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This Week On PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Free Avatars, Oh Kratos... you continue to goof.

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Take this with one heck of a pinch of salt... in fact just take an entire salt mine and pour it over your desk.

This has been rumour for a VERY long time, in fact ever since we've had our PS3's and 360's theres been rumours every year about "oh why not make a *insert company name here* Smash bros.

Well... it might be happening for real this time.

Paul Gale over at the Paul Gale Network posted a rather interesting article the other day, interesting because it's slowly circulating several forums and blog sites, chances are it'll be on big news outlets before the week is up.

That being. Sony is currently making and testing their own fighting game which he described as being "like Smash Bros, only with Sony IPs."

Alright sure, what random blogger hasn't claimed that? Wait... who exactly is Paul Gale and why is he getting attention?

Well he's done a lot of stuff like martial arts and movies... but... he's also got quite a big hand in the videogame side of things. Mainly as a writer for 1up and even CVG in the past. So he is in the industry (sorta), but as to how big a hand he actually has... that I have no idea, so how he found this out, or even hypothetically I don't know.

But heres the details...

The game plays on a 2D plane much like Smash Bros, however the character roster (at the moment) is said to contain the following...

Kratos, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Fat Princess, Parappa, Sweet Tooth, and Rico (Killzone).

Notice how almost all of them had/have a game out very recently, and yesterday it was reported that job adverts for God of War 4 were doing the rounds.

Other details included...

The stages are vibrant and varied, just like in Smash Bros., and the style of play is geared towards people that like that series. Expect pretty colorful backgrounds (when appropriate), such as in Misty Island from Jak and Daxter and LittleBigPlanet.

One other potential reason why it might be true, is that lately Sony have been doing a lot of fan service with this 'long live play' campaign that they're doing. The Michael advert for example, containing tons of characters, not just Sony exclusive IP's.

And thats about it... like I said... take this with a huge pinch of salt since it's come from a very dodgy source and sounds like one of those 'too good to be true' kind of things. A lot of fans have been asking for this, and many people constantly go on about 'why is there no smash bros version of....* So Sony might actually be doing what many have been asking.


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Original ideas? What the fuck are those anymore? Just take the most popular thing, add your own characters, and viola an original game!

Joking aside, idea sounds cool. But if it's true, then I hope sony adds some new gameplay features, other then the old "taking popular franchise and replace stages and characters with ours."

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Being unoriginal doesn't mean that it can't be fun. I love the idea of a Sony equivalent to Smash Bros. just like I loved the idea of a Sega equivalent to Mario Kart. It is a recipe for success.

You can't have a game like this without Ratchet as a playable character tho'. It honestly doesn't make sense that he wasn't mentioned.

I hope this is legitimate. No kidding. I'd love to play something like this on PS3.

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Maybe this will make a gateway for me to like Sony franchises that aren't Metal Gear or Little Big Planet like how Smash Bros was a gateway for me liking Nintendo franchises that wasn't Mario or Pokemon.

I'm aware Snake technically isn't sony, but might as well be.

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In fact, if this did happen, Sony could make it even better than Smash Bros I think. Have more stable online play and most likely more 3rd party character support and they'd be king on it. I mean if they nabbed Mega Man or something, I think people would go crazy for it. Maybe even getting stuff like Spyro and Crash on it *shrugs*.

I'd love this honestly. I want to kick everyone's ass with Sly, D;.

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I knew the second I saw the topic title that SOMEONE would mention Crash and Spyro, even in brief.

That would entirely depend on how Activision would feel about their inclusion, and I have a feeling they'd refuse it on the grounds of wanting them to remain multi-platform.

But I digress, this isn't the topic for the nuances.

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I knew the second I saw the topic title that SOMEONE would mention Crash and Spyro, even in brief.

Well even in the position of those two characters at the moment, the thought it still a natural one, XD. Having a smash bros. type game is almost a celebration of your own company, and to leave out 2 mascots that fueled their roots would just seem really odd. I know you're right that it's out of Sony's hands, but still, A MAN CAN DREAM T-T.

If I'm pushing 3rd party, I might as well go all out, since Abe from the Oddworld series would be glorious, D;. As you can tell, I'm dipping into excitement for something that has a fat chance of happening, but still,


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I'd like to see as many characters as possible if this is true. Make a Big Bang with their 1st & 3rd parties.

Let's see:

~Crash Bandicoot


~Rachet & Clank

~Nathan Drake


~Jak & Daxter

~The two fellas that are in the SFxTekken

~Sly Cooper


~Sweet Tooth

~Rico, Shevchenko

~Cole McGrath

~Solid Snake

~Fat Princess

~Sonic of course



~Ezio is already in Soul Calibur i don't know

~Prince of Persia




There is a vast amount of chars. The thing is which direction they will go. The SSB way with chars like Sonic OR the other way and add only chars like Drake and Kratos?

Cause Snake in SSB felt out of place with the other chars in my opinion.

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Paulgalenetwork updated:

New gameplay details on Sony’s Smash Bros. fighter, exclusive to Paul Gale Network.

November 3, 2011

On October 31st, Paul Gale Network was finally able to reveal a major upcoming game that’d be exclusive to PlayStation 3, in which I simply referred to it as “Sony Smash Bros.” Today I’m happy to present you with a lot of gameplay details.


- Graphics at this point are similar to Brawl, but with higher polygon models and displayed in high resolution.

- Characters look like themselves. Kratos is as you remember him in God of War 3, Parappa is completely 2D, Fat Princess looks like her real self, Nathan Drake is similar to the build in Uncharted 3, Sly Cooper is cel-shaded (a bit like Toon Link), and so on.

- The characters don’t look out of place alongside each other at all. And in fact, it’s really neat in that Smash Bros. kinda way to finally see everyone on screen, together at once.

- Characters have a glowing ring around them while moving around, to help the user identify where they’re at.

- Only HUD elements are your super bar and character icons

- A lot of the art/menus, right down to the design of the game’s name are still in what I call “placeholder mode”.


- Use the left analog stick to move your character.

- Triangle, X, Square, and Circle are used to jump and attack.

- R2 shoulder button is used for pulling of “supers”.

- Use your recovery move to get back on stage if knocked off.

- Moves are pulled off more similarly to Super Smash Bros. and not Street Fighter.

- Characters have the ability of double jumping.


- Colonel Mael Radec is a playable character and not Rico. Radec primarily uses guns in combat.

- Kratos will make people who like Pit from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, happy to play with. Kratos’ primary attacks are his chains. He also has a charge attack with his spear and shield that’s powerful, yet rather unwieldly. Kratos has a Level 1 bar attack where he plunges his chain into the ground and sparks fly. Kratos’ Level 3 super is him turning into his giant, armored super-self and using his huge sword that’s a 1-hit kill. His recovery move are his wings.

- Parappa seems to have his original voice actor behind him. He yells out some of his popular phrases during battle. He kicks, has a boom box attack, and uses a skateboard as well. His Level 3 super involves him shouting, “I gotta believe” a few times which damages opponents to the point of dying. He also talks while re-spawning.

- Nathan Drake’s moves involve him punching up close, but for most of his attacks, he’s an all-range fighter: he uses a pistol, grenade, and rifle. He’ll probably be the character that most resembles Solid Snake from Brawl. His Level 1 bar attack is him pushing over a statue onto his opponents. His Level 3 super is turning enveryone into defenseless monsters where he can then beat them up. His recovery move is a zipline.

- Sly Cooper uses his C-shaped cane for most attacks. His Level 3 super is like Snake’s Final Smash from Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The super begins with Sly disappearing from the screen, followed by an aiming reticule popping up. Bentley (yup, our turtle friend) shows up and gives you pointers to take out your enemies.

- Sweet Tooth has different nasty attacks with his Level 3 super being him turning into the mecha clown ice cream truck you all have come to love, and is equipped with a powerful gun.

- Fat Princess’ Level 3 super involves a bunch of little elves coming out and throwing fireballs at everyone on screen.

- I will reveal more characters that are planned in the future.


- In the LittleBigPlanet stage, Buzz! pops up on screen when triggered (you pick up a Buzz! remote and use it) and asks you certain trivia questions and there are different platforms that appear that you can jump on, with each having a different answer. Get the answer wrong and it’s bye-bye by pie in your eye (KO’d).

- In Jak and Daxter’s “Sandover Village” stage (not Misty Island), there’s a fish swimming at the bottom that will eat you if you don’t hop onto a higher level.

- In Sandover Village, there are characters from Hot Shots Golf in the far background. When you pick up a flag, the camera zooms to the background where the golfers will begin swinging flaming golf balls at the stage, damaging all in their path…so you have to move quickly to get out of the way.

- I won’t be sharing any more stages at this time, but know that they are all very interactive.

Super moves:

- There’s a three level bar that gradually fills up throughout the match as you pummel your foes.

- The first bar that gets filled allows you to release a strong attack.

- The second bar gives your character a cool, more damaging attack.

-The third bar when finally maxed out gives the player what’s the equivalent to a Final Smash attack in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. These above all else, are really character specific in looks and function and are quite nice.


- RPG Rocket Launcher = a one hit kill.

- Quick Boots = you run around faster.

- Stage exclusive items like the Flag on Sandover, Buzz! Remote in LittleBigPlanet, etc.

Other details:

- If you fall/get knocked off a stage without recovering back onto it, you’ll die. On stages without ledges, you’ll die by a big enough attack or enough back-to-back damage (or environmental death).

- A bunch of attacks, followed by a pause, and then more attacks won’t necessarily KO you. To be knocked out, it seems like you have to suffer something a bit more devastating.

- Characters drop orbs when they’re killed. You pick them up. The more you get, the better off you are.

- The game is expected to be a 2012 title.

- 4 players fight at once on screen.

- The game’s name is still not set in stone, either, but I have been given a couple of different tentative titles…of which I’m recommending one over the other.

- The standard match is 3 minutes long (likely extendable).

- There will be online play.

- PlayStation Move controls have not been added to the most recent build, however that may change.

- The development team said that they’re still working on making the cast and stages a varied one and are looking at plus or minus 20 playable characters.

- The game won’t be littered with half a dozen playable characters from one franchise, rather, supporting characters from these games will have cameos (like the previously mentioned Bentley).

- A few no brainers that I haven’t seen yet but assume will make it are the pair of Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter.

This was the first hint given about what PlayStation 3′s next big game would be. Some guesses were pretty impressive, while others were way off. Hopefully now you see where I was going and I’m looking forward to sharing with you more information when I’m permitted to. Yes I could reveal the tentative title and other details, but have to refrain for the time being. Stay tuned for future updates!

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It sounds like what happens when when sony steals the love child of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Smash Brothers Brawl and crams it full of they're characters

Could turn out pretty interesting

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As much as I enjoy the sound of this, there's no way this is going to hold the same amount of weight as Smash Bros in the long run. Part of what makes that series so appealing is it's sheer amount of reverence to Nintendo memorabilia, taking its roots from the days of yonder when you were just a little kid dreaming up scenarios like that with your action figures. It's also part of the reason why Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up fell so flat - it was basically Smash Bros to the letter, by the same team and everything, but without any of the appeal that made it interesting to look at.

Most of Sony's big franchises seem to enjoy their time having only been dreamed up as of recent history. As great as the games from those franchises are, I have little to no emotional investment or enjoyment of characters like Kratos, Nathan "Witty McWisecrack" Drake or the like, with the exception of PaRappa the Rapper. The game will probably be great, but there's no way it'll end up having the same amount of impact. I guess for a lot of people this is good enough, if you're a big enough of a fan of all the franchises Sony has put out, but save for maybe Ratchet, PaRappa and Sly, for me, it's not.

Also, unless this resorts to hitching onto third party characters, I honestly can't imagine the character selection roster to be particularly big from what we already know. It's like it's covered all the relevant and important aspects of Sony exclusive franchises, and the only thing that is left now is digging at the bottom of the barrel or have way too many multiples from the same franchise.

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If you don't care for most characters then you just don't play them. They're there for the people who like those characters.

It'll be fun to play a Smash Bros. type of game without garbage netcode. Especially if it's got some of my favorite game characters even in it like Ratchet, Sly, and Parappa.

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That's the thing. The game will be fun but, it won't be the same experience as Smash Brothers. Sony characters just aren't as endearing.

To be perfectly honest, there aren't many Nintendo characters I find endearing, because I don't know about or give a damn about well over half of them. I didn't grow up in that era. That's the thing. People who missed Generation Nintendo and grew up in Generation PS1/2 or even Generation PS3, will find Sony's line-up endearing or at the very least engaging.

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That's the thing. The game will be fun but, it won't be the same experience as Smash Brothers. Sony characters just aren't as endearing.

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I don't know, maybe I'm wrong in thinking all of them have shitty personalities besides the 3 I mentioned (as well as all the other characters in their respective games). Seriously, the fucking guy from Killzone? Really? REALLY?

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There's at least overwhelming satisfaction in the idea of PaRappa beating the hell out of Kratos.

Oh, it would be be ludicrously hilarious if you could kick the shit out of Kratos with cute little cuddly wuddly Sackboy.

Sony, make it happen!

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