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What levels would you have chosen?

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Classic Era:

Stage 1: Sonic the Hedghog's Green Hill Zone (Green Level)

Boss (Classic): Egg Wrecking Ball

Friend: Miles "Tails" Prower

Emerald: Green

Stage 3: Sonic Triple Trouble's Sunset Park (Train Station level)

Boss (Classic): Fang the Sniper & the Marvelous Queen

Friend: Knuckles the Echidna

Emerald: Yellow

Era Boss Gate (Classic): Great Eggman Robo

Advance Era:

Stage 3: Sonic Advance's Ice Mountain Zone (Ice Level)

Boss (Classic): Egg X

Friend: Amy Rose

Emerald: Cyan

Stage 4: Sonic Advance 2's Techno Base (Digital Level)

Boss (Modern): Egg Saucer

Friend: Rouge

Emerald: Red

Stage 5: Sonic Advance 3's Toy kingdom (Abstract/Colorful Level)

Boss (Modern): Emerl

Friend: Cream

Emerald: Blue

Era Boss Gate (Modern): Ultimate Gemerl

Modern Era:

Stage 6: Sonic Rush's Night Carnival (City/Casino Level)

Friend: Marine

Boss: Blaze

Emerald: Purple

Stage 7: Sonic Colors' Asteroid Coaster

Friend: Shadow

Boss (Modern) Imperator Ix

Emerald: White

Era Boss Gate (Modern): Egg Wizard

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When the first teaser for Generations came out, I remember some one having the idea that in the 3D parts you would play as modern Sonic and when you switched to 2D Sonic would change to classic. With that concept, I think that maybe Sonic Team could have made more levels per era with 2 acts each. So here's the levels I would have chosen:


Green Hill (Tropical) - It's Green Hill, so that's a given.

Chemical Plant (Factory) - It was always my favorite zone in Sonic 2.

Sky Sanctuary (Ruins) - I could have chosen any zone for Sonic 3&K.

Stardust Speedway (Highway) - CD gets reprsentation.

Rival: Metal Sonic - Because he's awsome.

Boss: Great Egg Robo (S3K) - We already got the S2 Mech in Sonic 4 Ep1.


Icecap (Snow) - Here's your ice level, with minor S3 rep.

City Escape (Urban) - It's too iconic to pass up.

Frog Forest (Jungle) - I liked the concepts from this stage.

The ARK (Space) - It was an important place for a couple of games.

Rival: Shadow - With better remix.

Boss: Perfect Chaos - Was perfect (lol) in Gen.


Crisis City (Lava) - More lava gimmicks and an explaination for why it's there.

Sand Oasis (Desert) - Storybook representation.

Dragon Road (Water) - Better variety from Unleashed.

Planet Wisp (Construction) - Less frustrating.

Rival: Silver - Made into an arena boss with only a couple of chases.

Boss: Egg Dragoon - Also made into an arena.

GENESIS - A big bronze and copper stempunk zone with various hazards from Sonic's past (Spikes, buzzsaws, fire, etc.). Would have used the official Time Eater boss themes.

Boss: Time Eater - Less "help" (OMGITSAHOMINGSHOT!!), less obscured rings, all topped with the Crush 40 vs Cash Cash remix of Sonic Boom.

And here's a lage image of my selection:


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I suppose I'll do the 3DS version as well, but I'll have to do boss battles later, as I'm pressed for time...

While I'd bust out as many levels as reasonably possible for the console version, I'd just go with a 10 level setup for the 3DS, 5 levels for Classic and 5 for Modern.

Classic Era:


Green Hill: tropical greenery level

Chemical Plant: mechanical base level

Hydrocity: underwater structure level

Flying Battery: sky fortress level

Sunset Park: industrial station level (Hooray, GameGear representation!)

Modern Era:


Hot Crater: volcanic base level (since the HD version got no fire level)

Route 99: modern big-city level

Leaf Storm: deep jungle level

Sky Babylon: floating ruins level

Starlight Carnival: outer space neon level

Now to finish what I started!

Classic Bosses:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nVwm4aQS_E, fought by Classic Sonic. (Final Zone) Virtually unchanged from the original, but with a few rings to help you out.

Metal Sonic, fought by Classic Sonic. (Stardust Speedway Bad Future) The HD Generations version, but on a 3DS, since Modern's taking him on in that one.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlbJuf91fv0, fought by Classic Sonic. (Metallic Madness Bad Future) Virtually unchanged from the original as well, but takes a few more hits.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq4nGCRigxs, fought by Modern Sonic. (Hidden Palace) Done in a chase style, like the HD version I proposed, but with added BOOOOST!!! Since only Classic took him on.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzN7kazWq_g, fought by Modern Sonic. (Death Egg) Skip the finger crushing, go straight onto the laser chase! This is what the boss fight is comprised mostly of, with some projectiles to dodge.

Modern Bosses:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f48netYHT54, fought by Modern Sonic. (Final Fortress) Same as the actual 3DS version, but with the difficulty nixed down a notch since it's an earlier boss.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_Db0d3xZnM, fought by Modern Sonic. (Final Rush) This one is more like the original in Sonic Adventure 2, or rather a race in Sonic Rivals, except Shadow has a definite health bar.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-e1H_C_q_I, fought by Modern Sonic (yes, that's it's name). (Egg Utopia) This one is actually fought chase style, more like the

boss, but not in outer space, nor as Super Sonic. The objective is to dash into him while avoiding his projectiles.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-5WuAiXgy8, fought by Classic Sonic. (Crisis City (

)) Same as the HD version I proposed.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hObt2Y99U5I, fought by Classic Sonic. (Dead Line) Plays exactly like the Rush version.

Also, for the final boss, I'd keep it the same as what I proposed for the HD version as well, only instead of 3D sections for M. Sonic in the 2nd phase, just more Rush gameplay.

And that's a wrap!

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I would've gone by something around stage order through the eras:

Sonic 1: Green Hill

Sonic 2: Chemical Plant

Sonic & Knuckles/Sonic 3: Sandopolis/Marble Garden

Sonic Adventure: Ice Cap

Sonic Adventure 2: Green Forest

Sonic Heroes: Bingo Highway

Sonic 06: Tropical Jungle Kingdom Valley

Sonic Unleashed: Jungle Joyride

Sonic Colors: Asteroid Coaster(Terminal Velocity wasn't a true level)

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Here's what I would have changed in the HD Version.

The Playable Characters (HD Version)

There are 6 Playable Characters, each with their own set of Skills.

1. Classic Sonic

-this Classic Sonic is from the year 1997 and got sent to the year 1991 via Warp Ring

-he can talk

-his basic moves are the Spin Jump, Spin Dash, Super Peel-Out, and Insta-Shield

-has a better memory of the years 1991-1997 than Modern Sonic

2. Classic Tails

-an optional playable character unlocked after restoring Green Hill

-this Classic Tails is from the year 1997

-got thrown into the past by Time Eater

-he is playable in Act 1 of any Stage and against any of Classic Sonic's Bosses

-players can choose to play as Classic Sonic and have Tails tag along either as a computer controlled power-up partner, or in Co-op with 2 players (Sonic 3 and Knuckles)

-flies the original Tornado

-has a better memory of the years 1991-1997 than Modern Tails

-when you have all Emeralds, you can activate his "Super State", Turbo Tails, Flickies and all

3. Classic Knuckles

-an optional playable character unlocked after clearing Sky Sanctuary Act 1

-this is Classic Knuckles is from the year 1997

-he is playable in Act 1 of any level in the game and against any of Classic Sonic's Bosses

-he can break objects just by running into them

-when you have all Emeralds, you can activate his "Super State", Kinetic Knuckles

4. Modern Sonic

-can replace the slide with rolling or the spin dash

-can change the Grind Step to LB/RB

5. Shadow

-an optional playable character unlocked after defeating Titan Eggrobo

-he is playable in Act 2 of any level in the game and against any of Modern Sonic's Bosses

-has a Chaos Gauge, which only fills when he destroys enemies.

-when you have all Emeralds, you can activate his "Super State", Super Shadow

6. Silver

-an optional playable character unlocked after defeating Neo Metal Sonic

-he is playable in Act 2 of any level in the game and against any of Modern Sonic's Bosses

-can't Spin Jump but has a higher Jump than Sonic and Shadow

-has a Psychic Gauge. It is full at the beginning of every level and it automatically refills itself, but at a slow pace.

-instead of a Homing Attack, Silver throws Psychic Knives

-when you have all Emeralds, you can activate his "Super State", Super Silver

White World Changes

-when you clear an Act Gate, not only do the colors in the foreground return, but in the background you can see objects and features from that level, instead of it just being white

-there is actually a sky in the White World, that shows the Sun and Moon. The White World as well as a few levels will change visually while playing. You can choose this setting after fixing the Clocktower.

-there will be a new area to the left of the Genesis Era called "Timeless Town"

Timeless Town

Timeless Town is a 3D expansion of the Collection Room. This is basically a hub town that starts out as White and empty as the White World. As you play through the game, however, the area will become colorful and populated by the Sonic characters you've found and rescued.

Techno Base:

-here you can use a giant sized version of the computers from Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure 2 that acts as Information Pod

-there is a function where you can add new Item Boxes to the Acts...

-there is an Airplane Field behind this

-Modern Tails will be here, working on gadgets that will help you out

-Omega can be found here and will give you information on enemies

-Jet, Wave, and Storm can be found here and will challenge you to races for the Chaos Emeralds


-Here Sonic can use the Skill Points he has collected to buy extra lives, new Skills, Item Box CDs, and other items

-the Skill Shop is still run by Omochao, where you can buy new skills and extra lives

-the Black Market is owned by the Chao from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and sells different items

-there's a Hot Dog Stand run by Mighty and Ray. The hot dogs act as power-ups, that can be activated during the levels


-one room contains the game's unlockable artwork

-there is Statue Room that shows 3D models of characters that come with detailed profiles

-Classic and Modern Espio can be found here


-this is an area where you can watch the game's cutscenes, as well as the CGI movies featured in the trailers

-Classic and Modern Amy can be found here

Music Plant

-a dancehall, where you can listen to music you've unlocked

-once you have cleared an Act, you can listen to its music

-once you have cleared both Acts of a Stage, you can listen to the stage's original soundtrack

-Classic and Modern Vector can be found here

Game Land

-here you can play the minigames "Casino Night", "Mystic Cave", and "Sky Chase"

-Classic and Modern Charmy can be found here

Sonic Suite

-this is a hotel, that has 3 floors

-each character can has their own hotel room

-in the master bedroom are game consoles and 2 Storybooks with new chapters...

Chao Garden

-the Chao Garden can have up to 20 Chao

-Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla can be found here

-Yakker and the other Wisps can be found here

Emerald Shrine

-is guarded by Modern Knuckles and Blaze

-Time Stones, Chaos Emeralds, Sol Emeralds, and the Master Emerald appear here after being collected

-after you find all 7 Chaos Emeralds, you will be able to turn on the "Super State" option

Green Park

-the area where Modern Sonic's Birthday Party was supposed to take place...

HD Version's Levels and Bosses


-3 Eras: Genesis/Mega Drive, Dreamcast, and Modern

-levels come from 11 different games

-there are no missions

-players can pick any level in each Era, instead of just going in chronological order

Genesis/Mega Drive Era

1. Green Hill

-From Sonic the Hedgehog (June 23, 1991)

Characters Rescued: Classic and Modern Tails

2. Chemical Plant

-From Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (November 20, 1992)

-unlocked after restoring Green Hill

Characters Rescued: Classic and Modern Amy

3. Ice Cap

-From Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and later in Sonic Adventure

-unlocked after restoring Green Hill

Characters Rescued: Mighty and Ray

4. Sky Sanctuary

-From Sonic and Knuckles

-unlocked after restoring Green Hill

Characters Rescued: Classic and Modern Knuckles

5. Stardust Speedway

-From Sonic CD

-unlocked after Restoring Green Hill

-In Act 1, Classic Sonic can run through the present and the past.

-In Act 2, Modern Sonic can run through the present and future. If the machine gets destroyed in Act 1, the future will be good. If not, the future will be bad.

Characters Rescued: Classic Vector and Charmy

6. Death Egg

-From Sonic 2 and later in Sonic and Knuckles

-unlocked after Restoring Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Ice Cap, Sky Sanctuary, and Stardust Speedway

Characters Rescued: Classic Espio

Death Egg Robot

-From Sonic the Hedgehog 2

-unlocked after Restoring 2 Genesis Era Stages

-Classic Character Boss Fight

Classic Metal Sonic

-From Sonic CD

-unlocked after Restoring 4 Genesis Era Stages

-Classic Character Boss Fight

Titan Eggrobo

-From Sonic and Knuckles

-unlocked after Restoring all the Stages and defeating Death Egg Robot and Metal Sonic

-Modern Character Boss Fight

Dreamcast Era-unlocked after defeating Titan Eggrobo

7. Speed Highway

-From Sonic Adventure

Character Rescued: Chao

8. Sand Hill

-From Sonic Adventure

Character Rescued: Big and Froggy

9. City Escape

-From Sonic Adventure 2

Character Rescued: Rouge

10. Final Rush

-From Sonic Adventure 2

Character Rescued: Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla

11. Seaside Hill

-From Sonic Heroes

Character Rescued: Modern Team Chaotix

12. Sky Fleet

-From Sonic Heroes

-like Seaside Hill, both Acts are a combo of Egg Fleet and Final Fortress

Character Rescued: Omega

Egg Viper

-From Sonic Adventure

-unlocked after Restoring 2 Dreamcast Era Stages

-Modern Character Boss Fight

Perfect Artificial Chaos

-unlocked after Restoring 4 Dreamcast Era Stages

-Modern Character Boss Fight

Neo Metal Sonic

-From Sonic Heroes

-unlocked after Restoring all the Dreamcast Era Stages and defeating Egg Viper and Perfect Artificial Chaos

-Classic Character Boss Fight

Modern Era-unlocked after defeating Neo Metal Sonic

13. Crisis City

-From Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Character Rescued: Silver

14. Kingdom Valley

-From Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Character Rescued: Blaze

15. Rooftop Run

-From Sonic Unleashed

Character Rescued: Marine

16. Eggman Land

-From Sonic Unleashed

Character Rescued: Team Babylon

17. Planet Wisp

-From Sonic Colors

Character Rescued: Yakker

18. Terminal Velocity

-From Sonic Colors

Character Rescued: Mother Wisp

Egg Wyvern

-From Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

-unlocked after Restoring 2 Modern Era Stages

-Classic Character Boss Fight

Egg Dragoon

-From Sonic Unleashed

-unlocked after Restoring 4 Modern Era Stages

-Modern Character Boss Fight

Nega Wisp Armor

-From Sonic Colors

-unlocked after Restoring all the Modern Era Stages and defeating Egg Wyvern and Egg Dragoon

-Classic Character Boss Fight

Regular Ending

???-After defeating Nega Wisp Armor and collecting all 7 Chaos Emeralds

19. Twisted Timelines

-Act 1 has Classic characters running through a fusion of the Genesis Era levels

-Act 2 has Modern characters running through a fusion of the Dreamcast Era Levels

-Act 3 has both Sonics running through a fusion of the Modern Era Levels

-Time Eater appears in the background to fire homing shots at you

Perfect Time Eater

-unlocked after clearing Twisted Timelines

-Super Sonic Boss Fight

True Ending

Emerald Races

After seeing the regular ending, talk to the the Babylon Rouges in the Techno Base in Timeless Town. They will find locations for the Chaos Emeralds, but will challenge you to a race to see who can get it first.

Location-Chaos Emerald

1. Ice Cap-Green

2. Stardust Speedway-Purple

3. Speed Highway-Blue

4. Final Rush-Yellow

5. Sand Hill-Red

6. Kingdom Valley-Cyan

7. Terminal Velocity-Grey


When I came up with the list, I set some rules for myself.

Don't take out levels that were already picked

So as of right now, there are 9 levels plus 4 that the boss fights take in.

Stick to 3 Eras

Originally, I wanted to add the Saturn Era in, but after a poll I did, I found that most people wouldn't cared for it.

Keep the Eras Balanced

In the current game, each Era has 3 levels, 1 Rival, and 1 Boss. So if I add a level to the Genesis Era, I need to add a level to the Dreamcast and Modern Era.

Give the People what they want

If there's something we would liked in the game, I added it in.

Any New Bosses Need to be final bosses, robots, and someone Sonic fought originally

Basically, any boss I add to the game needs to be a robot boss that appears after the last level or in the last story. I choose robot bosses because I wanted Classic Sonic to have more boss battles than Modern Sonic since most of the levels are chosen from Modern Sonic's games and Classic Sonic never fought ancient creatures or gods in his games. Also, the boss had to be someone Sonic originally fought against.

Pick stuff that could work Storywise

Anything that can be used to make a better story.

So from here I started with the Genesis Era. First off, Stardust Speedway and Death Egg would be made into full levels.

Second, since most people asked for it, I added Ice Cap in. This is the only Sonic game I added in.

Finally, since this was something else people asked for, I added in the final boss of Sonic and Knuckles, who I nicknamed "Titan Eggrobo".

So now, the Genesis Era has 6 levels and 3 bosses.

Now I need to go balance out the Dreamcast and Modern Eras.

First, Final Rush was made into a full level. Since Sonic Adventure 2 now had 2 levels represented, I decided to take another level from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes.

I chose Sky Fleet for a second Heroes stage, since that was the battlefield for Egg Emperor and Neo Metal Sonic and because that level is awesome.

I chose Sand Hill because it was an area where one of the Chaos Emeralds were originally and because it was a theme that wasn't already present in any of the levels.

For the bosses, I added Egg Viper, the last boss of Sonic's story in Sonic Adventure and Neo Metal Sonic, the final boss of Sonic Heroes. Perfect Artificial Chaos is a replica of Perfect Chaos created using data on the Artificial Chaos enemies on the SCA, which would explain why Modern Sonic can fight him without going super and he can maintain this form without all 7 Chaos Emeralds.

Then we have the Modern Era.

Originally, I did think about adding a level from Sonic Rush or Sonic Riders, but I decided to do the same thing I did with the Dreamcast Era.

The Egg Dragoon fight took place in Eggman Land, so Eggman Land became a full stage.

People asked for Kingdom Valley, so I added in.

Finally, I added in Terminal Velocity and Nega Wisp Armor, because it was the ending point of Sonic Colors, which leads up Eggman finding Time Eater. Also, some people asked for Nega Wisp Armor.

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While I'm not an experienced with the classic games, there are a few stages from the more modern games I would change if I had to choose.

Speed Highway >>> Lost World OR Sky Deck

While Speed Highway is a really cool stage, I think Lost World would have been a better choice, since it's part of the story origins of SA1. A close second is Sky Deck since, while hazardous, is a really cool stage.

City Escape, Metal Harbour, Crazy Gadget OR Final Rush

City Escape was an excellent choice and one of my favourite stages, but I also think it would have been cool to see one of the other three as well. I can only imagine what Crazy Gadget would have been like.

Seaside Hill >>> Hang Castle, Mystic Mansion, Egg Fleet OR Final Fortress

Seaside Hill, while cool, I thought could have been replaced with one of the others listen above. Especially Egg Fleet. Hang Castle or Mystic Mansion would have been nice too, but not first choices.

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For the 3DS version:


1. Turquoise Hill Zone


Similar to Green Hill. Has more of a reliance on springs and has some influences from Emerald Hill, like mobius strips.

2. Sunset Park


Pretty different than most stages. Probably the most popular stage from the Game Gear games.

3. Casino Paradise


Casino level is needed. This was a pretty fun one.

4. Hot Crater


I've always loved Lava Reef. This could have some interesting throwbacks to that level.

5. Twinkle Snow


Seeing as there's no ice level, I'd take this one. It looks pretty nice.

6. Water Palace


While Twinkle Snow could have some water sections, this would be the definitive water stage.

7. Sky Babylon


Great stage with some great music. I'd have taken Pirates' Island, but I think that's a bit too similar to Water Palace.

None of the levels would be completely copied from the original.


- Nack. Fought in Atomic Egg.


- Gemerl. Fought at Altar Emerald.


Although, maybe a different area. This looks really similar to Sky Babylon.

- Blaze. Fought at Dead Line.



- Goose Mecha, Fought in Sky High Zone.


- Egg X. Fought in X Zone.


- Egg Nega Wisp Armor. Fought in Terminal Velocity.


Special Stage

Blue Sphere. Hidden in Giant Rings in the levels.


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3DS Version's Levels and Bosses


-3 Eras: Genesis/Mega Drive & Game Gear, Dreamcast & GBA, and DS

-levels come from 14 different games

-there are no missions

-players can pick any level in each Era, instead of just going in chronological order

-you only need to clear 7 Levels to get the regular ending

-you will need to Restore 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 Stages to unlock a Special Stage

Players can start from the Genesis/Mega Drive & Game Gear Era or the Dreamcast & GBA Era.

-If they start from the Genesis/Mega Drive Era, the first level will be Green Hill

-If they start from the Dreamcast & GBA Era, the first level will be Neo Green Hill

Genesis/Mega Drive & Game Gear Era

Green Hill

-From Sonic the Hedgehog (June 23, 1991)

Casino Night

-From Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (November 20, 1992)

Mushroom Hill

-From Sonic and Knuckles

Crystal Egg

-From Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8 Bit)

Atomic Destroyer

-From Sonic Triple Trouble

Nack the Weasel

-From Sonic Triple Trouble

-unlocked after Restoring 2 Genesis/Game Gear Era Stage

-Classic Character Boss Fight

Big Arm

-From Sonic the Hedgehog 3

-unlocked after Restoring 3 of the Genesis/Game Gear Stages and defeating Nack the Weasel

-Classic Character Boss Fight

Dreamcast & GBA Era

Emerald Coast

-From Sonic Adventure

Radical Highway

-From Sonic Adventure 2

Neo Green Hill

-From Sonic Advance

Music Plant

-From Sonic Advance 2

Cyber Track

-From Sonic Advance 3


-From Sonic Battle

-unlocked after Restoring 1 Dreamcast/GBA Era Stage

-Modern Character Boss Fight

Hyper Egg Robot

-Final Boss From Sonic Advance 3

-unlocked after Restoring 2 of the Dreamcast/GBA Era Stages and defeating Emerl

-Classic Character Boss Fight

DS Era-unlocked after defeating Big Arm and Hyper Egg Robot

11. Water Palace

-From Sonic Rush

12. Blizzard Peaks

-From Sonic Rush Adventure

13. Mad Gear

-From Sonic 4 Episode 1

14. Tropical Resort

-From Sonic Colors


-From Sonic Rush Adventure

-unlocked after Restoring 1 Modern Era Stage

-Modern Character Boss Fight

Nega Mother Wisp

-From Sonic Colors

-unlocked after Restoring 2 Modern Era Stages and defeating Johnny

-Modern Character Boss Fight

Regular Ending

???-After defeating Ghost Titan and collecting all 7 Chaos Emeralds

15. Twisted Timelines

-Act 1 has Classic characters running through a fusion of the Genesis Era levels

-Act 2 has Modern characters running through a fusion of the Dreamcast Era Levels

-Act 3 has both Sonics running a through a fusion of DS Era Levels

-Time Eater appears in the background to fire homing shots at you

Perfect Time Eater

-unlocked after clearing Twisted Timelines

-Super Sonic Boss Fight

True Ending

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Technically not an actual zone, but I would have added a massive final zone to act as a huge homage to the entire main series.

The final level would have taken place in White Space itself and would have been made up of small 3D hubs of every single zone from the main series. By my count that's 80 or so hubs. It sounds like a lot but given the size of the relatively small size of hubs, I think it would have been feasible—and awesome.

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Technically not an actual zone, but I would have added a massive final zone to act as a huge homage to the entire main series.

The final level would have taken place in White Space itself and would have been made up of small 3D hubs of every single zone from the main series. By my count that's 80 or so hubs. It sounds like a lot but given the size of the relatively small size of hubs, I think it would have been feasible—and awesome.

Oh yeah, a Final Zone. I'd do an End of the World type thing and call it Genesis. :U A White Space part should be in it, too.

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Semi-related to this topic, I just had the neatest idea earlier...

I kind of wish the hub world had the stage entrances be homages to the ORIGINAL stage entrances.

So, for example...

Green Hill

As it was in the final game, but perhaps make it so you actually get to run up into the cave.

Chemical Plant

Again, this would be another sort of generic entrance.

Sky Sanctuary

The entrance looks like the interior of Hidden Palace - jump on a transporter thinger to shoot up and start the level.

Metal Sonic

Giant chain mounted to a little Eggman mountain - run up the chain to enter the stage.

Death Egg Robot

Eggman Shuttles frequently deploy out of a distant Wing Fortress and fly towards the foreground - grab on to one and it flies up towards the (even distanter) Death Egg up in the sky.

Speed Highway

A city office building contains a pair of elevators - take either one to enter the stage.

City Escape

A helicopter flies in the sky - jump inside it and it takes off into the distance over the city, at which point Sonic leaps out and the screen fades to the loading screen.

Seaside Hill

...The opening canyon scene is a little TOO detached to use, so I guess this would be another generic stage entrance.


A pyramid launching a space shuttle is also a bit too detached, so another generic ARK-ish entrance for this. Ooh, actually make it so you have to homing attack one of those L shaped grind rails to enter the stage.

Perfect Chaos

Yeah, Sonic just sort of appeared there in the original. Generic entrance.

Crisis City

Hmm... would Eggman's time travel machine be a bit too detached? Maybe if you had a portal effect showing Crisis City on the other side it'd be okay.

Rooftop Run

Wall jump up the clock tower and onto a grind rail that circles round to a spring before shooting Sonic up above the rooftops and off into the distance.

Planet Wisp

Hop onto the Egg Shuttle that waits in a Terminal Velocity-esque area, which then flies off towards Planet Wisp in the background.


Especially awkward since you didn't even fight him in Crisis City originally... Guess it'd have to be a generic entrance.

Egg Dragoon

The memorable EggmanLand Entrance area is here - head inside to enter the stage.

Time Eater

Yeah, giant clockwork powered portal was pretty fitting.

This is coming from the mind of someone who loved the platformy hubs of Unleashed where you had to complete a little navigation challenge to reach the stage entrances (and was so sad that the DLC was just menu selected incidentally).

No idea how you could work this idea to fit both Classic in 2D and Modern in 3D. They might need seperate hubs that plonk you in an approximate equivilant location when you switch.

Oh, for the stage entrances that imply a vista view of the level ahead, I sort of imagine them as almost being behind a broken wall of the white space, looking out onto the past on the other side.

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Well, given how it's late and I'm exhausted, I think I'll make this simple.

Sonic Generations had a very, very solid level list in that it took iconic levels from the main games in the franchise and made each individual level effectively capture the feel of the game they were from. However, the failings in the levels Sonic team chose is that they cut out a key game from the franchise's history (Sonic 3), and also had some unnecessary repetition in environments (5 city stages; Speed Highway, City Escape, Crisis City, Pefect Chaos' level, and Silver's rival fight IN Crisis City). I would have kept a few things the same, no doubt, but some things could have used a bit of tweaking..

Stage One - Labyrinth Zone... just kidding, Green Hill. Really, did you expect different?

Stage Two - Chemical Plant: Again, another stage I wouldn't change. Sonic 2 had a strong theme in industrialization and pollution, and stages like Chemical Plant, Metropolis, and Oil Ocean defined this. It's iconic value in the franchise and representation of this theme makes it an almost essential choice.

Stage Three - Ice Cap: 2 flaws the levels in Generations had. 1. Not accurately representing as many key level tropes as it could have, and 2) not including as many classic levels as it could have. See, one of the coolest things about Generations was getting to see these awesome classic environments fully realized in stunning HD 3D. Hell, they haven't even been rendered in 3D before, let alone brought to life in the breath-taking Hedgehog Engine. So why Sega decided to cut out Sonic 3 and lose the perfect opportunity to include yet another classic level just sorta bothers me. Not the biggest deal in the world, but still. I know they only wanted to include one level from each game, but still, why not include this level, the most well-known ice stage in the entire franchise?

Stage 4 - Sky Sanctuary: A perfect way to cap off the "Mega Drive" portion of the game, it's just such an iconic level, and the way it was handled included a lot of references towards other Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles levels; hell, it even included the Death Egg in the back drop. Also, just like how Chemical Plant captured the core of what Sonic 2 was all about, Sky Sanctuary represents Angel Island, the location of every single level from both Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. There really was no other choice.

Stage 5 - Emerald Coast: The quintessential beach level in the Sonic franchise (Seaside Hill can go fuck itself). The whale chase, the crisp, beautiful music, traversing the lighthouse before entering the dense green-scape, the dolphins slashing out of the water in celebration of your victory as you approached the goal line.. it's just perfect, in my eyes. I would have loved to see what they could have done with it; perhaps translating the whale chasing sequence to 2D for classic Sonic, and maybe have Modern Sonic grab the fin of the whale and loosely steer it towards where you need to go? Plus, they could have bolstered some of the resort elements to really make it pop, almost like a resort from Miami, or something. I know Speed Highway has that trademark building running sequence, but Emerald Coast just beats it out, in my book.

Stage 6 - City Escape: This stage IS Sonic Adventure 2. 'nuff said.

Stage 7 - Grand Metropolis: Sonic Heroes deserved to have a stage that wasn't already rendered in HD represent it. All-Stars racing already GAVE us faithfully recreated HD versions of Seaside Hill, Casino Park, and Final Fortress; we should have gotten something different. Grand Metropolis is a Sonic stage unlike many others; it's a futuristic city, set on transluscent roads suspended thousands of feet above ground-level. Yes, it has SOME industrialized elements like Chemical Plant, but the emphasis on both the city-elements and futuristic elements make it it's own beast. It's truly the most unique level from Heroes, and the epic music and feel of the level just pushes it over the top for me. Yeah, I know it's another city stage and I bashed Sonic Team earlier for choosing too many city-themed levels, but if you think this level is too much like City Escape, you need to get your head examined. Plus, as you'll see, my list has no Crisis City, so there needed to be a level with SOME fire-elements, so why not include the segment with the rising lava from the original level, eh? tongue.png

Stage 8: Kingdom Valley: Sky Sanctuary was a beautiful sky-themed ruins level, but howabout a specific PALACE-themed level? Let alone one set in a flooded valley? Next to Crisis City, this level WAS Sonic 2006, and I think it's a bit more unique than an apocalyptic, fire-ridden city. Imagine Classic Sonic running through this massive, beatiful stage, which in my opinion was one of the few saving graces of 2006. Plus, the eeiry feel of being an abandonned, ruined castle could have been perfect for referencing some of the haunted levels from past games, perhaps for Classic Sonic tongue.png

Stage 9: Savannah Citadel: This was the stage that got the most coverage for Unleashed, and right now, we're missing a desert-themed level. Plus, in case you guys forgot, this area, according to the story, also housed one of Eggman's bases; it could be a great penultimate level with that in mind, if they simply handled it correctly. I mean, come on; an ancient sandy fortress with elements of Eggman's base in the area from Unleashed? Plus, again; Classic Sonic doing such things as scaling the massive tree could have just been epic.

Stage 10: Planet Wisp: Yes, that's right, stage 10. There should have been 10 freaking levels, 9 ain't enough. Anyhow, Planet Wisp was a great choice for a final level; the fact that it's a freaking PLANET that's being slowly converted into an Eggman base is just epic. And it was done so well! Opening up the level with the planet untouched by machinery, seeing Earth in the background to give you a sense of scale, and then finally entering the distopian Eggman base.. GAH, so great. The only thing I would have done differently is given each Sonic two wisp powers instead of one each; one just ain't enough. Perhaps Classic Sonic could have gotten the spikes and laser, while Modern Sonic could have gotten the rocket and hover, who knows?

Now for the bosses.. I would have kept Metal Sonic, Shadow, Perfect Chaos, and the Egg Dragoon the same, but I would have made some changes..

First off, Classic Sonic should have fought the classic Wrecking Ball Egg Mobile that is fondly remembered as the first boss of Sonic 1. Perhaps after clearing Green Hill, before encountering the Time Eater? Hell, they could have made it more interesting; add more platforms and maybe even have Eggman smash some of them in varying intervals biggrin.png And I know they were trying to build suspense for the reveal of Robotnik at the end, but hell, that didn't stop them from using the Big Arm; all they did was darken the cockpit. They could have done the same here.

Next up, the "Death Egg Robot" should have been the final boss from Sonic and Knuckles. We JUST saw the final boss from Sonic 2 in Sonic 4 (fuck you Dimps), and this boss is just so much more titanic and imposing. It DESERVED to be remade in glorious HD, and it would have served as the perfect end to Classic Sonic's portion of history in the franchise.

Now for Silver; I would have kept most of his fight the same, only maybe have it set during the Soleanna festival of the sun at night, during Eggman's seige. Hell, it could have been epic; battling Silver with the Egg Carrier overhead, as Silver grabs missiles and parts of the environment and hurls them at you.. plus, without Rooftop Run, it would have been nice to see an old-world, European-styled stage in the game.

Bosses would be fought similarly to how they were fought in the game, only all 7 would have their own gates, and be sprinkled more creatively throughout the game rather than simply being capstones of "eras." Plus, 7 bosses = 7 emeralds, it makes sense.

And that's what I would have done if I were in charge of selecting the levels tongue.png Now I know what you're thinking, "you dink, you forgot a casino and themepark levels!" Well, the Casino Night mini-game would still be in, and as for a themepark, fuck me, I covered more tropes in my list than Sonic Team did in the actual GAME. So ha. tongue.png

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•Green Hill- well duh! this level introduced us to the blue blur

•Chemical Plant- this is probably the most iconic level in Sonic 2

•Collision Chaos- I really like this level, and the time traveling from CD could have been an exclusive level gimmick for both Modern and Classic

•Lava Reef/Hidden Palace- ok I freaking love this level from S&K and this is the point in the game when things start to get serious.....and it's awesome.


•Lost World- I loved the Generations version of Speed Highway but I just find Lost world to be a more unique level.

•City Escape- too iconic to pass up

•Seaside Hill- this level is freaking gorgeous


•Kingdom Valley- this level would have been soo badass with Modern Sonic and wind grinding was pretty sweet.

•Chun-Nan- in my opinion this was the best level in Unleashed and I would have loved to play it with Classic Sonic.

•Starlight Carnival or Aquarium Park- best levels in Colors in my opinion.

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Yay, I get to pull out my visual aids again!

Now, this is working on the basis that any amount of content was possible - but sticking with one stage and one boss per game:


Green Hill and Egg Mobile

Yeah, duh.

Chemical Plant and Death Egg Robot

Yeah can't fault them on these. Utterly iconic. Drill Eggman is a little more memorable than the last boss for obvious reasons, but would be boring after using the first boss from Sonic 1 too.

Tidal Tempest and Metal Sonic

Quirky choice, mainly to fill the role of water stage. Honestly all the stages in Sonic CD were equally memorable I thought, and fan-favourite Stardust Speedway would get representation through the Metal Sonic battle.

Ice Cap and Drill Eggman

Ice Cap is such a fan favourite it's the obvious Sonic 3 choice. Drill Eggman would look BOSS in HD with the sprawling jungle ruins below, and would allow for some cool Tails fanservice.

Sky Sanctuary and Knuckles

Yeah this was just the obvious choice for prettifying up into HD. Including a Knuckles boss battle would give him recognition of his once rival status.

Twinkle Park and Perfect Chaos

Speed Highway is pretty damn memorable, but we already have a lot of city stages so figured this was the next best thing. Classic Sonic's could include pinball elements. Perfect Chaos, again, obvious choice for boss battle.

City Escape and Shadow

These were again, obvious choices, too iconic. Though it breaks my heart to not include Biolizard (as you'll see with how I handled my 3DS list).

Hang Castle and Egg Emperor

This is another game that's "taking one for the team" by choosing a stage for level variety over iconicity. All the boss battles in Heroes were lame, but Egg Emperor was one of the least lame. I guess.

Black Comet and Black Doom

Another variety one. No other game in the series had an "alien" themed level (aside from Planet Wisp I guess actually lol). So really represents it nicely. I would have loved to use Lava Shelter but the firey theme is too similar to the next stage. Black Doom is... again just obvious choice for representing the game. Egg Dealer might have been neat too though I suppose. Black Doom would be fought in GUN Fortress for variety.

Crisis City and Silver

Yeah these were just obvious choices again. Kingdom Valley was a close second but I think Crisis City is just slightly more representative. And damn it has great music. I'd have the Silver fight running through Soleanna too... although that would make the Katamari final attack a bit TOO silly... Humm.

Night Palace and Erazjor Djinn

Night Palace would look so amazing in HD. And Erazor Djinn is just iconicity again. Sand Scorpion might have also been awesome for showing off Sand Oasis in HD too though...

Rooftop Run and Egg Dragoon

Just absoloute no other choice. These ARE Unleashed.

Crystal Cave and Mist Dragon

This is another one for variety really. Mist Dragon I just chose because I think it'd be awesome to see Misty Lake in HD.

Planet Wisp and Rotatatron

Planet Wisp was utterly iconic of Colours, and Rotatatron would allow some Tropical Resort representation. In my head I imagine the entire thing dislodging and chasing you through a whole half boss/half level arena like Perfect Chaos was.

Center Of Time and Time Eater

Really wanted a final "medley" stage a la End Of The World, or even just a brand new, surreal stage. 8C

Shall post again with my 3DS stage list, which was designed to compliment this one.

Were I forced to do the Three Eras - Three Stages Per Era - Three Bosses limitation of the final game...

I can admit they made some pretty good choices actually, lol.

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Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone

Sonic CD - Tidal Tempest (One of my favorite water stages from the series.)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Chemical Plant Zone

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Ice Cap Zone (Generations lacked an ice zone and I think Ice Cap can be called the best & most famous of all the ice zones.)

Sonic & Knuckles - Sandopolis Zone (I really liked the gimmicks from this one like the quick sand and the ghosts.)


Sonic Adventure - Speed Highway

Sonic Adventure 2 - City Escape

Sonic Heroes - Rail Canyon (With more train platforming action than the original.)

Shadow the Hedgehog - Black Comet (The most memorable for me other than Westopolis.)

Sonic Riders - Babylon Garden (Yes Riders, since it is the only home console game that I can think that fits with the DC Era. Also a way to include Jet.)


Sonic 06 - Crisis City

Sonic and the Secret Rings - Dinosaur Jungle (Because Dinosaurs.)

Sonic and the Black Knight - Molten Mine (Never played it but from what I saw, it seems pretty cool.)

Sonic Unleashed - Eggmanland (A real challenge and very memorable in my opinion.)

Sonic Colors - Asteroid Coaster (I liked the stage, the gravity gimmicks would be cool for the Classic stage.)

Edited by Tmsp

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Alternate levels I would've chosen (Preferably for DLC)


Sonic 1- Scrap Brain Zone

I think that this stage would be interesting to add in. Considering the traps and obstacles, it could be a challenging act for both Sonics


Sonic 2- Metropolis Zone

This stage has some freakin' awesome music in it. oh, it's also one of my favorite stages in Sonic 2. Pretty tricky. Did I mention the music is awesome?


Sonic 3- Ice Cap Zone

I thought this would've been the bonafide choice for a Sonic 3 stage in at least one of the versions, but whatever. I mean, come on! It's one of the most popular stages (and one of the best)!


Sonic Adventure- Twinkle Park

I wish this stage would've made it in. It's one of the most visually appealing stages in the game. Also, I'd love to see the Rollercoaster part in redone HD. Maybe a Twinkle Circuit section at the end for good measure.


Sonic Adventure 2- Metal Harbor

Flying Bomber Jets Galore! Another awesome stage with awesome music, and the missile launch would be perfect for Modern Sonic. Also, a rerecording of "Can't Stop, So What?" would be AMAZING!


Sonic Heroes- Grand Metropolis/Power Plant

This stage is probably one of my favorites in Heroes. Since Seaside Hill included Ocean Palace as well, Grand Metropolis would include a bit of Power Plant. Stage gimmick thing would be the Lava chase at the end.


Sonic 2006- Kingdom Valley

The only other stage that would be interesting to recreate from this game. It's got great music, and Act 2 would be amazing with the Mach Speed Section, considering it's the best looking part of the entire game.


Sonic Unleashed- Chun-Nan/Dragon Road

This was my second choice for a stage from Unleashed. I absolutely love this stage. Also, to enhance it, since Rooftop Run had confetti and balloons everywhere, I kinda imagined a Chun-Nan New Year's Theme (have the stage set at night, more fireworks, decorations everywhere)


Sonic Colors- Starlight Carnival

Ok, seriously. Why wasn't this stage on Generations. I was thinking that would've been in at least one of the versions. I definitely would've preferred it over Planet Wisp. I mean, come on! This stage is absolutely freakin' GORGEOUS! One of the best stage songs in the game as well! This stage in HD and Stereoscopic 3D would be orgasmic!



Classic Era Rival- Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel (various)

A wanted poster ain't enough. This guy needs to come back as a villain. It would make sense for him to be a rival since he's been a couple Game Gear games as one of the main villains.

Music: Nack the Weasel's Theme (Hub World), Casino Night (Sonic the Fighters) (Boss Theme)


Classic Era Boss- Mecha Sonic (Sonic 3&K)

Could definitely be a boss. He may be the smallest boss, but he's still one of the last bosses. Also, great chance for an epic remix.

Music: Sonic 3 Major Boss theme (Hub World), Doomsday Zone (Boss Theme)


Dreamcast Era Rival- Emerl (Sonic Battle)

I definitely haven't forgotten about his guy. An awesome character that had an untimely death. His turn was inevitable, since he was created as a weapon of mass destruction. This battle would be against his Ultimate version.

Music: Colosseum (Hub World), Final Battle (Boss Theme)


Dreamcast Era Boss- Some sort of GUN Robot (Sonic Adventure 2/Shadow the Hedgehog)

"This game of tag is boring! I'm outta here!...Hmph, finally decided to show up, eh? OK, BRING IT ON!"

I could imagine the first boss of SA2's Hero side (Bigfoot) getting a major upgrade and becoming much, much bigger and more powerful.

Music: Doss: Diablon (Shadow the Hedgehog) (Hub World), Boss: GUN Mobile (Boss Theme)


Modern Era Rival- Captain Whisker & Johnny (Sonic Rush Adventure)

Honestly, this is the only idea that I could think of for a Modern Era Rival lol. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though. I could imagine the battle taking place across a huge fleet of Pirate ships. For comedic effect, the ending battle cutscene could be these two being shot out of a cannon lol.

Music: Boss Theme (Hub World), Boss: Captain Whisker (Boss Theme)


Modern Era Boss- Eggman Nega/F-Zone Boss (Sonic Rush)

Kinda surprised that he didn't appear as a boss in the 3DS version, considering the fact that Water Palace made it in. Also, who wouldn't want to hear a remix of Bomber Barbara? That song is sexy.

Music: Wrapped in Black (Hub World), Bomber Barbara (Boss Theme)



Modern Era Boss- Iblis (Sonic 2006)

Since 06 has no boss representation in either version, Let's add everyone's favorite rock-chuckin' fire monster to the fray! I would probably prefer the Phase 3 Iblis as a boss, but either one could fit. (Phase 3 would be more grandiose though.

Music: Boss: Iblis (Hub World), Boss: Iblis Phase 3 (Boss Theme)

I know there's not much difference in between the two, but whatever.

Edited by Alien/Renegade

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I would swap out Sky Sanctuary for Ice Cap, and Seaside Hill for Casino Park. Don't get me wrong, I loved both of those levels in Generations, they were great, but I think the two I listed would have been more ideal. That's just me, though.

Oh, and maybe change the Sonic 2 final boss to the final boss from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

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I would swap out Sky Sanctuary for Ice Cap, and Seaside Hill for Casino Park. Don't get me wrong, I loved both of those levels in Generations, they were great, but I think the two I listed would have been more ideal. That's just me, though.

Oh, and maybe change the Sonic 2 final boss to the final boss from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

I support Sky Sanctuary being swapped for Ice Cap, but only if Crisis City gets swapped for Kingdom Valley.

Also, I'd rather Chemical Plant get the boot for Casino Night Zone that way Seaside Hill could go out in favor of Egg Fleet.

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This is how I vision Sonic Generations if they made one for the Wii,psp using the genesis and dreamcast stages from the 3ds and a different 3DS version.

Sonic Generations (Wii)



Classic Sonic

Modern Sonic

Classic Tails

Modern Tails

Classic Amy

Modern Amy

Classic Knuckles

Modern Knuckles

Classic Eggman/Dr.Robotnik

Modern Dr.Eggman

Metal Sonic



Genesis Era


Green Hill

Ally Rescue: Tails

Oil Ocean

Ally Rescue: Amy

Rival: Metal Sonic (stardust speedway)

Ice Cap

Ally Rescue: Knuckles

Rival: Classic Knuckles (hidden palace)

Death Egg

Boss: Great Eggman Robo

Dreamcast Era


Twinkle Park

Final Rush

Rival: Shadow the Hedgehog

Final Fortress

Final Fortress

Boss: Metal Madness

Modern Era


Sand Oasis

Rival: Silver the Hedgehog

Dragon Road

Starlight Carnival

Wisp: Hover Wisp (Classic Sonic), Frenzy Wisp (Modern Sonic)

Terminal Velocity

Boss: Eggman Nega Wisp

Center of Time

Boss: Time Eater


Sonic Generations (psp)



Classic & Modern Sonic

Classic & Modern Tails

Dr.Robotnik (Classic Eggman)

Dr.Eggman (Modern Eggman)

Genesis Era


Green Hill

Casino Night

Mushroom Hills

Rival Boss: Metal Sonic

Genesis Boss: Big Arms

DreamCast Era


Emerald Coast

Radical Highway

Rail Canyon

Rival Boss: Shadow the Hedgehog

Main Boss: Biolizard

Modern Era


Sky Park

Chaotic Inferno

Tropical Resort

Wisp: Burst Wisp (Classic Sonic),Laser Wisp (Modern Sonic)

Rival Boss: Silver the Hedgehog

Main Boss: Egg Dealer

Center of Time

Boss: Time Eater


Sonic Generations (3DS)



Classic & Modern Sonic

Classic & Modern Tails

Dr.Robotnik & Dr.Eggman

Metal Sonic

Fang the Sniper

Shadow the Hedgehog


Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat

Game Gear Era


Green Hill

Sleeping Egg

Rival Boss: Metal Sonic

Sunset Park

Rival Boss: Fang the Sniper

Electric Egg

Boss: Laser Walker

Advance Era


Secret Base

Sky Canyon

Rival Boss: Shadow

Route 99

Rival Boss: Emerl

Altar Emerald

Boss: Gemerl

Modern Era


Water Palace

Rival Boss: Blaze the Cat

Plant Kingdom

Asteroid Coaster

Wisp: Drill Wisp (Classic Sonic),Void Wisp (Modern Sonic)

Rival Boss: Silver the Hedgehog

Dead Line

Boss: Egg King

Center of Time

Boss: Time Eater

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I haven't played the console game. But I do know what stages I used. I am a major fanboy of every "Level 1" in the series. I'll try to keep in mind that a compilation of "Stage 1" is not a good thing. Anyway, here I go.

For the CONSOLE edition.


Green Hill. ( How can it be anything else? )

Mystic Cave

Hydro City

Rival - Mecha Sonic

Boss - Final Zone


Windy Valley

City Escape ( Probably my favorite "Level 1" in the series. )

Hang Castle

Rival - Shadow

Boss - Biolizard


Kingdom Valley

Chu Nan ( Forgot the name of the Act.. )

Planet Wisp

Rival - Silver

Boss - ( Don't know. Modern bosses kind of suck. )

As for the Handheld Edition, I would definitely go a more... HANDHELD route with the level selects.


Scrap Brain

Green Hills ( Note. "HILLS" from Sonic 2 8-bit. I'd love to hear "Toot Toot Sonic warrior" modernized... )

Sunset Park Zone

Rival: Fang

Boss: Can't remember any good ones from the 8-bit games... so.... Big Arm.

Advance: ( Can't exactly call it "DreamCast" now can we? )

Egg Rocket

Music Planet

Chaos Angel

Rival: Emerl

Boss: Sonic Advance 2 First boss? I forget the name.


Leaf Storm

Haunted Ship

Starlight Carnival

Rival: Blaze

Boss: Dunno.

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Classic Era

Sonic 1-Green Hill Zone

Sonic 2-Chemical Plant Zone

Sonic 3 & Knuckles-Sky Sanctuary

Dreamcast Era

Sonic Adventure-Speed Highway

Sonic Adventure 2-Metal Harbor (Sorry, but City Escape is my least favorite level due to how bland it is and that shitty song playing in the background drives me nuts.)

Sonic Heroes-Seaside Hill

Modern Era

Sonic 06-Kingdom Valley (Don't really care for Crisis City all that much.)

Sonic Unleashed-Apotos/Windmill Isle (Rooftop Run's okay, but I'd rather see Windmill Isle instead.)

Sonic Colors-Tropical Resort (Planet Wisp is meh to me.)

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