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Fortnite (PC)

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UPDATE: It's called Fortnite.


Epic to announce 'entirely new' game at VGAs

New game coming from the Gears of War camp this weekend

Cliff Bliszinski has jumped on the VGA teaser bandwagon with word of a new announcement from the Gears of War developer.

"While we've been busy supporting Gears of War and Infinity Blade, we've got something new for you," he said during a teaser trailer for this saturday's Spike event, seen below.

"It's an entirely fresh, new experience we've been crafting here at our North Carolina studio," he added, holding back on any further hints.

The VGAs will be host to numerous announcements. A pair of very mysterious teaser videos for a new PlayStation 3 exclusive appeared online this weekend, ahead of a full unveiling at the VGAs.

Teaser video here:


Very interested in seeing what this game is. Epic Games is one of the best developers in the business in my opinion.

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Epic announces Fortnite

By Fred Dutton Published 11 December, 2011

Colourful zombie title debuts at VGAs.

Epic has announced brand new IP Fortnite.

A brief gameplay-free trailer for the game showed characters gathering up trash and scrap metal and taking it back to their HQ. Then night falls and a horde of zombies appear, prompting them to pull the gates shut.

It was a colourful, cartoony clip - far removed from Gears of War.

"You'll explore, you'll scavenge, you'll build, you'll survive," said Epic's Cliff Bleszinski as he introduced it.

No word on platforms, release date or even genre. We'll have the clip as soon as it's made public.


Look forward to seeing some gameplay, but so far I'm not impressed that it appears to be another zombie game.

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Epic gets points for actually making a zombie game that seems like it has a unique setting. Looks cartoony and vivid, I didn't think they'd ever go back to such.

I'm excited about this prospect alone, finally a "deviation" that's at least trying to look different. Looks like L4D and Terraria got run through the filter of TF2.

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Fortnite is the first game to run on Unreal Engine 4.

Confirmed to be PC Exclusive.

Bleszinski and Jessen implied that Fortnite would continue to evolve even after its release, with updates that could drastically change gameplay.

Asked by a fan whether Fortnite would allow for elaborate, Home Alone-style traps that players could build to fend off enemies, Bleszinski said "I don't think we'll have any Rube Goldberg type stuff in the first version, but it's kind of a no-brainer later."

"We're just going to keep adding onto it," Jessen said, implying that Fortnite would continue evolve its systems a la Minecraft.

Asked whether the game would be free-to-play, Epic dodged, saying that it wasn't talking about its pricing plans just yet. No release date for the game was offered, with Jessen saying "We're trying to put the game out as soon as we can."

We'll have more on Fortnite following our interview with Cliff Bleszinski and Tanya Jessen at Comic-Con later this week.






The creators of Gears of War and the Unreal Engine came to Comic-Con today to finally talk about their next game, Fortnite, a "a co-op sandbox survival game," according to producer Tanya Jessen. During the panel, the company also revealed the game would be PC exclusive and the first title from Epic to use its next-gen Unreal Engine 4 technology.

Jessen says the new property is about exploration, scavenging gear, building fortified structures and fighting waves of encroaching monsters hellbent on killing you and your friends.

"Building is really the core of the game," Jessen says. "Everything you find allows you to build and improve your structure."

Epic showed playable prototypes of the game running on Unreal Engine 3, showing multiple ways players will be able to upgrade weapons — in this case a crossbow that can be outfitted with explosives and electric shocks — and offered glimpses of the various enemy types and building structures players will see in Fortnite.

Design director Cliff Bleszinski revealed during the panel that Fortnite would be the first game to take advantage of the company's Unreal Engine 4 tech.

"This is a PC designed game, shipping exclusively on the PC," Bleszinski said. Epic showed screen shots of Fortnite running on the next-gen Unreal Engine, showing off gorgeous lighting and modeling advances that accentuate the cartoonish style of the game.

Originally, Bleszinski said, Fortnite followed a more traditional post-apocalyptic, The Road-inspired aesthetic, but found the style "depressing." Designer Pete Ellis showed the evolution of one of the game's zombie-like enemy types, The Husk, and its transition from scary, wiry undead to its current more cartoonish style. The panel also revealed the name of the previously revealed enemy, the squat, teleporting Troll, which Bleszisnki described as "a manifestation of everything on the Internet that I hate."

Epic touched on the building gameplay aspect of the game, showing Fortnite gameplay running on UE4, showing a deep level of structure building that lets players build and edit each wall with a 3x3 grid, lay down stairs, roofs, and windows, sculpting them to suit a particular need — sniping from a split seam in the roof, for example. In between building segments, Epic showed a Fortnite character using an axe and sledgehammer to break down walls to reclaim materials, including wood, tile and brick.


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So yeah, two of my favorite genres? Co-op survival horror and sandbox games. Left 4 Dead, Minecraft, Killing Floor, and Active Worlds; I've played quite a few hours of them! And now you're saying that they're combining the two for some sorta delicious peanut-butter-in-my-chocolately surival horror sandbox experience? All with the graphical splendour of the new Unreal Engine combined with the exclusive focus on the PC gaming platform? Hot dang, this sounds like it's going to be awesome!

The settings displayed so far are really unique in comparison to the other zombie-slaying fiestas you've got on the market, and the cartoony aesthetic really does work wonders. The diverse variety of weapons to choose from combined with the fact that you can go about customizing them on the fly just sounds lovely, and from the looks of things you can deck out the survivors in a whole wide assortment of silly outfits! Hat Simulator 2's got some competition, here!

Man, I'm stoked! Can't wait to hear more about this game!

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