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  1. Hey there! I'm SaturnPhoenix. For the past couple of years, I've been doing various remixes of various Sonic music. I've also done remixes of many other pieces of music from various video games by Sega, Nintendo & more. Another thing I'm into is making remixes of song by famous bands and artists (Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, etc) and making them sound as if they were played on a Sega Genesis. Currently, I've made over 200 different remixes including at least 68 Sonic remixes and two full Green Day albums (American Idiot and Dookie) done in Sega Genesis style. Here's a playlist with most of the Sonic remixes I've done so far, including a range of songs from the first game on Genesis to Lost World! https://soundcloud.com/saturnphoenix/sets/sound-test-the-music-of-sonic If you wanna check out my other music, you can do so by clicking the link below! https://soundcloud.com/saturnphoenix All of my songs also include a free MP3 or FLAC download on their song pages. I also do take requests, so if you have a song you'd like to hear me remix, feel free to message me or comment your request below. I hope you all enjoy what I've made so far. If you have any comments, suggestions or tips for me, feel free to comment those below as well!
  2. Hey ppl. So recently I have been trying to activate some glitches in sonic unleashed, but the problem is, no matter how videos I watch on how to do it, and no matter how many times I try, I just cant get any of them to work right. Sure sonic will go a little bit faster every once in awhile, but I can never get him to do it the right way! So could anyone here be willing to give me an in-depth tutorial on how to do this.... I really need it.... :/
  3. Mesmerist

    Sonic the Hedgehog Speedrunners

    Hi all! I'm just starting this topic up because it's one that I enjoy a lot but haven't really seen discussed. When an event called Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2013 was brought to my attention, it got me hooked on watching speedruns of all kinds. Of course, among my favorite speedrunners are those who involve themselves with Sonic the Hedgehog games; runners like werster, DarkspineSonic, Paraxade, and bertin. Have any of you checked out any of these runs? Werster's Sonic 3 and Knuckles run with Mike89 and Paraxade or Darkspinesonic's Sonic '06 runs are especially entertaining to me. Let me know what you think!
  4. Yo, guys! I've created a topic here before, LOONG ago, with some of my Sonic CD styled songs. I feel like I should be more active on SSMB though (I've been practically dead), and that I want to start by creating a proper music thread for myself. The Sonic Showcase really needs a bit more music too, don'tcha think? I'll start off by offering my Soundcloud here. Now keep in mind, I have like 5% of my actual work posted on there. Oh, and my older songs are kind of awful, beware of those. I have about three songs waiting to be uploaded there though, so look forward to them if you think my work is any good. There's also my Tumblr here, which doesn't really get much use. It's mostly reposts of my Soundcloud stuff, but it /does/ feature songs that I didn't show anywhere else. Sorry for that though, I will try to take the time and post a lot more unreleased things on it. I have LOADS. And lastly, if anyone's interested, I will post links through box.com to songs of mine that are almost finished, or were almost finished but eventually scrapped. I have some fully finished ones were never uploaded too. I'll post a tiny bit right now, actually. This one is looking to be uploaded sometime. It's a remaster of Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)'s Green Grove act 1. I'm waiting for a friend to possibly record a guitar line to go as the melody of this song, but the rest about it is pretty much finished. Here's another Sonic CD styled remix, like the ones from my previous topic and the soundcloud ones, but it's not exactly finished. I wasn't sure of it, I didn't think that it lived up to how well I managed to make the other SCD remixes, so I didn't finish or release it. I'll have you guys be the judges. It's Rusty Ruin from Sonic 3D Blast. Again, it's pretty old so finishing it now also means extra polishing on the instruments and mastering. Here's one that I would say is pretty interesting. Basically, I think I stumbled upon the very instrument library that Kazumi Tokata used to create the soundtrack for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so I did what a normal person would do and tried to compose a song in his own musical style. I dunno how well I did. An early one again. This is supposed to be a remaster of every music track in the developer menus of Wario Ware: DIY. It only has three so far of... what it was, 7 or something? I'll try to finish it in the future. Another one that I would love to finish, a Classic styled remix of Quartz Quadrant Present form Sonic CD. I'd say it's got a good base, but it's not polished AT ALL in the mastering department and it misses a heck ton of instruments. I just really didn't know what do to with the lead while handling the mastering, so it slowly drifted away from me. THIS is one that I really want to get finished. It's a remix of Byrne's battle theme form TLoZ: Spirit Tracks. It's kind of done, the only instruments that aren't untouched are the guitar and flute leads. I'm really gonna try and finish this one. Also, I'm gonna try and focus myself more towards original songs in the future. I've already did that, and have quite some songs ready, but I won't uncover them just yet :3 To end this, I would HIGHLY appreciate any kind of criticism, comment, nitpicking, anything on any of my songs, be it composition, sound or mastering wise. The ones I've shown or especially my Soundcloud ones, any of them. You do the picking. And finally, thanks a lot for reading or listening if you did. I'm still quite early in my experience with music, and I haven't really set down my style yet. I'll be looking forward to hearing anything, I hope you enjoyed my music so far.
  5. sonicfandude

    Sonic Generations Trailer Easter Egg

    Hey ppl! So recently I got my hands on sonic advance for the first time, and as soon as I started playing, I noticed something: http://sonicfandude1.deviantart.com/art/test-467271551?ga_submit_new=10%253A1405086359 compare with: (time 0:24) as you might notice, sonic happens to do the same somersault-skid thing that he does in sonic advance just a cool little detail I caught
  6. BluexBlur

    Marza Animation Planet Inc.

    http://www.marza.com/en/ Marza Studios(formerly known as VE Animation Studios) is a Japan-based CGI animation studio formed by Sega Sammy Holdings. While they are currently known as SEGA's main CGI group for their games, recently they have become dedicated to making full-length feature films such as Space Pirate Captain Harlock, the upcoming movie titled Robodog, & now it has been announced that they are going to produce the CGI in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. Most of you are familiar with the amazing CG videos they have produced for the Sonic series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P92wur4qBqc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gL9EtmAUwM4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpacfQ2b3JA What are your thoughts on this studio?
  7. I really can't stand all of these 2D Platformers coming out in recent times. For one, most of them don't offer anything new besides a gimmick, which is interesting at times, but get boring quick. On top of that, these retro callbacks have really overstayed their welcome. Back when Megaman 9 and Bionic Commando: Rearmed came out, these games we're interesting, fun, and nostalgic. But now, because it's all we see, it seems like all the devs are becoming lazy and focusing too much to catering to old gamers. And while there still is some 3D platformers, do I need to mention that literally 90% of them are just 2D platformers in 3D?! Games like Super Mario 3D Land/World and Sonic Lost World are just 2D platformers in 3D. Similar stage design, boring level tropes, very small scope, linear stages, unappealing visuals, not a lot of "wow" factor, very underwhelming (especially compared to gems like Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure) There's no worlds to explore or objectives to do, two key factors to 3D platformers. This is why the 6th generation of gaming was the best in my eyes because they had a slew of interesting 3D platformers that capitalized on what the 5th generation brought us. They had worlds to explore, objectives to complete, basically having more, oh I don't know, EFFORT! All the 3D platformer goodness that we got from the last generations are slowly fading and I don't see them making a return sadly. So all in all, the platformer genre is getting really boring because they just keep doing the same shit they've been doing for decades now. I'm getting really sick of this trend and it needs to stop.
  8. Hey everybody! The name's Jayhan, and I'm another passionate musician with the heart of a geek. ;D Upon my return after weeks of absence, I made the unfortunate discovery that my topic with all the songs I covered/arranged and whatnot had been deleted. As such, I'll be reposting/updating this thread on a regular basis. I'll be starting off with a cover Pamela Iris and I did together. Hope you guys like Crush 40 and Sonic & the Black Knight: Keep on rockin', folks! ;D
  9. Hello everyone! I just finished another remix. This time, it's the Quartz Quadrant Good and Bad Future themes from the US Soundtrack. It's actually more a remastered version of the tracks, that I mixed up together, than an actual arrangement. Some elements of the "Sonic The Hedgehog Boom" album version can be spotted in this one. Let me know what you think of it
  10. Check out my website for more stuff as well! www.jay-werner.com I do commission as well. anything you want! Get at me. Of course I will start of with a Sonic piece.
  11. ImPantsAtThis

    [FICTION] Pants writes!

    Hi there! I'm ImPantsAtThis (AKA Pants, Dan or whatever you feel like), and in the last few years I've tried to have hobbies other than playing games; I was never good at English as a kid, so why not pour my heart, soul and effort into it now? Wait, what? So yeah, I'm an amateur (if I'm even that good) writer, with hopes on the side to become a competent hobbyist animator. The link of all links My fanfiction account: https://www.fanfiction.net/~calibrationstation Current project Well, I think I write better than I draw. I've experimented with a few genres, such as noir and action, but I'm sticking with satire and drama for now. I have a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction advertised in the spoiler tag, along with a write-up of why I think it should exist, how I thought of it etc. I have a pretty nice crew helping me beta this, and as we move forward we should be able to give you a more full story.
  12. So, I look at the Babylon Rouges & Team Hooligan (Nack, Bean, & Bark) & I started thinking: One of these groups kinda remind me of Team Rocket. I mean, Jet & Nack kinda remind me of Jessie as in terms of being in charge. Bean & Storm would seriously be like Meowth or Wobuffet. Bark would be a smart-but-silent James. & Wave is a combination of Jessie & Meowth together.
  13. DocAzure

    The SSMB Writing Club!

    Hello, welcome, welcome! Take a seat, and grab that pencil/pen/keyboard/writing device too. This, my friend, is the SSMB Writing Club, for all you aspiring and creative guys and gals, who want to share your works, discuss themes, content, techniques, get some feedback on your stuff, and, hopefully, gain something. I feel I should lay down some...ground rules (?). Well, let's not call them rules, let's just call them suggestions. Your contributions don't NEED to be finished. That's the whole idea, unfinished works are welcomed because they actually encourage a bit more discussion, if you need help on a piece, don't be afraid to ask. Also, keep the content 'clean', and by that, I mean, nothing sexual. You can imply such things, if need be, but nothing graphic (this, coming from me, is kinda hypocritical I guess), we gotta stick to forum rules, remember. Other than that, go nuts. On terms of feedback, it has to be constructive, I shouldn't have to say this, but don't be nasty. You can criticize without hurting feelings, it's not that hard. Well, enough of the introductions, let's get down to brass tacks. I'll open the contributions here with a little horror piece I've been working on, it's titled 'Majin', and I'm really pretty happy with it. I know it isn't perfect, but I'm just trying to get this place off to a running start. (I'd recommend you spoiler any 'big' pieces of writing) Eh...let the writing commence, I guess!
  14. No, I'm not saying that was Unleashed a bad game but did its gameplay helped the franchise at all, that is my question. To be more specific, the boost gameplay. First of all, let's talk about the origins of the boost. In 2005, Dimps made Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS, it was a good game but a lot of people were impressed by how fast Sonic and newcomer, Blaze the Cat, were in this game and how it was faster than Advance 2. So at 2007, Dimps made Rush Adventure and with a few touches made it my one of my favourite Sonic games due to its fast-paced gameplay, better story and etc. Now let's go back to 2006. We all have heard this before, 06 was the worst the series has gone and Sonic Team wanted to pick up their slack and make Sonic good again. Secret Rings was pretty good, had a nice story and a fun Party Mode but had bad controls, but the thing is Sonic Team decided to apply two moves Sonic can use in this game: Time Break and Speed Break. Speed Break is pretty much the Boost from the Rush series so when people liked the Speed Break, Sonic Team decided to make a Sonic game based on the Boost and what was their outcome? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-CJ3kPrZrU Sonic Unleashed! Considered to be the last game in the "Dark Age" of Sonic the Hedgehog. My god, this game was really fun! I mean there is no doubt that Sonic Team put a lot of effort and love into this game. It had a great story, while it did got a bit weak in the middle but I digress, had one of the best soundtracks in the series, beautiful and breath-taking visuals and had very good gameplay.I mean you know this game is going to be good based on the intro alone, note that it is also the best intro in a Sonic game ever. But enough praising, let's talk about that boost! In Unleashed, you can play as Sonic in the Daytime levels of the continents and his gameplay was based on going really fast through a level by using the boost and other skills Sonic can acquire throughout the game. The feel of going through a Daytime level in this game is really exhilarating and blood-pumping. Basically, the Daytime levels is pretty much a 3D Sonic Rush although there is not a huge emphasis in Trick Combos. Despite most people loving the game, the critics were mixed about Unleashed. It did have issues like the mandatory Sun/Moon medal collecting to progress through the game, the levels being too linear in the Daytime levels, Eggmanland and the Werehog in general. But that didn't stop Sonic Team from improving the boost gameplay and they did so with Colors and Generations, which both got a lot of praise from critics and fans alike and rightfully so. But then came 2013, where Sonic Team decided to try a new gameplay formula for Sonic in Lost World and it got mixed reception. It wasn't phenomenal by any means but it was pretty good, well at least I think so I have yet to play it, but the problem with a lot of critics with the game was how slow Sonic was in this game. It certainly wasn't super fast but it was still fast-paced, so how did they came up with such an issue? They compared the speed in Lost World with Unleashed and the like. But Lost World wasn't trying to be anything like those games, it was its own style. Not only that but I remember one reporter saying that Adventure 2 was a "slow" game during the hype of Lost World. Adventure 2? Slow! What on the earth happened here?! I thought about this for a while and I may have gotten the idea that maybe we were spoiled by the boost gameplay Unleashed introduced to us. I'm sure not everyone in here thinks SA2 wasn't a slow game by all means, basing it off of Sonic/Shadow stages for this, but maybe, just maybe, that we wanted Sonic to go fast and that's alright but I think that Unleashed took it too far. I'm not a hater on the Boost gameplay but I can see that maybe it didn't help us but created a new problem, gamers and critics will have with future Sonic games. I'm beginning to wonder that critics will not like a Sonic game because it's not fast as Unleashed. But from the looks of it, Boom might have some of that fast-paced gameplay we wanted but things are not always what they seem. So at the end, did the Boost did more bad than good? I would highly reccommend posting your thoughts below! P.S. Woohoo! I finally have 100 posts and made my first topic! Today is a good day!
  15. Here is the article : Sega developer Takashi Iizuka has told Eurogamer that he believes Sonic “is the right fit” for Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console. While lizuka wouldn’t be drawn into revealing any details about what Sega has in store for Wii U, he did reveal that he’d like to return to the 3D Sonic style for the next generation consoles. “But I’m also interested in the challenge of doing something completely new with the 3D Sonic’s forward view platform action, and bring something new to the table with that as well.” “I don’t think Sonic will ever become photo-real. I think Sonic will always remain stylised and will have that bright, colourful world. What the high hardware spec will allow us to do is make that more convincing.” “I feel Sonic is the right fit because it is that kind of family experience game. I do feel Wii U is applicable to Sonic. But how we will apply using the controller to Sonic is something we’re still thinking about at the moment.” source: http://mynintendonews.com/2012/03/14/
  16. Shoot em up Capbusta

    A Sonic mutiplayer game?

    With the success of games such as NSMBW, Rayman Orgins, and Kirby Return to Dreamland I was wondering could this work for sonic. A game that featured a 4 multiplayer type game like the games I mentioned earlier. It would be a nice way to incorporate in multiple characters in the the modern games. I was thinking maybe a colors type game you know more dedicated to platforming, maybe some speed oriented sections. Also I was thinking it could be kind of a race or co-op experience if if you chose to. Like your friend could be tails and your sonic and while he is flying to an upper path you can jump on him, then fuck him over so you get to the finish first. Now I would't want to combine moves or anything going into advance 3 route because it may make things too complex, I'd rather keep it simple for something like this. I really don't normally make gameplay ideas so know my idea maybe shit and not completely thought out but I was just wondering. What do you think could sonic benefit from this type of gameplay? would you even want a game in this fashion?
  17. I always think long and hard before ever making a topic. Does it have discussion value? Has it been talked about in lengh before? Could it spark trouble between members? I can't lie. This topic idea does have me worried. But...to avoid talking about something, just becouse it could attract nutters is...well...not what a forum is about. I hope that the whole status update thing would've made some of the more boisterous members "chillax." So I'm trusting all the members to approuch this topic in a calm and open minded manner. You wouldn't betray that trust would you? I looked around the back catalog of topics and couldn't see any about the origins of one of(several) unpleasant aspects of the Sonic fandom, this one being "The Couples War." I found myself thinking about this while searching through Archie Sonic characters. Most characters I noticed have a section of there profile listing relationships with other characters and what happened between them. (On the Sonic News Network: http://sonic.wikia.c...ic_News_Network ) As I continued my browsing, I jumped from other Sonic medias and couldn't help be notice that the characters from them didn't have a relationship section. This led me to the conclusion that perhaps the Archie Sonic series has played a major role, or even created what would become a plague to the fandom, "The Couples War." As a series progresses, writers have to change things to keep people interested and as time goes by, characters have had relationships with a large number of other characters. No wonder fans get conflicted. "I like suchandsuch x thingiemabob." "Yeah? Well your dumb becouse thingiemabob x whatshisname is a much better couple." "Pfff, your both mental, everyone knows that randomname x thatguy were made for each other." I plan on digging deeper, but as I write this post, I'm inclined to believe that the Archie Sonic comic series is to blame for this silly war of the smooches. But is that the case? Maybe it started with Amy and Sally back in Sonics 2nd year of life? Could the inclusion of Shadow and Rouge have sparked these hate fuelled arguments ironically about love? Or maybe Blaze should have stayed in her own dimension so the rest of us could've had mature discussions? As I prepare to open the floor to other opinions and pray to the message board gods that this doesn't backfire in a most unpleasant manner, I wanna stress one last time, this topic has nothing to do with peoples favourite couples, it's about how people think all this unpleasantness came to be. As always, I hope it was okay to make this topic and I hope I don't regret it. If the mods or admins know of a reason that this topic should be blocked then please go ahead. I won't complain. Okay, I'm clicking on "Post New Topic".....now!
  18. This topic is to talk about the personalities and tone changes(from the norm of course) in Sonic Colours, since it is one of the first games that the new writers wrote, so what do you think? First I`ll give my two cents. I think that the interactions between Sonic and Tails are the best they have been in any game. The way they joke around with each other, like it's just another day of stopping Eggman/Robotnik, they really seem like best friends. I also love the bit where Tails gets mind controlled. Sonic was not smiling, not making a joke, he was just dead set on hurting Eggman/Robotnik for what he did to Tails. Now, the constant jokes. I like the jokes and think it fits Sonic`s character but it should not be in every cutscene in the game. Sonic should have some cocky humor but gosh, he should not be a comedian. The next game, I`m hoping for a balance of the jokes and seriousness, that would be perfect for me. I don't mind at all that Tail's personality changed. In fact I really like his new personality! Apart from character development in Sa1 (which they kinda forgot about), he's just been an accessory to Sonic who builds technology to help him. Now he has an actual personality, which I prefer over the old one. I like the sarcastic sense of humor he got, and the fact he was not so obsessed with Sonic (obsessed and best friends are two very different things). So yeah, Tails's new personality is a plus for me. So overall, I think the Colors writers did a good job, I am waiting to see how they handle the other characters, and just wish that they don't use jokes EVERY cutscene.
  19. Greetings, I am Royale lead developer of a online world known as Mobius Grid. A 3D environment where you can explore regions modeled after areas from various sonic games & even other games, but mostly sonic. you can even build your own custom area with in world tools. explore as an offical character or even your OC. with free image sound animation & mesh uploads the possibilities are endless. you can even sell your own creations to other users which has a total of 247 users sense we opened beta last month. we have a total of 30 regions & with are warp ring transport system travel is a breeze. although we are still beta feel free to check our work out & IM me on grid by searching the name "serra royale" all lower case. http://www.mobiusgrid.us http://www.facebook.com/mobiusgrid
  20. Starturbo

    StarSonic64's Art!

    So, I thought I would post some of the art from my DA gallery. A lot of the art I've made involves fan characters, but don't worry, they're not recolors! Not all of it is of fan characters either. Also, a lot of my art is WIP. Anyways, here's some of my sprites: Turbodrive Sonic: Rush: Specks the Hedgehog: Lindsy: Madison the Moose: Metal Jacob: Here are some sketches: Self Portrait: Birthday Drawing for Adam: Specks the Hedgehog So, what does everyone think about my art?
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  22. Okay, I need to alter some of my fancharacters already, and I have some questions so I can make them as un-sue as possible. These questions are to help me figure out what to AVOID putting in the character, by the way. 1. What is the MOST sue/cliche background for a Sonic fancharacter? 2. What is the most sue/cliche powerset? 3. What is the most sue/cliche character design? Here are my guys that I wanna alter if necessary: Spike the Silver Android - Android made by Eggy in the future after Iblis/Solaris had been stopped to aid his past self in world takeover. Is an android of Silver the Hedgehog but seeks his own identity. No clue of his past, and isn't too concerned about figuring it out. Darky - Shadow's 'brother', made as a little side-project out of some interns' curiosity. Looks like a darker-toned version of Knux by sheer coincidence. Loves to fight, loyal to family. (I have the sneaking suspicion that this is actually a cliche background. T_T HALP!) Raven - Dark purple she-cat with bright red eyes, wears a typical goth outfit. Has powers over dark energies plus telekinesis/telepathy. Distant, detached, not too social to any degree. Orphan. (Make of her what you will, I liketh her.) Lucifer - Pitch black echidna with purple eyes and the common cybernetic dreadlock of the Nocturnus Clan, though he left them due to him not too fond of where Kragor and his sister were taking the Clan. Is a nomad and traveller. (He's not too developed, he's recently created. NO RELATION TO KNUCKLES WHAT SO EVER.)
  23. SlickEvan

    Sonic Stories Scrapped?

    Okay as we all know whether you like the story or aren't fond of it you can't not admit they're if not just a tad uninspired and three-forths baked. I know Sonic and Stories equal baaad news. But why. Why can't we have simplicity but not watered down. Epic but not over the top? Now this is where the discussion comes in. How do you think a simple yet solid and not simple-minded story would go/work? My opinion is that Pontac and Graff while "experienced" aren't pasionate enough to fill this role. Of course we don't want some Sonic super fan with fan characters to do this job because over-passionate isn't good either. I feel as if they were the ones to make fun of someone for liking Sonic then got stuck writing for it. Well Graff at least. (See triple ex bmx (typing three x's feels gross) for reference). I personally think that while Lost World story is garbage, it can be fixed. Nothing convoluted but still hefty enough to where the more than one general audience is catered to. Heck while they're being "inspired" by Nintendo have Amy be- wait. On serious note what do you guy's think if current writing and how it could be improved?
  24. Me and a friend are having a discussion about whether Sega Master System has better graphics than Sony's first game console: PS1 I would say that PS1 has better graphics in this comparison, but maybe when you see the big pixels in PS1's games you maybe would consider it one more time... Sega Master System (SonicThe Hedgehog): PlayStation1 (Spyro The Dragon):
  25. Okay so, with Sonic Boom coming in a few months, here's something I've been thinking about. since Boom is a different series of Sonic that's only exclusive here in the west, I was wondering that maybe Sega could add the freedom fighters cast from the archie comics. I mean, why not? Their redesigns look like they fit perfectly for Boom (they just need a ton of sports tape xD). They're mostly known here in the west. They have decent popularity, The gameplay style could possibly fit them. They would be an interesting addition to the show & it brings more attention to the series & comics. Now I'm not saying it should happen. I was just having one of those "what-if" moments. But what do you think, honestly? Would you be alright if that happened, or would you want Boom to stay in the direction its going first?
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