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Roarey Raccoon

SSMB Member Banners

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Allo ladies and gents, no doubt you've noticed the randomized banners adorning the forums made by your fellow members. Nice little addition, don't you think? Anyway yeah, I'd like to inform you about how you can make your contribution to these forums and feel that little tingle inside you as your ego is stimulated!

All members are welcome to submit banners for the site, so if you're interested in doing so please go to the following topic:

Please make sure you read the rules of the topic so you don't submit something that is wasting your time.

Now there's already been a lot of support for this feature, which is obviously brilliant, but it might call for a change in policy. What I'm going to be doing is only using a fixed number of banners every month; those banners will get a month of display on the forums and will then be replaced by a new set the following month. This way your banners will get the exposure they deserve by not disappearing amidst a metric asston of other banner images.

So until the 26th of November the banners that are already up will stay there for all to see. Please continue to submit your banners and when it comes time to take the current ones down I will put up a new 10-15 or so banners which will be up until after Christmas.

Because of this you might want to make some lovely Christmas themed banners ready for the festive season! I leave that up to you. Huge thanks once again for those of you whom have submitted banners, they're really great.

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