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Presence of Mind N64 Homebrew Competition (1998 and 1999)


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Well, I was on Google, searching for ways to overwrite the ROM files on Genesis carts when I came across a Wiki article on the Doctor V64, a development and backup device made by Bung Enterprises that is used with the Nintendo 64 console. The article piqued my interest, and as I read it, I came across the following paragraph:

In 1998 and 1999, there was a homebrew competition known as "Presence of Mind" (PoM), an N64 demo competition led by dextrose.com. The contest consisted in submitting a user developed N64 program, game or utility. Bung Enterprises promoted the event and supplied prizes (usually Doctor V64 related accessories). Though a contest was planned for 2000 the interest in the N64 was already fading and so did the event. POM contest demo entries can still be found on the Internet.

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SHAX Hedgefox

I think I remember seeing a Doctor V64 for sale on ebay once....

That intro is incredibly trippy. It makes me wonder how he did it, and where he got the models for that guy from.

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