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24 minutes ago, Skull Leader said:

What if Metal Sonic from CD, Mecha Sonic from S3&K and Silver Sonic from Sonic 2 (8-bit) could combine to form a larger robot?

And that's not all. What if, depending of the order in which they combine, they could create three different robots, similar to how it's done in Getter Robo?

Yes! Great idea! Maybe have other robots serving as interchangeable limbs for them, ala Power Rangers Wild Force? Like have Mecha Knuckles serve as a missile launcher, with Metal Knuckles forming a shield arm? 

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Egg Annihilator

So, the idea behind this one came from the obvious joke of "Hur dur, super Eggman", a joke, which actually made me think about what a Super-Form does, or what it's even supposed to be. So, with Super Sonic it's pretty clear: Sonic is fast and can jump high, so Super Sonic is even faster and can moon-jump. Knuckles is sturdy and strong, so Super Knuckles can create earthquakes by touching a wall and breathe underwater. 

You get the drill.

And, what does Eggman have in his ability list? Well, he uses robots to fight and is quite intelligent. So, that would mean that the Egg-Annihilator would have to take that concept further, and make a hyper-charged Eggman, whom had taken using mechs and his intelligence to the extreme. 

So, the Egg Annihilator is really the pinnacle of Eggman's robot making career. No wonder, considering that IT IS Eggman. When the good doctor realized that he can't defeat Sonic by normal means, he had transferred his consciousness into an AI, and used that AI to operate the Annihilator-a gargantuan mechanical beast, built in Eggman's image. Although, unlike your typical Death Egg Robot, that's modeled after the doctor's Japanese design, the Annihilator takes some notes from the western designs of Eggman as well, and even taking some inspiration from Mecha Robotnik from the OVA. It's arsenal is more varied as well, with the Annihilator using weapons, taken from the Egg-Dragoon, Egg-Emperor, and other failed attempts at making a robotic Eggman. 


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Funny that this topic should pop up, because I actually designed something exactly like this almost two years ago now. 

I never really came up with a name for it, but I do think I have a project file somewhere for how it would work in an actual game. 

Anywho, my general thinking for this was to give the player a sort of Casino Night Zone-esque arena for the boss, a platform or two in the middle (collapse-able platforms) to get some Rings and Robotnik jumping at you from side to side, throwing a razor blade at you, Sonic must avoid this and speed up to Robotnik to boop him in the head until the machine explodes. 

I'm not so sure if I like it entirely anymore, I have often thought about going back to this and making some changes and actually giving the mech a proper name and design but I never got around to that. Maybe someday soon! 


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In a sequel to Forces.

As a Final Boss.



After whoever was playable defeats Eggman's final mech, Infinite is called in to deal with the heroes. Only Sonic, however makes it in time to face him. Infinite warps the area around them. The boss fight begins...


Phase 1:(8 hits)

Null Space:  Infinite throws his usual cube hijinks at Sonic, his attacks including a meteorite attack that ends in a small AoE explosion, rigging some spots to explode with Ruby energy. He also utilises an attack that was seen in the Capital City boss fight, priming both sides into a wall of Ruby energy. He also utilises a homing missile attack, requiring you to use the boost to evade and lead them back to Infinite.


Phase 2: (12 hits)

He cycles between your former rivals, but using their arsenal depletes his energy. The battle takes place in an area reminiscent of the MDER Phase 3 battle. Shadow and Metal Sonic you race with, while Chaos and Zavok you battle in a 2d arena, with pitfalls on both side.You can hit Infinite when he comes out of his illusion, with one homing attack, and one more possibly before he shapeshifts.

Shadow: He is behind you, firing Chaos Spears at random formations, having to dodge them. He then occasionally boosts to get beside you so he can use his Chaos Control to pummel you. His fist glows when he is about to unleash the attack, requiring you to get away from him via quickstep. He shapeshifts once this attack fails.

Metal Sonic: He uses his Overdrive maneuver to boost ahead of you and damage you at the same time when you are too near. He fires blast of electronic energy when does get ahead. You would need to boost to get near and Homing Attack to knock Infinite out of this form, but you have to watch out for the Black Shield.

Shadow/Metal: The corridor has four lanes, similar to Speed Battle.

Zavok: He utilises a bull charge, which stuns Sonic when he gets caught, and can possibly knock Sonic off the arena, losing a life. His punches also cost you rings, and he also utilises a ground pound, which destabilizes the ground for a while, requiring you to Air Boost. You need to bop him 3x to cancel the illusion.

Chaos Zero: Uses his water abilities to sneak around the arena, utilising ambush attacks to damage Sonic from below and above. His arm attacks stun and sap your rings out if you get caught. You should looking for an opening while he does his arm attack, successfully landing a hit while result in the cancellation of the illusion, opening Infinite to attack.

General: Wisps and Rings appear at random. Shadow>Chaos>Metal>Zavok>Random Speed>Random Power.


Phase 3/Final Phase: (13 Hits)

Infinite starts warping the location, and had taken the forms of his friends, making use of their past misunderstandings to mess with him, or cook up one. Three hits are needed to dispel the illusion and hit him in the process. The background changes with the copied person, albeit bathed in a ruby color.

Charmy: You have to avoid his hornet attacks. You can hit him when he readies an attack. He also utilises a dive bomb attack that you need to avoid. Three hits eliminate this illusion and count as one hit on Infinite.

Espio: He throws kunais while invisible. You would need to for him to uncloak to do his spinning rope kunai attack. If not careful, you'll gonna get Scorpion'ed.

Vector: Ocassionally uses a ground pound, but spits fireballs and bad music notes, the latter you need to bounce back to damage him.

Big: Uses his fishing pole to catch you, stunning you if not careful. Uses Froggy to damage you.

Silver: The fight from 06. Nuff said.

Blaze: Uses a fire nova attack that slowly expands, but also emit fireballs from it. Throws fireballs at you. Also utilises a flamethrower attack. Attack whenever she is readying for a flame nova or flamethrower.

Rouge: Divebombs you with kicks, occasionally using her spinning attack to nail you from above. Has a ground torpedo attack similar to her dash move in Battle. Hit her when she charges that torpedo attack.

Cream: Cheese flies full force at you in every random direction. She has a ruby shield that you need to take down to hit her, every hit resetting the shield.

Amy: Charges at you, swinging in a cone area. Has a card attack ala Gambit. Throws her hammer ala boomerang. Attack when she throws the hammer.

Knuckles: The fight from S3&K, in 4k HD.

Tails: Uses his weapons at you, most notably the Energy Ball and Chu2 Bomb, which is a homing bomb. Also uses the Tornado to bombard you. Attack when he is charging his arm cannon, prompting him to use a shield machine so you cannot get any more attacks in for the meanwhile.

*Character fights are in order until Cream. After the Cream Fight, it will randomize the remaining 4 between Amy, Knuckles, and Tails. The last battle is always Tails. No 2 consecutive fights should be the same. 


Secret Final Boss:

After dispelling the illusions, all of the cast's images pop into his mind. He then summons the Chaos Emeralds to go super. Shadow and Silver join him and also turn super, surprising the blue blur. The battle is quite similar to Solaris Phase 2, with Infinite supercharging the Ruby, creating powered-up versions of the trio's attacks, in tandem with his own, while calling in some phantom assistance from the Time Eater's warping arms and the Forces DER missile arms. He protects himself the way Biolizard in his final form did. Takes 15 hits.

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The Egg-Go-Round, a death trap carousel  that Eggman is merrily  riding on. Sonic has to run around a bunch of killer horse robots and other creatures till he reaches Eggman’s horse and jumps/does a homing attack on it. Upon each hit, the ride gets faster, and the obstacles get trickier, like growing saw blades, lasers, and guns.

I think a boss fight like this would be perfect for Eggman’s mix of silly and sinister actions.

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On 6/28/2018 at 12:49 AM, SpongicX said:

The Egg-Go-Round, a death trap carousel  that Eggman is merrily  riding on. Sonic has to run around a bunch of killer horse robots and other creatures till he reaches Eggman’s horse and jumps/does a homing attack on it. Upon each hit, the ride gets faster, and the obstacles get trickier, like growing saw blades, lasers, and guns.

I think a boss fight like this would be perfect for Eggman’s mix of silly and sinister actions.

There was also already an Egg-Go-around in Advance 2. 


Egg Wildebeest

This robot can create duplicates of itself thanks to whatever thingy Eggman has found to use. These doppelgängers stampede to send spikes down on the player, and go down in 3 hits. Once its health is low it extends its horns and electrifies them. It also has the duplicates now go down in 1 hit.




A large robot descends from the celing, with the attributes of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, and Ray. It can change between forms matching each character. When mimicking Ray, it has a dart shooter that it fires at walls before it glides from them to dive-bomb victims before sweeping with the tail. In the form of Mighty, it will jump across the walls of the arena before throwing a fake ring downward, trapping players and tossing them to the floor. In Knuckles form, it will block before punching in a 3-strike combo. As Tails, it will fly up and drop bombs as well as dummy rings that fling the player into the path of the bombs. It will however often stay on the ground exposed before suddenly leaping up with a trail of music notes. Hit them all in order to earn a point bonus. In the last phase, it mimics Sonic and will dash around. During dashing, it is invincible. It will then stand and charge a hadouken blast to fire at you. It is vulnerable while charging this projectile, but the projectile can damage Super forms. 

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The Egg Nosferatu


A large humanoid battle machine that guards attacks using its cape. To expose its weak spot, snag the cape on something and attack it. It will attack back by biting and sucking out your momentum.  It also flings shadowy orbs to attack. Eventually this cape breaks off, leaving it vulnerable. 


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