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Sonic Generations: GameWorld (IgroMir) and ComicCon /PAX, GamesCom, TGS, and GAMEfest/ Special Topic [ARCHIVE]

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Didn't classic Sonic had homing attack in Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic 3D Blast?

Quite late on that I know but...

To be precise, as Hyper and only Hyper Sonic you used some sort of Sonic Flash wich kills everything on screen.

But when as Normal Sonic, it was a buzz attack that enabled you to deflect enemy bullets or objects like the coconut that the monkey threw at you or small energy bullets.

I'm not quite sure, I'll have to play again but I think it also enabled you to pass trough small laser shots and the like but nothing bigger then Sonic himself.

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lol they ran out of the keyrings and the note books in their first hour yesterday.

Today the books were all gone in the first 30 min! They keyrings were greatly staggered, at one point it was, have your picture taken with Mario and Sonic and get a keyring. I was very lucky to get one... .... ... let alone two... ... =p

Umm.... I got 8. (7 bagged, 1 opened.)


I MIGHT just have a comp in the near future some people to win one each, I dunno.

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So now everyone can be happy. That is how it always should be.

When I saw it first I thought it was going to be either optional or it had to be a WIP flaw. Wishful thinking but glad it is that way, unless..... this is an older build (DUN DUN DUN)

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Some more modern city escape footage, but this time with an amazing player!


And some more classic footage:

The classic footage still seems to be simplified though...

Credit goes to the youtube members BladeCrashic122 and sevenforcex

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There is video footage of the targeting reticle on SEGA's own Japanese site for the game; its real. Calm your tits.

I'm sorry but video showing classic using homing attack or gtfo! its the only real way to prove this. why would they disable such an important move like the homing attack out of all the 3ds demos so far only for it to show up during a "private" showing at TGS and having all other reports from TGS saying that they didn't see any such move from classic sonic? and the only source telling us this is TSSZ and this friend of a friend who works at SEGA source?! doesn't make sense if you ask me.

And beyond that fact, Why even add such a move to classic sonic? it would be redundant! I don't think SEGA or DIMPS are going to do such a retard maneuver especially after the shitstorm we gave them about sonic 4. And this is coming from a guy who thinks DIMPS should stay out of the sonic gameplay business. remember that this game is starting to shine light that sonic isn't the same shit franchise from 2006 backwards and slowly trying to win people back. DIMPS can't just go all willy nilly and add whatever they want without SEGA's approval otherwise we end up with one hell of a trainwreck then the half decent piece of crap we have now.

Now I'm not saying it isn't real either. if it is, then SEGA better have a really good explanation for DIMPS adding a modern move for classic and pulling a sonic 4 on us. and the only explanation better be is there working on the gold sheild from sonic 3D blast and its an optional move. otherwise there going to hear it soo loud!

The whole half point of generations has been classic gameplay with classic stages and classic (sort of) physics. adding a modern move would damage the whole point.

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