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Found 2 results

  1. Title says all. Create your own sonic stage. Explain what trope it belongs in, Tell what Features each act has, the enemies that lurk around the stage, the type of music that you think will play in the stage, and the boss. I'll start off. Name: Holiday Kingdom Trope: Winter/Ice Act 1: Act 1 starts out in a snowy valley. It has some icy lakes sonic can run across by boosting. But if you don't have enough momentum, sonic will fall through the ice and into the lake, and then you will have to get out from under the water before you drown. it's a peaceful place overall, but there are some egg pawns who will hit you with shovels if you get to close. Act 2: Act 2 is a snowy neighborhood populated by gingerbread men living in houses made of gingerbread, gummy bears, and fruitcake. There are huge Christmas trees that grow gumdrops on them. There are also candy cane rails that sonic can grind upon. Near the end of the act. Sonic gets chased by a giant toy train on it's way to the royal parts of the kingdom. The enemies are the Egg Pawns from the previous level and some new enemies are the ice orbinaut and a walking present that explodes. Act 3: Act 3 begins with sonic running through a large courtyard with giant colorful ornaments hanging overhead. Sonic will then run through huge golden gates, and jump off a ramp. As he falls towards the kingdom grounds, you will see two giant Teddy bears holding up a large welcome sign. As soon as sonic lands on the ground he will start to run through a giant toy factory. He will see giant versions and small versions of famous toys on the conveyer belts such as Teddy bears, Dolls, Radio control cars, and action figures. During the Toy factory parts, sonic is able to grind along small, empty conveyer belts. As he exits the toy factory, sonic will then run through across a bridge of cookies and to the side of him is the giant train that chased him in the previous act, only this time it doesn't pose a threat. When the train passes under a bridge, sonic will then run pass a choir of gospel singing snowmen. At the end of the act, the goal ring is located at the heart of the kingdom, right outside a huge castle of ice with two giant candy canes beside each of the castles huge doors. The enemies are robotic red nosed reindeer that shoot lasers from their noses, Evil giant nutcrackers, and egg pawns dressed as elves. Music: Act 1: a fast paced version of winter wonderland Act 2: a remix of Holoska Act 3: a fast paced instrumental version of "It's the most wonderful time of the year" Boss: Egg Snowman Now go and make up your own stage!
  2. For me, it's too hard to decide, so I'll take one from each game that I've played. Sonic the Hedgehog: Star Light Zone. Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Aquatic Ruin Zone. Say what you will about the level (even though I never had that much trouble with it, but whatever), that music is phenomenal. Sonic the Hedgehog CD: Don't remember. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (& Knuckles): Ice Cap Zone Act 1. Knuckles' Chaotix: This Horizon. Technically not a level theme, but it's still great. Sonic Adventure: Speed Highway 3 (At Dawn). This song alone made me buy a Dreamcast. It's just that good. Sonic Adventure 2: Escape from the City. Duh. Sonic Heroes: What I'm Made of.... Also duh.
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