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Eddie Lebron Sonic Movie: New Teaser Trailer!

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edit: fyi, I did not watch the movie. Only skimmed. It was terrible even by skimming.


..Did you guys actually watch the whole thing?


I watched the whole thing...where's my cookie? mellow.png

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Watched this a couple of hours ago after work and I've just got done reading through the about 6 pages of posts here. I think everyone else has said everything in detail that I was going to say. Doctor MK's impressions are pretty much my exact feelings about the film.


No real story.

The internet celebrity cameos take away from the experience.

Too many GUN screentime

Music is too dramatic and unfitting. 

Script is all over the place and laughably bad.

"BLUE BLUR" x 50.

Sonic and Dr. Robotnik have terrible designs.

Green Hill Zone comes completely out of nowhere after the realistic city and jungle settings used throughout. 

Poor basic physics.

Knuckles gloves have fingers. Funny I didn't notice this until I saw people's posts.

Sonic is slow.

Sonic is barely in this film titled 'Sonic'.

Sonic has a ring stuck in his mouth.

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Okay, I must ask: what's that black spot just above his "crotch"? Surely, that can't be his... ?!?!

I know, I noticed that when I saw it and was like "wtf is that?". As someone who has a bit of experience with 3D modeling, it looks like there was a bit of clipping between different parts of the mesh, causing the inside of the mesh (which has no texture, and backwards normals) to be visible.

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I enjoyed the first 5 minutes and then my brain didn't like the line "I move very quickly". After that, Doug Walker's reaction summed up Sonic's character model. I knew it was supposed to be a prequel to Sonic the hedgehog but this just ended abruptly. 

A prequel to Sonic 06?


Makes sense now.

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