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Found 3 results

  1. Hopefully "blue arms" doesn't become the new "green eyes". Though, admittedly, I'm not much of a fan of Sonic's new blue arms. It kind of unbalances his color scheme, to me.
  2. Hey guys and gals! This is my first topic I'm starting so I'll try my best to do a good topic. If the Sonic characters were real, Which Sonic character would you have and be best friends with? You can still choose characters that others already chose. My character I would choose would be Tails. He is just too cute and he is also smart. He would be best friends with me also because he used to be bullied for his genetic mutation of two tails, but I find them fluffy, cute and cool because he can do all sorts of things with them such as flying with them, twirl them while running to get a good boost of speed, use the tips of them as a extra set of hands ( As shown in Sonic Lost World ), and maybe even if he liked me alot, he would wrap his tails around my back like a blanket. I'm also very fond that he would teach me how to become as smart as him. What's your choices?
  3. Although Im not acutally one of these people i am kind of curious about this topic. I have played Sonic R (only on Gems collection) and I don't see why hes scary but one my friend insists he is so for anyone out there that is like friend tell me whyhe is scary. I heard that theres glitch of some sort including "Can you feel the sunshine?" but have never got to work.
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