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  1. Hello everyone! This thread is for posting and discussing episodes of my new Sonic replay/rewatch/reread podcast, Deep Dive Zone! Youtube Twitter Old (outdated) concepts/ideas post:
  2. The Embargo lifts in less than 24 hours, so I'll be slowly updating this OP when they start rolling in. TSS Review - 3.5/5 (Good) GameInformer - 7.8/10 IGN - 7/10 (Good) Gamespot - 7/10 Metacritic Average - 73 (PS5 version) Open Critic - 74 (Fair)
  3. So anyone that has any real history about this series is aware of how many different interpretations of Sonic there have been, as far back as the 90's up until today with the recent movies and upcoming Sonic Prime show. We've had our SATAM's, AOSTH, Underground, OVA, Sonic X, etc etc etc. And while these properties might superficially resemble each other in that they're all adaptations of Sonic, they all have their own cultural differences in how they interpret the world and characters. If you only play the games and don't watch shows or comics, you might have seen something similar with Sonic CD and how that game has a different OST for it's North American release compared to what Japan and Europe got. I don't wanna lose my point, so I'll point out the first real division in how the West and East interpreted Sonic differently. YUP, SATAM and the OVA. I could go into a million differences between these two properties, but I'll keep it focused on Sonic himself for the sake of time. Right off the bat, SATAM!Sonic is obviously much more prone to being obnoxious to others and showing off, but he does have his moments of vulnerability and letting his guard down (particularly around Sally) while OVA!Sonic feels much more aloof and distant to me, not to the same degree as Sonic X (we'll get there eventually) but still a very notable amount. Can anyone really imagine Sonic's modern depictions being so dismissive of Tails? I already know someone who is a much bigger fan of either of these adaptations is going to correct me on "misinformation", but I'm literally just giving my own thoughts on the matter. I appreciate clarification, but please try not to be obnoxious because I am very much aware of the landmine I'm setting by opening this topic. But this has been on my mind lately and why so many different versions of Sonic (and the rest of the cast) can feel very "off", even if they superficially resemble each other and how some of that can be down to cultural differences and what not. The cultural differences are what I'm mostly interested in mainly. You can talk about any adaptation here; IDW, Archie, Movie. Flynn's interpretations, Penders' interpretations, Evan Stanley's, etc etc. Nothing is off limits here, just don't be a jackass please.
  4. Played on real instruments! That you get to see! Kinda wish they did that for other stuff. Probably my favorite one we've heard in the whole thing. Brings the desert atmosphere across great while also feeling more upbeat than Kronos (I like a lot of cyberspace tracks but they don't exactly fit the environments).
  5. 1st issue is out now. The setting for this is pretty unique in all honesty, an island of decommissioned badniks has only ever been explored a few times. Not much in the way of plot as this is obviously setup. I'm curious on when and where this takes place.
  6. Is it possible that Sega is gonna make Sonic Adventures 3 ? Or is just a Wishful thinking
  7. Yup, we're getting another one. Likely more info on Origins and a Frontiers trailer and more info about Prime as well.
  8. Right, So I decided to post this here even though it's mostly Sonic for now. At some point this project may expand to other SEGA PC titles beyond Sonic but for now its Sonic focused. Anyways, a neat project came up on Retro today. Tech Member Korama's post will explain everything, I'll be linking this thread to him via PM so he can gage reaction here and see if there is any bugs that are not reported:
  9. Today is Ryan Drummond's birthday 🎂 the original voice actor of Sonic and Metal Sonic Happy Birthday to Ryan Drummond
  10. Spritesheet is WIP. Hands - Turbo Thunderbolt's NeoSA base, shoes - my friend's hack of S2. Also some old stuff: Sonic X-treme badnick (or boss, can't remember) Funny, old WIP ModGen sheet of Eggman doesn't list me as co-creator. Not Sonic-related, but, well, loda.rockfortefc doesn't exist anymore, and it seems there is no interest in creating Rockman & Forte FC.
  11. Yup, the 15th anniversary game has now turned 15 itself. Where does the time go. What can be said about this game that hasn't already been said, so I'll try to keep this brief. This game has a lot of meaning to me and the franchise as a whole to put it mildly, that even a decade and a half later, it's still arguably a huge stain on the franchise's reputation that even popular gaming sites still talk about to this very day. It's likely the reason the series has become so safe and unambitious as of late, and it's pretty much the point when the supporting characters all had reduced roles and the Flanderization starting to get real apparent. This game is infamous for a reason. I have so many mixed feelings about this game ; On an aesthetic level, it has almost everything that really got me attached to this series; a larger than life narrative, while progressing the character arcs of my favorites (i.e. Team Dark) along with a slew of different story perspectives. On the other hand, god this game fucking sucks to play so much; I was thirteen when I played this game and even I knew how frustrating this shit was. I never went back to play it after my initial playthrough cuz I just didn't have the patience. And this game was pretty much the point when the entire gaming community and most of the fanbase essentially turned on Sonic. Kids nowadays think Forces was a betrayal of the series? Naw man, that game is child's play compared to the fall out of this game. You couldn't even talk about Sonic online without someone mentioning how terrible this game was. It was EVERYWHERE. Everything Sonic did from here on out would be scrutinized no matter how miniscule it was, from both the mainstream and especially the fanbase. Even on this very site, 06 topics were straight up banned for most of the 2010's for how heated they were. It was that bad. Ok, I think I said enough. This is just a mini retrospective on this game since its the 15th anniversary and all. So drop those retrospectives yourself.
  12. Reviews are starting to drop for Sonic Colours Ultimate: Currently sitting at 77 for PS4 based on 18 reviews: https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/sonic-colors-ultimate Here's some of the review scores: According to this IGN review the first 3 acts of each world play the remixed music and the last 3 acts plays the music from the original 2010 soundtrack. You can't choose which version you want to listen to for each act: Edit 1: Also here's TSS review with a score of 7 Edit 2: The TSS review has been updated with the following information regarding the games music: Edit 3: (2/9) Metacritic score is currently 76 based on 31 reviews of the PS4 version. Switch score is 80..but that's only had one review so far. Edit 4: (7/9) With today being the official release of the physical version more reviews have been added to Metacritic: The switch version's had 5 reviews and currently sits at 65 Xbox's had 4 reviews and sits at 75 PS4's had 46 reviews and is holding steady at 76 Meanwhile the PC Epic release hasn't had any reviews so far.... Opencritic has a score of 74
  13. So I've seen several of you say around here that you want gameplay like that of the Genesis games, but in full 3d. How would you go about implementing it? Myself, I think it is not that hard to do, but I see one problem: -At the speed Sonic goes, it would be extremely hard to bounce on enemies in 3d unless you had some kind of homing attack (which pretty much goes against the Genesis formula). Any ideas? Discuss?
  14. You know the formula: Sonic is hot-headed and cheesy, and Tails rambles about mechanical things with big words. Eggman attempts to take over the world, with Orbot and Cubot providing nothing more than extra comedy. He unleashes robot after robot trying to kill Sonic, and Sonic takes them out with a spindash and a cheesy one-liner. The final boss comes along, which may or not be Eggman again, which Sonic destroys, again paired with more cheesy hero banter. All’s well that ends well. Rinse and repeat for the next game. Is anyone else getting tired of this redundant formula found in the last few main Sonic games? (Colors through Lost World mostly, but Unleashed has a lot of these qualities as well) For one, the characters come off as pretty flat. Sonic is the cheesy, sometimes hot-headed hero. Tails is the smarty-pants sidekick who makes all the computery gadgets used in the game work. Eggman is the evil genius who simply can’t seem to build a single machine that doesn’t contain a big flashing “Sonic Hit Here” spot, let alone fulfill one of his world domination plots. And… that’s it. There isn’t really much else to these characters anymore. Sonic games used to have impressively written character development. For example, Tails realized his capabilities and found that he could do things on his own without the help of his older brother-figure Sonic by saving Station Square from Eggman’s missile. Oppositely, Blaze realized that not every situation can be solved on her own, and sometimes it’s important to trust others to help you. Shadow went from a revenge-seeking monster wanting to avenge Maria by destroying the world to carrying out what she truly wanted – to save and care for the people of the world. Knuckles actually had a serious duty of guarding the Master Emerald because he is the last of his clan (seriously, who guards the M.E. now since Knuckles just seems to always be tagging along with whatever Sonic is doing?). Amy could actually do things herself, such as saving herself time and time again from the robot Zero, rather than depending on Sonic for everything. Gamma gave his own life to set free the small bird powering him from inside. The plots have been just as mundane. Until recent years, Sonic games have had fairly deep plots. Well, at least there was more to the story than there has been lately. They’ve included dark time travel where the future is an Eggman-ruled wasteland, deep backstories of civilizations that no longer exist, and plots to destroy the world with an Eclipse Cannon coming terrifyingly close to realization. And a lot of the time, Sonic was always one step behind Eggman! I get that Sonic is mainly targeted at kids. I know some people like the newer, more light-hearted approach, because how can anything to do with a giant blue hedgehog be serious, right? However, when I was younger and played through these older games, I understood these plots and characters fully. Good plots and characters aren’t just for adults, you know. And you know what? It didn’t seem weird or out of place to me that a talking blue hedgehog and his friends were in some seriously sticky situations. In fact, I thought it was awesome. And there were even some characters learning some damn good lessons that I could apply to myself. What is a 7-year-old going to take away from Sonic shouting about the “B.B.B.E – Best Boss Battle Ever”? Nothing more than I learned from Tails’ newfound independence at the end of his story in Adventure, that’s for sure. I realize this is more of an outpouring of my thoughts (thanks for sticking through and reading the whole thing to those that did) than a simple question and answer topic, but how do you feel about the state of plot and characterization in the more recent Sonic games? Do you support the newer light-heartedness of Sonic? Or do you prefer when Sonic games had a little bit deeper of stories?
  15. Hey guys and gals! This is my first topic I'm starting so I'll try my best to do a good topic. If the Sonic characters were real, Which Sonic character would you have and be best friends with? You can still choose characters that others already chose. My character I would choose would be Tails. He is just too cute and he is also smart. He would be best friends with me also because he used to be bullied for his genetic mutation of two tails, but I find them fluffy, cute and cool because he can do all sorts of things with them such as flying with them, twirl them while running to get a good boost of speed, use the tips of them as a extra set of hands ( As shown in Sonic Lost World ), and maybe even if he liked me alot, he would wrap his tails around my back like a blanket. I'm also very fond that he would teach me how to become as smart as him. What's your choices?
  16. A thing about the Sonic universe that has always sort of bugged me about the games is that nearly every one and their father can do what Sonic can and more. Sonic is undoubtedly the fastest character, right? But how fast do you believe everyone else is? Like if you could make a top 5 - 10 or something on who you believe is fastest, that'd be cute. Though I'm sure everyone's 1 - 3 or 4 would be about the same. For me I think it's something like Sonic Shadow Tails Blaze Espio Amy Cream Knuckles/Rouge This is just what I think off the top of my head without too much thought. P.S. this is my first post here, I'm a champion lurker. Hello everyone.
  17. What kind of story would you like in the next Sonic main series game? What characters would it feature? Where would it be set? Tell me your ideas!
  18. ahaha hello guys! i had to re-make my account again hehe anyways... i didn't know that to post.. but.. maybe i'd share the best drawing thingies in this first post the Lost Hedgehog Tales... Dragon Road.. with my Redesing of Monkey Khan Tails' Adventures Poster Ultra Sonic... i remember i did a Banner for this forum.. Sonic Boom Just Sonic Sonic Underground Poster this one i never posted it here... i've send it to archie comics (Sonic Grams) in one ocation.. this one too.. i called it Game Masters.. ( just in case you are wondering where is Pakman,. i drew this before he was anounced to be at the Smash Bros) and this one is new! Sticks and Marine..... ( i personally think they are not so similar....but.. meh.. anyway) hope you enjoy these pictures as much as i do.. i'll try to draw more like these.(as soon as my laptop get fixed :'D ).. i mean these are from the best in my opinion.. but i think i can do more and even better ... i still think i'm not good enough...
  19. http://www.marza.com/en/ Marza Studios(formerly known as VE Animation Studios) is a Japan-based CGI animation studio formed by Sega Sammy Holdings. While they are currently known as SEGA's main CGI group for their games, recently they have become dedicated to making full-length feature films such as Space Pirate Captain Harlock, the upcoming movie titled Robodog, & now it has been announced that they are going to produce the CGI in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. Most of you are familiar with the amazing CG videos they have produced for the Sonic series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P92wur4qBqc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gL9EtmAUwM4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpacfQ2b3JA What are your thoughts on this studio?
  20. Greetings, I am Royale lead developer of a online world known as Mobius Grid. A 3D environment where you can explore regions modeled after areas from various sonic games & even other games, but mostly sonic. you can even build your own custom area with in world tools. explore as an offical character or even your OC. with free image sound animation & mesh uploads the possibilities are endless. you can even sell your own creations to other users which has a total of 247 users sense we opened beta last month. we have a total of 30 regions & with are warp ring transport system travel is a breeze. although we are still beta feel free to check our work out & IM me on grid by searching the name "serra royale" all lower case. http://www.mobiusgrid.us http://www.facebook.com/mobiusgrid
  21. English site: http://maimai.sega.jp/green/en/index.shtml Released in mid-2012, maimai PLUS (or just “maimai”) is a touch-screen-based rhythm game developed by Sega, kind of like DanceDanceRevolution for your hands. Colored circles ripple out from the center of the screen in different speeds and combinations, depending on the level and the song, and you have to either push buttons or touch the screen in matching rhythm as the rings cross a large circle on the screen to score points Gameplay is pretty simple. There are 3 kind of “rings”: pink circles, yellow circles, and blue stars. Pink circles appear individually, so you tap the button one at a time. Yellow circles appear in pairs, so you have to use two hands to push two buttons together at the same time (or do it fancy one-handed on the touch screen if you have a large hand-span). Sometimes the circles turn into long ovals, and that means you have to hold down the button a few beats, instead of just tapping quickly, until the oval disappears. Blue stars can appear individually or in pairs, and after you push the button, a dotted line appears across the screen and you have to swipe across the screen with your hand along the line, at the same speed as blue star, which will also be moving down the line. It’s a little difficult to describe how to play using only words. Just watch a person play once, though, (or search on YouTube) and you’ll figure it out immediately. There is also a tutorial mode on the machine for new players. Some players, prefer to use only the buttons and just touch the screen to swipe down the blue-star-line. Some people play entirely on the touchscreen. There are dotted points around the screen that you can touch instead of pushing buttons. I’ve found that there are pros and cons to either method. Using only the touchscreen allows greater versatility (e.g., the one-handed yellow-ring move I mentioned before) and speed when playing, but it’s often hard to get good accuracy when you want to aim for a “perfect” sync as the rings cross the line. Using buttons is more accurate since you have a larger target to push, and you get the personal satisfaction of slapping buttons, but it’s harder to do trick moves and really challenging on the fast and difficult songs. So take your pick! I’ve seen players at all levels use either method. There are dozens of songs to choose from, most of which are quite new and popular. These songs are divided into multiple kinds of Categories to choose from: POPS and Anime Niconico and Vocaloid Touhou Project SEGA Game and Variety Original and Joyopolis NEW songs can be found here: http://maimai.sega.jp/song/ The most interesting ones for me is the SEGA category and the gaming song, not only is it home to many SEGA songs, like Rhythm Thief, Fantasy Zone, Jacky’s Theme, Sega Saturn Startup Sound Remix, etc. But it also is home to Sonic songs In Maimai Green Version, there are 3: 1. City Escape: Act 1 2. Rooftop Run: Act 1 3. Reach For The Stars Since the Maimai Green Plus Update, 1 songs are added to the list 1. Windy Hill Zone 1 And added after maimai Orange 1. Back 2 Back (Modern) 2. Live and Learn An interesting little tidbit, on the options (for the Orange version beyond), you can set the speed of the rings that are coming, it goes from 1 to 10, but it could also go above 10, called Sonic speed, it’s pretty much a memory game where you have to know where the rings will be, and it won’t give you a chance to see it. So, what do you guys think, look fun? looks lame?
  22. Hi all! I'm just starting this topic up because it's one that I enjoy a lot but haven't really seen discussed. When an event called Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2013 was brought to my attention, it got me hooked on watching speedruns of all kinds. Of course, among my favorite speedrunners are those who involve themselves with Sonic the Hedgehog games; runners like werster, DarkspineSonic, Paraxade, and bertin. Have any of you checked out any of these runs? Werster's Sonic 3 and Knuckles run with Mike89 and Paraxade or Darkspinesonic's Sonic '06 runs are especially entertaining to me. Let me know what you think!
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