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Found 5 results

  1. +1 if you noticed the new logo. Yo, the forum's finally back after being in limbo for about a week. You know what that means? Movie nights are officially back as well, my fellow comrades! Unfortunately, Winston, my beloved co-host, has been banned from SSMB, and won't be assisting me on movie nights due to a lot of things going on with his life. However, he's the one who started this with me, so his name will always be in the Movie Night logo! For anybody who's relatively new to the community or otherwise, the gist of SSMB Movie Nights is to allow all of us to just come together on a Saturday during the weekend, and just have fun together watching a movie. A simple getaway from everything else you're dealing with, and getting a chance to be with fellow SSMBers while hopefully enjoying the film that is being shown, while being able to share your reactions and thoughts on it with others.. What's not cool about that? Now, it's time for me to go over the rules, along with some important tidbits you might want to keep in mind: All SSMB Movie Nights take place every Saturday evening, at 5:00 PM EST. Since most of you all are live in the UK or somewhere close, that's 10:00 PM GMT. I wanted to choose a time that's fair game for people on the western and eastern sides of the world, not too late, not too early. Although all designated SSMB movie nights take place on Saturday, some special streams of films might take place on Friday if I feel like showing a movie outside of Movie Night. Watch out for those if you ever wanna attend those. Leading up to the Saturday showing of a film, you'll be voting for what film you want to see that day through a Google Doc listing all the films for a specific theme, and you'll say which film you want to watch in a status update that's linked in that document. Previously we had polls, but people abused them to the point where we decided it wasn't fair for others to deal with vote bots ruining the fun for everybody else. There's a document in Google Drive right here so you can view what future themes I have planned in the coming weeks (not to mention it helps us keep track of what was done and what isn't). You can also put your own themes here if you want us to take them into consideration for later! All movie night streams take place here at MOTOBUG, SSMB's definitive streaming service! There's a chat there alongside the player showing the movie, so you can chatter freely with others while watching! We also have a Skype chat for Movie Nights to discuss future plans and the like, so if you want to be in it, just send me a PM or ask me if I have you on my Skype contacts. That's all I gotta say about that, hope to see you all at the movies, SSMB!
  2. Introducing SSMB's Community Party Room, a small project aiming to gear a few maps in Anarchy Arcade for SSMB use. //Currently underworks, The SSMB Community Virtual Party Room is a modified Party House Map for the game "Anarchy Arcade" where SSMBers can totally hang out. Update as of 7/13/15: Check the Version 1 Spoiler Tab, the final update is coming! Using Anarchy Arcade, players can host servers for the map where players can join in, have fun, and play games. Watch Nintendo Directs together, or play virtual games. Whatever you want to do. The SSMB Community Virtual Party Room is the next big step in bringing SSMB to your computer. Download the map here! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=457292862 Instructions to play the map: 1) Download Anarchy Arcade (http://store.steampowered.com/app/266430/) 2) Subscribe to the Workshop Item for the map 3) Open the game, open custom games. The map should appear among the others given to you. Here's the imgur album for the full thing. http://imgur.com/a/mAadA#0 A few of the screenshots
  3. Hello! Excuse me, I know I have posted this topic before, but my account was deleted during the server crash. I asked for a list of the available awards on SSMB. With my account, my topics and posts were deleted, too. So can somebody write here a link or a list of all the SSMB awards? Sorry for bothering, and thank you!
  4. Hello! You might have noticed that this place has changed a little bit since you last saw it. Welcome to the Sonic Stadium Message Board - 2015 Edition! The moderators, Bmn and myself have been working really hard these last few weeks to make sure the upgrade from IPB 3 to IPB4 was as seamless as possible, whilst also taking the opportunity to update the look and feel of The Sonic Stadium in a modern way. So there are a whole bunch of technical things that have changed, as well as cosmetic changes that relate to how the forum works. You'll see your username above the main content area: click that and a dropdown menu will appear containing most of the options you need to work your profile. Next to your username are a bunch of quick icons that take you to Notifications and Direct Messages. In the blue bar underneath the header, you'll see an 'SSMB' link on the far right (next to the search button), hover your mouse over that and you'll see different sections of the forum, like Calendar and Forum Staff pages etc. Posting replies is simpler than ever, and a lot of the bugs that have been prevalent in the forum this past year have been squashed. (Needless to say though, that if you're seeing anything that's a bit wonky, do post in the Member Feedback/Bug Reports forum, as it will help us troubleshoot stuff!) The cosmetic changes are part and parcel of a wider initiative by myself to reinvent The Sonic Stadium in 2015. Did you know that this plucky little website will be 15 years old in October? It's been through an awful lot, and with the changing habits of forum goers and website readers alike I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to present the site (and forum) in a way that makes sense for everyone in today's era. That's why you see a chop-and-change of some of the forum listings on the homepage - SSMB has been re-organised so that discussion is at the top of the list, and the more popular forums are front and center so you can access them much more easily. Needless to say, SSMB's butterfly change into this current form is a prelude to what will soon happen on The Sonic Stadium itself, later this year - a lot more housecleaning is needed on the main site yet, before I can fully unleash the revamped design. Either way, I hope you like this new look and functionality, and are looking forward to what's coming soon! As this is brand new forum software, there will naturally be some elements that haven't crossed over to this new SSMB immediately - namely Badges. We are working hard to get these back, don't worry. They're not lost forever! We're working on a way of getting them back to you. Stay tuned on that front!
  5. It's that time again for the annual spawning of the Mixtapes and Mixdiscs. SSMB's Mixtape project is where members willing to share music swap music discs with another user at random. The only change from last year under Urth (aside from going back to 1 per person), is that Urth's Excel spreadsheet has been laid off and replaced with the Random.Org RNG. THE RULES (which are both ancient and just): 1.) Send all necessary details via PM (for obvious reasons, you would need to be willing to give your mailing address to the other . 2.) Once your partner has been chosen, send your mailing address via PM. Keep in mind the person you are sending your disc to will most likely be different from the one you are receiving from. 3.) While I do not care whether or not little Tiffany Wotsherface gets your collection of Marilyn Manson and Slipknot tracks, keep in mind that this is a 'family oriented' message board, and parents might object to children getting explicit tracks via post. 4.) By tradition, Nickelback tracks are strictly prohibited. 5.) Sign up by leaving a comment (cursing and throwing of inanimate objects optional). 6.) 1 disc per person. The deadline this year is going to be October 10th, 2011 (timing it with Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving). GET GOING! SIGNUP IS CLOSED. Here are who you are sending to... Signed up 1.) Dan Dyer -> eXacticus 2.) SHAX Hedgefox -> Biafra 3.) cdrom1019 -> SHAX Hedgefox 4.) eXacticus -> Dan Dyer 5.) Biafra -> cdrom1019
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