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30 Days of Video Games

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Favourite gaming system....

Nintendo Gamecube. It has all my fave games on it and it was the first console that was actually mine (the ps1 was shared with my bro). also you know its your favourite console when you panic if something is wrong with it. My Sonic Adventure 2's sound began to lag and i was terrified. Works okay now, but its moments like that that make you appreciate the console. I love you my poiple Gamecube!

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Day 26 - Favorite Console

Nintendo Gamecube (Nintendo)


Haha, yup, this is my all-time favorite console, I don't know, it's just always been one of my favorites. I always thought the games were great, and I always liked the Gamecubes design and it's controller. The Gamecube is probably my favorite system now, and will probably remain one of my favorite systems through my many years of gaming to come. Also, Luigi's Mansion released for this system, sooo, yeah.

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Day #26 - Kami's Industry Defining "makes Ninja's pick look like a Game.Com in comparison" Favourite Video Game System


The Good Old Sega Mega Drive! (Mega Drive, not Genesis! >:V)

The one is pure Nostalgia for me, simply put. I have loads of memories of playing countless games of this thing as a kid (sure some were borrowed from older cousins and were maybe licensed games, but who cares about that when you're a kid? :V). I remember playing all sorts of games of this thing, with some of my favourites being all the Sonic games, the Aladdin game, some Taz-Mania based game, and a game starring Donald Duck (I think it's called Quack Shot or something, can never remember...).

Funnily enough, recently an old Sega Mega Drive was found at my grandmother's house too, with an old copy of Sonic 1...I kinda just have them sitting, connected together (really should make an effort to check if they still work one day >_>).

Honourable Mentions

The Playstation - This was a pretty great console to play when I was younger. I remember having quite a few games on it (Tekken, Rayman, Croc, Crash, Spyro, Fighting Force and others). Also I used to have it chipped, so that made getting mor egames easy. :V

Nintendo Gamecube - Another console I really enjoyed. I still have most of my collection from back before the Wii was released (with some exclusions, such as Adventure DX cause the disc is knackered :V). Alot of reeally good games on the system too, that I still enjoy going back to play nowadays.

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Day 26 - Favorite Console


Nintendo GameCube - 2001-2007

This little box-shaped console would be the defining memory of my late-childhood, early-adolescent days. I got mine during the Christmas of '02 I believe, accompanied by Super Mario Sunshine and Metroid Prime. I would get Super Smash Bros. Melee a couple months later, followed both Sonic Adventure games, then a preorder of Pokémon Colosseum to get Jirachi on my copy of Sapphire, then finding out I needed a GBA-GCN cable to do it, then raging, then forcing my parents to get it, then using it, then realizing I can also use it to transfer my maxed-stats Chao on Sonic Advance to Adventure, then creaming the shit out of races and karate, just asdf;laksjdva;sdf DAMN I had good times with that thing.

And then all 25-ish of my games mysteriously vanished while moving to Atlanta, leaving me nothing to play except Melee and Spider-man 2. So that was the end of that. Thankfully I still have the memory cards that are acting like a time capsule, waiting for somebody to donate their unwanted GCN games to me.

Controller was damn comfy too, but everyone already knew that.

Runner-Ups: Nintendo DS and Nintendo 64. The Personal Computer gets an extended honor for being my complimentary console of choice alongside Nintendo's line of products throughout the years.

Edited by Ricky

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Twenty-Sixth: Fav. Console


The Commodore Amiga.

Oh, Amiga. The current generation has never heard of you, the older one has forgotten, and every single History of Video Games video ever posted on the internet seems dead-set on pretending you never existed. But I remember. And I'll never forget.

When Nintendo and Sega were going head to head, Commodore's darling computer dabbled in sound, graphics and varied genres those two couldn't even fathom. The PC could perform just as well with graphics and sound, but it wasn't yet ready to be a gaming engine like the Amiga was.

Turrican, Superfrog, Dune II, Another World, Cannon Fodder, Beneath a Steel Sky, Flashback, Fire & Ice, Zak McKracken & the Alien Mindbenders, It Came From the Desert, Shadow of the Beast, Syndicate, Simon the Sorcerer, Populous, Loom, the Secret of Monkey Island, Zool, Waxworks, Sim City, Moonstone, Lemmings, Elvira, Battle Chess, Gods, Magic Pockets, and many, many more fanastic games took the power of the joystick (remember those?), keyboard and mouse to present the most magnificent smorgasboard of gaming enjoyement I've seen.

It's only today, with digital distribution once again letting developers take chances and use their imagination to try risky new gameplay styles that we're again seeing the kind of diversity that you came to expect from the amazing software library of the Amiga.

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To put it simply, this console can play Wii Games, GameCube games, and has a respectable back catalogue of downloadable classics.

On one device I can play:

Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario 64

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 8-bit

Zelda: Wind Waker

Sonic Mega Collection

Sonic Adventure 2

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Zelda: Twilight Princess

The entire Paper Mario series

Several Mario Karts

The entire Smash Bros. series

It also has a load of brilliant multiplayer games that I can play with any of my friends, gamers or not.

Close second would be PC, specifically Steam. That has all my shooty games on it, namely Valve's story-based games and the BioShocks.

Honourable mention to the N64 though, which has a HUGE library of favourites far beyond what the Virtual Console provides.

Stinky unhonourable mention goes to the XBox 360, which I now loathe due to their money grubbing advertising overload. The only appeal that console has to me now is Sonic Unleashed and Dead Rising.

Edited by JezMM

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What's this?? I was positive that my personal favourite console was always the Dreamcast, but now that the topic is here, and I've stopped to think about it. I'm no longer sure...

Because the DC never had a proper life span, it just doesn't have the same amount of quailty content as my over contenders. The PS2, GBA, Gamecube and PSP.

I think the only reason the PSP has made it into my top contenders is because of Nippon Itchi and the no region lock. While the GBA had a heck of a lot more good games that actually were released in Europe. (omg!) But so did the Gamecube, but during the end of it's life, thinks just came to a stand still, it felt sad to me.

...I think it's clear, after all...I had forgotten that we actually own 3 different versions of it. That being...

Playstation 2:


Did I say 3? Yes. A PAL playstation, with games I could easily find in this country, like Transformers, Devil May Cry and King of Fighters. An NTSC playstation, where I can import games that never came out over here, but did in America, like Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles, Fullmetal Alchemist and Arcana Hearts. And lastly, a JAP playstation, with imported games that never came to America or Europe, like Get Backers and Arcana Hearts 2.

Although this is how things are now. It was never intended to happen at first. Back when the PS3 originally came out, it was promised to be able to play PS2 games on it. And if I remember correctly it did. So goodbye original PS2, you are no longer needed, I foolishly thought. Sometime later the PS3 seemed to breakdown for unknown reasons, and they couldn't fix it. Only replace it with a machine that isn't able to play PS2 games. That really p*ssed me off, especially sinse I hard quiet a large collection of games at the time. And had no choice but to get rid of them, because we couldn't find another PS2 or have space to put it anywhere.

Goodbye ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Goodbye Grim Grimoire and Odin Sphere. Goodbye MK: Shaolin Monks and Ghost in the Shell. Goodbye Disgaea 2 and Phantom Brave. Goodbye Shadow The Hedgehog...well...I guess it wasn't all bad.

Years later the idea to get a different region PS2 came to be a possibility and we went for it, knowing the US would have games that we never could play before. Next thing I knew, my brother also wanted a JAP PS2 and a year or so later at a Christmas, I got a shock as one of the gifts was a PAL PS2. We now had the full set!? Although I'm still tracking down some of the games I had to get rid of, but I have recovered a reasonable amount of them...

This became the reason I hated the PS3 for. I own some games for it, but I rarely play it because I can't stand to look at it, and the headache the stupid thing gave me all those years ago. That hatred also expands to Sony and this PSP Vita thing, I can't be bothered to care about...

P.S. I f**king hate region lock!!!

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I can't pick just one! That's it, screw conformity!


So, instead of being forced to pick one lone console as a favourite, I'll pick the first one I've ever had, and the one that I had the most memories with.

Of course, I'm talking about the...

Game Boy Advance


I was the only kid without video games when I was little. Almost everyone at school had one, and I was always fascinated by it. It constantly brought back memories of home where Grandma and a few friends had consoles at home.

Imagine my surprise when I got this little trinket for Xmas 2001. These were the two first games that I got with it.


Europe exclusive - Lucky Luke: Wanted


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone

I saw no wrong in this system. Sure, the games themselves aren't all that great, but they were all I had. So I just kept playing and playing until I wore the batteries out. And then I played again.

Soon came spring, and I saw this in one of the stores.



Cue me being hooked on video games for life.


I just played Mario~

And it fe~lt so goo~d

My Gameboy let me put this cartridge inside of it~


I now own a Mario game

And I'll never go ba~ck

To the not playing games ways of the pa~~~~st~!

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the two youngest got their own GBAs for multiplayer games. By this point, at the ripe old age of 8, I was a pro already. It sucks when your mom keeps telling you to let your younger siblings win. :V

The games just kept piling and piling, and I kept playing and playing. Once we moved back to Canada, we got rid of the GBA and got a GBA-SP, Cobalt Blue for me. Rechargeable batteries and screen brightness only added more hours into the night.

Super Mario Advance 2 (Super Mario World: first game I 100%ed!), Advance 3 (Yoshi's Island), Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Wario Land, Kirby, Minish Cap, Sapphire, Sonic Advance 1, 2, 3, Battle, and so on... Truly a good life. ;w;

Edited by VizardJeffhog

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Day 26 - Favourite console gaming system.

I'm not going to like this post, because in my life I have never been able to experience true console gaming for one reason or another (irrelevant to this topic)...

So I'm going to have to go with what I have been stuck with for so many years... The always convenient, accessible and overall great gaming platform... The almighty...


PC (Mastah race!)

Little gato already loved games when he got his first PC, by that time I didn't really know about this hardware's gaming capabilities and I was more than happy to have something that was at least able to play some games (I remember the first games we got were Commandos and Resident Evil 2, I sucked at both of them so I just spend time watching my brother playing)...

But it wouldn't take too long until I got a handle of how this thing worked, my memory might fail me but I remember the first game I was actually able to play (and spend great quantities of time with) was Age of Empires II, I believe this is also how I fell in love with the RTS genre ()...


This would be a bad situation if I hadn't a mouse and a keyboard (no it woulnd't, the guy is a "Counter" too)

A few years later my brother was finally able to get a Playstation... I played the console for some time, I really liked the Crash Bandicoot series and I loved how I could play some of my favorite fighting games in it too (didn't know of the existence of emulators beyond 16 bits consoles back in the day)... But TBH I was rather underwhelmed with the library (deal with me, some classics of the console were not my thing), not to mention that playing FPS's and RTS's with a controller simply sucks. (I'm well aware of the accessories you could put in the console, but they weren't so easy to get in my country and not worth the money)

So once again, I came back to the trustworthy personal computer, where I spent my teenage years playing the games that would shape my gaming life like Starcraft, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and the classic Sonic games (by this time I found out about the wonderful worlds of Emulation beyond a SEGA Genesis, modding and romhacking... So now I didn't only had an awesome PC gaming library, but I also had a collection of CPS2, Neo-Geo, Genesis and Playstation games)


That feeling when you will get to play this on your PC.

Sadly, PC has been left behind by the rest of the consoles nowadays, the discussion as about why did this happen is long, tedious and I really don't want to take part of it... Most developers just look at the PC gaming as a secondary platform... I'm well aware of that.

But nowadays I still chose the PC, might be mostly because despite the fact that I'm missing a lot of exclusives (I regret not being able to play SEGA games like Bayonetta, Vanquish or Valkyria Chronicles between many others) my favorite games (mostly RTS) and franchises are still there, maybe because of the economic convenience of just buying some hardware instead of spending the same or more money in a console...

Maybe I just grew up with it and learned to love it despite lacking some titles, because it was a huge part of my life as a gamer.


PC's are not only good for gaming.

Also, Phantasy Star Online 2.

Honorable mention goes to the NES, for being the console that started my fascination with vidya gaems.

Edited by gato

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Day 26 Favorite Video Game Console:

I'll go with majority here and say...


Nintendo's little box of fun was great and without it I wouldn't had been a gamer at all. It had a lot of fun and colorful games. And it was not so bad as a console either because it had pretty fast emulation and very little loading times. Oh GCN we had some great times like with Luigi's Mansion and Super Smash Bros. Melee. I can still relive my good memories since the gamecube still lives on in the Wii but its a lot more fun to play it on the original GCN.

Also I have been playing it a lot recently mostly because of...


Great game no one has heard of. I do admit it does scare me. Also...


I got this recently and its pretty fun as well as pretty hard.

But yeah. Gamecube and I go way back so yeah.

Runner Ups:

Ps2: Great gaming library. Nuff said.

SNES: I had some great times with this console too.

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Day Numbero 4 Days before 30 - Ninja's Buttonmashtastic "Throw that CD-I away already, Kami", Favourite Game Council's Consoles!


Watch as the Consolezord Battles his Arch Nemesis: A Green Blob Lizard!

Pretty much every console out there except for Philips CD-I, Atari Jaguar and some other consoles noone cares about.

With consoles, I tend to go by this simple Logic:

Q: Does it have games I find Interesting?

A: Yes

Q: Are said Interesting games good?

A: Yes

thus I like it.

it's the Thing, as long as a Console has Good games to Me I'll end up getting it and have Fun with it Most likeley, it's the way I ended up getting (and Loving) a Gamecube, PS2, Wii, Xbox 360 and eventually a PS3 (Hopefully...sometime)

if I had to Pick favourites...I would Probably go with various Nintendo Consoles (Mainly SNES and N64, but Gamecube and Wii are Great too), since those have some of my alltime Favourite Games to offer, and Generally Provided me with some of the Most fun games I've played.

Edited by Mr. NinjaShark

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My favorite console is this bad boy:


Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Not only was the SNES my first console, but I also think it's one of the best. All you need to do is look at the system's library to get a grasp of the amazing quality presented on it. Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, and 3, Zombies ate my Neighbors, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Super Metroid, The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse, Kirby Superstar...there are just so many quality titles for it, you can't help but love it.

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My PS3 never did me wrong. Sure, it caught a cold once, but my baby had to get her shit together. My PS3 just does everything I need and homegirl make shit look bootiful.

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My favourites are pretty much every PlayStation console so far.

The original PlayStation was my first even console experience. I have the most games for it and it was the only one from that generation I actually owned, both the old grey one and the slim white PSone. The PlayStation 2 was one of two consoles I owned from the previous generation (the other being the Nintendo Gamecube). I preferred the PS2 not only due to my past experience with the PlayStation, but also because it had more games that I loved (read: rpgs). Now I have the PS3 and PSP, through which I love to play all the old PS1 classics as well as the newer games. Again, the PS3 has (in my opinion) a bigger and better assortment of rpgs. Plus, exclusives like Uncharted and Ratchet are great too.

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Day 26 - Favorite Console

Hm...welp, I suppose I'll go with my two favorite ones.


The Sega Genesis. This is what really started it all for me even though I did technically play the NES first, the Genesis is what reeled me into enjoying and playing games. With games like Ecco, Sonic the Hedgehog, Gunstar Heroes, and a couple other games, I played the heck out of this mother. My brother originally had this system with Sonic the Hedgehog which then drove me to get my own. I hold quite a bit of fond memories with this system...and the Game Boy as well. Oh Poke'mon.


The Nintendo 64 was also another great system that I absolutely loved. I was first introduced to Zelda with this system before going back and playing the first few games. It helped to broaden more of my titles such as Kirby (though I did play the first one on the Game Boy), Harvest Moon, Zelda, Banjo-Kazooie, Yoshi's Story, Donkey Kong 64, Super Smash Bros, and more. I'd say some of the stronger highlights of my gaming period were during this time. I subscribed to Nintendo Power, visited my friend who also had the system and played that for hours, and had an all around fun time.

Honorable Mentions

>Nintendo Gamecube for having other awesome titles like Wind Waker and Melee.

>Playstation for Spyro, Croc, FF9, and Crash

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Favorite Console: Nintendo 64


Bwah? What's this weird thing? What's with its shape? Why are there four little holes on the front? What's that plastic trident-looking thing that plugs into it? What IS this magical contraption?

It's the Nintendo 64, BITCH.

This thing was such an amazing revolution. It made analog sticks commonplace on home consoles, it brought several classic franchises to 3D in ways that people hadn't even dreamed of, and it had support for up to four players. Its library was amazing with the games like Super Mario 64 and Zelda, and believe me when I say I spent a lot of time playing this thing. And I also must be one of the only people who loved its controller, despite it being a tad unusual. Yes, you can get a lot of its games on the Virtual Console and stuff now, but we're talking about "favorite" here, not best, and the Nintendo 64 was definitely my favorite.

Get N, or get out.

Edited by Solly

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This is bloody tough. I can choose from the following:



Mega Drive Mk. II



Playstation 2





Playstation 3

Geez, this is a struggle. Let's rule out the handhelds, because I don't have many games for either. At least half of my NES games were shovelware, but we did have some classics. Same again for Mega Drive and Amiga, actually. Outside point-and-click adventures, I don't have many P.C. games either.

We're getting somewhere! Ok, let's knock the Wii out for never being properly supported...same for Gamecube. I've had reliability issues with my PS3, so that can be eliminated.

So with just two consoles left, and one of them being backwards-compatible with the other, process of elimination leads us to....the PS2!

Even without the backwards compatibility, I probably have more PS2 games than any other console, and there are so many greats. The Jak series. Metal Gear Solid 2&3. Ratchet & Clank. Sly Cooper. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Timesplitters. Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain. Tony Hawks' 4. Beyond Good & Evil. Grand Theft Auto series. Don't make me go on, it would take me hours.

I've never had a problem with the controller either. For me the shape is a great fit in my hands, and the button layout works well.

I still have my launch day PS2, and it still works. Granted, it stopped playing the blue-coloured discs, but they stopped making them pretty soon, so didn't affect me too badly.

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The DS Family


There is a reason why this baby is the #1 selling handheld ever made. It just has everything you want on a handheld. It has buttons, a touch screen, MiC, and Wifi support. It also comes at an extremely affordable price.

The DS has some of the best games I've ever played. Mario Kart on the go? YES! All those RPGs? YES! MORE games? YES! Nintendo Exclusives? YES!

Sure the graphics aren't the best, but I think they're fine. A lot of games even go with different art styles or just go plain 2D. Since it is on a small screen, it isn't as jarring to look at dated graphics compared to a PS1 on a big screen TV.

The DSi even comes with a download store. Nintendo put out several free apps and games on it so that is always a plus. Flipnote Hatena is one of the best creations Nintendo has ever produced. An animation studio FREE (I know it is limited.. but it gets the job done) right on your DSi.

Everyone loves the portability. You can take your favorite games on the go and play it any time with a super long battery. It is simple to carry and has an awesome clamshell design. It makes no noise and loads games incredibly fast.

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Day 26 and favorite gaming platform. This is a tad difficult for me as haven't owned many of the platforms mentioned by others but I'll give it a shot.


Nintendo Gamecube

This system reignited my interest in the Blue Blur with games such as Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and allowed me to play Ocarina of Time for the first time. It was reliable even though it was a used system when I got it in 2005 it still worked like a charm. The controller felt comfortable in the hands during long sessions of Super Smash Bros. Melee. Decent selection of titles such as Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2 that push the system to it's limits. Durable as hell when knocked around accidentally while having a party. Sadly I had to sell the system and games a while back for financial reasons but I still have good memories of the time played on it.

Edited by Cobalt_Bolt

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Day 26 - Favorite Console



You can play games from any generation on this thing with the right compatibility.

If it's exclusive to a console you can probably still emulate it.

It has the largest variety of games.

It has the best controller for RTS, and arguably FPS games.

You don't have to pay an additional fee to play online with it.

It's games are cheaper than most current consoles.

Or if you feel like, you can just get the games for free.

It's name is PC, console of consoles:

Look on its works, ye waggle-y, and despair!

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Day 26 - Favorite Console

Since it's also hard for me to choose, especially being a nintendo fanboy, I'll put my first console, since I have the most memories of it, and subsequently have the biggest library for.


I got this console in 2007 and have regretted nothing. Not only are there plenty of fairly good ports from 360/PS3 games, but there are plenty of Nintendo games for it as well. That, and the numerous Gamecube games I can play (SA2:B and Sonic Mega Collection come to mind,) as well as tons of games on the Virtual Console. (I can hardly count how often I played Sonic 3 on the virtual console before acquiring the Mega Collection.) I'm especially glad there are ports from plenty of old game systems, not just Nintendo ones. (again, Sonic 3 is awesome.) I also don't mind the motion control, and do enjoy some of the more casual, made-for-wii games, like Wii Sports Resort.

Honorable mention goes to the 360, which I use as my backup console, great for anything I can't find on Wii and has been great (allowing me to play masterpieces such as Sonic Generations, Portal 2, MW3, and Sonic 06.)

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Day 26 - Favorite Console


It has a wide library of video games that I like, good graphics, can be used to watch DVD and Blu-ray movies, music player, internet connection, online store and it is the most famous console in my contry, so mostly everyone owns one.

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Favorite console:



Nintendo Wii seems to be a controversial console with the members of this forum, and the internet as a whole. I don't give a shit, this system has some of the best games Nintendo has made in years. Not only that but, it's got a backlog of ALL the good GCN titles and selects from N64, SNES, NES, Genesis, and more. I don't care about it having the unconvential control method because, it works in all of the games I've played, and there's classic control options for plenty of games out there too. I'm a Nintendo fan, and this one had it all so, I'm pretty damn happy.

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