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Found 13 results

  1. Unsure if this was a mistake or intentional, but it has returned: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (xbox.com) $4.99, however currently only playable on 360. Since the backwards-compatibility program has supposedly ended for Xbox One/Series, it is unlikely that it will become playable on those platforms (unless the work had already been done prior and Sega were dragging their heels on giving it the go-ahead for a re-release). If this was indeed a mistake though, it likely won't be available for long. Still, an interesting development nevertheless.
  2. http://www.totalxbox.com/76032/game-on-microsoft-dates-xbox-e3-2014-conference/ Can't wait to see what Microsoft has in store and I look forward to seeing more of already announced games like Halo and Sunset Overdrive. 9:30am Pacific would make it 5:30pm here in the UK if I know my time zones, and with it being on the day before my wife's Birthday, then I can watch it live with you guys EDIT: Official stream link: http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/e3#fbid=MMrBECYrVmc
  3. http://www.totalxbox.com/77282/forza-horizon-2-will-release-in-2014-for-xbox-one-and-xbox-360/ Another Forza game on the way and another game going cross-gen. Not much info available at the moment, but we'll no doubt see a big presentation during Microsoft's E3 press conference next week.
  4. If you didn't know, in 2013 Battleblock Theater released for the Xbox 360 exclusively from Behemoth, creator of Castle Crashers. For some reason no one else seemed to make a topic about it, so here we are. Those who don't have an Xbox can experience it very soon on Steam: So discuss about your opinions of the game, whatever it's about your experience on Xbox 360, or your excitement for the upcoming Steam version!
  5. I thought I would start a thread asking you what your best and/or worst Sonic games are. You can give just your best game, worst game, or both, it's all up to you. One thing I ask of you is to please elaborate on your opinion. As for me, I don't have a best Sonic game yet as I haven't played that many, and I only recently got back into the franchise. My choice of worst Sonic game is an easy one: Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis for the Game Boy Advance. Why? The framerate is terrible, making it very uneasy to the eyes and making the game unplayable. There is also the zoom to fit the GBA screen size, making it almost impossible to see enemies coming towards you while you are running. The music is also atrocious, even with the GBA's not very outstanding sound quality. The arrangements of all the tracks (with the exception of Star Light Zone) are either raped (Green Hill Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Labyrinth Zone) or half-arsed (all the others). And finally, the slowdown that is all over the game: For example, the speed shoes causes slowdown, jumping causes slowdown, having 3 or more enemies on the screen causes slowdown, the water (which is slow enough in the original) also slows down the game, and (not sure if this is true but many people have said it), the sound actually causes most of the lag. That's my opinion, what are yours?
  6. http://www.thatvideo...t-under-5-days/ Teaser site: http://findmakarov.com/ Looks like we're getting a Modern Warfare 3 reveal next week. I hope it's something special and the campaign is a bit longer. I enjoyed both of the first 2 games's campaigns, but they were just too short. I wonder how the game will turn out with most of the original Infinity War team gone and rumours of Sledgehammer Games and Raven also working on the game.
  7. Mark1

    Rayman 3 HD

    Rayman 3 HD Announced! Rayman 3 is getting re-released on Xbox 360 and PS3! Found on NeoGAF: http://www.neogaf.co...ad.php?t=452912 Link in NeoGAF http://www.eurogamer...-3-hd-announced
  8. Okay here is a fun topic! if sega adds a generations section to the avatar marketplace or avatar awards what are some good ideas.(if avatar awards how do you think they should be unlocked?) i want to see a wisp as a avatar prop!
  9. I was wondering if anyone that imported Sonic Generations Collector's Edition for PAL areas only to the states and has tried to play the xbox 360 version on a american 360 and was sucessful due to possible region locking? thanks!
  10. So I was bouncing around IGN when I came across this. "World record holder Stallion83 explains how he aims to be the first person to hit the million milestone." So I opened the link at wow was I surprised. I did not know anyone has already gotten over 9,000 600,000 AC's (Achievement points). I'm barely over 36,000. And the only person I've met that passed 100,00 was a guy that was on my friend's list since the beginning. (Ah most wanted. Oh do I miss you so) THIS RIGHT HERE IS A TRUE HARDCORE GAMER IN MY EYES. No one can say otherwise, my opinion. Anyways here is the link. Check it out. http://xbox360.ign.c.../1191410p1.html
  11. http://uk.xbox360.ig.../1188829p1.html Woah! I knew sales were bad in Japan, but I didn't think they were THAT bad. 1.5 million since launch? Woah! :-O
  12. Well people, it's that time again! No doubt it won't live up to the hype, but the 'best game ever' part is undeniably intriguing...Ocarina of Time can't be coming to Xbox, so what else could it be? Here's hoping it's a new proper Banjo-Kazooie game. But hey, we can all dream. Any guesses? It might not necessarily be a 360 exclusive by the way. It's like Dead Island all over again!
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