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I don't know if there are any fans of Type-MOON on here, but there have been two announcements regarding anime adapations of the Fate series.


First, especially if you have Netflix, Fate/Apocrypha will resume tomorrow with the second season, picking up imediately from where Season 1 ended.  Please note that Dracula/Vlad III will not be returning due to him being killed off by the story's real antagonist.  But at the very least, Kirbopher (yes, that Kirbopher) is still in the English cast since his character, Karna - a literal Son of the Sun, is still around in the story.


Another anime that has popped up based on the Fate series is Fate/Extra - Last Encore.  This series has just started airing on Japanese TV and is based on the PSP game of the same title.  Along with the cast from the game are a few characters from the mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order, including Fergus MacRoich King of Ulster, Darius III ruler of Persia and rival to Iskander, and Leonidas.  The main character of the story is Nero, as shown above, serving as the Saber-archetype that was established in the original Fate/stay Night.  Unlike Saber, Nero is a more outgoing character and represents a perfect example of a Historical Hero Upgrade, as the real Nero was essentially Squidward in all but name and kept himself entertained while all of Rome burned and because of his persecution against early Christians was labeled as the Beast of Revelation (616).  In Fate, Nero is instead a patron of the arts, trying to undo her uncle Caligula's damage albiet in misguided ways, and the early Christians labelling her as the Whore of Babylon.  No dub has been anounced yet for FE-LE.

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Looking forward to some anime this year. Free Take Your Marks which airs in a couple of days and Fairy Tail season 9 airing later this year. Also Attack on Titan is getting a third season i might check that out. Currently watching My Hero Academia season 3 every Saturday. The anime has been great i’m looking forward to watching more of it!

Saiki K has a second season but it’s subbed. Hopefully the dub comes out soon. I’ve scene a bit of the anime it’s funny and good. I’d recommend anyone to check it out.

Pretty much what i’m watching in terms of anime.

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Have had Hunter X Hunter, Dragonball Super, and My Hero Academia as the main things on DVR since they each started. The former ended three or so weeks ago, bittersweetly.

Also been gradually watching Attack on Titan via stream; the first couple of episodes months ago, everything up to the Season 2 finale over last few weeks until yesterday. It's an alright show, if one that does feel a little weird when it comes to...its purpose(s)?

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