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Roareye Black

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Roareye Black

You heard me you sags, I'm going to be everyone's favourite sex wench for the next few weeks as rebuild happens :P


You guys gotta dance, like sailors off a newly docked ship! Admittedly the previous Gallery system's lack of ability to do anything interesting led to it's demise, and the fact that system is completely lost (While a better and more standalone version is created) there's no better time than to unleash the sexual deviancy of your art (Fact: No erotic art is allowed, I apologise for this inconvenience). All fans big and small, make topics to show off your prowess and be FREE.

There are a small selection of rules tho, eh?

1. Where Do I Post Topics?

- Visual art (Such as hand drawn art or pixel art) goes in the main forum. You must label each one with it's contents, so for example;

ARTWORK: Strongbad's Tinkle Work (Includes - Oekaki, digital art and traditional works)


PIXEL ART: Strongbad's Sprite Shizzle (Includes - Spriting, Pixel Art)

You must label MUSIC, VIDEO and FICTION the same way but in the Miscellaneous sub-forum. This is to keep it neat so there's not chaos on here. I hate chaos. :P

2. Terminology. I still want this to be as accurate as possible. I'm not going to bust a vein over anything minor, but at least try and get the general terms right between artwork, pixel art and music etc.

3. Critique as much as you can. An artist loves critique to push them in the right artistic direction, of course don't let the ball-grinding fear of "having to make a critique" stop you from posting your support for a piece of art. If you wanna just praise an artist's stuff that's all good in the hood too. But where you can, try and give the artist some pointers on improvement, they'll really appreciate it :)

4. Be Supportive. I know alot of artists who rag on pixel art, same as several artists cuss off fiction etc. We're all here to share our artistic passion for Sonic the Hedgehog (Though your works aren't restricted to that) and we all need some support. If you really feel a piece of art isn't up to scratch, critique it, flaming an artist and/or an artform will only see you to the banishment ladder (It's a crazy game, and the winner will be you :))

5. Double posting with new content (aka not just to bump your topic to the top) would be acceptable after 3 days. Unless you are adding new content, it is unacceptable.

6. No art theft. Art theft is an instant and GUARANTEED ban. I've never accepted it, and never will. I'm sure all the artists here will appreciate that defence of their work. If a piece has been inspired by another piece of art, that's fine, and if it is an edit of someone elses art (Whether traced, coloured or minorly editted) you will require consent from the original artist before posting. I know this seems unecessarily hardcore compared to the other rules, but I hate art theft, and any true artist will too.

7. Sprite comics and Hoaxes which do not feature any kind of significant artistic influence are not allowed. This means that slapping some pictures and sprites together aren't allowed but if you've custom made the sprites or background or effects, then they are allowed (and would fall under the pixel art category).

That's all I'm gonna enforce unless a tragedy befalls the art world. I will have my loyal henchmen (And myself) snapping the testicles off of you should you violate the very small and easy to follow rules. The standard board rules still apply (As in no flaming, no spamming etc) so please have fun, and much love to you all :)

Roareye Black.

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Katanga Askar

Question, is double posting allowed in your own post? Because in the original SSN, it wasn't, but it is allowed on some newer sprite forums.

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As far as the previous rules stated it was allowed after a set period of time.

While I'll let Roareye confirm any specifics I would say double posting with new content (aka not just to bump your topic to the top) would be acceptable after 7 days.

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Roareye Black

I say 3 days. Decision carried. :P Don't want massive attack waves across the forum now :P

Any other questons?

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LOL What the fuck, those examples are too good.

3 days has been the standard since like two-thousand negative eighty, so ya. I might actually post some of my old shit up here...

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