally smiled at this and gave Sonic a quick kiss on the lips. Sonic grinned and they began walking inside together. "So had another joyful run?" Sally asked with a smile as she pushed back some of her red hair. "Yep, best one I ever had so far." Sonic smirked as he placed the bags on the counter. "Glad to hear." Sally said before giving Sonic another quick kiss. Sonic grinned before heading outside to check on Sonia and Manik. His green eyes watched as Sonia and Manik laughed, running around chasing each other. Finally they both tumbled on the grass, laughing at how much fun they were having. Finally getting tired of being left out on the fun, he walked up to them. "So who's ready for some real fun?" Sonic asked. Sonia and Manik ran up to him, their smiles growing bigger the more they knew what their dad wanted to do. "So who wants to try to take down their dad in a race first?" Sonic asked. He watched as both of his children jumped up and down, begging that they should go first instead of the other. Seeing as it was Sonia's birthday, Sonic decided that she should go first. Sonia pumped her fists into the air in victory. Manik sighed in defeat, but being a good sport he walked over to the side to wait for his turn. Sonia and Sonic kneeled down into their starting positions, giving each other grins, knowing that they were in for a challenge. Without a word they instantly took off, pushing their legs to the limit, one trying to pull ahead of the other, both being parallel with each other. Sonic had to admit his daughter was getting better with her running speed and there was no telling how fast one day she'll be able to go. Finally the race ended, but it ended in a tie. Sonia was disappointed about his, but quickly forgot about that when she thought about how much fun she had racing against her father. Seeing it was now his turn, Manik instantly ran up to his father as Sonia walked over to the side to watch the race. Just like last time the two ran as fast as they could, but it ended in a tie once again. "You guys are getting fast, better step up my game if I want to keep up with competition." Sonic laughed. Sonia and Manik ran over to him and hugged him at the same time. Though Sonic didn't know an idea had sparked in their heads. Without warning they kept a hold of his hands and ran circles around him, causing him to turn constantly. That was when Sonic knew what they were up to; they were wanting to see how long he could last spinning. Sonic smirked at this, silently accepting their challenge. The turns started to become faster and faster as the kids started picking up their running speed. Sonia and Manic laughs filled the air as they continued to make their father spin. It didn't take long for them to finally reach their top speed. Sonic watched as his surroundings zoomed across his eyes, looking like a big blur from how fast he was spinning, he could feel dizziness starting to take affect. "Okay I think that's enough spinning." Sonic laughed, still getting dizzier by the second. Hearing this Sonia and Manik slowed down and came to a stop. The two siblings burst into laughter as they watched their father stumble around with his footing only for a few moments before finally collapsing on the ground. "Alright time for lunch! We'll need to finish eating before Sonia's friends get here for the birthday party!" Sally called. Sonia and Manik instantly ran inside the house to get their meal. Sally shook her head with a smile when she saw Sonic pushing himself off the ground to stand back up, she knew how he had always enjoyed playing with the kids. Sonic walked up to Sally and pulled her into a loving hug, he couldn't ask for more, he had a beautiful wife, two wonderful children, and a happy life, he believed there was nothing that could take that from him. The next day Sonic and his family decided to take a trip to the mall. Sonic watched as Sonia and Manik ran around him laughing as they walked. The mall was crowded that day so Sonic made sure to keep an eye on his kids, not wanting them to get lost in the crowd. They kept walking till Sally stopped in front of a shoe store. "I would like to go look for some shoes for Manik. Can you keep an eye on Sonia?" Sally asked. "Sure." Sonic said with a grin. He gave his daughter a quick hug to insure his wife that he had it under control. Sally smiled at this before taking Manik by the hand and walking into the shoe store. Sonic grinned at the sight, feeling nothing could go wrong, but then at that moment he noticed Sonia was walking away from him. He called out her name as he followed her, but she did not turn around. Finally after a few seconds of walking, Sonic was relieved to see Sonia finally stop. He kneeled down to her and warned "Sonia, don't wander off like that. It's crowded in here and I could lose you." "Dad, can I please have one?" Sonia instantly pleaded. Sonic was confused by this until he saw what his daughter was talking about. In front of them he saw a clown handing out balloons to children. Sonic sighed at this, surprised that his daughter was willing to wander off from him just because of a balloon. "Okay fine let's go buy a balloon." Sonic said as he ruffled his daughter's red hair. Sonia grinned in happiness as she and Sonic walked up to the clown. "Hey there, what's your name little lady?" the clown said happily. "Sonia." she answered with her grin remaining on her face. "Well, Sonia, what balloon do you want?" the clown asked. Sonia glanced over the different colored balloons; she tapped her finger against her chin as she thought about deeply which one she would want. At that moment a bright red balloon caught her attention. It was the last one there and she loved the bright red color. "The red one!" she declared, pointing her finger at the balloon. The clown turned away from Sonic and Sonia, pushing past the other balloons and untying the string to the red one. "Here you go." he said as he kneeled down to hand her the balloon. Sonia held onto the string tightly, staring up in wonder at her red balloon. "That'll be two dollars." the clown said to Sonic. Sonic was about to pay until he noticed Sonia walking away from him. "Sonia, wait for me. Wait for your dad." Sonic said. But Sonia did not hear her father's words. She watched as the light's reflection traveled down the balloon, acting like rain when it would drip down the window. She found it neat since the light's reflection reminded her of rain. Whenever she couldn't run outside due to rain she would watch the rain drip down the windows, to her it seemed almost like the rain drops were always in a race to get to the bottom of the window like how she always races against her dad, with that in mind she continued to watch the balloon. Though she had no idea that the more she continued to watch the light's reflections on the balloon, the farther away she was walking away from her father. Sonic reached down and pulled two dollars out of his socks, he had to keep his money there due to the fact he usually doesn't wear any other clothing besides his socks, shoes, and gloves. Once he gave the clown the money he turned around to tell Sonia that they should head back to the shoe store, though his green eyes widen in fear when he saw his daughter was no where in sight. "It's unbelievable to find shoes in this crowd." Sally said as she and Manik walked up to Sonic. Her blue eyes widen when she saw Sonia wasn't next to Sonic. "Sonic, where's Sonia?" Sally asked in a worried tone. "I don't know. I went to buy her a balloon and when I turned around she disappeared," Sonic answered. "Disappeared?! What do you mean disappeared?!" Sally exclaimed. "Don't worry, I'll find her." Sonic said, not wanting his wife to worry. With that he began looking around the mall, calling out Sonia's name. Normally he would use his speed to look around quicker, but due to the mall being crowded he wouldn't be able to get through. Sonic shoved past people, continuing to call out his daughter's name. He leaned over the railing and there he spotted Sonia and her red balloon, wondering around lost, not knowing where her father was. Sonic kept calling out for his daughter as he quickly ran down the nearest escalator, shoving past people to get down quicker. Though to his horror as soon as he got down to the floor he saw the giant crowd was preventing him to spot Sonia, the only thing he had to go by was the red balloon he saw floating over the crowd. He constantly shoved past people as he made his way toward the balloon, ignoring the hateful remarks they were shouting at him, his main focus was to get to his daughter. He called out her name again, despite the fact he knew his calls would be drowned out by the sound of the crowd. He got closer to the red balloon, but at that moment a bunch of balloons that were together floated up to the ceiling, temporarily blinding Sonic's vision. He frantically looked around, trying to relocate the red balloon once again. Finally he spotted it floating near the merry-go-round. He quickly made his way toward the merry-go-round, relieved when he saw red hair come into view. "Sonia you had worried for a s..." Sonic started as he kneeled down, but his eyes widened when he turned around the girl to see she was only a brown dog with red hair. Sonic quickly stood back up, calling out his daughter's name even louder this time. He looked around until he spotted a red balloon outside of the mall's entrance. He didn't know if it could be another kid's balloon, but it was the only thing he had to go by to find his daughter. He shoved his way through the crowd, watching the red balloon come closer and closer into view. Finally he was outside and there he saw on the other side of the road was Sonia, looking around lost. "Sonia!" Sonic screamed as loud as he could. Sonia turned around, smiling in relief that she finally found her father. She called out to him and began to run across the road, though halfway there she tripped and fell down on the road. As she was getting up Sonic noticed a car approaching that showed no signs of slowing. "Sonia no!" he screamed, knowing that the car was going to hit her. Sonic began running to his daughter as fast as he could, but still could not run as fast as he could due to the crowd. Sonia stood up and froze in fear when she saw the car was inches from her. Sonic lunged for Sonia, pulling her into his arms to shelter her. Unfortunately this was the one time the fastest thing alive wasn't fast enough. The car hit Sonic and Sonia as soon as they were in the process of falling to the ground. Sonic's head slammed forward, knocking him unconscious and giving him a concussion, though sadly Sonia was worst off. Sonia flew out of her father's arms, flying forward; her head hitting the cement. Her body tumbled for a few moments before finally coming to a stop. Sally and Manik had seen the whole thing. "Sonia!" Oh god no! Sonia! Please no! God no!" Sally sobbed as she ran up to her daughter's limp body. Tears streaked down her face as she stared at Sonia's lifeless body, blood pouring out of her head, her blue eyes closed forever. Sally took a hold of Sonia's hand and held it to her chest as she continued to cry. With a shaky hand she began to stroke Sonia's red hair, her lip quivering as she watched her hand start to get covered in blood. Manik stared in horror, he had witnessed his sister's death and there was no telling what the car hit had done to his father. He couldn't believe that this had happened. He wanted to cry but he couldn't do it, he was too scared at what had happened. He couldn't believe that only a few minutes ago he was laughing and playing with his sister and now she was lying on the road dead. The sounds of ambulances filled the air as Sonia's red balloon floated upward to the sky. Sonic's green eyes slowly opened when he heard his wife's cries. He tried to turn his head to see what she was crying about, but his neck throbbed in pain when he did due to the concussion he got. Seeing he couldn't use his head he decided to use his eyes instead. His green eyes glance over to the side seeing Sally kneeling on the ground crying, but what horrified him the most when he saw red hair and blood pouring onto the cement. His eyes glanced to the sky to see the red balloon he had bought Sonia floating higher and higher to the sky. Sonic closed his eyes as tears began to streak down the sides of his face. He wasn't fast enough; he wasn't able to save his daughter, believing it was his fault for turning away from her. Sonic cried as his guilt grew stronger, he would never hear his daughter's laugh again, he would never see her smile again, he would never compete in a race with her, he would never get to do anything with her again all because his ten year-old daughter Sonia Acorn was dead.
  4. (I'm not sure if it's the right place to talk about such specific subjects, but I'll post this anyway. If this doesn't have its place here, please report it.) Everybody knows about Chaos Control, that cheap move that can control space and time and has turned into a Swiss Knife (comprehend: Deus-Ex-Machina) over the years for protagonists. However, through the series, its function was never made consistent: sure, we got that ANYBODY can use the magical formula of politeness with the magic key gems to make it happen, but what it does to the user always changed over the games. Was it teleporting like it did in Adventure 2, or was it slowing time like in 06 and like Time Stop in Adventure 2 Battle, or even making characters able to travel so fast it was like time was frozen around them (like in the move used in Shadow the Hedgehog)? It was never made clear. But the result is: in any case, it allows to travel from one point in space to another almost instantly. However, I still think that because those functions are vastly different, it's better to tell them apart rather than associating all of them with one move. After all, it wouldn't be the same thing if it was so different, wouldn't it? I'm going to make a little list of the multiple ways it can be seen through the games, and I'll try to explain them the most logically possible I can (With a bit of physics in it but don't worry.): -Teleportation/Time-space rifts: I'm putting these two together because they usually appear together, and it's not easy to tell them apart. These aren't the most known functions of Chaos Control as of today, but they're actually the ones who appear the most. In short, teleportation is the transfer of a physical being from one point to another in space, meaning that in terms of physics, its particles (atoms) would be disassembled, transported to this point and rebuilt by a specific device (usually a teleporter, here the Chaos Emeralds and Energy). So it's just a transport and crafting of matter that happens very quickly. To break the link between the particles, actions at an atomic scale must be done: those actions would be nuclear reactions, targeted to links like Covalent bonds, Ionic bonds, Van der Waals bonds, and Hydrogen bonds (don't worry, you don't need to know what those are, just remember they're the main type of bonds between atoms). The core of the atom would be overloaded with energy, and expel particles and energy -in the form of Gamma rays- to transform into another atom (and not explode like in science-fiction), which is the phenomenon called Radioactive Decay. The particles and rays would hit other atoms that would go through the same process, and so on until all atoms are separated. Then, all of those particles would be rebuilt the exact same way they were before teleportation. But the only problem with that is that the drive, the Chaos Emeralds, also disappear with the user, which is sort of a paradox as they're supposed to be the tools that permit Chaos Control. However, the Archie Comics's old canon (Before Words Collides) gave us an interesting concept that could explain this: the fact that Chaos Energy exists as the Chaos Force, a conscious embodiment of it that manages the Chaos Energy given to the user and respond to their call for power. This would explain IN the games why the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald got some sort of consciousness, even if it just responds to their user and does not develop a entire brain of its own. So, with this in mind, the Chaos Emeralds would just be remote controls (what a coincidence), and the Chaos Force would be the TV: breaking the remote won't break the TV, it's just that you have to take other, more difficult paths to use the TV as you want, for example by directly tapping the buttons on it. I won't speculate on what the TV actually is, though, because it could go on and on, and we have all of our ideas for our first theory laid down. So now, let's take a look at the other possible function: Time-space rifts, even if put them in the same part as teleportation, are completely different: in science they usually refer to wormholes, hypothetical objects that bends space-time and are made by both a black hole (which attract everything) and a white hole (which repulse everything) on their extremes. They can be took as a shortcut from one space to another. To put it simply, think of a sheet of paper, that has two symmetrical points, and that you would have folded in two so that the points touches. You pierce a circle on the two points. It would be much quicker to take this hole that you created rather than going all the linear way to a point from another, and that's the principle of wormholes: the sheet is space-time that is bended by the two points, the black and the white hole, which has certain size (the circles you traced).Wormholes's sizes can vary from infinitely small to infinitely big, and their lifespan can be either very long or very short, almost everything with those settings is aleatory. So, the Chaos Emeralds would have to not only bend space-time, but also create and maintain the two black and white holes that form the Wormhole if it was the case, which is quite a lot of work. Plus, because you can't see the entrance (black hole) and the exit (white hole) when the user does Chaos Control, it means that two wormholes would have to be formed: the first one would bring you to a different space (possibly dimension), and the second one would bring you back to the place where you wanted to go. All of those steps would happen in a matter of seconds. In the games: We can interpret Chaos Control with these two things since the first time it was introduced in Sonic Adventure 2. When Shadow and Sonic uses it to warp, like during the final battle of the Hero/Dark Story, they disappear and reappear in a flash of light. So it's most likely that this was teleportation, the Chaos Emeralds being the device that causes the flash of light, but it may also be a rift that opens and closes at will, which they can take to go from one place to another. When they used their combined Chaos Control in the ending of the game to bring back the ARK to its orbit, they created some weird orb that teleported it, which is most likely something that can transport matter, seeing how it covers the ARK and teleports it. Even if you could interpret it to some extent as the ARK passed through a wormhole, the form it took and the fact it lost all of its velocity when it got back to its original orbit makes it less likely to be that case. Teleportation was also likely to happen in Shadow the Hedgehog, when Black Doom teleported Shadow to Cyberspace to destroy a core program of the United Federation in the level Digital Circuit. But when Black Doom used it to transport the Black Comet to the surface of Earth, he quoted it as a "space-time control power", which may mean it caused a space-time rift rather than teleportation. What happens when Shadow kick the comet out of Earth is a bit ambiguous, though, because there could be shiny SFX in all cases. In Sonic 06, it's clear that those Time-space rifts are the portals that our hedgehogs create with two combined Chaos Control. But since they're going back in time, which is way different (even if wormholes could also allow to go back in time), and that touching with seriousness one of the worst adventures of Sonic which-is-actually-not-canon-but-is-thanks-to-Generations, I won't talk more about it. The move also made a cameo in Sonic Generations, were Shadow would teleport right in front of Sonic to be faster, but since there's no sparkle that goes with it, it's most likely a transport of matter. Finally, this role is pretty much mirrored in most of adaptations like Sonic X and Archie comics, where Shadow both used it to slow down time, but later exclusively to teleport (even between dimensions), sometimes by passing through a breach in Space-Time, sometimes by simply disappearing. But since in Archie Comics, the move can be performed by certain beings without Chaos Emeralds (like Shadow, Enerjak, the Brotherhood of Guardians...) if their link to the Chaos Force is powerful enough, it may mean that their particles would travel through the flow of Chaos Energy before being reassembled. And now is the perfect time to get on my second hypothesis... -Time dilation/Traveling at the speed of light: The second (or third), most known use of Chaos Control. On the contrary of what fiction can make us believe, time dilation (slowing or accelerating time) is only a phenomenon and not an action. To understand it, we have to look at some relativity theory, and more precisely Special Relativity from our fellow Albert Einstein (and his most popular comrades, Max Planck and Hermann Minkowski). I won't be diving into the details because the amount of these is humongous and hard to understand, but here is the experiment that can sum it up: the Relativity Train. Imagine a rail and a train on it, with one observer ( C ) immobile on the ground and one observer ( D ) on the train. The train starts to move at a high speed (represented by an arrow above it), in this example, 4/5 the speed of light (almost 300 000 meters per second), which gives us 24 000 meters per second. Two bolts of lightning ( A and B ) strike the ground at the exact same "time", and the 1st observer, placed right in the middle of the distance separating the two bolts, see them as simultaneous. However, the 2nd observer on the moving train passes by and spot them at the exact same "moment" as the 1st one, but for him, one bolt was faster than the other, depending of the direction of the train. So what can we deduce from this imaginary experiment? The reason why I put quotation marks on "time" and "moment": time is relative to the one observing it, and not absolute. Why is the 2nd observer (D) seeing differently one bolt? Because light has a finished speed, but this speed is the same in all spaces (as are the laws of physics), so you can't modify light, but you can "catch" it by moving at great speeds yourself. But light rays are the things that make you able to see the world, and everything around you has a set speed too, so what happens? For an outside observer, you would move super fast. But for you, everything else becomes slower. That is what time dilation is, and technically how the time slow power of Chaos Control would truly work. In the end, the user would move so fast that time would be slowed down for them, and that they would be going from one point to another almost instantly for others. They would disappear and reappear, but that excludes any flashy light effects we quoted before, which makes even outsiders able to differentiate time dilation from the first two possible functions (if they know about it of course). However, technically, continuing to have generic behavior like if you weren't going super fast such as walking normally or checking your Iphone would be impossible, because at this point it's not your entire body that would go at high speeds, but very specific points of it like fingers or eyes. And god knows that these parts aren't used to performing these complex (yup, they're complex) sets of actions at such high speeds. The only possibility is that your individual body parts would be immobile, but the body in itself would be moving in a straight path at this constant speed (like if Silver just cautgh you in Sonic 06 and thrown you like useless branch at high speeds), as the images you see becomes blurry because you are getting closer to the ray of light themselves. Additionally, if we go deeper into the physical issues, not only would this require immense amount of energy to be brought to the person traveling, but it would also affect both his body and his environment: if an object the size of a person moves at a speed way higher than supersonic speeds, it would cause both a very powerful Sonic Boom and an immense air friction on the person's body, not to mention all the body parts that wouldn't be able to follow the rest of it... So why none of this is happening in the Sonic games (and thank god)? "That's because of the Emmerows!" The only explanation is that the Chaos Emeralds gives the energy to every part of the user, but also builds up an invisible "shield" that contains the other energies released by this action before they can lead to a disaster (air friction ripping the body apart, causing a Sonic Boom...). But the added energies would also make that “shield” break, so you really need infinite energy to maintain it, or since nothing is infinite a source of power that is somewhere else and that is transferred constantly to the Emeralds, which takes us back to the Chaos Force concept we developed earlier. "...Wait, other energy types? And does that mean the energy they provide is infinite or not?" I see you're getting a BIT lost with all this stuff, and I understand that. Don't worry, we'll now pass onto your favorite part: the examples in the games! In the games: Ironically, all 3 mechanics of Chaos Control (Rifts, teleportation and light speeds) appears in the same game: Sonic Adventure 2. But the only moment where traveling at high speeds is displayed is in its very first appearance, when Sonic and Shadow met for the first time at night in Central City after our blue hero trashed some G.U.N. robot. A fast freeze frame then showed that Shadow just passed by Sonic at high speeds to get to the top of a building, but it wasn't shown this way again in the entire game. In the next game, Sonic Heroes, Chaos Control is part of Chaos Inferno, the Team Blast of Team Dark. Using a Chaos Emerald that comes out of nowhere, Shadow stops time while other members continue their actions and blast off the bad guys. This demonstrate that this "shield" made by the Chaos Emeralds can extend to other persons and not just one at a time. I won't be talking a lot about the GBA games, but in Sonic Battle all of Shadow's moves involves Chaos Powers, and one of them make him disappear for a second and then reappear in a Chaos Blast. Since there's no effect during this disappearance, it's most likely speed or VERY kick matter transport. The world-splitting that Dr. Eggman initiated in Sonic Advance 3 is also more likely to go on the very first and second functions described. Much like Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog's take on Chaos Control fall in the two (or even three) categories: here, the part interesting us is the gameplay implantation of the move. When the Hero gauge is full, it can be used during stages and bosses, and even here they differ a bit: in stages, it's very clear that Shadow travels at high speeds to navigate through the stage, while everything blurs around him (and he is, supposedly, protected by his blue aura). In bosses, it fully stops time for some seconds, which lead us back to the same hypothesis since Shadow can still influence his surroundings. Since Sonic 06, Shadow fully takes on the time slow role of Chaos Control, where saying the move's name (with a Chaos Emerald) slow down time. This is also the case in the Sonic Rivals series, Super Smash Bros series, Sonic and the Black Knight, and maybe Sonic Generations because we can't easily tell it apart from teleportation. In Sonic Riders series, Shadow's special move takes the form of an orb that freezes opponents when they get caught in it. But this is very less likely to be a Chaos Control as it's said to be, because it could be just something that immobilize the other racers instead of freezing them through time. Because of this, I don't think this case is worth to be broached. Finally, in the comics, during the two famous Genesis and Worlds Collide sagas, Sonic also deals with Chaos Control by using it to restore Mobius back to normal after the first Genesis Wave, and the whole multiverse after the second one (but more or less succeeds because he's interrupted that time). While we could think it's matter alteration, the operation that is resetting one entire planet or multiverse to its original state cannot be accomplished only by that, and matter alteration wouldn't be the same as teleportation, thus wouldn't be Chaos Control. What we can think is that Sonic used the energy of Chaos Control to actually make the planet/multiverse rotate on itself at very high speeds, but backwards, inducing this with concentrated Chaos Energy, which would mean that Mobius/all dimensions would have been going back in time. But after his second setback, our fellow crazy Eggman disrupted his action, which caused the dimensions to blend together (supposedly the Another Time, Another Place dimension that adapted the games without a difference with Mobius Prime), thus creating a whole new world. It's kind of hard to prove this, though, because Eggman completly changed reality when unleashing the waves, so it WOULD be matter alteration, and so the easiest way to undo it would be to fight fire with fire. Even when the world went white after Sonic undid the effects of the first Wave, characters could still move before everything vanished. It's something to dig into for the future. So there you have it: matter transport, wormholes, speed of light and how terrible Sonic 06 is. Now, which one do you think is the most probable, and the most suitable? Do you think I should add more to the topic, or change things about it (like the prensentation)? Let me know your opinion about what power does magical gems give below! And please, if you spot any sort of incorrect scientific statement in my post, tell me immediately. And don't be afraid to be a noob: ask me questions if you didn't got something.
  5. Obviously we've seen that Robotnik will be returning as the classic villain, but as the show progresses in 2014, or even the game which is still unfinished (and I know has already established at least one new villain), who else would you like to see be a villain with a large impact on the show/game. For me, I really wanna see a Metal Sonic comeback!! I mean they've even remade games to include the character for the new and old sonic players alike. Though there are many new options, as a classic sonic fan, I would like to see some classic characters….
  6. If Shadow and Rouge appear, how could they be handled if G.U.N, Maria and Gerald Robotnik doesn't exist in Boom's canon, though they could easily write off Rouge as simply a thief or treasure hunter and not a secret agent but i don't see how they can have Shadow with out the Space Colony ARK and G.U.N unless they write him off as clone of Sonic or an alien(both of which would destroy his character imo). Any thoughts?
  7. Heyy guys! Well I've decided to get back into 3D animation. My program of choice had undergone some serious improvements by its developers since I last used it. Now I can create almost fully photo-realistic scenes. Now... scoll down, scroll up. What did you see? You saw an image demonstrating my new project! Sonic Adventure 2 was an absolute classic. So I decided to rip some models from Sonic'06 and I am going to re-animate some of the cutscenes with live-action footage serving as an environment. This was mainly inspired by that Eddie Lebron guy who is making the However, I am a one-man team and my name is Jordan Le Bron (with the space!) The materials still need a lot of work and I'm going to re-rig the models so they have a much more natural flexibility to them. I still need to rig the faces which I have never done before in my life! So hopefully with a few more tutorials and time well spent this will be NOSTALGIA-TASTIC. Original Green Forest Cutscene Your not even good enough to be my fake! I'll make your eat those words! Best trash-talk ever
  8. A gameplay variety packed fangame of the hero himself. This fangame is being developed in the program maker called MMF2. This is my first sonic fangame that I have ever made. Gameplay Features There are 2 main charecters for right now which are Sonic, and Shadow the Hedgehog. Each charecter will have a different type of gameplay area. Features thesuperinvader who brings remastered tracks along with brand new ones! So far there are no demos out for the fangame yet. We plan on adding more charecters to the game before fully release or the next SAGE. The game has already revealed 3 stages which are: Egg Shelter, Cloudy Shuttle, Underground Base, and an easter egg presenting Speed Highway. Gameplay Videos
  9. Would be nice if they actually made it happen, oh well... Hope y'all enjoy the vid!
  10. Would be nice if they actually made it happen, oh well... Hope y'all enjoy the vid!
  11. Hey There!Fanboys and fangirls The person who asked me to rejoin the board (I got caught it the massive swipe, you see) for a particular reason has yet to proceed with said particular reason (looove you 83). I'm, er, not very talkative on a day-to-day basis, so Instead of lurking I'll just... post this here. For giggles. This fiction has everything to do with vampires and Shadow. Please give it a chance, though. I promise you won't walk away from it any worse off than when you clicked into this thread. I plan on maybe turning it into a comic...? We'll see. ... I'll at least prettify this topic eventually. Obligatorily Cheesy Synopsis!Because it wouldn't be Sonic media without one Shadow doesn't remember being bitten by anyone, but he certainly remembers dying- and living to tell about it. Thrown into the dark world of the undead, the macabre little hedgehog must now find a way to get back into the realm of the living- and do it all on the graveyard shift! Chapter Quick Links!Now with links ... Eventually... Let's Get Started!Character SELECT Prologue What the Hell... what the Hell?! His lungs began to flame, starved of breath, struggling to expand. His ribs spread, mouth gaped, nostrils flared, but still he could pull no air into his burning lungs. I can't... I can't!! His whole body writhed with panic and desperation- feet kicked, fist pounded, nails scraped. His heart raced, beating against it's airless cage, threating to break free and producing all the pains of such an escape. An inferno had erupted in his lungs, a jackhammer in his chest, and he could do nothing- nothing- about it, and it was at this realization that the hedgehog thought two words he had always been too proud to utter: Help me... His eyes and vision turned inward from the room and floorboards he hadn't even noticed; his head buzzed as every neuron fired off in death writhes of their own. Where was everyone? He couldn't even remember what he had been doing. His mind jumped to the blond-haired, blue-eyed Maria- no, things had happened since then. Sonic, a jungle- no, that was the past, too. Doom's eye circled- no. Club Rouge- no! Not a flicker of his most recent actions came to mind- nothing. He couldn't even remember waking up to witness his own death- and surely his body was dead, now. Somewhere he had heard of people staying conscious after their own decapitation- brain cells had enough energy to last a few seconds without oxygen, or so that was the theory. He took a quiet moment to confirm that he was in fact, dead; the scuffling and panic had stopped; He wasn't breathing; his heart had ceased all pumping... It was taking a long time for him to lose consciousness. It was getting ridiculous. What the Hell. Shadow's eyes flicked from under their half closed lids, adjusting to the pitch black room. He could only determine the fuzzy grain of the wood floor he was supposed to be decomposing on. Oh, how morbid, the obsidian hedgehog mused to himself. With little effort and much enthusiasm he pushed himself off of the floorboards, pausing to acknowledge the act; he hadn't died, and at that realization he let out a shaky sigh of relief. He fell right back into a world of panic; something wasn't right. His chest heaved, and there was no rush of air past his teeth or down his throat. He closed his mouth and tried again- not a sniff tickled his long nose. For a moment, he sat there, completely still, shocked beyond action, and it was in this complete inanimateness that a second something became not right. Trembling, he pulled his arm to his chest, pressed its palm against his fur, and felt not even a flutter of a heartbeat. Before he had a chance to rationalize his own state of being, movement stirred his furry ears, and the hedgehog spun toward its source. There, leaning against the plain wall, seeming perfectly small and meek, was a girl. She was dressed for the occasion: black shoes, a black dress, and a black bucket hat which hid half her face. She stood, pressed against the wall on the otherwise empty far side of the room, arms locked behind her. Caring hardly for her identity and wholly for the situation, Shadow dropped all formality in favor of enlightenment. “Wh... What's... what's happened to me?” She seemed to shrink. Lowering her head as if to mutter, the girl swallowed before opening her mouth, closing it, and tightening her crossed arms as if to brace herself. “You died. Right there. And.. You're here- standing, here- now. Because- you're not dead anymore. Because... you're... undead.” A moment of silence followed. Shadow's eye twitched as he took a step toward her. “I'm-” “Undead,” She hurriedly interjected as if to halt her audience's advance. “You were bitten- and now you're dead- undead, I mean.” The hero took a second to realize that his heart was supposed to skip at that juncture and that it hadn't. The girl turned her bucket-hatted head to look at the second blank wall, whispering off-handedly, trying very hard to ignore her own words. “You... were... bitten... by- another vampire.” Chapter 1: Enlightenment Sunrise was at 6:57 AM. The sun reached it's zenith at 1:05 P.M.. Station Square buzzed in its usual weekday hustle, each citizen contributing to the overall liveliness of the city. A few particular streets would receive an extra burst of energy as a particular blue blur rebounded from asphalt to traffic light, swinging around telephone poles and launching onto rooftops. Sonic the Hedgehog shot along the parapets as easily as he raced down the streets, soon hitting an intersection, ricocheting off a big rig, and rocketing down a lazy avenue. Downtown Station Square was, like the rest of the city, alive with the daily activity of its inhabitants. Dawn Cafe reflected the hustle and bustle of the times as waiters and waitresses tottered to customers and around tables. A certain pink hedgehog pranced along, a tray full of teacups and pastries balanced on one hand. She skirted tables with a genuine smile on her features, heading for a table at the far end of the cafe's patio. “Hey Amy!” A yelp and clatter of teacups and saucers followed the cat call, and Amy hurried to balance her tray before anything toppled to the ground. Smile gone, she turned to the source of the shout with heated abandon. “What?!” “Hey Amy,” Sonic repeated, running in place. His static gait was only complimented by his typical, overly smug expression. “Sonic?” the pink one asked, her angered facade melting into one of delight. “When did you get back in town?” “Five seconds ago,” he answered. After waiting a few moments for a reply, he added, “Maybe thirty; traffic was heavy.” “Have you finally come back to marry me?” “Ew, no!” He stopped his pacing, leaned on the wrought-iron fence that bordered the patio, and smiled as Amy rolled her eyes. “Tails called me.” “Is it about the vampires?” The blue hedgehog had already taken off down the street as she made her inquiry, but just as soon did he screech to a halt, finally coming to the stop in the middle of a crosswalk. Amy had time to calmly and smugly pass her tray of tea and pastries to her waiting customers and return before Sonic had backtracked to their previous meeting place. “Vampires?” “It's been 'vampires this' and 'vampires that' for a while now. People are being bitten left and right these days,” She explained, drawing her arms to her shoulders and shivering. “It's actually pretty creepy-” “Sounds like fun!” Sonic called from halfway down the street. He smirked before turning and shooting off toward the next intersection, leaving Amy to wonder why she even bothered starting conversations with him. The hedgehog continued on his way, running, bouncing, rolling, and drifting down the streets of Station Square. Not long after he left Amy, a voice crackled to life in his ear, projected by a hidden COM link. “Sonic,” came Tails' ever-childish voice. “How close are you?” “I'm just hopping on the train,” he replied, skidding sideways and shooting down into the train station. He jumped over the gates, slammed into the ceiling, bounced off of the platform and landed on the car of a departing locomotive. “This wouldn't happen to be about vampires, would it?” “How'd you know?” “A little pink-quilled birdie told me.” He spoke, glancing over the edge. His own cerulean quills flapped in the wind as his ever-optimistic eyes gazed at the surroundings. Vampires in Station Square: that was certainly different. Water Gods: sure. Vengeful black hedgehogs: yeah. Aliens: check. But, vampires? That was a whole other kind of party, and he was already fashionably late. “When do I get to meet these guys, anyway?” “That's what we need to figure out; no one's actually seen a vampire yet. We have to find them, and find a way to get rid of them- before anyone else gets hurt. Even we're at risk.” For a brief second, the blue blur's trademark smile faded from his features. “Eh; no Sonic Hero is going to become a vampire!” -- “WHAT?!” He screamed, crossing the distance between himself and the bucket-hatted girl, who recoiled at his volume and advance. “I don't like how 'another' got into that statement!” His previously congealed blood began to boil. They were face to face now, one wholly overbearing and the other completely inoffensive. This couldn't be happening; it couldn't be real! One minute he was... was... he couldn't remember what he had been doing, but he knew he had to have been alive: alive and damn well happy to be so! Now, now, he was a... a... The girl couldn't possibly have flattened herself any thinner against the wall, and, luckily, the undead hedgehog backed off, glaring straight through the darkness at his only company. His body trembled and eyes gleamed, rocked and lit by an inferno of anger and loathing. It was the utter helplessness of the entire situation; there was nothing he could do to rectify it! Had he even put up a fight?! He turned from the girl, fearing he would angrily rend a limb from a socket if he faced her any longer. “I'm a... a vampire.” He stated, glaring at the opposite wall. It was covered from corner to corner in a black curtain, as if the fabric were the wall, itself. “... Yes,” his young informer confirmed. It was the most concise response she had given all night. Shadow instinctively drew in a breath as if to cope with the news he had already known and feared. “And- you. Are you a-” “Yes- but I didn't... bite you,” The bucket hat lifted and just as quickly dropped again. “I don't know who bit you. I never see the other vampires.” “That was plural,” He muttered, turning on the spot and taking in his surroundings; anything to divert his growing anger. The room was especially stark, save for a clock in the corner and doors on both sidewalls. “How many vampires am I going to have to-” “Three-hundred and seventy-two,” she cut in. Shadow stopped his turning, ironically facing her again. “That's how many there are of us, in this city.” “Us? I'm not one of you!” He slammed a fist into the wall, inches from the black canvas of a particular girl's headpiece. A hiss shot from his mouth before he could shut it, and in the silence that followed, he backed away again, this time turning and pacing toward the curtained wall. “I'll kill every monster in this city before I say otherwise.” “You may want to wait two hours- until it's dark. You won't find us until it's dark. Besides... you'll just burn in the sunlight. That curtain is thick; it's stopping the daylight from getting in, even at the edges.” He stopped, a new fear bubbling up inside of him. All too suddenly he had been locked into the darkness of night, deathly allergic to the light of day. Presently, the only thing stopping a fate of live cremation was a simple curtain, which he had gotten unsettlingly close to. “This is a safe house for vampires. Every room in this building is curtained off so new vampires won't die.” “Why would they die in the first place?” “People who are bitten become vampires exactly twelve hours afterwards. Most vampires hunt at night, so their victims turn in the middle of the day. They burn before they even realize what's happened to them... It's... a way of controlling the population; if everyone we bit survived, we would double every night and run out of food.” “How do they pick who survives?” “It depends on the vampire.” Another moment of silence passed in the room. Shadow moved away from the curtain, letting his back hit the adjacent wall. Eventually, he slipped down to the floor, staring dejectedly at the empty ceiling. He wanted nothing more than for it to be a witless dream, for him to wake up and still have a pulse! The soft shuffling of the girl's footsteps caused her charge's ears to flick, and his eyes rolled around to find her crouching next to him. The hedgehog's fur rose as another awkward silence followed the sudden rendezvous. "You only have to feed on one a night." "One life a night," he corrected. "I just have to kill someone once a night. Heh; feed, one. You talk like you're not killing an innocent person. There's three-hundred and seventy-one of you. That's at least three-hundred and seventy-one lives a night. That's one-hundred-thirty-five-thousand, four-hundred and fifteen lives a year... not including leaps," his tone had dropped to that of defeat. "I can't do this." "Then, you can always burn." It was the most standoffish thing she had said the whole time. "Don't worry; a lot of people do it. You just have to open that curtain and you won't have to worry about anything anymore. You'll burn to death and then you'll be dead for good." She stood up, walking around him and retrieving the fallen wall clock. "You have two hours to do that." That's All For Now!Play Again?
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