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Sonic X animation styles


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Chances are, if you've viewed quite a few Sonic X episodes, you'll notice that throughout it's run it had wildly varying animation and drawing styles.

Each style is so distinctive that it is very easy to spot which animators did which episodes. This topic was created to elaborate on the different animation/drawing styles used throughout the series' run and to pinpoint which animators did which episodes.

First off, let's start with the positive. Too few episodes had on-model, decently well drawn scenes and characters but when they did pop up, they stood out from the other episodes for all the right reasons;


The characters are well-proportioned, on-model and expressive and conform to the model sheets extremely closely. The animation is also quite fluid. This animation style was utilized in;

  • Episode 1

  • Episode 20

  • Episode 26

  • Episode 32

  • Episode 38

  • Episode 44

  • Episode 52

  • Episode 63

  • Episode 67

  • Episode 78

Unfortunately, those episodes are the only ones that can be honestly said to contain quality. Now, we'll start looking into the ugly side of Sonic X's animation. And there's a lot of it!

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The last style is easily the best one. While the first one you had shown keeps to the proportions, it doesn't have nearly as much expression or 'movement' to their looks as this style does. And honestly, this one isn't really that far off from the first, just with some more life to them. Besides, that kind of look really suits the characters... besides the humans. Kind of.

( PS - When I say that about the last one, I specifically mean shots like the top-left and top-center of that set, and the bottom-right one too. And on that note, they would look great if they didn't have the average choppy anime animation. )

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Aw, man. I was expecting a bit about the "They Didn't Give a Fuck" art style that was so widespread.

Though I must say, looking at the "Cartoony" one in still shots reminds me of some of the stuff from FLCL. Only on accident rather than for the purposes of expression, because it didn't tend to have any consistency within the episodes that it was used.

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Honestly, the only episodes where I felt like the animatiors were actually trying to have above average animation where the ones who where Super Sonic appears, and not even the whole episode just the scene.

The SA2 adaptation is is a good example, the scene where Super Sonic and Shadow where fighting the Final Hazard and stopping the Ark is especially we'll done.

I also am taking a liking to the cartoon art style, it fits the fast, frantic atmosphere that a series about Sonic should have.

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Admittedly I was never a huuuuge fan of the zanier style, though my least favourite is most certainly "Lines on Irises" style. The others I sort of vaguely noticed back in the day but THAT one was super awkward and noticable. Great job, can't wait to see the rest.

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What style is this?


"Lines on Irises" style. This was from episode 47, where Knuckles is demanding that Eggman let the hostages go as he's got them on-board his ship, which prevents Sonic and the military firing on him for fear of harming his hostages. Sonic has a nose the size of Russia 0_o;;

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Glad to see that you went through with making this topic, it's definitely one of the most interesting we've had here for a long time.

And the cartoon style is definitely my favorite, and it's even reminiscent of the OVA at some times.

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Behold the horror of....



Man does she look derpy!

What happened to her?! She looked like she went to the nearest joint in Station Square! X__X

As for the topic, very nice. I love the first group presented, and I'm glad that you compared various styles, including some BAD ones.

P.S.: I may love Sonic X, but the animation has the tendency to be absolutely DISGUSTING!

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