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Badnik Mechanic

IGN's Generations broadcast. Watch now if you can't wait a week to see the game's intro.

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That's...mildly disappointing, if there's no character interaction, what was the point of adding anybody aside from Sonic & Tails?

Fanservice? On the bright side, that could pretty much be Sonic Team's way of broadcasting "No, we're not getting rid of Sonic's 'shitty' friends! We gave you Classic Sonic and Tails for damn's sake! STFU and let the other fans enjoy having their 'shitty' character's too you 'shitty' prick!"

Asshole. I know. :P

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Regarding load times: Wasn't the 360 version demo'd earlier this month (pulled offline quickly, featured at Giga.de) showing instantaneous load times? @1:40 in this video: http://segabits.com/blog/2011/09/28/spoiler-alert-giga-de-shows-insane-amounts-of-sonic-generations/

Perhaps the load times are a PS3 problem or a review copy problem?

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Right. So Tails Explicitly says "Happy Birthday Sonic"

Is he 16 now? Or should we just say he's 15 and any birthdays celebrated in-game shall be ignored regarding canon because of the 'floating timeline'? But then, this game seems to flirt with the floating timeline concept as Classic Sonic is referred to as a younger Sonic.

I'm already confused....I think @_@

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