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Found 5 results

  1. Hey ppl. So recently I have been trying to activate some glitches in sonic unleashed, but the problem is, no matter how videos I watch on how to do it, and no matter how many times I try, I just cant get any of them to work right. Sure sonic will go a little bit faster every once in awhile, but I can never get him to do it the right way! So could anyone here be willing to give me an in-depth tutorial on how to do this.... I really need it.... :/
  2. No, I'm not saying that was Unleashed a bad game but did its gameplay helped the franchise at all, that is my question. To be more specific, the boost gameplay. First of all, let's talk about the origins of the boost. In 2005, Dimps made Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS, it was a good game but a lot of people were impressed by how fast Sonic and newcomer, Blaze the Cat, were in this game and how it was faster than Advance 2. So at 2007, Dimps made Rush Adventure and with a few touches made it my one of my favourite Sonic games due to its fast-paced gameplay, better story and etc. Now let's go back to 2006. We all have heard this before, 06 was the worst the series has gone and Sonic Team wanted to pick up their slack and make Sonic good again. Secret Rings was pretty good, had a nice story and a fun Party Mode but had bad controls, but the thing is Sonic Team decided to apply two moves Sonic can use in this game: Time Break and Speed Break. Speed Break is pretty much the Boost from the Rush series so when people liked the Speed Break, Sonic Team decided to make a Sonic game based on the Boost and what was their outcome? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-CJ3kPrZrU Sonic Unleashed! Considered to be the last game in the "Dark Age" of Sonic the Hedgehog. My god, this game was really fun! I mean there is no doubt that Sonic Team put a lot of effort and love into this game. It had a great story, while it did got a bit weak in the middle but I digress, had one of the best soundtracks in the series, beautiful and breath-taking visuals and had very good gameplay.I mean you know this game is going to be good based on the intro alone, note that it is also the best intro in a Sonic game ever. But enough praising, let's talk about that boost! In Unleashed, you can play as Sonic in the Daytime levels of the continents and his gameplay was based on going really fast through a level by using the boost and other skills Sonic can acquire throughout the game. The feel of going through a Daytime level in this game is really exhilarating and blood-pumping. Basically, the Daytime levels is pretty much a 3D Sonic Rush although there is not a huge emphasis in Trick Combos. Despite most people loving the game, the critics were mixed about Unleashed. It did have issues like the mandatory Sun/Moon medal collecting to progress through the game, the levels being too linear in the Daytime levels, Eggmanland and the Werehog in general. But that didn't stop Sonic Team from improving the boost gameplay and they did so with Colors and Generations, which both got a lot of praise from critics and fans alike and rightfully so. But then came 2013, where Sonic Team decided to try a new gameplay formula for Sonic in Lost World and it got mixed reception. It wasn't phenomenal by any means but it was pretty good, well at least I think so I have yet to play it, but the problem with a lot of critics with the game was how slow Sonic was in this game. It certainly wasn't super fast but it was still fast-paced, so how did they came up with such an issue? They compared the speed in Lost World with Unleashed and the like. But Lost World wasn't trying to be anything like those games, it was its own style. Not only that but I remember one reporter saying that Adventure 2 was a "slow" game during the hype of Lost World. Adventure 2? Slow! What on the earth happened here?! I thought about this for a while and I may have gotten the idea that maybe we were spoiled by the boost gameplay Unleashed introduced to us. I'm sure not everyone in here thinks SA2 wasn't a slow game by all means, basing it off of Sonic/Shadow stages for this, but maybe, just maybe, that we wanted Sonic to go fast and that's alright but I think that Unleashed took it too far. I'm not a hater on the Boost gameplay but I can see that maybe it didn't help us but created a new problem, gamers and critics will have with future Sonic games. I'm beginning to wonder that critics will not like a Sonic game because it's not fast as Unleashed. But from the looks of it, Boom might have some of that fast-paced gameplay we wanted but things are not always what they seem. So at the end, did the Boost did more bad than good? I would highly reccommend posting your thoughts below! P.S. Woohoo! I finally have 100 posts and made my first topic! Today is a good day!
  3. If you could, how would you guys improve the Unleashed formula? Myself, I would add more alternate routes and slower sections (which Generations is doing to an extent, from what we've seen). Don't get me wrong, I like-and enjoy-the straighter sections. I think they are needed to use the boost, drift, quickstep etc etc. But I don't want them to be the whole level. To facilitate slower, less linear sections, you would need to improve the low speed controls (yes, I know Generations is already doing this, but from what we can see, straight sections will still overdominate in most modern levels), and maybe make it so that the boost can only be used when you already are running at full normal running speed. That way the boost is less "instant gratification" and you will not be able to spam it as much. So that's my two cents. What's yours?
  4. Hey Everyone! I just wanted to announce that SUU, is back in full swing, with a new 3d engine to boot! INFO For those who are wondering, SUU is a 3D animated fan-made sonic series, that is set in the timeline of sonic unleashed. The story is basically a different take on the unleashed storyline, with the story focusing on events that happen during sonic's journey around the globe. This miniseries was originally started back in 2013, but all of the data was lost due to my computer breaking. Recently, I have picked back up the project, and I am starting again, hoping that I can make this a phenominal series. 3D STUFF Originally, SUU was being developed in source-filmmaker, but the problem with using it, is that it trades convinience for quality, in other words: Sfm is easy to animate with, but the quality isnt that good. So the project has recently been ported to blender, in order to acheive the same quality look as a real series would have here is an example of blender's quality with the series: http://sonicfandude1.deviantart.com/art/ITS-BACK-BABY-544459843?ga_submit_new=10%253A1436197433 (sorry for the wierd grainy parts of the image) HELP WANTED!!!! I want this project to be the absolute best that it can be, but in order to do that, I'm gonna need alot of help... and I mean alot VOICE ACTORS So for this series, its going to feature most of the sonic crew, with lots of memorable faces throughout sonics history, and in order to add all of these characters, I'm going to need a few voice actors to help out with things. So if you are able to voice any of the following characters, please reply to the forum, or email me at "josh4taylor@gmail.com" voices needed: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Chip, Werehog, Espio, Charmy, Vector, Shadow, Blaze, Jet the hawk, Eggman That's all the info I have for now, but stay tuned for more news, and maybe even a trailer.... Also, if you have any questions, reply, or email me at "josh4taylor@gmail.com" SEE YA!
  5. I hope Chip comes back as much as many hate him. He was so important. After finishing the game, when listening to Dear My Friend, many cried. I hope him comes back and the bracelet comes back too... What do you think about running up the clock tower in Spagonia instead of platforming if that is how the Simpsons advertisment shows it?
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