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What does your name mean?

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This topic is for what your name means. You can say what your name means in different language, to your family, or even what urban dictionary says. Lets keep it pg rated as urban dictionary isn't the most appropiate website out there. Any meaning out there that means something to you or that is down right HILARIOUS! Please share with us.

I will start: Also known as the girl nickel. It is extremly rare, and very shiny. I must be the luckiest guy in the world. I just picked up a nicollette, according to urban dictionary. There was a lot more said about that but not too appropiate.

What does your name mean?!?!?!

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When he sprays lynx girls love him so much that he ends up with a pile of girls collapsed at his feet. Tends to go for girls with black hair and named Hayley. Very "sexy guy" loves to smoke and wears cool clothes.

"you see graham hes sooo cool isnt he"

"who is he?"


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The name originally means like a hammer. It is originally the adjectival form of marcus which means hammer; the -el suffix was in times of archaic Latin the adjectival form

Santo is Italian for Saint. I don't think my last name has a meaning. I couldn't find anything.

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My secondary name (Xavier) means the new house. *shrugs* My real name is Michael which means "who is like God?" apparently.

Edit: Urban Dictionary says that Xavier means this though


known for being a "player"

a good looking guy

most likely has a nice body-stays in shape

has a big ego

bob: wow, xaviers hot !

ciara: I know right, i want a chance with him

The in depth answer made me laugh though.

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let's see what Ricky means

An extremely attractive individual who sets the standard for others by being completely and undeniably amazing in every way possible. Worshiped for having the finest ass in America, and getting the most wanted action from girls.

Basically Ricky is a complete beast.

this........is true

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Scott originated from Scotti (Old English Scot, modern Scottish Gaelic Sgaothaich).

Scott came from the name of a Gaelic speaking Celtic tribe called the Scoti although there is no clear evidence to the etymology of the word, even if it has Gaelic roots or whether it was first applied to them by outsiders. Nevertheless, the Scoti were originally from County Antrim, Ireland and in the late 4th Century the tribe spread into and conquered the area around Argyle, Bute and Lochaber, Scotland and the name came with them.

From Wikipedia.

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UrbanDictionary's first definition:

A very beautiful, intelligent, and amazing young lady. Charming young men are bewitched by her loveliness.

Random charming young man: That Laurie is truly breathtaking! I think I have been bewitched, body and soul. Gee, I also think I am in love with her!

You flatter me, UrbanDictionary. Although somehow all these charming young men falling at my feet have managed to escape my notice...

Wikipedia doesn't even have a page on mine as a first name. Although it did come up with the article on Laurie Strode, who was pretty much the only reason I didn't all-out detest my name when I was a kid. Could never find anything with my name on it and everyone thought it was actually "Lori", so I was forever correcting people on it. Not sure if it's still the case, but I've always thought that Laurie was more often the masculine way to spell it, or at least everyone I've met with that spelling has been a guy. Even if I'm still not incredibly fond of it, I do like the fact that it's unisex at least.

The only reason I have the name is because my mother was expecting a boy and hadn't thought up any girl names, so I got stuck with her middle name.

My first name is derived from the Bay Laurel tree. Apparently the tree's leaves were used in crowns for victors and heroes to honor their honor and, well, victory.

When I looked mine up a while back, that's what I found. And also that mine apparently started out as being a nickname for Laurence or Laura before evolving into a name in its own right.

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My first name is usually said to mean "prince", but once I found a different meaning in a baby book that said it means "stinky hair". I like the second meaning more.

My middle name is Old English for "wagon builder", so I'm a stinky-haired wagon builder.

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My first name, Alex, means "protector (or defender) of men". I will keep you all safe and defend you from what lies beyond in the internet ether! Fear not, my brethren!

Urban dictionary saaaays:


Someone that is of extreme greatness. Often considered as a god in some religions. Also means cool.

Girl: yeah he is sooo Alex

I am a god. ME GUSTA.

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Too brilliant not to share. Urban Dictionary has several definitions for my name.

A fine specimen of man, often with great sexual prowess and a master of modern dance. Most commonly found in the places of learning or culture.

"I met this laurence at the library, damn he was totally hawt. He leant me his library card"

I like this one. No idea if it's actually accurate or not though!

intelligent and handsome. sweet beyond belief. caring, kind, sincere, brilliant and hard working, well rounded and level headed, has a strong and beautiful mother and the cutest nephews and neices ever, handsome...and handsome again ;). articulate and thoughtful, dilligent and dependable, open minded. simply amazing and a true blessing to know. synonym- sweetest"

I know this guy named Laurence, and he has the greatest smile.


And finally:

A Laurence is typically known to have dark brown hair and be tall and athlectic. They usually are very smart and study a lot. They are most likely to always have any type of All Brans food in their kitchen cupboards. Laurences can sometimes find it difficult to communicate with men they are attracted to.

Mary: He wrote me a message on facebook to ask me out!!! Oh my god, what do I answer????

Hannah: Your such a Laurence, its easy just answer: YES!

...hm XD

My name according to an official definition found on my keyring:

From the Latin meaning "bay-tree".

A brave soldierly man. Stands tall, is very decisive. A woman can always look to him for love and affection.

A born leader.

I got that keyring when I was a kid, so clearly I liked it. :PP

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My nickname came from a simple idea far back when I started playing Phantasy Star Online.

I just mixed up something a friend asked "oh soda? k?" over the phone. And it stuck.

Since then my fun journeys continue. =D

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"Cody" means a cushion. A fucking cushion?!


I've already known this, but I still hate it, XD. Let's see Urban Dictionary...

1) An attractive guy that chicks digg.

2) A being who has a level manliness about them of which is somewhat subtle yet unparalleled, and which is sometimes mistaken by lesser men as gayness.

3) A higher level of man who endures a multitude of gay jokes, but is in reality much more straight than the lesser men who provoke him.

1) Girl 1 - omg, did you like, see that cute guy at the mall today?

Girl 2 - omg girlfriend, he was like, such a cody!!!

2) Boy 1 - Wow that kid in our science class is so gay.

Boy 2 - No, he's actually a cody.

Boy 1 - Oh! Nevermind, that was my mistake. He's more of a man than I could ever dream of being.

3) Boy 1 - Wow you are so gay...

Boy 2 - Wow you would say that. He's way more straight than you could ever be. He's a Cody. No offense dude, but you're kind of a closet queer.

Boy 1 - Nuh uh I'm a cody too.

Boy 2 - B.S. dude you are so not manly enough to be a cody. You're gay.

I lol'd XD. SO WATCH OUT. YOUR MR. SSMB (I'm prolly the only one that remembers this XD) IS A MANLY MAN

Cody 789 up, 753 down

1. Excessive masturbation usually in the janitor's closet at school.

Dude, I think that guy was just pulling a Cody.

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Just checked UD for my name:

hottest guy ever.....If any of you bitches want him you gotta get through me and be prepared for me to kick your ass......love ya boo! hehe

march is a hotty!!!!!((((((love)))))))

But then there was this:

a man of brazillian descendants with unusually wide sort penis also known as a chode. His line of work is often prostitution, he most likely has many STD's and makes little money.


Also this is important:

A name of Italian descent usually more common in Naples, Italy.

The name is pronounced (Mar-chello) and not Marsello.

My name by the way and I love it smile.png.

Ex. yo marcello you the shit dawg

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From Wikipedia...

"The name Laura is derived from the bay laurel plant, which, in the Greco-Roman era was used as a symbol of victory, honor or fame."

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