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Johnny Boy

Create your own Sonic Amusement Park Attraction/Resort

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The Eggmanland Empire

A wonderful marvel of the creations, history, and genius of the 'stached man Robotnik!

Have a go at the Scrap Brain shooting gallery!

Learn the ancient mysteries of the Pyramid Base!

Tread carefully through the Lava Shelters!

Giggle at Be on the lookout for the Cryptic Castle's ghosts!

Surf within the Ocean Base River Rapids! Now with fish!

Blast away at Death Egg Laser Quest!

Take control of the Egg Fleet Simulator!

Dodge enemy fire in the Iron Jungle!

Create your own Egg mechas and sick them in the Final Egg Arena!

And many, many more...

If it's a change of pace you want, or if you just find everything in life to be the easy ones, come forth to the glorious Eggmanland Empire! We guarantee you will hate that hedgehog in due time, and your satisfaction will never again be a pain in your egg!

Open all hours, because you know what they say!

Transformation into Badniks and eternal loyalty to Dr. Robotnik and subsequent genocide of entire cities may or may not occur, Eggman Enterprises not responsible.

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I can imagine a big indoor coaster based off of Starlight Carnival.

When the ride starts, the coaster will go up a track slowly and enter through a room/tunnel, like the beginning of act one (complete with an upside down turn). After a couple of seconds, the end of the tunnel will be reached, and the fun starts. The coaster enters on to a glowing purple track (like the light path) and big movie screens on the walls surrounding the track would show all the big spaceships in the sky. Many twists and turns later, we enter "The Lightspeed Parade", which is a fast drop through a "warphole". That's all I can think of for that lol.

-King Boom Boo's haunted house. Full of those pesky ghosts from Sonic Adventure 2.

-A ride based off of Crazy Gadget from Sonic Adventure 2. I can imagine the coaster being twisted in a lot of different ways.

-Dr. Eggman's Game Zone- Arcade attraction

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Shit. When I was little, I built a Sonic amusement park out of K'Nex and gave them all Sonic-and-friends-based names. I forget them all now... there was a swing ride, and a crane...and a roller coaster...damn i wish I had taken pictures of it back then

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It has two coaster, and it's indoors (mostly because it wouldn't be the same in the daytime.) You sit in either one and it's a race to the finish down the highway and into the city. At the start, you get a huge boost of speed, then there's twists, turns, and loops. You race through buildings, crashing through windows, falling out and going on the track, heading up. Soon, the coaster drops, plummeting straight down and at the end, it curves into a winding loop. As you go through, there'll be cars to dodge, signs and rings. Hell, even the cops will be there.

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