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Sonical is Back! Happy Birthday to The Sonic Stadium!


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I'd consider a wider width for Sonical, given that most people's monitor resolutions are much larger than 1024x768 these days. However as Qivit said earlier, having a liquid skin for a forum (or in fact any site) is simply atrocious design and I don't like it in principle. But I admit that in this day and age, 1000px width is a bit behind the times. I'm willing to compromise. smile.png

What would people say if I widened the place by a hundred pixels or two? My only concern is iPad and TVs (but then I'm a bit concerned if you use a TV to do most of your browsing...), but then I'm sure there's be an iPad-friendly skin somewhere...

What was the width of NuSonical? Because if I recall correctly, NuSonical was notably bigger than Sonical before the forum upgrade.

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My honest opinions? While the coloring is alright I do feel the width is too constrained. I'm also not a big fan of the rotating banners but thats because I know now my site will be accused of copying TSS (even though my site's banner code is from 2008 tongue.png)

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lookin' pretty fly boss man! Nice to finally have some color back around here. Likin' our SSR Bar too! Happy B-day to TSS! We are the legit #1 sonic fansite there is and I'm proud to be part of (if only a small part) its staff.

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