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Huh, there was no Eggman. So far every art style always had Classic Core (Sonic, Taiil, Knux, Amy, Egg), Shadow, Silver and girls (Rouge, Cream, Blaze).

In theory I do like frequent switches to style, but it does sucks for smaller characters like Big, Omega and especially Charmy (last seen may 2014). And we're never getting some one really surprising, like Emerl or Tikal

Maybe they should update wallpaper twice a month? 24 charters would be enough for most needy Sonic fan.

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12 minutes ago, Your Vest Friend said:

That's not feasible. The wallpapers are made to go with a calendar, and that obviously has a set schedule.

Hmm, how about duos wallpapers? I would love to some wacky combination, like Metal VS Omega. Or even see Knuckles interact with Rouge again.

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, Gumbit said:

I know this might be off topic , but does anyone know how to send fanart to Sonic channel , I really want to know .

Every month they post a fanart topic, usually related to the month like New Year's or Halloween.

Here is a translated version of the info you need. You'll also need a SEGA ID.

  • Entry (drawing, photo, etc.) [応募作品 (イラストや写真など)]
  • Pen name (within 15 characters, don't use real name) [ペンネーム (15文字以内)]
  • Title of Entry (within 15 characters) [作品のタイトル (15文字以内)]
  • Comment related to Entry (within 150 characters) [作品に関するコメント (150文字以内)]
  • Age (Optional) [年齢 (この項目は必須ではありません)]
  • Full Name (won't be published) [氏名]
  • Address (won't be published) [住所]
  • Images must be at least 850 pixels
  • Filesize limit is 3MB
  • You must live in Japan to receive any rewards (but can still be displayed from overseas)
  • ※Entries and comments must be Sonic related. No original characters or characters from other series.

You can apply at this link.

The theme for February is "Valentine". Deadline is January 20, 2020 Japan time.

Edit: Making a SEGA ID requires Japanese info, so they might have changed the entry requirements since earlier entries.

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