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What did you GIVE this holiday season?

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Happy [iNSERT HOLIDAY HERE], you wacky Sonic fans, you~

Since we already have the annual "lookit this rad shit i got bro" thread already, let's talk about the other side of the holiday gift spectrum; giving gifts. Talk about what you gave this holiday (and for whom). Easy-peasy, right? I'll go first, because fuck you I'm the op so I get to do that.

For my brother, I got him two things: Lost world volume 1, which is a manga, and The Astonishing Work of Tezuka Osamu. He's been into some of Tezuka's works for some time now, so I'm sure he's going to appreciate this.

For my one sister (who is in high school), I simply got her a $25 gift card for Ruby Tuesday. Boring, I know, but out of all my siblings, it's sad to say that I'm always at a loss when it comes to gifts for her, heh. I figured that this way her and her boyfriend could go on a nice lil' date.

Also, I was a bastard and put the card in a box within a box within a box... within a box. Needless to say, the wrapped present looks a lot bigger than a gift card. I can't wait to see her open it up!

For my youngest sister, I got her a cheap as hell, used copy of Mirror's Edge for PS3, Sailor Moon volume 1, Yotsuba volume 10, and a Miku shirt. She's slowly turning into a weeaboo and I just know I'm going to regret getting her this Japanese-y stuff, but hey, it's Christmas! Giving relatives stuff that is indefinitely going to irritate you is part of the whole thing, right?

For my parents, I wanted to see if I could get a new toaster or house phone (since the ones they have are such crud)... but they already got them before I had the chance to (the bastards). I'll still get them something eventually, better late than never, right?

For my girlfriend (with whom I've already exchanged gifts with), I got her some My Little Pony things. I already forget exactly what I got her (I'm not exactly a Pony aficionado)... some of the Fashion Style Ponies, I think? I also found this ornament that she went crazy looking for, so yay~, and I got her some little gashapon thingymadoos, and a some in-game currency for Maplestory (which she is fucking addicted to). Oh, and these cute round things. God, they're cute.

Friends A and B will each be receiving a hilariously bad Naruto Paddle Ball that I found in a discount store. Friend A will also be getting an unopened pack of DBZ trading cards, while friend B is getting some Naruto trading cards. I didn't get a chance to send them out yet, so they'll be late presents.

Finally, Friend C is going to (eventually) be sent S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider 1 (The First), which is from my own collection, so I didn't spend a dime. lol I feel obligated to give him something else, since he's apparently getting me something biiiig, so again, more late presents~


Oookay, that's about it from me. Your turn!

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I don't often have enough money myself to give a lot to others but others did get stuff from me this year nonetheless.

My parents got a 6-pack of German beer, a cutlery set, pens, and a scented candle.

My brother got an umbrella, a scarf and a book about the rock band Queen.

I got a good friend of mine in the states a copy of Gran Turismo 5.

I hope to outdo myself next year.

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I spent too much money this year on gifts, especially now that I'm paying more bills, but I gave out quite a bit. Well, I went to 6dollarshirts.com and did their buy 10 for $50 deal, so I got everyone shirts from there. Some funny, some cool. I was buying for 18 friends alone, then 5 family members, so I had to budget myself.

However, I got my close friend (whom I consider a brother) a shirt from that site and Tekken Hybrid as well. I got my other close friend a Hatsune Miku shirt that wasn't on the aforementioned site and another close friend a Dr.Pepper shirt since he tends to wear the same damn shirts all the time due to lack of attire and he doesn't stfu about Dr.Pepper.

My girlfriend received a Pink Nintendo 3DS from me that was bundled with Nintendogs/cats and I got her DoA on the side as well. She works at Play-n-Trade and she's always playing the floor model 3DS so her boss let me put a 3DS on layaway for her and let me take it home before fully paying it off to wrap it so she wouldn't find it in the store. I was originally gonna get her the Blue one but he told me about the pink one (which I didn't even know about) and ordered it for me.

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I'm shamefully new to the gift giving business (ask me last year and I would have said that I hadn't given. D:), and I'm also low on the monies, so I've only gotten gifts for the immediate family this year. So, what I gave out;

Sister; Aristocats Plush set with Duchess, Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse; Well, I recalled that she liked this film so yeah. Plus I got her Pokemon stuff for her Birthday and didn't want to repeat myself.

Dad; Grumpy mug; Also from the Disney Store (So yeah, THAT Grumpy). Well, he's grumpy and he loves having his coffee out of stupidly large mugs, so this was a perfect fit.

40 Years of Queen (That book that Mordecai was on about, probably :/); He's always been a big Queen fan as well. Truth be told, my dad is impossible to buy accurately for since he never wants anything, so I was originally going to buy him some sort of novelty gadget. Before I got to a gadget shop, I happened to pass by WH Smiths and just so happened to recall that dad did quite like books as well. So I went in, saw that, and had to get it.

Mum; Meercat mug; Because Compare the Market happened. I bought this from Hawkin's Bazaar of all places. I knew they did odd nik-naks, but sheesh.

Sakura Blossom Lush gift set and miniature christmas bathbombs in a penguin wrap; She is one of those women who enjoys her pampering products and is not afraid to show it. Doesn't bother me though, it makes the task of thinking of an appropriate present so much easier! Also the bathbombs were free with the giftset, hence why it's lumped with that.

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Mom: Winnie the Pooh 2011 film DVD and two sweaters

Dad: A pool table accessory kit

Brother: $50 giftcard to GameStop

Brother's girlfriend: $50 giftcard to Victoria's Secret

Nephew: Sonic Generations 3DS and Kirby's Return to Dreamland

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Let's see:

My mom is getting the Rise of the Planet of the Apes Blu-Ray as that was probably her most favorite movie-going experience of the year. And since I helped my brother on the decision to get her a Pop Cap Games compilation and the You Don't Know Jack party game for the 360, I'll consider those something I gave her too.

Dad's getting several nice pairs of formal socks, gloves, and thermal underclothing considering he drives a broken-down truck with no heat and I'm too poor to afford a working car. For actual fun, he also has an electronic dart board that apparently trash talks back to you. He is really hard to shop for.

My brother is getting the Fast and Furious Blu-Ray, still fresh in its security case, as well as a Modern Warfare 3 graphic tee to go along with the actual game Mom bought.

My sister is getting A Madea Christmas on DVD, luckily the play, and a nice pair of bootie socks. The other family members have her better covered.

Best Friend One who is on this site and could potentially read this is getting something really cool. =P Meanwhile, Best Friend Two is getting a Domo-kun tote bag.

And finally, for the family dog, he's getting yet another stocking of chew toys with this year's color theme being brown. Unfortunately, his bum leg ensures he won't actually get to play with any of them for a month or so.

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Being a skint student, I had to watch my money when it came to gifts, but I tried my very best:

Mum :

DKNY Perfume

2 CD's

Ferrero Rocher chocs


Lynx aftershave deodorant set

John Bishop DVD

Box of Maltesers


Benidorm DVD

Set of headphones for her phone

Box of Maltesers

Wished I could have bought them more, but it's the thought that counts, eh ?

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For my immediate family, I bought one gift item each, due to monetary constraints brought on my the US' Fiancé Visa process.

  • For mum I bought Fleet Foxes' first two albums, titled 'Fleet Foxes' and 'Helplessness Blues'. She likes folk music and I know she's interested in hearing this group.
  • For my sister, well, she didn't send a list 'til the last minute and I never know quite what to get her (it's usually something about cats), but this year I bought her Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake. I have no idea if she'll like it.
  • For my brother I bought Metropolis [Reconstructed & Restored] (Masters of Cinema), as I know he's into sci-fi and authors like Isaac Asimov who were influenced by this early science fiction work.
  • My dad is getting from me The Wire - Season 1's box set, he likes thrillers and crime stuff and loves The Killing (the original one, not the yank remake) so I think he'll get a kick out of this.

    Okay, phew, that's my immediate family out of the way... now my friends!

    • My friend Fay's getting a nice lil butterfly necklace. That's about all as she knows I'm strapped for cash.
    • Foor my dear friend Danielle, again it's a necklace, but this is a nice Knights of St. John Cross necklace from Malta. It looks awesome.
    • My mate Craig is getting from me the Blu-Ray box set of Fringe - Season 1. He's never seen it, but by god I'll make him like it! XD
    • And finally my friend Katie, who is the aforementioned Craig's girlfriend and a really nice person, is getting a Mass Effect Garrus t-shirt, the sort you'll find on the Bioware web store, because she loves that character almost unhealthily. I reckon Thane is much cooler, but whatever...

      Okaaayyy, and I also bought gifts for my missus and my soon-to-be in-laws.

      • My nearly dad-in-law is getting from me a CD of Native American music called Tribal Winds, because he's partly of native descent and loves this stuff. I also bought and mailed him some good (British) dark chocolate and soft-eating liquorice, both of which are unobtainable in the US outside of huge international stores like Jungle Jim's, which are a long way away from their residence.
      • My almost mum-in-law, I wasn't sure really what to get, so I opted for a couple of bars of Lindt chocolates with the yummy white stuff in (not an innuendo), and some more dark chocolate.
      • My soon-to-be brother-in-law is just getting a couple of little Christmas Puddings this year. Why these aren't a staple of the American Christmas lunch I have no clue, they should be.
      • His girlfriend, whose parents are sponsoring my entry into the US, will be getting a large packet of Werthers milk chocolates from me today. I couldn't think of anything else to get her.

    And last, but the farthest from least as you can imagine is my fiancée, who gets a veritable pile of presents from me this year! They are thus:

    [*]One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies and Jane Chapman.

    [*]A Child Called "It": One Child's Courage to Survive by Dave J. Pelzer.

    [*]Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake.

    [*]A red fringe cowl Tunic Sweater from Torrid.com.

    [*]Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby on DVD, 'cause she loves Edinburgh and dogs in equal measure.

    [*]A $10 PSN card.

    [*]LittleBIGPlanet 2.

    [*]Resistance 3.

    [*]Four different shades of eyelid primer and, if it has arrived, a 100 piece eye-shadow palette too.

    [*]Turtle Crystal Pendant Necklace in Turtle-shaped gift box... because she loves Turtles. She has a deep fear of deep waters; ponds, lakes, rivers, seas etc, yet she adores Sea Turtles (and land ones too). And odd, but intriguing mix of fears and loves.

    [*]And a heart-shaped necklace to boot.

    I always go overboard on her, and I love it. :D

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Being low on money because my job's only part time (it's all I could get), I couldn't afford many expensive gifts like I would like to give.

My wife: Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

My eldest younger brother: Modnation Racers (PS3)

His girlfriend: A bottle of white Lambrusco and four Wispa Gold chocolate bars.

My youngest brother: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Xbox 360)

My Mom: A bottle of red Lambrusco and a big tray of Fererro Rocher.

My Dad: A bag of chocolate coated peanuts, a bag of chocolate coated raisins and a box of Cadbury Milk Tray.

My Nan/Grandma: Some hiking socks. (To keep her legs warm, not to hike XD)

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Wolfenstein, Dead Space, Zombie Driver and Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 Deluxe Edition to my four best friends, a cookery book for my mother, and I forget the rest.

My mother tends to by gifts in bulk for most of family, then sticks my name on a few of them to make it look like I actually give a shit - and even though I do, I'm still just as surprised (and, quite often, shocked) as they are when they rip the wrapping paper.

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For Mollfie:

Skyrim, We ♥ Katamari, Cat Hat (with paws), Chocolate, Stickers.

For my Mum:

Russian Doll Mug, Simon's Cat book.

For my Sister:

Kirby's Adventure Wii, Zelda Twilight Princess (she got a Wii this year).

For my Brother:

Some Pokémon Figurines, Refreshers (the sweets) Mug with several tubes of them inside, and I might buy him BioShock 1 and 2 (or just 2, he's played 1 on 360) in the Steam sales if they're affordable.

For my Dad:

Some Irish Cream Lindor Chocolates - I ran out of money but as a new year's gift I may give him money towards a new briefcase (he reeeeally needs one).

For my Granny:

Elizabeth Shaw chocolates - this is a tradition since that is coincidentally her name. I also might get her a big vibrant digital clock for her room for new year's since her alzeihmers gives her trouble with telling the time of day lately.

For Mollfie's parents:

Some fancy marmalade and ginger preserve from Harrod's for her mum and a guiness chocolate/mug/socks set for her Dad.

For my Step-Dad:

Just a joke present since I'm not all that close to him these days, a sponge labelled "FACE" on one side and "ARSE" on the other.

Also when I have money again I kind of want to buy Mollfie one more surprise present, of which I have three or so ideas.

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I got my sister two Adventure Time keychains (Marceline and Princess Bubblegum), Hetalia: Paint it White on DVD, and a Hetalia plush that didn't arrive in time for Christmas, but I'm not telling her what it is until she gets to open it. :)

I also got my cousin an Adventure Time keychain (Finn and Jake) and the Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People DVD.

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Corr...now what did I get them again...?

Well, the three stooges (Me, the youngest son. Simon, the middle son. And Michael, the oldest son.) chipped together to get our parents several music CDs, DVDs, a self stirring mug and a special money tin. While we got oldest sibling of the family, our sister, some music CDs and DVDs. As well as games and toys for her two sons, our nephews.

I can't remember specifics as each and every family member has completely different interests.

But I do remember my brothers stuff as I had to go get them personally. Simon (The middle son) got Spider-man: Edge of Time for 3DS, WWE 12 for X Box 360 & Mario Kart 7 for 3DS. While I got Michael (The oldest son) Need for Speed: The Run, NCIS: The Game & Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 all for PS3.

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I got both my sisters a scarf and mittens that match their coats, a Cars 2 Squinkie for my younger brother, a Batman: Arkham City poster for a friend, I'm planning to give Klonoa Wii for another friend, and I'm waiting for a third friend to see if he gets a Rainbow Dash figure I mailed him.

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Sadly as I am currently a volunteer worker and barely have money for my own food, I was unable to actually get anything for anyone, but they were thankfully aware of the situation.

What I did besides presents? Why, since you're asking-- What, you didn't ask? I shall tell you anyway! What do you mean you're not intereste--

I wore a big santa hat and volunteered for spreading Christmas joy, handing out everyone's presents. 'twas fun, and we also watched Home Alone together after the process. Great family moments, it was so cosey and simply nice. Glad to have contributed. =D

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I gave gift cards to family members for stores that they like to go to. I also sent out a bunch of Christmas cards to family and friends this year. One of the cards happened to arrive to a friend of mine just as she had gotten out of the hospital, so that was great timing!

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For my dad:

You Don't Know Jack! for Xbox 360

Insoles for his workboots

Angry Birds plushes

The Passion of the Christ on Blu-Ray

Black Dynamite on DVD

For my mom:

Pajama top & bottoms

That Casey Anthony book

She really didn't want much else tongue.png

For my brother:

Just Dance 3 for Wii

Thundercats Season 1 on DVD (But I took it back after he said he wasn't interested. tongue.png)

For all of you on the internet:

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