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IGN's Generations broadcast. Watch now if you can't wait a week to see the game's intro.

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I don't know if this has already been posted, but given that there is a time limit on people seeing this (like literally as I type.) I thought it would be best to make the topic and then either lock/merge if needed afterwards since attempting to go through topics/posts would waste time considering how this is going on right now.

IGN is playing Sonic Generations LIVE right now!

Currently just doing perfect Chaos Boss.

Oh yes, and this topic will obviously contain A LOT of spoilers.

Edit: They're playing the PS3 version.

Broadcast over.

Thanks to Neon for posting the link to the full version.

It shows.

Sonic Vs Knuckles (Race) in full, and Knuckles sounding like he's had a fit.

Generations intro.

Chemical plant.

Crisis City Modern (full level).

Someone getting a trophy.

Derp Derp.

Spoilers... all the spoilers in the world.

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Eh, honestly not all that interested in watching this stuff. I caught the hub footage and cutscene, but there's no point in watching anything more. I don't want the level designs spoiled, and it's little over a week until I hear the music first hand too.

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I can't remember who it was.

But does anyone remember after I came back from Gamefest and said "If City Escape is anything to go by, those people who have been moaning for months about Generations being Boost to win are in for a suprise?"

Then someone who haddn't played the game tired to convince me and everyone else that it was still that case?

I'd like to add Modern Crisis City to the list of levels that proves you wrong and me right.

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I loved that intro. Finally some exposition! What characters do outside of heroics :D Sonic only got one bite out of that Chili Dog before the Time Eater so rudely interrupted. No one spoke though outside of Sonic and Tails though.

Loved that bit with Classic Sonic running through GHZ until he sees Time Eater. He had a silent surprise :D

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Really. There's absolutely no dialogue between characters besides Sonic and Tails. Quite disappointing.

Ah that's lame. So I guess those of us who watch this until the end will find out if the Time Eater is indeed a familiar character... It's tempting to watch the video, but aside from a sneak peek, I don't want to spoil it.

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