What levels would you have chosen?

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Sonic Generations was a fantastic game, enough to shut some of the classic fanboys up, but do you think some of SEGA's level choice could have been better? (CONSOLE VERSION ONLY!)

If so, then tell us what level you didn't think was right, and then tell us your preferred alternative, and reasons why you think it so. Happy posting!

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Well, if we stick to the same formula that's us choosing 3 from each era, then I would go with something along the lines of..

Classic Era

Green Hill Zone (The original Sonic level, come on..)

Chemical Plant Zone (One that I was honestly really hoping for anyways)

Ice Cap Zone (Sorry, but I really didn't care too much for Sky Sanctuary Zone, shoot me, and Ice Cap in HD would have been great.)

Dreamcast Era

Speed Highway (Maybe it's just because of how awesome it turned out, but I would keep this one in)

City Escape (The opening level to a Sonic game I repeatedly played when I was younger, I needed this here)

Seaside Hill (I don't remember too much from Sonic Heroes, so I guess I'll leave this here.)

Modern Era

Kingdom Valley (I really wanted this one to make it in, it would have looked beautiful, but alas.)

Rooftop Run or Apotos (I would have been fine with either one)

Tropical Resort (Okay, I'm sorry, but pretty much ANYTHING else but Planet Wisp would have been good for me from Sonic Colors. If you're a fan of the level that's fine, and I don't mean to sound harsh but man, that's my least favorite level in Generations and I think Tropical Resort would have looked great.)

Looking back at it all now, I really didn't change all that much from the regular level list, which is odd considering I used to think of so many changes. I guess it came out better than I thought it would have..huh..

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To be honest, the only thing I would change is Planet wisp for anything else in Colors. Sweet mountain, Tropical resort....I don't give a damn. Just anything else would have been better than Planet wisp. The rest of the list is fine by me. Even the dreaded Crisis City.

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I was happy with all the choices except Sky Sanctuary. They should have gone with an actual Sonic 3 level (so it would go 1, 2, 3 and not 1, 2, S&K), my personal one being Hydrocity, but Ice Cap, Carnival Night or Launch Base would have been cool. It's odd they went for a level that wasn't even a full level originally.

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Tropical Resort (Okay, I'm sorry, but pretty much ANYTHING else but Planet Wisp would have been good for me from Sonic Colors. If you're a fan of the level that's fine, and I don't mean to sound harsh but man, that's my least favorite level in Generations and I think Tropical Resort would have looked great.)


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To be honest, the only thing I would change is Planet wisp for anything else in Colors. Sweet mountain, Tropical resort....I don't give a damn. Just anything else would have been better than Planet wisp. The rest of the list is fine by me. Even the dreaded Crisis City.

Basically, this. All the other changes on my list were pretty minor, nothing that I minded, just..would have preferred. I just..really don't like Planet Wisp in this game at all.

Also, Hydrocity was another one I was really hoping for to be in the final game as well, but since Chemical Plant Zone already semi falls into the category of being a water level and so does Seaside Hill (For Classic Sonic anyways), I didn't choose it. It would have been awesome, though.

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I'm pretty happy overall with the level selection, although if I were to make changes I would take out just about any of the levels for Ice Cap Zone, most likely Crisis City (I know, that would ruin the balance and everything, but I don't care :P).

Also, I would replace Planet Wisp with a final level that actually made sense for a final level. Like maybe some sort of grand Eggman base that would kind of be a combination of Death Egg, Final Egg, and Eggmanland, and take aspects from each of them. That would be pretty awesome.

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The only one I really feel was a truly bad choice was Seaside Hill. We already had Green Hill, we didn't need a level that was built as a tribute to it. And it stings extra hard since Heroes had a lot of great levels. I personally would have gone with Egg Fleet.

Maybe I would have changed Speed Highway just because of the cliched "TOO MANY CITIES!!!!!" complaint, but I really can't think of a more iconic Sonic Adventure level than that save for Emerald Coast, and we don't really need another beach world.

Aside from that I really wish CD and 3 could have gotten some proper representation. 3 isn't too bad, since Knuckles technically is just the second half of it, so Sky Sanctuary arguably does the job, but CD only getting a boss fight was saddening.

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Good thread!


Green Hill Zone - Well, obviously.

Chemical Plant - Honestly, I couldn't have thought of a better level from Sonic 2.

Lava Reef - My favourite level in the entire series. As with Seaside Hill, they could've easily mixed together elements from Act 1 and 2. That zone has so many awesome set pieces that would've looked amazing with an HD and 3D rendition.


Lost World - Sonic Team went to South America to make this level. The entire plot of Sonic Adventure spawned from this level. Why the heck would they not choose this level? I'd appreciate the need for a city level like Speed Highway if not for the very next level being:

City Escape - Once again I totally agree with the developer's decision. This is an iconic level that really showed off the height of the Dreamcast's short lifetime.

Egg Fleet - The ONE level from Sonic Heroes were bottomless pits were logical and an expected hazard. I'd have so loved to see the vast fleet of fish-themed airships filling an HD sky. A finish with a much-shortened version of Final Fortress as the sky turns dark with black clouds and lightning would've been so damn cool to see.


Kingdom Valley - It was the showcase level of Sonic 06. It was the one we saw in all those tech demos and the actual pre-release demo. It's the first level I think when I think Sonic 06, and I'd have really liked to see how it would work in a non-beta game.

Rooftop Run - I just plain adore this level.

Asteroid Coaster - It's already a Scrap Brain style level to begin with, so expanding on this one would've worked great for the final main stage of Sonic Generations.

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You know, it's quite interesting. Before the game actually launched, I was fairly disappointed with a few of the level choices. Chemical Plant certainly wouldn't have been my first choice for Sonic 2 (I love Aquatic Ruin to bits), and I'd much have preferred Windy Valley to Speed Highway, or so I thought.

However, after actually getting the game, I'll happily step down and admit that, for the most part, Sega made the right choices, in my opinion.

The only ones I'd still arguably change would be Seaside Hill and Planet Wisp (I'd almost still choose Windy Valley over Speed Highway, mind). Seaside Hill I've always found rather boring as a stage, and whilst Planet Wisp was a tied first choice with Aquarium Park, I'm not too keen on how they handled it- had the entirety of Act 2 played out like the first minute of the stage, I'd have been fine with it.

The only problem then is what I'd have replaced them with- switching Planet Wisp for Aquarium Park is an obvious choice, but what about Heroes? I'd have said Egg Fleet (cool stage, that), but seeing as how I'm perfectly happy with Sky Sanctuary myself, the stages seem like they might be a little too similar from a gameplay standpoint.

To be honest, it's the 3DS stage roster I'm most unhappy with. At the same time, much like the console version, the difficult thing is that all my personal favourites are too similar to each other/ stages that made the cut. I'd have loved Aquatic Ruin, but it's a bit too 'green' to follow right on the heels of Green Hill. Similarly Hydrocity is another water stage. Although I'd have been good with Icecap, too. Windy Valley would have been nice to see in the 3DS version, though.

Also, Radical Highway? Really? Aside from being a Horrible Piece Of Crap Stage , I can think of plenty of other stages I'd rather have seen- Metal Harbor, for sure. I'm very very happy with Water Palace's inclusion as it's my favourite DS-era stage. As for Tropical Resort, I'd have gone with Aquarium Park personally, but I don't have a problem with Tropical Resort being there. Just it's level design in Act 1.

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Yay, I get to pull out my visual aids again!

Now, this is working on the basis that any amount of content was possible - but sticking with one stage and one boss per game:


Green Hill and Egg Mobile

Yeah, duh.

Chemical Plant and Death Egg Robot

Yeah can't fault them on these. Utterly iconic. Drill Eggman is a little more memorable than the last boss for obvious reasons, but would be boring after using the first boss from Sonic 1 too.

Tidal Tempest and Metal Sonic

Quirky choice, mainly to fill the role of water stage. Honestly all the stages in Sonic CD were equally memorable I thought, and fan-favourite Stardust Speedway would get representation through the Metal Sonic battle.

Ice Cap and Drill Eggman

Ice Cap is such a fan favourite it's the obvious Sonic 3 choice. Drill Eggman would look BOSS in HD with the sprawling jungle ruins below, and would allow for some cool Tails fanservice.

Sky Sanctuary and Knuckles

Yeah this was just the obvious choice for prettifying up into HD. Including a Knuckles boss battle would give him recognition of his once rival status.

Twinkle Park and Perfect Chaos

Speed Highway is pretty damn memorable, but we already have a lot of city stages so figured this was the next best thing. Classic Sonic's could include pinball elements. Perfect Chaos, again, obvious choice for boss battle.

City Escape and Shadow

These were again, obvious choices, too iconic. Though it breaks my heart to not include Biolizard (as you'll see with how I handled my 3DS list).

Hang Castle and Egg Emperor

This is another game that's "taking one for the team" by choosing a stage for level variety over iconicity. All the boss battles in Heroes were lame, but Egg Emperor was one of the least lame. I guess.

Black Comet and Black Doom

Another variety one. No other game in the series had an "alien" themed level (aside from Planet Wisp I guess actually lol). So really represents it nicely. I would have loved to use Lava Shelter but the firey theme is too similar to the next stage. Black Doom is... again just obvious choice for representing the game. Egg Dealer might have been neat too though I suppose. Black Doom would be fought in GUN Fortress for variety.

Crisis City and Silver

Yeah these were just obvious choices again. Kingdom Valley was a close second but I think Crisis City is just slightly more representative. And damn it has great music. I'd have the Silver fight running through Soleanna too... although that would make the Katamari final attack a bit TOO silly... Humm.

Night Palace and Erazjor Djinn

Night Palace would look so amazing in HD. And Erazor Djinn is just iconicity again. Sand Scorpion might have also been awesome for showing off Sand Oasis in HD too though...

Rooftop Run and Egg Dragoon

Just absoloute no other choice. These ARE Unleashed.

Crystal Cave and Mist Dragon

This is another one for variety really. Mist Dragon I just chose because I think it'd be awesome to see Misty Lake in HD.

Planet Wisp and Rotatatron

Planet Wisp was utterly iconic of Colours, and Rotatatron would allow some Tropical Resort representation. In my head I imagine the entire thing dislodging and chasing you through a whole half boss/half level arena like Perfect Chaos was.

Center Of Time and Time Eater

Really wanted a final "medley" stage a la End Of The World, or even just a brand new, surreal stage. 8C

Shall post again with my 3DS stage list, which was designed to compliment this one.

Were I forced to do the Three Eras - Three Stages Per Era - Three Bosses limitation of the final game...

I can admit they made some pretty good choices actually, lol.

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Jez, the only thing id change is making the Shadow level one of the cyberspace levels since its a unique trope, and one of the few levels in Shadow that aren't fugly.

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Yay, I get to pull out my visual aids again!

Now, this is working on the basis that any amount of content was possible - but sticking with one stage and one boss per game:


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Green Hill - Well duh, its the stage that started it all!

Casino Night - Yes, I know its DLC and its on the 3DS version, but its just not the same as having a full stage.

Wacky Workbench - Sonic CD didn't get much attention from Generations, so why not?


Windy Valley - I've always loved this stage, I think it'd be pretty interesting to see it.

City Escape - Yes, I'd keep this stage...I absolutely adore this stage, possibly one of my favorite Sonic stages of all time.

Grand Metropolis - I always have liked this stage from Heroes, possibly one of my favorite stages in Heroes.


Dinosaur Jungle - Yes, I'd probably choose a stage from Sonic and the Secret Rings than '06, I mean its canon and all. I've always enjoyed this stage from Secret Rings, and I'd like to see it remade.

Rooftop Run - Of course I would keep this, the music in the stage is fantastic, I adore this stage.

Asteroid Coaster - I always loved this stage in Colors, both this and Tropical Resort, I just think it would be neat to play the Roller Coaster part in 2D as Classic Sonic.

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To get the levels I want to see in there, you'd have to justify it by changing the overall design of 3 eras to either 4 eras of 3 levels, or 2 eras of 5 levels.

For the former...

Classic Era 1 (91-93):

25zjdol.jpghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuqCzlu4rqA(tropical greenery level)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjBJGFmQhN0(neon pinball level)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDeinRERNPo(sparkling highway level) Present time, not past or future.

Classic Era 2 (94 ,'10):


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QV8iQu05KE(winter and cave level) For fun, the Classic act begins in a snowboard section while the Modern act ends in one, with M. Sonic being

complete with

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8iar3lde0Aruins and sky level) With a 'lil more yellow.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NR1cYsl-tfI(water and temple level)


- For the sake of keeping things even and adding as much representation for tropes and games out there, I figured a Sonic 4 level that has the most originality out of the 4 would be the best choice. What else would I pick? Sonic 3D Blast?! Complete with mine carts, a torch for Classic Sonic to obtain from an item box, and giant boulders to avoid. Besides, it'd be great to reference Lost World in the Modern act with a water puzzle or giant snake.

*ahem* Anyway...

Modern Era 1 (98-03):


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssbknPnN1d4(sky and mountain level) Using "The Air" /

as the theme.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-OuvIIydl8(modern city level)

(air ship level)

Modern Era 2:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH_fQq5OQxQ(desert level) SECRET RINGS IS CANON! :V

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vO_Hlr-YJw(marble and classy city level with balloons and confetti 'n junk)

Planet Wisp (mechanical base and forest level)

For Planet Wisp, I would also incorporate a storm that moves in when you enter the mechanical parts to darken the level and set the mood for the final zone. Also, incorporate more Scrap Brain-like death traps.

As for bosses, I'd organize it so there would be one boss to match each level to get as much representation as possible.

Classic Era 1:


Boss 1:

fought by Modern Sonic. (Scrap Brain) Basically, Dr. Eggman in his Egg-O-Matic in a chase-type boss using the checker wrecker, fire balls, the spike attachment and dropping mines to hinder Sonic's progress.

Boss 2:

fought by Modern Sonic. (Stardust Speedway Bad Future) Pretty much the same as Classic's fight in Generations, only with a 3D section to dodge more laser attacks.

Boss 3:

fought by Classic Sonic. (Death Egg) Virtually unchanged from the Generations ver., but takes more hits.

Classic Era 2:


Boss 1:

fought by Classic Sonic. (Mad Gear) A re-interpretation of Metropolis/Mad Gear's boss fight, with more emphasis on mines and explosives on Eggman's side. He has a darkened shield over his craft so you can't tell if it's Modern or Classic Eggman.

Boss 2:

fought by Classic Sonic. (Hidden Palace) Plays similar to how Classic Sonic fought Metal in Generations, however instead of energy fields and lasers, Knuckles tosses level chunks and uses his hammer punch to do damage to Sonic.

Boss 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzN7kazWq_gfought by Modern Sonic. (Launch Base) Instead of taking place at the foot of the Death Egg, this sucker is already crashing down, and Eggman is chasing M. Sonic with his Big Arm machine. The fight is similar to

but with a wider range of attacks, more threatening and with chunks of Death Egg to avoid. Takes place during a dark cloud cover for mood-setting.

Modern Era 1:


Boss 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rulwhsrfwBs, fought by Modern Sonic. (Bullet Station) This behaves similarly tohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CJGBC5Fjy8, but like the original, you'll have to face the Egg Hawk once you've done enough damage.

Boss 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgLRE7ar1S8, fought by Modern Sonic. (Final Rush) Same as the Generation's version, but with less Circuit Freq >:I

Boss 3: Egg Viper, fought by Classic Sonic. (Final Egg) GET A LOAD OF THIS GET A LOAD OF THIS GET A LOAD OF THIS (but in 2D, and to replace those homing attack chains, include a section of platform jumping to reach the cockpit)

Modern Era 2:


Boss 1: Egg Beetle, fought by Classic Sonic. (Savanna Citadel) Like the original, only minus the 3D parts, emphasis on dodging mines and the claw attack. Spindash into the open spot to do damage.

Boss 2: Silver, fought by Classic Sonic. (Crisis City) Again, similar to the Modern fight in the official Generations, but only the 2D segments, and add a lot of volcano and lava shots to fill the void of a proper fire level.

Boss 3: Egg Dragoon, fought by Modern Sonic. (Eggmanland) Unchanged from the original.

Final Boss:


Phase 1: Time Eater, fought by Classic and Modern Super Sonic. (Inter-dimensional Rift) Same premises, but without the awful controls and with less THAT LOOKS LIKE A HOMING SHOT BE CAREFUL SONIC.

Phase 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRqKU2Nx5Sw, fought by normal Classic and Modern Sonic. (Special Stage) Okay, so here we go. I think it would have been incredible if, just before the 2 Super Sonics finish the Eggmen off, they get caught off guard and have the Emeralds ripped from them, in the meantime teleporting both them and the Eggmen piloting the Time Eater into the Special Stage dimension. At this point, the Eggmen harness their power and claim to corrupt the Special Stage in order to transform all worlds into their image (or something like that) which while the Time Eater is beginning to turn red and take the shape of Eggman's head and body, making what is essentially SUPER EGGMAN. Enter some motivational team work drivel about how they can still beat him because You Can Do Anything or something, and then enter a semi-cinematic final boss battle in the Special Stage, where each blow to Eggman results in the retrieval of a Chaos Emerald.

Anyway, the boss fight pays homage to all of the Bonus Levels, from Sonic 1 to Sonic Heroes, and you switch from Modern to Classic after each blow. Classic's are in 2D, as expected, and Modern's are solely 3D, to help keep the contrast. This is also the place for one of those

of a popular Sonic tune (A faster-paced
would do nicely). The fight consists of, well, running real fast, but while dodging a multitude of close and long-range attacks from the Eggmen, with a few cinematic button-presses to do some cool tricks. Makes for a crazy epic boss fight.

The final blow would be the place where both Modern and Classic attack at the same time with a mid-air dash attack, resulting in the retrieval of the last emerald, and therefore a final Super Sonic attack against the Eggmen who fire a giant nova blast against them. Of course, after pressing a button or something like that, you beat the Eggmen, kick them into some other dimension (White Space?) and pose for the camera.


s'yeah. That's how I'd have done it.

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@Groosinator: Yeah that's fair enough, I can agree with that logic too.

@Indigo: I consider Shadow part of the main series, but that's just me. Really I should consider Knuckles' Chaotix one too on the basis that "the gameplay is still very Sonicy" (my reasoning for including ShTH) but I didn't bother with that because A. It's not popular enough really and B. I haven't played it enough to judge the levels fairly.

Well, here's my follow up list for the 3DS version:


Green Hill and Egg Mobile

Yeah, gotta have Green Hill first on this version too, BUT! I would use the Starlight boss battle instead of the first one, since I feel that stage deserves representation in some shape or form.

Gimmick Mt. and Doodlebug Mecha

I didn't represent EVERY 8-bit portable game but felt they deserved a little something. Gimmick Mt. was a really cool level. And Doodlebug Mecha... well, king of iconicity right there.

Casino Night and Drill Eggman

Yep, certainly the second most iconic Sonic 2 stage. Drill Eggman also gets some love since there's no awkward "both these bosses were first ones!" comparison.

Hydrocity and Big Arm

While I would LOVE to see Hydrocity in HD, I think Ice Cap deserves the console spot for popularity. Big Arm was an obvious choice too.

Lava Reef and Super Mecha Sonic

It's a close call between this and Flying Battery for second most popular S&K stage, but I think this just about wins for the music, and it's good level variety. Super Mecha Sonic? Well I'll be honest, while it was a cool boss battle anyway, the real reason for this would be so we can get a Doomsday Remix in there.

Robotnik Winter and Marve Shupupolus-Gou

Some portable snowboarding action (pretty good music on this stage too), and of course, everyone's favourite, the Sunset Park train.

Egg Rocket and Egg Hammer Tank

Egg Rocket Zone was a gorgeous mixture of sunset and space that I loved. Egg Hammer Tank is pretty iconic for the Advance series.

Music Plant and Egg Bomber Tank

Some whimsical level action, and... well the Advance 2 bosses weren't that amazing but this one was pretty simple and thrilling.

Chaos Angel and Gemerl

This stage would look pretty swish in 3D, and... well, I just want dat music remixed. Gemerl gives a nice nod to Sonic Battle too.

Leaf Storm and Blaze

Leaf Storm really blazed us (no pun intended) into a new style for Sonic due to the boost, and I think it's worthy of representation for iconicity. Blaze of course, far needed to be in the 3DS version as a Rival over Silver.

Meteor Base and Metal Sonic

Meteor Base was just neat for a space level with all the red moon-ish areas. Plus we get a modern twist on the Metal Sonic rival battle. Death Yard was the only picture I could find, but I'd probably actually use Sky Park as the setting for the music.

Haunted Ship and Ghost Titan

Something nice and piratey, as well as unique, for SRA. The Ghost Titan was one of the coolest "not really final boss"es they did, and had badass music.

Chaotic Inferno and Dr. Eggman Nega

Ignore the text here! I meant what is depicted in the screenshot. Another one for level variety. However, the Eggman Nega boss battle would be in Blue Coast.

Starlight Carnival and Nega Wisp Armor

Starlight Carnival would be an awesome final stage. Like what they did with Tropical Resort, I'd like a mixture of DS and Wii influences. Nega Wisp Armor is pretty popular - again I'd use a mix of DS and Wii. Would be a cool boss battle if it encompassed EVERY Wisp power, but only once each, and after all 8 the boss is defeated.

Center Of Time and Time Eater

Same deal as HD version really.

As you can see I chose all handheld titles after the Classic era. As said, this list was designed with the idea in mind of complimenting the HD version.

Considering I more or less agreed with the real HD choices for the limited 9 stages, this would be MY 7-stage list for the 3DS version (to compliment the real HD game):

Green Hill

Casino Night

Ice Cap

Metal Sonic/Big Arm

Sky Deck (Another fan favourite that would promote variety).

Metal Harbour/Green Forest (I really can't choose - but Radical Highway was meh for representing SA2 as a whole).


Water Palace

Starlight Carnival

Blaze/Ghost Titan (As said, Silver really didn't need to be in the 3DS version - and I think Heroes doesn't really need representing any more than the special stage (which was a fine choice incidentally). Some more handheld love is good with me.

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On their own, all of the levels in Sonic Generations a good stages. However, as a whole they're a very poor representation of the series. In choosing levels, I'd have given up some fan favorites (ex: Sky Sanctuary/City Escape) and personal favorites like Seaside Hill.

Green Hill:

Natural choice. Really no sense in even discussing it. Although, I'd probably refer to it as a tutorial stage and give the Classic Era 3 different stages, thus allowing S3 and S&K to be represented without ditching the era model.

Casino Night:

I love Chemical Plant and really wanted to see it in Generations. Despite that, I think the game needed a casino stage and Casino Night is the most identifiable of them. Also, even though other games had decent casino stages, I'd rather give up Chemical Plant in favor of Casino Night than give up a stage like Egg Fleet in favor of Bingo Highway.

Ice Cap:

Like the casino trope, the ice trope needed to be filled to create a complete representation of the series. Ice Cap is an awesome stage and would look absolutely brilliant in the Hedgehog Engine. Running through the ice caves as Modern Sonic would have been a real treat.

Lava Reef:

Obviously replacing Sky Sanctuary would be controversial, but I think that Lava Reef is an awesome fire/lava stage and does a better job of fulfilling that trope in a unique way than Crisis City or Flame Core. Seeing the Death Egg floating ominously above the volcano would have been a visual spectacle, and SEGA could have gotten out their itch for a chase scene against the Death Egg's lasers.

Classic Boss: Death Egg Robo

This was a boss fight with a lot of potential that was really met. The music, setting, and robot are epic; but it could have lasted a bit longer to match the scale. The fight was over too fast. Beyond that, I'd pretty much leave this untouched.

Modern Boss: Classic Metal Sonic

The Rival battle was decent enough in Generations, but this boss would have been perfect for Modern Sonic. Racing Metal Sonic in a 3D Stardust Speedway would have been an impressive and fun battle.

Speed Highway

Sonic Gens had too many city stages, but if there was one that really belonged in the game it was Speed Highway. SH is iconic of Sonic Adventure and is a true city stage. While City Escape, Crisis City, and Rooftop Run were decent "city" stages, they were all diluted by other gimmicks. None of them really embody the city stage as much as Speed Highway does.

Crazy Gadget:

I love City Escape. It's a fun level...but its also kind of generic. Looking past my nostalgia glasses, there's not really enough that's unique about this stage to justify it over other SA2 zones.

Sonic Gens needed a space stage and Crazy Gadget would have done an excellent job at fulfilling that trope with its gravity switches. Throw in some segments inspired by Final Rush and you'd have a great representation of the space trope.

Egg Fleet:

Seaside Hill was my favorite stage in the game, but I'd still be willing to trade it out for Egg Fleet for the sake of a better final product. Sonic Generations could have used an airship stage and Egg Fleet is kind of the definitive airship stage in the Sonic series. There was so much potential here!

For Classic Sonic, it would have been cool to have some Flying Battery influences with the stage taking place inside and outside of the ships. I imagine the modern stage would actually have played something like Sky Sanctuary does, with MSonic running along floating ships, possibly ziplining/grinding between them.

Classic Boss: Egg Viper

This a battle that many fans would recognize and its perfectly suited for Classic Sonic. Simply change the perspective and Egg Viper would make a formidable opponent for C.Sonic.

Modern Boss: Perfect Chaos:

Probably one of the most recognizable bosses from the 3D games. I really enjoyed the Generations recreation of the fight, so I'd probably keep it if I was to overhaul the game. Like the Death Egg Robo fight, it should have gone on a bit longer.

Kingdom Valley

Other than Crisis City, this is the Sonic 06 stage. It was the first stage we saw from the game, and I think it would have been a good replacement for Sky Sanctuary. The way SS was executed in Generations, the two stages ended up being very similar. KV Classic could have had two main paths, an upper ruins path and a lower water path. This way it could fill both the ruins and water tropes. SS's bouncy clouds could make an appearance here.

Sand Oasis

Rooftop Run shouldn't have been in SG. It's a good stage, but we didn't need to recreate an Unleashed stage with the Unleashed style in the Unleashed engine. It was handled well enough, but it would have been better to bring in a stage like Sand Oasis from Secret Rings.

SO could fill the desert trope and is actually one of the more unique zones in the series. The moving ruins and fire demons would make this an interesting penultimate stage.

Planet Wisp

It was poorly handled, but it could have been a fantastic final stage. I say, cut the wisps because they just came off as distracting and extremely gimmicky.

Begin the stage in the untouched areas of Planet Wisp and slowly move into the construction area. As the Sonics progress deeper in the construction, they move to sections where construction is further along. The zone concludes in an Eggmanland2.0-type area.

Classic Boss: Ifrit Golem:

It's not the most recognizable boss, but it is pretty cool and I think Classic Sonic would play well against it.

Modern Boss: Egg Dragoon:

I love this boss! It was cool when the werehog fought it and it was cool when Modern Sonic fought it in the real Generations. I think it was a great way to end the main game


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I suppose I'll do the 3DS version as well, but I'll have to do boss battles later, as I'm pressed for time...

While I'd bust out as many levels as reasonably possible for the console version, I'd just go with a 10 level setup for the 3DS, 5 levels for Classic and 5 for Modern.

Classic Era:


Green Hill: tropical greenery level

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5-FsEQa8is: mechanical base level

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuniyUoo1Cw: underwater structure level

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN3V-dlF36o: sky fortress level

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8INYJA_1ZRs: industrial station level (Hooray, GameGear representation!) AND IT MUST HAVE THIS

Modern Era:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpUtCvPqmCcvolcanic base level (since the HD version got no fire level)

Route 99: modern big-city level

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pue6YH3kiZk: deep jungle level

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htsXAzXcT6E: floating ruins level

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfFsniOK2lM: outer space neon level

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(Oop, new page, guess it wouldn't be spamming to quote with pictures).

I suppose I'll do the 3DS version as well, but I'll have to do boss battles later, as I'm pressed for time...

While I'd bust out as many levels as reasonably possible for the console version, I'd just go with a 10 level setup for the 3DS, 5 levels for Classic and 5 for Modern.

Classic Era:


Green Hill: tropical greenery level

Chemical Plant: mechanical base level

Hydrocity: underwater structure level

Flying Battery: sky fortress level

Sunset Park: industrial station level (Hooray, GameGear representation!)

Modern Era:


Hot Crater: volcanic base level (since the HD version got no fire level)

Route 99: modern big-city level

Leaf Storm: deep jungle level

Sky Babylon: floating ruins level

Starlight Carnival: outer space neon level

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Um lets see Green hill is a given and then chemical plant. After that lets see:

Ice cap(Sonic 3):It needed to be here. Not just for nostalgia sake but for variety in tropes. Plus i felt a little hurt when they completely shunned S3 and didn't even bother just combining the two games.

Sky sanctuary is fine although lava reef would have been cool.And that music.

Twinkle park:I've said this more than once. It represents Sa perfectly for me. Imagining the colors and gimmicks and fireworks in this stage would have just been sweet. And maybe throw in a sonic riders reference with a hoverboard at the beginning at the stage instead of a hover kart.

Metal harbor:As much as i like city escape i would have switched it in a heartbeat for this. Level design i bet would have been better plus the rocket part for classic just would have been so unique.

Egg fleet:I only need one reason. Unleashed opening. Playable. If not that hang castle would be nice.

Digital circut:It would be a unique level.

Kingdom valley:It defined 06 net to crisis city. and it wouldn't be as confusing about why it was included. Design i bet wouldn't be as linear,The stain glass break in 3d,plus it could be a water/Ruins trope. But crisis city remixes....:(

Night palace:This in hd plus a remixed the palace that was found for both sonic's. Oh and maybe flying carpet platforms for classic and the hourglass for modern.

I'm fine with RR(Since the city tropes have been reduced)PLUS THE REMIX!

Sweet MTN:This was the most Wackyest fun sonic colors stage in the game for me. Plus i think it had more 3d platforming than planet wisp. Ending generations in a wacky way with sweet mtn being colorful and right would be great and hilarious. Although sadly PW graphics will be missed.

That's what i say anyway.

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I just realise this. at the final boss of generation, time eater was throwing structures of the 9 nine stages we went through, They could of done the style of "END OF THE WORLD" from sonic 06 and had the pieces all over the place before they turn super, one stage for modern, one for classic.

My choices:

Classic era

sonic 1: Green hill

original stage

sonic 2: Hill top

Like that stage with the whole lava in the high mountain. In the Cave would look nice in HD

sonic 3: Ice Cap

We need a snow stage so ya, ice cap is the best one to choose.

Dreamcast era

sonic adventure: Speed Highway (I never played that game)

no comment, i like it now because generation made me like it.

sonic adventure 2: City Escape

I liked city escape originally , but the 2D section ruined it. planet wisp got their mostly 2D sections, city escape could of had mostly 3D and very little 2D sections.

sonic heroes: Mystic Mansion/Hang Castle

Modern Era

sonic 06: Crisis City

sonic unleashed : Jungle Joyride

sonic colors: Starlight Carnival

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Mystic Cave

Ice Cap



Sky Deck

Pumpkin Hill

Hang Castle/Bullet Station

I would have more or less left modern the same.



Green Hill

Oil Ocean

Hydro city


Red Mountain

Final Rush


Huge Crisis

Sky Babylon



S3&K Final Boss

Perfect Chaos

Egg Dragoon


Sonic 2GG Final Boss

Sonic Advance Final Boss

Sonic Rush Final Boss

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Scrap Brain because I love platforming and with the spinning platforms of doom and disappearing floors this is about as hard core as it gets. There would be fire spouts coming out of the floor and ceiling, sawblades and crushers on conveyor belts, electricity, wrecking balls and combined with all this the purple teddy bear badniks that throw bombs. These death traps would make it boosting/spindash proof taking speed out of the equation and quicktime events would finally go to hell too. I always found this stage challenging but never frustrating it just required a slow and cautious approach combined with timing and precision on the platforms which suits my play style. It felt so satisfying on those rare occcasions where I got through a whole act without taking a single hit and collected a ton of rings.

Boost boys would be rage quiting this stage LOL

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