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I believe we had a running topic at the previous iteration regarding Sonic's Japanese homepage, focusing primarily on the character profiles. So... discuss! If you want me to add anything to this first post please say so (I'll probably add some things myself).

For those of you who haven't checked recently, they actually added three more profiles: Marine, the Werehog, and Chip. If anyone can get translations up, it would be much appreciated.


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Actually, I'd have to say that the next one is Merlina. Sonic and the Black Knight isn't out yet in Japan. Next month we'll probably get someone else, though. Nega is who I'm hoping to see because he hasn't had one yet, and he's been a pretty recurrent villain.


Well, considering the fact that Merlina is actually the main villain of Sonic and the Black Knight instead of King Arthur (and not to mention the fact that King Arthur isn't even real; he's just a shadow creature like the other Knights of the Underworld, this one summoned by Merlin) it makes far more sense to add Merlina than Arthur.

So, yeah, that's my thoughts.

Oh, and characters aren't added until a new wallpaper is added. That's why we haven't seen any of these characters yet.

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Just the most recent, or the whole schmear?

Sonic Channel http://sonic.sega.jp/top.html


Sonic the Hedgehog: Real name : Sonikku za Hejjihoggu

English name : Sonic the Hedgehog

Nickname : Sonikku

Classification : Hedgehog

Gender : Male

Height : 100 cm

Weight : 35 kg

Age : 15 years old

Running speed : Supersonic speeds

Selfishly fond of freedom but very likeable, leaning towards a great dislike of secrecy. Although sometimes quick tempered, possessing kindness in bringing freedom to distressed people. Considering life a series of events and adventures, he lives by his own rules and common sense. He keeps promises. He is no traitor. His justice is honest. From a habitual daredevil aloof from the world, when some kind of crisis arises he is from here on in the game a different person, with a degree of intensity and acuity that astonishes the watcher. In any case, you cannot quietly be the fastest hedgehog in history.


Tails: Real name : Mairusu Paua

English name : Miles "Tails" Prower

Nickname : Teirusu

Classification : Kitsune (fox)

Gender : Male

Height : 80 cm

Weight : 20 kg

Age : 8 years

Special skill: Rotating his two tails to fly in the air.

Hobbies : Tinkering with machines * Flying mechas

Hie real name is Miles Prower, but everyone calls him "Tails". This kind-hearted foxcub possesses 2 tails. By spinning these tails he is able to fly through the air. At a time when everyone picked on his two tails, he unexpectedly encountered Sonic's running form while wishing for courage; since that time he has never been far from Sonic's side. He loves to tinker with machines and has developed various mechas. As far as Sonic is concerned, he's a delightful little brother; Tails himself hopes to one day be the person that Sonic will depend on.


Dr. Eggman: Real name : Unknown

English name : Dr. Eggman

Nickname : Dr. Egguman

Classification : Human

Gender : Male

Height : 185 cm

Weight : 128 kg

Age : Unknown

Blood type : Type B

IQ : 300

Favorite things : Mechas

Selfishly self-centered, is this self-styled evil genius scientist. He has a fondness for mechas and more for three meals a day. This scientist's IQ greatly surpasses 300, and he does not reflect on people's annoyance but wishes to designate the world Eggman-land. This man will never give up. These plans being thwarted entirely by Sonic, his dearest wish is to defeat Sonic; in some respects, hatred for Sonic is the tune in his inner heart.


Knuckles: Real name : Nakkuruzu za Ekidouna

English name : Knuckles the Echidna

Height : 110 cm

Weight : 40 kg

Age : 16 years

Nickname : Nakkuruzu

Classification : Harimogura (echidna)

Gender : Male

Favorite things : Fruit

Loathed things : Strong sunlight

Special skills : Digging * Wall climbing * Gliding * Punch

A heroic and powerful echidna. He knows his sole purpose for living on "Angel Island", an island floating in the heavens, is to protect the gigantic gem called the Master Emerald. This is the fate of the Knuckles tribe, the sole beings who are able to control the Master Emerald. Sonic's rival is a quarrelsome friend. If Sonic is the breeze, Knuckles, remaining in one place is as established as the mountains. As a result of having an honest character and a one-track mind, he is a bit one-sided and gullible. He is also a treasure hunter and a master of martial arts. As for his powerful fists, the intensity of their punch is able to shatter stones. He further posesses the special skills of gliding and climbing up walls. [note, this is "the Knuckles tribe", not "Knuckle's tribe", the Japanese text has always designated the line of Pachacamac by that name]


Amy: Real name : Emii Roozu

English name : Amy Rose

Nickname : Emii

Classification : Hedgehog

Gender : Female

Height : 90 cm

Weight : SECRET!

Age : 12 years

Favorite things : Soft-serve ice cream

Loathed things: Boredom

Special skills: Tarot cards * Dowsing * PikoPiko Hammer

Persistently crowding Sonic with love, this girl chases after him, falling in love with love. The self-styled girl-friend of Sonic the Hedgehog. An energetic manufacturer of cheerful moods, she strengthens her preminent behavior with more and more determination. At the critical moment, she produces her favoroite PikoPiko Hammer out of nowhere carelessly embarrassing men with her actions. Sonic is overwhelmed when faced with her wholehearted emotions.


Shadow: Real name : Shiyadou za Hejjihoggu

English name : Shadow the Hedgehog

Nickname : Shiyadou

Classification : Hedgehog

Gender : Male

Height : 100 cm

Weight : 35 kg

Favorite things : None

Loathed things: Mankind in general

Special skills: Chaos Control * Chaos Blast * Chaos Spear

This black hedgehog and Sonic are as alike as two melons. Dr. Eggman's grandfather, Professor Gerald, the genius scientist of the era, produced Shadow as the ultimate life-form. Using the Chaos Emeralds gives Shadow the ability to warp space-time (Chaos Control). He holds true to his aims, not avoiding a path because of danger.


Cream & Cheese: Real name : Kuriimu za Rabitto

English name : Cream the Rabbit

Nickname : Kurimu

Classification : Usagi (rabbit)

Gender : Female

Height : 70 cm

Weight : 12 kg

Age : 6 years

Favorite thing : TV

(especially "The NEXT Show")

Real name : Chiizu

English name : Cheese

Nickname : Chiizu

Classification : Chao

Gender : Without

Height : 40 cm

Weight : Unknown

Age : Unknown

Favorite food : Coconuts (Yashi no mi - palm's nut)

Best friends with a chao, this rabbit girl always brings along her chao friend Cheese. She is bright, curious and lively, and through everything battles on with all her might. Her mother's discipline was extremely strict, resulting in Cream's rigidly polite speech and manners. This child is able to fly through the air on the wind generated by flapping her long ears. Cheese's tag attack is powerful! By the way, her mother's name is Vanilla.


Rouge: Real name : Ruujiyu za Batto

English name : Rouge the Bat

Nickname : Ruujiyu

Classification : Koumori (bat)

Gender : Female

Height : 105 cm

Weight : Secret

Age : 18 years

Favorite things : Jewels

Special Skill: Screw-kick

Wild and sexy female bat. A treasure-hunter specializing in jewels, she invariably obtains the trophies she aims at. Appearing frivolous at first glance, she's a hyper-realist as well as extremely calculating. Also, she governs her actions by profit-and-loss more than justice and morals.


Big: Real name : Biggu za Katto

English name : Big the Cat

Nickname : Biggu

Classification : Neko (cat)

Gender : Male

Height : 200 cm

Weight : 280 kg

Age : 18 years

Best friend : Kairu-kun (Master Frog) [Master as the juvenile form of Mister, alternatively Frog-boy]

Favorite food : Fish

This enormous feline is free from worries, gentle, easygoing. Eating, sleeping and lure-fishing are his hobbies. He appears to be a kindly, strong person. He fully enjoys his easy life surrounded by nature together with the likeable Kairu-kun, but as a companion in times of crisis displays staunch persistence.


Chao: Real name : Chyao

English name : Chao

Nickname : Chyao

Classification : Chao

Gender : Without

Height : Unknown

Weight : Unkown

Not possessing the ability to decide its own course of evolution, fragile, fleeting, consequently a pure and lovable life-form. Typically they live by clear water. They adapt to survive in various environments by being able to capture features of other life-forms that they touch. Watching their exceedingly cute behavior is relaxing.


Super Sonic: Real name : Suupaa Sonikku

English name : Super Sonic

Nickname : Suupaa Sonikku

Air Speed : Next level of high-speed

Sonic can transform his appearance by gaining the power of the Chaos Emeralds. His entire form is endowed with abilities that far exceed Sonic's own, and radiates golden light. However, this metamorphosis consumes extreme amounts of energy, so he is not able to maintain this form more than a short time. It is also possible for him to fly in the air.


Vector: Real name : Bekutaa za Kurokodairu

English name : Vector the Crocodile

Nickname : Bekutaa

Classification : Wani (Crocodile)

Height : 180 cm

Weight : 200 kg

Age : 20 years

Special Skill: Detecting

Favorite thing: Money * Performing in a band

Hated thing: Working for the landlord

Head of the Chaotix Detective Agency, playing a sleuth, Vector is divided between bossy and easy-going. Physically strong and quick to quarrel, but also possessing strong feelings of justice and kindness. From his rough speech and appearance, you might imagine he was not possessed of much intellect, but usually clear reasoning and resolution of cases is his business.

Although exceedingly fond of corresponding monetary reward, he has a policy never to have a hand in wicked deeds. Also, he will take up and complete a mission to free people from worry and change without reward. Thus, the Chaotix detective agency is eternally poor.


Charmy: Real name : Chyaamii Bii

English name : Charmy Bee

Nickname : Chyaamii

Classification: Hachi (Bee)

Height : 70 cm

Weight : 10 kg

Age : 6 years

Special Skill: Playing games

Favorite thing: Flowers' honey

Hated thing: Boredom

A frivolous and careless person. He skips about in lively fashion and always loves to play. As noted before, being greatly energetic he has reached a state of perpetual motion. Due to his cheerful nature and curious manner, he serves as a moodmaker to stir up the Chaotix detective agency. Supremely innocent and consequently intuitive, talking about all manner of things no one cares about. His trademarks are his flight uniform and helmet. Although he rarely gets angry, when he does (usually concerning his partners) he retaliates with a painful poke with his stinger.


Espio: Real name : Esupio za Kamereon

English name : Espio the Chameleon

Nickname : Esupio

Classification : Chameleon

Height : 110 cm

Weight : 36 kg

Age : 16 years

Special Skills : Ninjitsu

Favorite thing: Training and self-discipline

Hated thing: Crooked dealings

Guardian of the honor of the Chaotix detective agency; this chameleon is a master of ninja skills. A cool, quiet, and extremely prudent person, he holds an important position as the rear guard to counter the Chaotix team's unbridled optimism. Possessing considerable confidence in his Ninjutsu skills he yearns for hazardous duties, to feel the satisfaction of being himself a shadowy Ninja. He is able to make himself invisible by making his body transparent, but this can be inadvertantly ended, causing his form to show again, by a blunder such as a sneeze. His trademarks are his long, coiled tail and large horn.


Omega: Real name : E-123 Omega

English name : E-123 OMEGA

Nickname : Omega

Height : 150 cm

Weight : 1230.512 kg

Special Skills : Omega Machine Gun

Omega Fire

Omega Missile

Omega Launcher

Loathed thing : Dr. Eggman

Eggman created the closing lot number of the E-series robots with the strongest armor. It was also created to have the greatest strength for the purpose of preventing the moment a supporter of Shadow revived him, or controlling him when he ran wild; so was sealed together with Shadow inside the base. However, as for Omega himself, bitter about being imprisoned, his aim is to prove himself "strongest" by destroying every mecha Eggman has made and thus get revenge on Eggman who confined him. His rugged body is fitted with two strong arms; he is able to attack with various weapons by changing the end of one arm.


Jet the Hawk: Real name : Jietto za Hoku

English name : Jet the Hawk

Nickname : Jietto

Classification : Taka (hawk)

Height : 100 cm

Weight : 33 kg

Age : 14 years

Favorite things : Treasure * Himself

Loathed things : Anyone faster than himself * Anyone more confident than himself

Special Skills : Sneeze * Attacking with the Bashyo fans

Leader of the Babylon Thief Group, alias "The Legendary Wind Rider". No. 1 in extreme gear techniques through sucessive generations. Jet considers himself a dyed-in-the-wool villain. He never displayed his unattractive side to outsiders because he is extremely proud and hates to lose. He is aware of what it means to be the team leader, but may sometimes be rescued by the team's vast resources. He uses [Eggman's plot] as a pretext to declare Sonic, the Fastest on Earth, as a rival spirit.


Storm the Albatross: Real name : Stomu za Arubatorosu

English name : Storm the Albatrosse

Nickname : Stomu

Classification : Ahoudori

Height : 140 cm

Weight : 80 kg

Age : 19 years

Favorite things : Treasure * Jet

Loathed things : New rivals to the Babylon Gang [lit. "Babylon thief group"]

Special Skills : Open hand slap * Clapping hand in an opponents face * Superhuman strength

The heavy tank of the Babylon Gang. This muscleman may be lacking in intelligence but he has the power to smash rocks. In his heart, his loyalty to Jet is greater and stronger than anyone else's, and so he tries to be ready for action; consequently he will become destructive when Jet gets angry. As he is quick-tempered, he hates having to wait anywhere.


Wave the Swallow: Real name : Uebu za Suwaro

English name : Wave the Swallow

Nickname : Uebu

Classification : Tsubame

Height : 110 cm

Weight : Secret

Age : 18 years

Favorite things : Treasure * Mechanical knowledge

Loathed things : Thick-headed people * Stupid people

Special Skills : Extreme Gear tuneups * Using spanners and other tools as weapons

Super-mechanic of the Babylon Gang, easily handling anything from modifying extreme gear to repairing the thieves' blimp. As to her knowledge, she is brimming with self-confidence; as a result she gives advice understandable to her but not to others, and notices everything. Also, when this tech decides on a grand scheme, she obstinately refuses to budge. She considers Jet an unreliable younger brother, on the other hand, she does respect his role as leader.


Blaze the Cat: Real name : Bureizu za Kiyatto

English name : Blaze the Cat

Nickname : Bureizu

Classification : Neko

Height : 95 cm

Weight : "Don't speak of such a thing"(according to Blaze herself)

Age : 14 years

Loathed things : High Places

Special Skills : Able to manipulate fire

By collecting the 7 Sol Emeralds, can transform into "Burning Blaze"

Able to manipulate the "Sol Emeralds", this imperial princess of another world bears the duty to safeguard them as well. Usually she appears to be calm and collected, however she suppresses her feelings and has hidden her emotions within. Exceedingly faithful to her role as guardian of the Sol Emeralds, she has bound herself within strict rules, and therefore may appear shy. However after she happened to encounter with Sonic and friends, Blaze's personality began changing to show a new aspect. Visiting Sonic's world via the power of the Sol Emeralds was possible but the movement of space-time at this time has put an end to that condition.


Silver the Hedgehog: Real name : Shirubaa za Hejjihoggu

English name : Silver the Hedgehog

Nickname : Shiruba

Classification : Harinezumi

Height : 100 cm

Weight : 35 kg

Age : 14 years

Favorite thing: A peaceful world

Loathed things : Iblis

Special Skills : Psychic ability

Silver came from the distant future to try to change his ruined future world. As someone who possesses psychic abilities, his special skill is to move various things by psychokinesis. Quiet and able to run swiftly for a little while, however having been raised in the ruined future, his character includes forethought and a strong sense of justice. He battles to restore peace to the world.


Chaos: Real name: Kaosu

English Name: Chaos

Nickname: Kaosu

Type: Chao (mutant)

Gender: Does not have

Height: Varies

Weight: Varies

Characteristic: Can evolve with the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

A mutated chao. Possessing high intelligence and abilities that far exceed those of the rest. A gentle personality; once profiting from the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, which guaranteed clear water around the altar and protected its race from foreign tribes. However, Knuckles' ancestors were a war-like people and slaughtered many of [Chaos'] fellow Chao in order to plunder the Chaos Emeralds, causing the enraged Chaos to go berserk, absorbing the 7 Chaos Emeralds and transforming into Perfect Chaos. The resultant heavy floods destroyed the civilization.

Tikal, by means of a prayer, linked her conciousness with Chaos and they were sealed in the Master Emerald. As for the 7 Emeralds, they were unaccounted for, but it was at that point that the stones came to be called "Chaos Emeralds".


Gamma: Real name : E-102 Gamma

English name : E-102 Gamma

Nickname : Gamma

Height : 215 cm

Weight : 825.256 kg

Special Skills : As for his arms, one holds a laser-guided 15.5 cm cannon as with the rest of the series. Overland speed in drive mode is a set rate, determined by the terrain, but over water this robot automatically transforms to hover mode uncovering a fan in its abdomen.

As for options, three types of laser guns · highpowered booster engine.

Eggman created a gun-robot as the second machine in the E series. Eggman's mechas primarily utilize small animals as their source of bioenergy, but E-102 was equipped with a small bird instead. Having questions about its own appearance after encountering Amy,at last it attempted to rescue its fellow robots of the same series. The last remaining of the group, E-101, struck simultaneously enabling mutual return to their original forms.

Incidentally, the "1" machine was called "Beta" and the "2" was called "Gamma" because the prototype "0" existed as "Alpha", and "ZERO" had at that time been ordered to capture Amy.


Tikal: Real name : Tikaru

English name : Tikal

Species: Harimogura (Echidna)

Height : 95.0 cm

Weight : unknown

Special Characteristic : Daughter of an ancient Knuckles patriarch

Daughter of an ancient patriarch of the Knuckles tribe. A gentle soul, who did not discriminate against anyone she met; her sole intention was to communicate with her friend Chaos, who was feared for its strangeness. She was always critical of and opposed to her father Pachacamac's intentions to conquer other countries.

When Chaos went berserk because of Pachacamac's invasion, Tikal sealed herself in the Master Emerald with Chaos. During "Sonic Adventure", a sphere of crimson light guided Sonic through various situations, her spirit appears in this shape nowadays. For the sake of not repeating the tragedy when Chaos was revived.


Emerl: Name : Emeru (real name, Nazo)

English name : Emerl

Nickname : Emeru

Height : 110 cm

Weight : 14 kg

Characteristic : Skill-get (Able to copy another person's techniques)

This puzzling robot possesses the ability to copy the looks and skills of its opponents by studying their technique. As for its true character, Professor Gerald discovered in a experiment with the Chaos Emeralds that it was the Gizoid; awakened 4000 years ago as the ultimate weapon of ancient times. Sonic destroyed it in the end, because it was running wild. As for the name Emerl, it originated because the robot moved by means of Chaos Emeralds. [Emeru from Emererudo, in the Japanese]


Metal Sonic: Name : Metaru Sonikku

English name : Metal Sonic

Nickname : Metaru Sonikku

Height : 100 cm

Weight : 125.2 kg

Special Skills : Black shield (barrier)

Overdrive (hyper-acceleration)

Characteristic : Improvements added constantly.

This high-performance robot was created by Dr. Eggman to be opposition for Sonic. It was created to not only imitate Sonic's appearance, but surpass the original in both speed and power and be inferior in neither. Once, the ego contained in its high-powered AI chip reshaped its own body, planning to control and use Eggman's army, but was prevented by Sonic and his friends. After that, it was returned to its place as an obedient battle mech, by Dr. Eggman's hand.


Marine the Raccoon: Real name : Marin za Rakuun

English name : Marine the Raccoon

Nickname : Marin

Classification : Araiguma (Raccoon)

Gender: Female

Height : 75 cm

Weight : "Hey! I don't hear such questions!"

Age : 7 years

Favorite thing : Adventure

Loathed things : Ghosts

A raccoon girl who chatters with vigor. Truth be told, she is unexpectedly a neat freak. Vigorous and active, she harbors a powerful yearning to face risks. Her vicinity having completely lost its charm, she becomes too engrossed in her dreams and encounters unknown things. She gives a considerable show of courage, but it is not accompanied by substance. This reached the point that she had to vow to grow up and feel reality in order to join Sonic and his friends on their adventure.


Sonic the Werehog: Real name : Sonikku za Ueahoggu

English name : Sonic the Werehog

Nickname : Ueahoggu

Classification : Harinezumi

Gender : Male

Height : 125 cm

Weight : 60 kg

Age : 15 years

Sonic's appearance undergoes this transformation when it becomes night, due to Eggman's trap. His whole body becomes hairy, he grows claws, he grows fangs, and his arms become thick. He cannot run around with supersonic speed, but has overwhelming power and can freely extend his arms making it possible to seize an enemy blocking his way at once, or jump easily from pole to pole. Despite gaining this appearance, Sonic's usual mind does not change.


Chip: Real name : ???

English name : Chip

Nickname : Chippu

Classification : ???

Gender : ???

Height : 45 cm

Weight : 5 kg

Age : ???

Favorite things: Delicious things

Loathed thing : Getting hungry

This mysterious character has lost his entire memory. Sonic attached the name Chip to him, because of his favorite food, a chocolate chip sundae. An unbelievable glutton, he always carries chocolate everywhere. A brightly optimistic character. Usually at ease, there are times when he has demonstrated miraculous power. It may be, perhaps, that Chip's memory was lost to conceal some great secret.

And for good measure, from the Sonic Rush site:

Eggman Nega: Name - Eggumannega

Although courteous in speech and conduct, this man is sly and cunning. In appearance, he is the spitting image of Eggman, however...?

This man has probably arranged to deal with Blaze and Sonic, but how...?

And from ShTH:

Maria Robotnik - Although frail, this girl conceals a intensely pure heart within her. She is Professor Gerald's granddaughter and Eggman's cousin. Created on the Space Colony "ARK", Shadow was raised with her on the colony as a younger brother. Born with a weak constitution, she cannot leave the colony's hospital facility (research lab), so she holds a strong interest in and yearns for the stars she sees from the window. A victim of the tragedy which occured 50 years ago on the ARK, the image of her loss remains deeply engraved in his mind even now, when Shadow has lost his other memories...
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Those translations are fantastic! <3

But one thing I don't get. Emerl's real name is Nazo? I thought he was this scrapped villian for Sonic X, from what I've heard. And then he gained a fanbase with fanvideos.

Anyone mind clearing that up for me? o_o

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Those translations are fantastic! <3

But one thing I don't get. Emerl's real name is Nazo? I thought he was this scrapped villian for Sonic X, from what I've heard. And then he gained a fanbase with fanvideos.

Anyone mind clearing that up for me? o_o

Nazo means "mystery." They're saying his real name is a mystery, nothing more.

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Gotta say I'd never heard Emerl's "real name" before either. I believe his model number was mentioned in Sonic Chronicles, but I never remember hearing anything other than that. Perhaps it was only in the Japanese version of Sonic Battle.

Gizoid related plot development FTW.

EDIT: Nevermind then. Still, anyone remember his model number from Chronicles? ;)

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Emerl himself didn't have a number because he wasn't one of Eggman's robots. The copies that you fought all through Sonic Battle were E-123 Phi.

And Nazo literally means 'mystery' or 'puzzle'. The puzzle in this case is that instead of using the kanji for 'nazo' which they have used a number of other times (including for Silver's introduction), they actually wrote out 'Nazo' in katakana letters, which is typically done for names. So it wasn't clear if the name was A mystery, or if the name WAS 'Mystery'

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I take it you havn't played much/any of Chronicles then. Emerl is the only Gizoid that remained in Sonic's dimension, in the "other dimension" (as I'll call it to avoid spoilers) Gizoids are among the primary warriors, still large in number. A particular character remembered the Gizoid Sonic and friends call "Emerl" as the most powerful Gizoid there was, until he was lost. I'm fairly certain he had a model number.

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How come Chip's real name isn't there?

Spoiler warning. The profiles contain some added information, but they still keep out spoilers. That's why Chip's "real name" isn't listed there.

The question I have about Emerl's "real name" is that other characters simply have question marks or "Unknown" listed. That's what gets me curious about Nazo. It has NOTHING to do with Sonic X's "Nazo," though, so please don't even try to make the connection.

Chronicles? I don't think Emerl had a number, or if he did, I don't remember it. A number might have been mentioned but not stated directly.

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Sorry to bump a little ^^;;

But there's a little thing I'm uncertain of regarding Maria. As far as I remember, Japanese sites state that Maria was sick with primary immunodeficiency, which is an actual illness that one is born with.

But then, we are stuck with information of NIDS.

SA2 was developed by Sonic Team USA, but the team consisted of Japanese. That would mean PID was the original illness, and NIDS was made up for some reason. My dilemma is: what is the reason? :huh:

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If I recall correctly, Emerl was never given a model number in Chronicles. If you had to give him one, it would probably be no. 1 as to indicate that he was the strongest and all of the others were based off him; or the last model, for being based off of the others and given more power.

As for his name, well he is a Gizoid, as was usually brought up in Chronicles and Battle that was his 'title', or form of race; at least for robot standards. Just like OMEGA, he doesn't have a real first name as they are both robots until Sonic gave him a nickname when they first met. If you want to be technical, then just call him Emerl the Gizoid, the Ultimate Being.

Edited by Emerl

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Neither will Chip. Eggman Nega however has been in 4 games already, as a main character nonetheless, which is more than both Jet and Silver.

How can you say that if there are rumors of Unleashed 2 coming up? @.@

And I can't remember seeing Nega in any other game except Rush.

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Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Rivals, and Sonic Rivals 2. Admittedly, the last two are not as well known since most Sonic fans concentrate on the Nintendo systems, since that's where most of the Sonic games are.

Sorry to bump a little ^^;;

But there's a little thing I'm uncertain of regarding Maria. As far as I remember, Japanese sites state that Maria was sick with primary immunodeficiency, which is an actual illness that one is born with.

But then, we are stuck with information of NIDS.

SA2 was developed by Sonic Team USA, but the team consisted of Japanese. That would mean PID was the original illness, and NIDS was made up for some reason. My dilemma is: what is the reason? :huh:

It may have been changed due to concerns about offending people with the disease. I've only found a profile for Maria on the ShTH site, and in the two versions of 'The Truth About 50 Years Ago' from the SA2 Japanese Guide(s). The longer form, which I pulled off the internet and is from the original SA2 guide, does call it NIDS, in so many Roman letters:

At first, Gerald was firm in his refusal of this request, for it exceeded man's lot. Such a statement from a highly influential person might be expected to close the project, but (with what irony!) Gerald's beloved granddaughter, Maria Robotnik, was to give it a chance to be realized. Maria contracted a disease, "NIDS" - hereditary immune deficiency syndrome - and at that time, medical treatment for this illness was considered difficult.

As I said above, the 'NIDS' is actually the original text, and the longer name, although not bearing the same initials in translation clearly denotes the disease is genetic and inherited. This would suggest some variation of a primary immune deficiency, whether CIDS (aka 'bubble boy disease') or another form. The shorter form of 'Truth', in the SA2B Strategy Guide, which I have, merely says :

However, for the sake of medical treatment to save his beloved granddaughter Maria Robotnik, who was infected with a deadly and incurable disease, he ended his bitter determination and began his research into perpetual youth and longevity.

Which tells us nothing really, as it implies that she might have contracted it after birth. Most people seem to assume it's a pseudonym for AIDS, although that's clearly not the original story. (All translations by me, so forgive me if I mistook something.)

If you know of any other sites with a Maria bio, let me know, please. I do wish they'd give her a proper one on Sonic Channel, since she's a critical character due to her influence on Shadow.

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