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Found 3 results

  1. Recently I did a review of Sonic Lost World with Tyson Hesse, owner of Boxer Hockey as well as covert artist for the official Sonic Archie comic.
  2. cheack the link ........and RATE PLEASE this will be a vote that is made with the intent to motivate producers sonic boom, wing release demos after finishing the 2014 e3 will support us the benefit of all http://forums.sega.com/showthread.php?512644-SUPPORTS-PETITION-FOR-DEMO-OF-SONIC-BOOM-THE-END-OF-THE-E3-you-like
  3. Since Lost World's release, we've all been a pretty bitter bunch of folk, and with the announcement and developments of Sonic Boom, we've been especially bitter towards Sonic Team; showing all signs of being tired of their crap and SLW's "two steps forward three steps back" schtick. But I have an honest question: what parts of the game did you legitimately like? As in, what things, if anything actually made you go "yes, this is good" so much that you want to see more of it? First thing I can think of I mentioned months ago, but I suppose the idea of bringing back the Spin Dash and introducing parkour to Sonic is what I felt was absolutely in the right direction. I've been waiting for parkour to be in Sonic games for a dang long time, and although it was rather finicky, the concept of wall running and vaulting with Sonic was like a somewhat haphazard dream come true. And Spin Dashing making a comeback certainly was too; I'd grown to miss the move to an extreme amount, and even if the rolling mechanics binded with it were very strange to say the least, the actual Spin Dash controls were pretty ace. Chaining them together by holding the trigger while hopping across terrain was a blast when I could get it going, and Spin Dashing while wall running just sorta "clicked" with me. Another thing I thought was a really nice addition were the animal capsules. While locking later levels to require a certain amount of Flickies was pretty annoying, the overall concept was something I really loved. Those little capsules scattered across the stages were probably more fun to explore the stages for than the red rings ever were, and I don't know why but bopping them all just seems so satisfying. It's a welcome addition to the series for me as long as it doesn't heavily interfere with progress. And of course I have to mention how glad I am to see how bouncy and lively Sonic's animations are. It's so nice to see Sonic's peelout animation again in-game, as well as his more bloopy jumpball. All the emphasis on color in this game too was generally a treat, and I thought the stages' foliage and objects (like springs and dash pads) keeping that "classic" look was really nice, even if I thought the game went wayyyyy overboard with the simplicity. So yeah. Even though I don't like many things about this game, I feel like I've spent too many posts talking about what I didn't like. Since this is the only Sega!Sonic game until presumably 2015, let's try looking at we enjoyed from this game and would like to see in future titles. Oh yeah, and to help churn that, here's what's easily one of the best songs in the game, as well as IMO one of the best Sonic songs in recent years: Discuss!
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