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Free Comic book day! Sonic issue

Jix Hedgehog

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For those of you lucky enough to have a local comic book shop, chances are they're giving away free comic books today, May 2nd. As usual, Archie are giving away a free Sonic comic.

This year they've compiled a load of "Data-Files" into the issue, ranging from the early years of the freedom fighters, the characters (even some never before seen villains), abilities and more . A real treat can be found on the last few pages where every cover of the series is shown :)




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I was kinda bummed out, thinking this was going to be a full new comic story...I mean this is nice but the many looks of Sonic has been an issue for the character since 1991, would've been neat to see a real comic about it.

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I loved it, considering I don't know what's happened in most of the previous issues (I'm trying to get into the comics more, so... Yeah. xD)

I also picked up Sonic Universe 2 and 3. Nice.

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