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Found 2 results

  1. July 8th - Current Status: 4 people expressed interest. One audition received. Auditions are on hold since 4 candidates should be enough. Art is in progress too Hi! I'm Sapphire Luna and I want to make Sonic animations "shorts" too. I have the skills and the softwares, but what I lack is an Adam's apple. I cannot do male voices and unfortunately most of the Sonic cast is male... I'm looking for fans like me who want to help out for fun rather than professionals, because I cannot offer any payment other than your name in the credits and a link to your blog/website etc. Now, I don't have any Sonic animations to show right now, but I do have animations from other things. Have a look at this animation I did, I'm aiming for a similar style for my Sonic one, but with voices: http://youtu.be/W-3huwr9QQ4 Other animation examples: Feel free to look through my youtube account for more. And my deviantARTusername is sapphireluna if you want to see my art style or what I'm up to. Ok, so since this is the first one, I don't need a lot. I need: Sonic: a dozen lines Shadow: just one line Tails: just one line Captain guy from Sonic 06: two lines Gun soldier: three lines Let me know if you can help or if I'm doing this wrong or whatever. I'll give more info. You will first have to audition but I won't be too picky. If I don't find anyone I'll have to do the voices myself and trust me you don't want that!
  2. Well, time to make a topic about this. Well, as you guys know, Some of us been dubbing comics with others for a couple of months. And now you know of the Sonic the Parody dub we're doing that's now a community project. So basically, this topic is for all the projects we're doing and if anybody wants to join in. =D Our Main Cast is: Inferno Cola Monkey D. Eddy Blue Wisp Kamicciolo SockDrawer Angelscar Frokenok3 Solkia Vizard Jeffhog Stricklerx5 demon-wisp33 and Agent York. Right now we're working on 4 Video Game Fandubs: Sonic Adventure- Big's Story. Sonic Unleashed. Sonic Adventure 2. Super Mario Sunshine. And others planned in the future as well. Here's a scene from Unleashed that I've edited as an example. For Comics, we're doing anything, we've been doing missyuna's comics mainly. Here's one I've done with Inferno recently. http://www.youtube.c...er/SpinDashDubs Here's the channel for checking out more of the comic dubs. Sorry if most of this seemed like Advertising. :r So who's up for joining us? Any Suggestions? What do ya think of these fandubs overall? =D (also kami please don't clobber meh ;w;)
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