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Found 1 result

  1. Velotix von Skruviktorrius

    The SSMB PC Troubleshooting and Discussion Thread

    After a certain other thread got hijacked every other post with PC troubleshooting, I decided it was about time this thread was created. Discuss here any of these topics: 1) Upcoming new PC hardware 2) Issues with your existing PC 3) Purchasing advice for new PC parts 4) Getting PC games to work on your system 5) Bragging about your current PCs Without further ado: So I'm a bit pissed. After the last month or so of trying to fix dumb crashes in Minecraft and other games where my display would cut out and not restart for no good reason, I finally gave up and laid my old GeForce GTX 295 to rest. RIP. And now I'm packing a GTX 560Ti. The Gigabyte OC model. Overclocked out of the box. Yummy performance goodness. What annoys me though is that this part manages to get performance out of the box that seems to always match or outclass my recently departed 295. And that thing had two GPUs! Why did it take me so long to upgrade?! @___@ If there's one thing that my experience has taught me though, it's that dual-GPU cards are not worth buying unless you're actively developing game graphics. I really got sick of having a gimped system every time a game happened to not support SLI and left me with performance worse than a midrange system. Having to put up with a system stuck at 50% performance most of the time is just really not worth it. What's the point of a multi-GPU system where most of the time only one GPU in the set ever gets used? :/ If you're going to get multiple GPU system, folks, just buy multiple midrange cards. Much less hassle and grief. Twin 560Tis seems to be the most cost-effective performance option recommended by people at the moment, and after giving a solo 560Ti a spin I can see why: it's so far living up to the reputation the card has gotten in the press. It definitely doesn't feel like a midrange card at all. I'm interested to see how this goes now, plus DX11 games I can actually play now. Hooray. I really don't think it's sunk in yet, but I may have actually lucked out here.
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