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King Frosty

Official Unofficial SSMB Movie Night/Weekend.

Pick the movie that you want to see!  

64 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick the movie that you want to see!

    • You Are Umasou
    • Dude, Where's My Car
    • Star Wars Original Trilogy
    • Austin Powers
    • Kung Fu Hustle
    • The Lion King
    • The Room
    • Batman the Movie (1966)
    • Teen Wolf
    • Back to the Future Trilogy
    • Sonic OVA
    • Popeye (with Robin Williams)
    • Super Mario Bros
    • Dragonball Evolution.
    • Borat
    • Monsters Inc
    • Scott Pilgrim
    • Forbidden Kingdom
    • One Piece, Dead End Adventure
    • The Incredibles

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A club at my school is actually doing a screening of Sonic OVA; watching it twice might be a bit repetitive. Granted these are all pretty awesome (or in some cases, awesomely bad) movies, but I'm still unsure about my vote.

EDIT: Actually, the OVA would be hilarious to narrate. Congested Tails gets my vote!

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I voted for Scott Pilgrim, since it's awesome. For a Halloween movie, I vote The Room. Because it's so terrible it's scary. Also, I don't really like livestream or Ustream that much, too many ads DURING the stream that actually take up the whole screen. But that's just my opinion.

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Very cool idea, Cola my friend.

fixed that for ya

Anyway, we're using either Livestream or UStream because they offer the best quality possible. There will be shorts and cartoons in between each movie, just to keep you folks entertained. If you wanna put together a little 30 second spot for your deviantART or Youtube or whatever, just send it to me by PM!

also if you were wondering why i fixed misfit's post, it's because for some reason i have the uncontrollable urge to tell people it was my idea maybe because eddy's doing such a good job of managing it that i feel left out

god i'm so alone

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COLA'S STREAM IS HERE: http://www.livestrea...sanity?t=770025

I'll be streaming You Are Umasou, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Austin Powers, and if anyone is ok with it, the English dub of Kung Fu Hustle. I meant to grab the superior Chinese Subbed one, but I got the wrong one! D:

I've been looking everywhere for You Are Umasou. I really hope I can catch that tonight! Thanks in advance for showing it!

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