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30 Days of Video Games

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I would have said Zelda, but since I've already praised its greatness in one post in this thread, I think I'll go with a Nintendo franchise that I hold in equal esteem despite preferring the latter:


Oh, Metroid, we go way back. I've considered myself a Metroid fan since I played through Fusion when I was 8. Though I had had exposure to the franchise prior to that, that was my big Metroid moment. It was an amazing experience and I consider it, along with Zero Mission, to be the greatest games released for the Game Boy Advance. After playing those two games, I went on to play the Prime series, and once it came out on Virtual Console, Super Metroid. Both the latter and the original Metroid Prime are games that I consider to be among my absolute favorites.

But really, what is it that makes the Metroid series so great? Well, for one thing, the feeling of progression is amazing.You start the game out feeling weak, dropped in this giant world with little power and few abilities, but as you go through the game you grow more and more in these areas. Eventually, enemies that once gave you trouble are killed with only a few shots, and formerly insurmountable obstacles or doors are now, well...surmountable. This brings me to another one of Metroid's key joys: exploration. It's just so much fun to explore the game's various areas and find hidden secrets and upgrades (which, again, adds to the satisfaction of seeing Samus grow in power). This also brings me to another key point: immersion. Metroid always has a way of drawing you into its world; the atmosphere, the music, the creatures you face, the bosses, and, of course, the exploration all pull you in, and once you're in, you won't want out.

Then there's the elephant in the room, Metroid: Other M, and, well...would I be committing an act of heresy to say that I really liked it? I really enjoyed its more action-based take on the Metroid formula, and it gave me that same amazing sense of progression as the other games. I'll admit that the writing is bad, and I do mean bad, but really, I even thought the storyline was really interesting. The revelations and plot twists really kept me engaged, and even if it could have been handled a lot better, I think it's nice that it actually allowed us to see Adam and took us deeper into Samus' past. Regarding Samus' characterization, well...meh. It provoked no reaction from me, positive or negative. I prefer Samus as a silent bad@$$, but for one game, I can live with a more emotional and verbal Samus. So yeah. Don't kill me. :/

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Day 4: Your Favorite Video Game Series

Do you even have to ask? Well if you insist.


Oh god, this series is just amazing. I'm only a more recent fan, but for a little while I lurked, talking about it on other forums, looking up the games online, and seeing them in stores. Around Christmas of 2010, I asked my mom about it, and with her permission, I began my decent into fanboyism. In just over a year, I've caught up pretty nicely, purchasing most of the main system games, and learning more and more about the series.

Now, looking back I've always been a fan of platformers. However, I've also been impatient, and thus had some issues with some of the games I played. When I found Sonic, he was a blue, spiky animal of speed that combined my love of platoformers and impatience with games like Donkey Kong. I was instantly hooked, and have devolved far enough into fanboyism that most games I buy now are Sonic ones. While he's had his ups and downs, I only recently started buying the games, so I can read about the pros and cons of all the games, and get them at good prices. Plus, with Generations the speed and platforming has merged to perfection, so I'm very hopeful of the upcoming games.

Though I'm sure you all knew this. :P

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I guess my favorite game series has to be:


I'll start by saying this...I...LOVE...this...series. The Tony Hawk series was a great memory from my childhood. I remember getting Pro Skater 2 for the PS1 (it was one of my first games for it) and I was absolutely enthralled in it for years (until my disc broke sleep.png). The unrealism of the series has been criticized by many, but I think it's what makes the games so damned fun. I always loved seeing the crazy 10 million point combos that people would pull off in that game.

But I think that one of the most important parts of the game for me was the Soundtrack. This game (with small help from MTV, y'know, back when they actually played MUSIC) helped give me my first taste of Rock music. Also, The Tony Hawk series is responsible for introducing me to some of my favorite musical acts today, such as Bad Religion, NOFX, The Living Legends, and most of all, Public Enemy (I remember my dad, who is a huge PE fan, smiling brightly when I was able to rap to most of Bring The Noise at age 9 XD). I love these game's soundtracks so much, that the majority of my YouTube channel (supersonicZ16) is dedicated to my favorite songs from the games. The combination of the awesome soundtrack and fun-as-hell gameplay caused me to start buying all of the old games once again (save for Pro Skater 1 & 2, since they're not on the PS2)

Of course, every series has it's bad points. And these bad points for me were Ride and Shred. Activision was VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRY peripheral/milk happy during that time, so those games pretty much sucked. Other than those two, I pretty much enjoyed every game in the series to some extent (hell, I even enjoyed Project 8 and Proving Grounds).

I didn't completely lose faith in the series exactly, but I definitely had the "stick-with-the-old-games" mindset for a while. After 2010, I started to wonder if the series would return to its roots. I remained optimistic but extremely skeptical due to Activision's recent track record. And then...during the VGAs, I jumped for joy and had the biggest fangasm of my entire life. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, featuring old levels and controller gameplay, is coming this year. I can safely say that it's one of my most anticipated games of this year.

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This was an easy one. I've been a fan of Pokemon ever since I fist watched the anime. The games are where it's at though. The quality of each main game and some spinoffs are staggering and I pretty much buy any game with Pokemon in the title. Hell, I bought Pokemon Dash, one of the worst of the series, and I ALWAYS buy both versions of the games AND their respective remakes!

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Wow, I'm surprised at the number of Pokemon diehards we've got here.

I suppose I should add that if I were to pick another series, Pokemon would be a strong contender. It is the best Nintendo franchise, after all. :P

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I'm actually going to have to go with more than one here


What a surprise, right? Seriously, though, I've been a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog for as long as I can remember. Ever since back then when I had the good 'ole SEGA Genesis in my room, I would just keep playing Sonic and loving every second of it. I'll admit, the game series has hit a few bumps in the road that it has traveled, as I'm sure many of you know by now, but that still doesn't stop it from being my favorite video game series. It's just got a bunch of games with a fantastic bunch of wholesome fun and replay ability.


Another favorite video game series of mine is definitely Assassin's Creed. Because it focuses on a part of video games that I like to pay very much attention to. A story. And my god, does it have a story. I find myself eagerly waiting for the next installment to this game whenever I finish the most recent one and I always get disappointed whenever I finish one of the games because I just want to keep on going and seeing what happens next! The characters, the environments, the writing, the animations, everything! This game series is absolutely brilliant and I've loved every single one so far. Yes, even the first one, I don't see what people didn't like. Given, the newer ones are better, Revelations being my favorite, but the first wasn't bad. In fact, it was also my first Xbox 360 game. But anyways, it's just a fantastic series and I just want to keep on playing them.


Alright, this is the last one. I honestly wasn't too sure about whether or not I should include this one because..well, there are only two games in the series so far. But MAN are they incredibly awesome in every single way, shape, and form. I know Bioshock Infinite is coming out later this year and it's at the top of my most hyped list. I seriously cannot wait for it. But anyways, back as to why I love this game series so much. I mean..god, there's just honestly nothing that I can nitpick about this game series and say that I don't like. The controls are perfect, the concept of the game is original and just..fantastic. The writing and the story..don't even get me started, I absolutely love it. The atmosphere of Rapture, an underwater city that was corrupted is captured so incredibly well..I mean, the place is in ruins, but it's so beautiful at the same time. These games are..absolutely pronominal. If you haven't checked them out yet, I would definitely recommend it. There's really nothing I don't love about both games.

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Favorite franchise?

Would have to be Pokemon; because it feels like you are the one in the adventure. You can to customize Pokemon moves and you sometimes get attached to them. It also has great characters, game wise, and great evil plots from the villains. But other than that, it's really a great series.

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Favorite Series:

This is a tough one. I would love to pick Sonic, but since I'm going to be using that game a ton in this, I should probably use something else. So here it is:


NCAA Football. The one game that Electronic Arts consistently makes better year after year. Its not just a roster update like Madden is, its a whole new experience year after year.

I haven't missed a release date purchase of this game since 2005, and I don't think I'm going to any time, either. :D

(Oh, and unlike Madden, they actually make the online work in the game).

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Day 4 is..... Halo


I only played 3, ODST, Reach, and Anniversary, but here I'll mainly talk about 3 and Reach.

Now let me explain, no, it wasn't the campaign or single player, but the multiplayer that made me a Halo fan. Remember, I had a Gamecube 2.0- I mean a Wii, so I was new to Xbox Live and all. Talking to people on Xbox Live, while playing Halo 3 is some of my fondest memories this generation.

The multiplayer was amazing, Whether it's coming up with tactics to beat the opposing team, or just goofing off and acting stupid, the multiplayer also amazed me one way or another. The maps were great too, I'll never forget maps like Valhalla, or Avalanche.

Halo also had the Forge/Custom maps. These modes let you pick a map, and create to your hearts desire, making fun ridculous maps, or challenging cruel ones. I could sit here and list all of my favorite custom games like Minotaur on Labrynth, where you're dropped in a maze with a juggernaut chasing you, but my list would go on and on, for there's litterally thousands of custom games I have played and loved.

Reach improved greatly on most of these aspects, but I felt the maps were better in Halo 3. It's still a blast to play though, as the new experince points system, armor abilities, and customization make it well worth your time.

And the achivevments for these games are so challenging, frustating even. Halo 3's Vidmaster Challenge Annual is the single hardest thing I've ever had to do in a video game since beating Super Monkey Ball 2.

I guess I'm getting off track here but look, I know what some people are gonna say, Halo is boring, generic FPS, blah blah blah. Well to me, it's an amazing series where the multiplayer is just fun. Nothing else to say, it's just fun. I've never gotten bored playing a map with my friends, or making a new gameplay type in Forge. Halo is just something special to me, it made me LOVE the 360, and I can't wait for Halo 4. I'm sad Bungie left, but if Halo 4 is anywhere near as fun as Halo 3, then I'm sure I've got nothing to worry about. After all 343;s Halo Anniversary was......meh. But that was a remake of Halo 1, I gotta see them make thier own gameplay engine for 4 before I can really judge them.

So yeah.......I love Halo. Love the multiplayer. Like the single player. Love love ove LOVE the customization and forge modes. Rock on Halo!

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Day Four-Favourite Video game Series

Oh boy this is a hard one. I definitely don't have a favourite and the two that are tied for my favourite are kind of hard for me to post because either I:

1. Post the obvious favourite series that people would post on a Sonic forum despite the fact that there are so many other using it as an example.


2. Post about a series of games that is only a trilogy(Soon to be a... um.. quadlogy or something like that?) and I have already posted about a game of it here and try to explain the series without fanboying or reiterating what was already said about said game.

Screw it, let's go with two.


Hello again, Sly. Back so soon?

Yeah, what can i say, Sly 2 isn't my favourite game for nostalgia alone. It and the rest of the trilogy(And hopefully the fourth game too) are some the best games I've played. They're just so fun and addicting. I have replayed them all the way through more than any other game. These are the only games that I took time to one hundred percent back to back. I guess I should talk about what each individual title means to me and how it as a series holds up.

Let's go in order, shall we?


Sly Cooper and the Thevius Racoonus

This is the first Sly game and Sucker Punch's Second game. Sucker Punch had just made their first game, "Rocket Robot on Wheels"(The only sucker Punch game I haven't played but I've heard it's really good and underrated) for the Nintendo 64.

Sly Cooper and the Thevius Racoonus(Or Sly 1 as it is commonly referred as) is the first in the series and is, understandably different from it's successors. The game is a linear platformer in contrast to the successors more open world style. Now I played Sly 2 before Sly 1. I didn't even know Band of Thieves was a sequel while I was playing it. So it was awkward for me to play Sly 1 after Sly 2. That being said, I love Sly 1 to death. I had fun platforming through the levels, hiding from guards and dodging Carmelita in the Carmelita's shots levels.


Now Sly 1 also has two other differences to it's successors. You only play as Sly and you only have one hit point unless you get a lucky horseshoe. Never do you play as Bentley or Murray(There are a few van and computer hacking missions though) nor do you have a health bar as Sly. The writing is pretty much the same. The characters are the same, the humour's the same, everything is as you would expect from Sly Cooper.

Sly 1, like Sly 2, has clue bottles which you can collect to crack safe codes and get new moves. The bottles are really well hidden and you will have to replay some levels to look for them.

The game's story is simple. Sly and his gang are off to get the pages of the Thevius Racconus from the Fiendish Five who stole the pages when they killed Sly's father. This game is definitely the lightest of the three and is the most comic booky.

And now for the sequel...


Sly Cooper Band of Thieves

This is the first Sly game I played and from the beginning in the museum, it blew me away. The great characters, good graphics, catchy music and fun gameplay made Band of Thieves the first game to make me realize that not only can games tell a story and tell it great(Which Sly 1 and 3 also did) but that games can be really damn fun. I've played games before Sly 2 like Sonic The Hedgehog and Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64 but this is the first game where I was overwhelmed by how much fun i was having.

Now the thing that got me the most about this game was the teamwork. Yes, teamwork. Sure it may seem simple now but to have characters that hold open gates for you and hack lasers and fight with you and that are so well programmed that they are genuinely helpful and not an annoyance made me the happiest gamer in the world. To this day, i love ever section of the game where you have an NPC ally with you. It's fun to fight enemies with them. Especially in the part where Sly and Murray have to protect Bentley while he's hacking in to a computer.


The game's story is about Sly and the gang setting out to collect the Clockwork parts from the Fiendish Five. The story's a bit bigger as the game itself is bigger. The story's also darker and more character driven than the first.

I would go on about the gameplay but it's pretty much Sly 1 in an open world with Bentley and Murray playable. Also I already talk about it and I am fangasming about this awesome series enough as it is.

Now for the the final game, so far...


Sly Cooper Honor Among Thieves

I was very much anticipating Sly 3. I am happy to say it didn't disappointing. With the great gameplay from Sly 2, more character development, more characters with different types of gameplay and a great new story, Sly Cooper Honor Among Thieves is probably the best game out of the trilogy.

The story is a bit lighter than Sly 2 though it's still a lot darker than Sly 1. I love the settings and the new characters like Penelope and Dr. M. It still has the same charm and humour from the first two Sly games.


Remember what I said about teamwork? Well, I absolutely loved the bar fight because of that. You get to fight along with the rest of the Cooper gang against endless hoards of enemies and at points the game will go slow-mo and switch to another character. It's one of my favourite parts of the series. It's so fun!

While the gameplay is pretty much the same as Sly 2's gameplay, there is multiplayer modes and other types of gameplay like flying and shooting a plane and swimming underwater and killing sharks with darts.

And that's my favourite series.

But before I end, and because I can't resist and because it's related, I am ecstatic as all hell for the fourth game.


Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

When I first saw the teaser for Sly 4 at E3 I became so excited and happy. Finally, after five years, a new Sly game has been announced! But my spirits were dampened when I found out that Sucker Punch were not developing it. Instead, the makers of the Sly Collection, Sanzaru Games, are developing it. First came rage, then depression and, finally, logic.


I mean, Sucker Punch cares a lot about their fans. they wouldn't just throw their series to some crappy high profile uncaring money grubbing developer. No, if Sanzaru truly were great enough to impress Sucker Punch and earn their trust then they must be good enough to make a Sly game. It looks like they are. They are adding new things like bigger worlds and different graphics and different style cutscenes yet staying to the spirit of the games. Same voice actors, music composer and even the same controls. When Sanzaru talks about Sly, you can just tell that they love the series and know what they are talking about.


Not too mention you get to play as Sly's ancestors which have been talked about since Sly 1 yet never shown much more than in passing reference. It's new stuff like this that not only make me feel like this will feel like a Sly game but that it will feel like Sly 4 and not like a retread of the previous game. With costumes that also give new abilities and more added to the hubs, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time looks like a perfect addition to my favourite video game series and I can't wait.


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I can't say much more than has already been said. Sonic's not always had the best games, but everything about the character, the world he lives in and so much more make the Sonic the Hedgehog series my favourite of all-time. Nothing invokes a sense of sheer happiness and joy like this one, whether it's from the perfect music or the wonderful visuals, nothing comes close.

Here's to another 20 years of the little blue bastard! ;D

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It definitely has to be the sonic series. The series has had it's rough times but i have been able to make a lot of friends through it find out about my artistic ability and the games somehow have a glow to me. My second and third games have to spyro and kh(in no order). The KH series just feels so magica lat times and the spyro series WAS so creative and wacky!

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awwwwww you know I mean business when I use THAT text

So yeah, while Sonic wasn't my first game, it was what convinced me that I loved them. Be it the amazing music that almost never fails to be iPod worthy, the character himself, or the incredible, endlessly vast and varied world he lives in.

He taught me to love the idea of adventure, that super speed was the best superpower ever, and to never take on a challenge without hope.

Here's to you, Sonic, and may you continue to run far into the future.

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hope its not too late to join

Day 4: Favourite Video Game Series


what is not to love about Sony's Ape Escape series? i don't know what it is about the series that keeps me coming back, but it is probably the most fun i've had within a game ever, each game is different and adds new gameplay mechanics.


The original introduces the series abruptly with a kooky story and goofy characters, the main character a boy named Spike is running errands for the professor of monkey science, oddly he was told to send some new pants to the monkey park for the monkeys to wear, what he doesn't know is that he also sent "monkey helmets" with them, before they can do anything, an albino Monkey named Specter with human intelligence takes lead of the monkeys and escapes into the world to take over the world... weird right?

you're forced into an adventure armed with a few gadgets to retrieve the monkeys across time as Spector with his intelligence, builds a machine that sends his minions all through time, not only that but he kidnaps your friend Jake, and brainwashes him!

now Ape Escape is well known for its essential use of the PS1's Analogue sticks as it is how you use gadgets and move (it was also the first game to utilize this feature!)

now the charm in the game itself is the gadgets and the monkeys you have to catch, different classes of monkeys wear different coloured pants they vary in strength, speed & alertness and difficulty to capture depends on the colour pants they are wearing, this is where the game breaks the repetitive flow of catching a bunch of monkeys with a net, the classes go like this.

Yellow Pants - Standard monkeys that aren't too bright, fast or dangerous

Dark Blue Pants - Monkeys with high speed, you need to sneak up on them or they flee to the point you can't capture them

Light Blue Pants - Shy Monkeys with increased defence and evasive skills, they also look sad the poor things.

Red Pants - Angry Monkeys, often wearing Boxing gloves and get aggravated easily, can cause a lot of damage if faced head on with

Green Pants - These monkeys wear heat seeking goggles so their alertness is high, they also pack a homing missile backpack, they have poor vision if you're on ground level and not directly in their sight.

Black Pants - These monkeys wear sunglasses and carry weapons like machine guns and laser pistols, they're alertness is high.

now your aim of the game is to capture the amount of monkeys you require to progress to the next world by any means necessary, you start out with the time net, and the stun club as you progress to harder levels, more gadgets are made available, the games stages are bright and cartoony and the levels vary greatly from one another, its just typical search and catch but the sheer level of detail put into the game is staggering for a PS1 title, for example the "Monkey Radar" you rotate the right analogue stick to spin the radar and pick up monkey where abouts, if you're close enough you can activate "Monkey Cam" which lets you view the monkey from a safe distance, it also displays the monkeys pants colour, stats and each monkey comes with a one line quote that is normally a mock of famous games and movies.

This game series also has extremely high replay value, think you got all the monkeys? once you complete the game you unlock the final gadget, a giant boxing glove as the game reveals to you, there is a hidden monkey in each stage you've played that you must use the boxing glove to expose (normally in random metal crates, and behind hidden walls) as well as mini games, and being able to view the monkeypedia, a live journal of all the monkeys you've caught in the game.

the monkey count is about 250.


that is just the first game


this game was released on the PS2 and it was the same thing, with new gadgets and new monkeys etc. the monkey total increased up to 480 in this one, they added a collectable aspect to the game where you gained currency within the game worlds, and you could spend it on giant gacha machine that gave you artwork, music, skins for the RC car gadget etc. once you completed it you could also play through the game again as the original game's main character Spike.


this... is the best title in the series EVER, it rocks a staggering 800 monkeys to capture, you get the option of using a boy or girl for the game's main character, and this game takes the cake in terms of movie mocking as the whole point to the story is the Monkeys have brainwashed everyone around the world with their own TV channel and networks (including the previous 2 game's main characters!) this game oozes monkeys dressed as superman, game show people, cowboys, star wars, even terminator! the game is pure, PURE fun in its bare form as if they couldn't make it better, as well as new gadgets you also had access to the new "Persona" gameplay where your character could become a powered up version with costumes like Knights for the fantasy world, Ninja's for the ninja world, even street fighter inspired characters for the "Enter The Dragon" styled worlds, cowboys for western etc. you get the idea, the collectable count is doubled too, so there is concept art, music, mini games, stories, fortunes etc.

oh and did i mention there is also a mini game within the game where you play as Solid Snake monkey that has to help THE actual Solid Snake from Metal Gear, the mini game is a tactical espionage take the piss, but at the same time is serious enough to actually play through, the game is called Mesal Gear Solid.

some gameplay from the western stage of 3!

the intro to Mesal Gear Solid, Laugh it up friends.

unfortunately the series took a Banjo Kazooie, and went downhill greatly after 3... they hashed it into a pathetic Move title.

runners up

Sonic The Hedgehog

The Legend of Zelda


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As I said before, the Donkey Kong Country series is the first series to truly suck me in, and while that extends to almost the entire Donkey Kong Universe (which includes spin-offs like Banjo-Kazooie), I wasn't sure that would count here.

The Donkey Kong Country trilogy combines momentum-based platforming in very atmospheric settings with some of the best video game music ever made. These games are masterpieces in every way (except, arguably, gameplay-wise in the first game) and everyone deserves a chance to give them a spin. I've been playing these since the mid-'90s and I show no sign of stopping.

I need to replay Donkey Kong Country Returns. Even though it doesn't have any veteran Rare composers, it still has great music:

This reminds me of how much the game kept me going after a horrible breakup... ;_; It's beautiful.

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Day 4 - Favorite series

Hmmm.....well, I'm pretty sure no one's mentioned this obscure little franchise yet.


(Drawn by me a few months ago)


I know everyone and their pet frog has talked about Sonic today, so I'm gonna spice things up by discussing my feelings for it - in limerick form!


Gregzilla was a charming young lad

Who thought his Genesis was rad.

At the young age of 3

He was filled up with glee

By a hedgehog and a directional pad.

He zipped around collecting gold hoops

While Gregzilla ate ice cream scoops.

Sonic had but one rule:

"Always be way past cool!"

As he ran upside-down in a loop.

This fellow left quite an impression

On a child then devoid of depression.

As Robotnik made plans,

Greg became a big fan

And sat down for countelss game sessions.

Gregzilla played Sonic 2 and then 3,

And SEGA said "Just add Knuckles, tee-hee!"

While the characters grew,

Greg's interest would, too,

For a rodent he controlled on TV.

Adventure came along, and then 2,

And Heroes and Shadow (boo-hoo),

But through good times and bad,

Gregzilla sometimes got mad,

Yet his love for the franchise stayed true.

Though there have been ups and some downs,

And several moments leading to frowns,

Nostalgia kicked in,

Turning frowns into grins,

As Gregzilla went back for a round.

He played the old classics for a while,

Ignoring the bad games that had formed in a pile,

And as Sonic attacked,

Memories came flooding back,

And he couldn't hold back a big smile.

Nowadays Sonic's getting out of his funk,

Tackling new titles with spunk.

While the fans may complain

(Including Greg, now and again),

He's at least past the 2006 gunk.

Sonic has had quite a past,

More than just bashing bots and running fast,

With characters and theme tunes

And Green Zones and cartoons,

He will never stop being a blast.

Runners Up:

Metroid - One terrible game (Other M), 3 good games (original, II and Hunters), 3 great games (Fusion, Prime 2 & 3), 2 amazing games (Zero Mission and Prime), and one near-perfect masterpiece (Super) all make for one pretty remarkable adventure series.

Mario - Amazing platformers, but it seems Nintendo hasn't really tried anything new with Mario since 2007. Same goes for many Ninty franchises lately.

(I stole the limerick idea from Zero Punctuation's Wolfenstein review. At least I'm honest about it.)

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I know I'm going to be the umpteenth person to say this, but my favorite series is Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic got me into gaming as a whole and has brought me the most joy out of ANY series I've ever played. I'll never forget all the memories I've had of the series, from playing Sonic 1 and 2 (Game Gear) at Timberlodge Steakhouse (I believe they had Game Gears for kids to play while they wait for their food) to rasing Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and waiting at Gamestop at midnight to finally pick up and play Sonic Generations. Sure, Sonic hasn't had a perfect record, but going on for 20+ years is quite an accomplishment for any game series.

Here's to another 20 years for the blue blur!

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I have to say my favorite franchise has to be Sonic The Hedgehog go figure. Like many others have said I really enjoy the whole world of sonic and enjoy the gameplay just as much. Now I my first sonic game was Sonic Adventure for the dreamcast and at the time I have never played a game like that. So as the years went on I played the classics and enjoyed them just as much as the modern games.

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Ooh what's this? A drawing? That wasn't rushed? Yum!


Fun how one day after ranting on and on about how much I loathe one Metroid game, I get to praise it for how absolutely sublime the rest of its games are. And for the purpose of this post, pretend Other M doesn't exist. Otherwise I'll have to add a footnote, "DOES NOT APPLY TO OTHER M," on fucking everything.

The beauty of Metroid is that it has not one bad game to its name. Hunters wasn't good, arguably somewhat of a side title, and it wasn't outright terrible anyway. But the rest of the series consists of nothing short of near-perfect games, and two of them are certainly among the best out there.

The thing about the series is that every game does have minor niggles (except maybe Super and Prime, which are pretty much flawless) but there's so much as a whole that ties it together into a fantastic collection. The music, the environments, the exploration, the atmosphere, the story, they're all things that carry over and retain their quality, even if Fusion was a little more linear, or Corruption was more action-oriented, etc. It's a great thing to sit down with a game and be able to say, "Yeah, this completely feels like Metroid," and that's exactly what you can do with all of them.

One of my favorite things about Metroid is the world, which encompasses so many of its best aspects. As nothing but rooms to run through and shoot things, the environments are genuinely interesting sets, but they go above and beyond, (specifically in the Prime trilogy) and that's what sets them in a special spot in my mind. Everything tells a story. Everywhere you observe something that paints a convincing picture of the Metroid galaxy as a real place, with a lengthy and fascinating history, an ecosystem that resembles something believable, and modern science and politics dabbed in some parts. And I actually want to explore not to beat the game, but because it's actually holding my interest the entire time. The series simply does an excellent job of bringing this world to life and planting you right in the middle of it, filling you with feelings of loneliness and uncertainty, as if you were truly on a desolate, dangerous planet left as a memento of an earlier civilization. That's why Metroid stands tall above anything else to me.

I also want to give special mention to the music, because it's expertly written. Every song sets the precise mood to match its background, and I'd go as far to say that more of it is incredibly memorable than any other game series, possibly only rivaled by The Legend of Zelda. The music manages to use leitmotifs to their fullest potential, so that each piece is immediately recognizable, together with its established meaning. My particular favorite:

I really want to sum up my thoughts towards Metroid by just saying, "Go play the games for yourself!" because I feel like I can't properly express how much and why I adore it to little bits. I feel like that's the only way to communicate just how much effort goes into making these games the best they can be. So that's what I'll do:

In summation, why do I love Metroid? Go play the games for yourself, and the answer should be crystal clear.

Then there's the elephant in the room, Metroid: Other M, and, well...would I be committing an act of heresy to say that I really liked it? I really enjoyed its more action-based take on the Metroid formula, and it gave me that same amazing sense of progression as the other games. I'll admit that the writing is bad, and I do mean bad, but really, I even thought the storyline was really interesting. The revelations and plot twists really kept me engaged, and even if it could have been handled a lot better, I think it's nice that it actually allowed us to see Adam and took us deeper into Samus' past. Regarding Samus' characterization, well...meh. It provoked no reaction from me, positive or negative. I prefer Samus as a silent bad@$$, but for one game, I can live with a more emotional and verbal Samus. So yeah. Don't kill me. :/

I want to refute every point in this paragraph with clear, sufficient evidence that your opinion is wrong, my opinion is fact, Other M is a bad game, and you should feel bad about yourself.

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My favorite video game series is obviously the Sonic Series. That series has impacted my life in a major way, so that even a terrible day can be made just a little bit better by cracking open the latest entry. It's been a bumpy ride in terms of the quality of games and public opinion, but Sonic has has managed to reclaim some of his former glory. The reason this series is so close to me isn't because the quality of the games are amazing each time (let's be honest, everyone has played better quality games) but because I find myself coming back installment after installment with a smile on my face, in love with not only the universe surrounding the games but also the incredible soundtracks that accompany them.

So... Sonic the Hedgehog (unoriginal :/)

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Definetly Sonic!

Sonic introduced me to gaming. Sonic changed my life.

Maybe games from the series werent the best overall but I still keep series in my heart and will probably keep it for a very long time.

I love music from the series. It just Rocks we can hear all kinds of music from Jazz and Rock trough Rap and Techno all the way to orchestra. Its unique and awsome.

Characters: I just love them. They are full of personality, interesting backstories and are very well developed for a platforming series.

Story: Its really complex for a platforming series. And I love it.

I just cant describe my love to the series. I just cant.

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4 words.



As a kid, I was a Mario fan, playing all games from 64 to Sunshine. Then.....in 2003-04.....

I saw this:

Was hooked after it ended. For Christmas, bought Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Adventure DX, Mega Collection, and Heroes. Need less to say, story helped alot when I got into the franchise, gameplay too. To this day, Sonic is still going strong. So here's to another 25 years of Sonic guys. =D

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This is an interesting one.


I have a few contenders for my favourite video game series and while they are all more or less on par, I would prefer to go with Kingdom Hearts as the cream of the crop.

When I first heard about the games years ago, as it was approaching the time for Kingdom Hearts II to be released, I was originally very scheptical. I loved the Final Fantasy games and other Square RPGs I played but I wasn't much of a Disney fan. I was still curious however and wanted "proof" per se that a Final Fantasy-Disney hybrid game would work.

One of my friends borrowed the first game from one of his friends and played it at my house one day. I was pleasantly surprised how deep and intriquing the story was. The graphics were of a very good quality and I found the voice acting to be just as good, if not better. I especially loved how well the Disney characters themselves were portrayed. How could forget that scene at the start of the game when Donald exits the throne room in a very loud panic after seeing King Mickey has gone missing? While that scene is not as funny as it was when I first saw it, it still never gets old. The gameplay also won me over. I loved the active battle system, keyblade upgrading, and item crafting. I loved exploring the worlds and discovering the various cameo characters from Square's other games. (I keep hoping I'll see Mint and Rue from Threads of Fate in there someday.)

So naturally, I had to get Kingdom Hearts II and I don't regret it. It is a considerable improvement over the first game in every way and is in fact one of the few games I have actually completed. I have since also acquired Re:Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days and Birth of Sleep, and will likely get Re:Coded and Dream Drop Distance in the near future.

Close Contenders:

- Disgaea: While I love this series I don't have quite as much experience with it and haven't actually finished the story of any of the games yet.

- Sonic the Hedgehog: I have very limited experience with the classic titles, so I felt I couldn't make an accurate judgement on that series without it.

- Crash & Sypro: While I love the original trilogies, they don't quite match up to the series listed above.

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Ive played many games and I find it hard to find any that gave me the same type of feeling that KH does. Its like my childhood awakes each time I play the game and I remember memories of my youth that got tucked away a long time ago. From the characters to the story and how it played out I loved every minute of it. When I first heard about it I thought it was just a tease and not a real game but when I found out that it was real I shat brix. Now not only does it have Disney characters but they also did their part while moving along with the story and not keeping everything happy all of the time and the story blends so well into their universe.

My only complaint is how in part two they put the official story in there instead of letting it combine fully with the KH one from the start like in part 1 so it felt a bit boring seeing what was already seen in the movies told again in the game.

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Lets keep it basic and say it's Sonic. Simply because it put me on course for the rest of my life. Who I am today I give thanks to Sonic. It kept me good, honest and innocent. Yup, thank you Sonic, you rule the world with your spindash. We need more Shadow now though....

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