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Found 1 result

  1. Soniman's Art Zone - Act 0

    Greetings, just thought id share some of my art with you fine folks. First, this piece. I drew this when the 30 minute preview of Generations surfaced and saw the boss battle between Classic Sonic and Metal Sonic, I though it looked pretty cool, so I wanted to emulate it with this drawing, I think it came out pretty well. Next is.... I had an I idea of drawing a comic featuring Sonic and I would the cover to give off a "movie poster" vibe, I think I should have drew more of Eggman's body but overall, not bad in my opinon. I also have the first page of the comic done more or less, just have to finish the fine details on Eggman's base and command center interior. Cubot's current voice chip function is "surfer dude" by the way. Finally, a simple collage of Sonic poses and expressions, nothing to special Critiques and comments are appreciated.

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