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Gun Lord (Dreamcast)

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Yes, a new game is being released for the Dreamcast (and Neo Geo) on January 15th, and it's not a shmup!

Gun Lord is a 2D run and gun game (think Contra or Metroid) but one look at the trailer shows it to be VERY similar to a classic franchise of the past...

So yeah, it's pretty much Turrican 4 in all but name.

Since Turrican 2 is one of my all time favourite games (easily my fave game on the Amiga waaay back in the day...) I'm definitely thinking of picking this up after Christmas.

Time to dust off the little white box of dreams!

(Might as well play some Sonic Shuffle while it's out, too wink.png)

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Wait wait wait woah woah woah woooah.

DREAMCAST games are being made?


Yep, Dreamcast games have been released by indie developers every now and then over the last few years or so (and still are!)


Appparantly the DC has quite a big homebrew scene, seeing as how burned CD-R's can be loaded up with the aid of a boot disc (and PAL DC's don't even need the boot disc!)

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