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Rewrite that Story: Heroes-Shadow

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- No hitpoints for enemies.

- Each team gets a different set of levels exclusive to their story, only sharing Grand Metropolis/Power Plant, Frog Forest/Lost Jungle, Egg Fleet, and Final Fortress with each other.

- Shadow wouldn't have amnesia.

- Have everyone be shocked at Shadow still being alive.

- No Metal Madness/Metal Overlord, you would just fight Neo-Metal Sonic.

- Tails and Knuckles would go super as well in the final battle.

Shadow the Hedgehog:

- Still no hitpoints for enemies.

- No guns

- No vehicles

- Shadow's origin would remain somewhat the same, but with Gerald being inspired from the ruins in Hidden Palace Zone to create Shadow using the blood of Black Doom(who wouldn't be Shadow's "real" father).

- Gerald would have originally(and only) built the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Earth in revenge after being driven to the brink by grief over Maria's murder by GUN forces. Shadow(should he choose) would instead use the cannon to destroy the Black Comet.

- Their would be a Last Story for the full hero, neutral, and evil paths, with Devil Doom as the Last Good boss, Metal Overlord as the Last Neutral boss, and Super Sonic as the Last Evil boss. 06 would continue from the Last Good Story ending, but we won't know that until the game was released.

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Oh I could go onto a whole rant of how Shadow's story could of been a shit-ton better...

But on Heroes, the only real change I would of made is that you get to fight Metal Sonic while he's still, you know, Metal Sonic. Biggest disappointment in Heroes indefinitely. He looked so cool but to this day just redesigned for cutscenes. And to turn into a robot unicorn-dragon.

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As far as I'm concerned. 1 game isn't enough of a gap for Shadow's return. Should have been 2. Which means SHtH would have been pushed back and another imaginary game put in its place.

Or maybe just Sonic Unleashed or something.

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