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Found 1 result

  1. Bonjourno. It's June the 1st (at my part). It's the beginning of a new month. The Summer time is starting. And, least of all, I have to post some random questions about the gargantuan franchise that this forum revolves around every day within said month, all out of a sense of good fun and whatnot. As the late Bubsy Bobcat once famously said, "I think this might have a chance of going wrong", but if I could do it once, then I guess I might sort of hopefully be able to do it again. Dunno, fingers crossed. (Only with one hand though, two is bad luck.) Those of you who were familiar with the previous version of this event will already know what the idea is, but I'll explain for those who weren't: With each day in June, I ask the folks on SSMB a question about something or other regarding Sonic the Hedgehog's games, world, characters, and thensome, and your goal is to answer said question at some point within the twenty four hour period that follows with each query. Not the most complicated setup around, but it doesn't really need to be. Of course, making up simple questions about anthropomorphic eye tests is thirsty work, so I won't be making up all thirty of them. You gave me your own questions, so now I better use some of those ones as well. But which ones? And how many of them? Who knows. (I do.) To reiterate what I said in the topic asking for them, if your own question(s) didn't make it in, please don't take it personally, as it is merely a matter of which questions I would see working best for the how the event itself works. As in, would everyone participating be able to have an answer for this (eg: not everyone would be able to answer a question purely about the Archie comics, as not everyone here reads them), does the question have enough in it to merit more than a one-sentence response (eg: "I like this specific rolling animation the best"), and so on. And like with last time, there will indeed be badges for this event, which one(s) you get once again depending on how many questions you answer overall. However, as a consequence of the server wipe's after effects, the badges themselves might not show up until a fair bit later on during or after the event. If this is so, then I apologise for this unfortunate matter in advance. But before we head on in, there's still a few little notes that you might want to observe... A Few Rules (That You Probably Won't Read But You Should Do So Anyway Because You'll Have a Good Chance of Shooting Yourself in the Foot Down the Line Otherwise): -Try to add enough into your answers. Or to put it in another way, don't just say what your answer is and then disappear again into the Batcave. It would be preferable if you were to explain your reasons for WHY such and such is your favourite such and such. It doesn't have to be super lengthy (because if that were the case, I'd probably have trouble answering half of these myself), it just has to have enough for it to look less like a lazy drive-by comment. -Probably an obvious one, but don't answer questions purely by going "What *insert member* said", or quoting someone else's post and adding nothing more than "This". Because that's even lazier. I may not be asking for novels, but you need to put a little more effort into your posts than that, Frederico. -You CAN make up for questions that you missed out on, but the total amount of time you have to make up for them is THREE days after the time of when the missed question in... er, question, was asked. Seeing how some folk at this time of the year might be busy with things like vacations and so on, I felt that maybe it would seem a little unfair for the initial twenty four hour period to be your absolute only chance of answering whichever question(s). At the same time though, there still has to be some sort of time limit regarding when you can answer. You know, motivation fuel and all that. Therefore, I have decided that if you missed out on a question, then you can still provide an answer for it, as long as the time in which you answer is less than or up to three days afterwards. -Related to the above, if you're answering a question(s) that you previously missed out on, it would be better for you to do so in the same post in which you're answering the current question. Makes things a little easier to keep track of that way. And finally, while it's not a legitimate rule since I'd like to think I'm not draconian about it, as I asked for the questions themselves, please try to keep the general mood of the event relatively light and upbeat. I'm aware that I might be sounding heavy handed about this particular aspect of the event, but it's only because I'm rather serious about keeping things enjoyable when talking about the various parts of the Sonic franchise. All I ask is that this topic doesn't go down the route as many topics before it, if you catch my drift. ^^;; Right then, I believe that's all I have to mention for the time being, so let's not waste anymore time. Let us all hold hands, as we dive into... ~~~The 30 Days of Sonic the Hedgehog Mk.II: Crusher's Second Crack At Revenge Returns and Strikes Back Again Once More in Another Chapter That is Still to Come in Future Installments~~~ Are you offended by how lengthy the subtitle is? ... ... ... Good. Right, well I better begin then. Question #1: Which game has your top favourite boxart? I stared into Alcoholic Wily, and Alcoholic Wily stared back. Well this should be a relatively easy one to start with. A game's boxart might not seem all that important compared to things like gameplay, sound, and graphics, but it can still make it's own mark in regards to how the game sells itself to you, good or bad. Sonic, rebel that he is, is no exception to this. Whether everything's happening on the cover, nothing's happening on the cover, or a slight bit but not much is happening on the cover, it can in it's own way add a surprising amount to what the game already has to offer, or at the very least it can give you something to remember. We should never underestimate how effective boxart can be, so with that said, which of Sonic's gaming covers would you say tickles your fancy the most, and for what reason? Crusher's Thoughts: My own opinions on this are constantly changing due to how I actually like quite a number of them for various reasons, but at this moment in time, I think I'll go with the cover for Sonic & Knuckles. I love a good crazy cover as much as the next person - the European cover for Crash Bandicoot 3 and the Ripto's Rage cover for Spyro 2 being some of my favourite examples - but I also appreciate minimalism when I feel it's done well, and I would say that the cover for Sonic & Knuckles does exactly that. By being as mostly pitch black as it is, it would certainly make it stand out on the shelves compared to the more gung-ho covers of the games surrounding it, so with that in mind, I think it succeeded in the job it was likely made for. Runner up would probably go to the US cover for Sonic the Hedgehog 2, if only for Ivo No-Eyes looking as though him having to slam down the giant 2 is the very thing that's made him so angry. So with that out of the way, you may now post awaaaaaayyyy!~
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