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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to the "Video Game Ideas" thread! This is where you can share any game ideas and maybe get some new ideas from other users! Your ideas can be original or based off of a existing game (EX: "I want to share my idea for a new Sonic game*"). So one of my ideas I made up last night due to boredom is a RPG called... The Last Call (If you guys have a less generic sounding name, go ahead and share it) STORY It’s summer in the city of New York (may change) and it the usual: Friends messing about, families having fun, and tourists crowded the street and everything seem to be normal until a loud boom was heard which was followed by a huge explosion. After the Main Character (Can be named whatever you want) gain consciousness, New York is in ruins and MC later learned that the world is ending and can’t be stopped no matter what but you can stop it from happening ever again in the “New World”. GAMEPLAY It’s a turn based RPG that focus around your cell phone. When you save people from monsters, demons or whatever, you can add the saved people to your contact list and call them to back you up during battle but you can only have a total of 50 people to help you out. When your “helpers” come, you’re allowed to assign them to certain roles like Supporters (They cheer you on from the sidelines which boost you and your party’s stats), Researchers (Studies the enemies and tell you the enemies’ stats and such), Bodyguards (Fight the enemies and willing to take a hit for you or anyone else), and many more. Your phone can also call services during battle and in the overworld (calling 911 to heal you, calling the cops to start shooting the enemies, or even ordering food and items without going to a store.) In the overworld, you can go on your "Facebook profile" and check your stats, save your game and catch up on the story. On "Twitter", you can see see how much exp you need to go the next level (It's shown by how many followers you have) and read up on tips and hints. You are also give the option to call the people you save either for the sake of talking or learning new stuff (EX: "Oh yea! I notice that if you defeat the "leader", the enemies morale is weakened".). .... Damn, that took forever With that finally out of the way; Let's get our brains moving! *Please don't make this thread too Sonicy...
  2. I'm actually rather suprised that i haven't seen this topic here before. Anyways to cut to the chase, here's how things are going to go down! I think of a video game. You guys/girls have to ask yes/no questions about the game. I answer the questions as quickly as I can (so strategicly, its best to wait till i respond before asking another one!) Duplicate questions (or ones that basically mean the same thing.) will, and should be ignored! You are only allowed to guess the game 3 times before the 20 questions are up. After the 20 questions are up (assuming noone guesses before hand.) everyone tries to guess what the game is. Your only allowed to guess 1 game at a time. (this allows everyone a fair chance, instead of someone dumping a big list of every game they know!) Once the game is guessed correctly, that person thinks of a new game and the whole thing starts over. If that said person does not want to participate they may give the role to a person of their choosing. If there is no word from the said person in 3 days the next person to post gets the role. (I don't expect to see people just "stop answering questions" personally!) In the super-duper rare case of everyone getting "stuck" at the end, another 10 questions will be issued. If even after that everyone is still "stuck" the "game thinker" fesses up the game, (technacly winning!) and chooses who will go next. Here's an example: 1. Is it an rpg: No 2. Is it an online game: No 3. Does it have an "a" in the title: Yes 4. Is the game a first or third person shooter? No 5. Would you consider it to be a well-known game? Yes 6. Is it in development? No 7. Is it a sequel? No (but it does have sequels) 8. Does it have dwarfs in it? No 9. Is it a simulation type game? No 10. Is it a strategy game? No 11. Is it a 2D sider scroller? Yes 12. Did it come out within the past 3 years? No 13. Is it a console game? Yes 14. Is the goal to rescue/win/retrieve an item/person? No 15. Is it a PS1 Game? No 16. Is it made by a well known company? Yes 17. Was it released before the GameCube? Yes 18. Is the main character a human? No 19. Was in made in the 90's? No 20. Is it made by a Japenese company? Yes Guess#1: Mega Man? Yes Also make sure that you know A LOT about your game when its your turn. We don't want a bunch of "I Don't Knows" when we ask you questions! I already got my game in mind, so...yeah! GUESS AWAY!
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