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30 Days of Video Games

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Favorite Video Game Ending:

Off the top of my end, Pokemon Black & White's ending. I mean oh my god, its just so magical, beginning with the appearance of N's Castle. Then suddenly the gym leaders come to your rescue, you explore the glorious castle, get creeped out by N's room, capture Zekrom/Reshiram, battle N, and kick Ghetsis' ass. Though the best part by far is N's goodbye, possibly the most touching moment ever to be featured in a pokemon game, and yes I admit that I cried when it happened.

Honorary mentions: Sonic Battle's endings, Gamma's story ending, Space Channel 5 Part 2's ending

As for the game itself, I really enjoyed it. It gave me a nice feel of nostalgia as I've browsed from page to page, and has even inspired me to seek out a few new games that many seem to love. Plus it was nice to learn a bit more from your fellow members.

Though at the same time it made me depressed to see such beautiful posts, while mine are just those derpy ones everyone ignores :,V

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My favorite ending from a video game would be the Sonic Adventure 2 ending. The world has been saved, but at a price: Shadow's 'death'. There's just an amazing scene at the end of the game filled with fitting music that feels like a really good closure to the game's events. The last line of the scene was amazing: "Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog", a nice ending to the story of SA2. Then Live and Learn kicks in for the credits. biggrin.png

Honorable mentions: The ending of Sonic Battle, Super Mario Galaxy Ending, M&L:PiT ending.

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Woo hoo, aww yeah, bonus round baby! I was worried I had to end this topic with a shitty post.

Best Ending of all Times


Wind Waker's ending is nothing short of damn beautiful.

Ill start from the beginning of the end, right before we fight Ganon he wanted nothing more than to revitalize the old Hyrule that was submerged beneath the waves, he had thee Triforce to do so and nothing was going to stop him...until the King himself intervenes and sentences Hyrule to a watery demise. This causes Ganon to lose all grips on sanity and goes mental, and so it's up to Link to stop him.

After a climactic battle, we get a emotionally draining scene. Hyrule is getting crushed beneath the waves and if they don't find a way out, they're dead. The King however, elects to stay behind, saying that the new world inst meant for him, he even compares himself to Ganon, wanting to bring back a dead land that he was nostalgic for. Then the final torrent of water comes rushing in, Link and Tetra are saved, but as one final act Link extends his arm towards the King, as if he's pleading him to come with them, and the King almost takes this offer, but resists and resigns him self to his fate. And so the King, Ganon, the Master Sword, and all of Hyrule, the very same world that we as players experienced in Ocarina of Time, was lost beneath the waves forever.

On a meta sense, think about it this way. Just a couple of years ago, players were playing Ocarina of Time, the first 3D Zelda game, with Hyrule as it's setting, they saw Hyrule from a entirely diffrent perspective than what they saw in games prior, it created fond memories that would last forever. Now, seeing it in this game, to see it lost forever in this timeline. It's quite a painful blow to players who grew up with the game, that's what makes this ending so powerful, because it effects players in a number of ways.

There is a bright side however, Link and Tetra survived the experience, with Tetra's crew of pirates arriving at their location with Link's sister safe and sound, as well as fellow sages Medli (<3) and Makar. At the epilogue of the game Link decides to set out with Tetra and her crew to look for a new land they can call home, leaving the legends and past of Old Hyrule behind and looking toward the future with optimism and hope. And many tears were shed that day by me, thank you Nintendo for this brilliant game.

As for the 30 Days topic, I thought it was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed typing up these essays as I much as I enjoyed the essays of others. Getting to know everyone's personal tastes was a enlightening experience and it just shows how much video games have a powerful influence on some of us.

It's been a crazy ride everybody, until next time, stay fresh.

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*walks up to guy taking out the trash*


Pulls out a sign with:



Yep, this is my favorite video game ending (well, second favorite, but I already mentioned Portal 2's ending before and didn't wanna use it again). This ending...just made me sad. This basically ultimately confirmed by opinion that Zack Fair > Cloud Strife. Zack was an awesome character. Honestly, this death impacted me more that Aerith's did in FFVII

My thoughts on the 30 Days, It was an awesome idea. I loved seeing other people's preferences, and also the moment when you see someone with a similar pick and you get happy for some reason, especially on on some of the obscure game days.

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Warning! Warning! Bonus Challenge Day Approaching!

Day #31 - Kami's Heartwarming "Each and Every Ninjashark was personally harmed in the making of" Favourite Ending of a Video Game

My favourite video game ending would have to be the one for Wario Land: The Shake Dimension. After you've finally defeated the Shake King (which is a pretty long and tough battle), you free Queen Merleen (or whatever her name was) and her entire kingdom from the tyrant's rule. Queen Merfle then goes to thank Wario for his heroic efforts (as most royalty do in video games), but instead of hearing her out and getting a kiss/cake, Wario decides to skip the chat and throw the stoopid woman out of the way, and snatch the same treasure that the Shake King had been after.

Wario then returns back to his world, and enjoys the infinite treasure granted from the Money Bag he took, and the credits roll, only after the credits finish, Captain Syrup reveals that she played Wario for a chump, and makes off with all the gold, leaving him potless... AND THE STORY ENDS THERE! HAPPILY EVER AFTER! >:V

My honourable mention goes to the ending scene in Sonic CD. That scene is just really nice to watch, being so beautifully animated and filled with many cool action parts as Sonic destroys the Badniks like they're nothing. So cool~

Final Thoughts - Kami's "much better than Ninja's" opinion on this 30 Day deal

Overall I've found this to be pretty fun. It's been cool taking a moment to think about some of the choices, reflecting back on some of the games from my childhood and stuff.

It's also been pretty interesting to see what other people have put, since that helps give suggestions if I ever decide to look into some of these games.

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Firstly, I really enjoyed the 30 Days of Video Games and hope there are more things like it in the future. Thanks for offering us 30 Days of Fun! I had a blast with this!

Now, for my favorite video game ending (perfect way to close this by the way). There are so many that I like but here a a few of my favorites.

Super Mario Galaxy- It was very good, and very unexpected! When Mario and Peach are flying through space together holding hands I was like, "Aww." (I am usually not much of a romance person, but I have a soft spot when it comes to a plumber and his princess) Then the atmosphere is shattered as a black hole sucks the pair up! I was caught off guard to say the least. Basically the ending was epic.

Final Fantasy X- I have never cried as much at the end of a video game, as I did with this game. I was all, "HOORAY SIN IS GONE FOR GOOD!" then camera focuses on transparent Tidus, "Damn, that means Tidus goes away too." Yuna realizes this, my eyes began to water. Yuna runs straight through him, the tears start trickling down my face. Yuna gives her speech, I am bawling. I kept waiting for there to be a, 'but wait there is more' moment, but it never came.

Talk about a dramatic ending! Look up bitter sweet and it will have a link to this game's ending.

Wind Waker- It was epic, need I say more? Ganon knows he has been beat, but he is taking you down with him! Or that was his idea, but our dear villian didn't plan on a certain King to step in and save the day. It was the ending of one adventure, yet the beginning of an entire new one! Really satisfying.

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The World Ends With You - Square Enix

Okay, this ending warmed my heart, especially after I defeated the last few bosses, which were what, like, hard as fuck!? Questions were actually answered, plotholes left filled in, and it actually made me feel accomplished. Also, we actually get to see who the real fuckin' Shiki Minami is, and TBQH--she looks quite normal. Oddly enough, wasn't her character actually supposed to be normal in the first place?

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Bonus Day - Favorite Ending

I have nothing to gain from this, but I'll do it anyway!

Portal 2

I can't really say much about this ending that haven't already said. So while it was a great ending, I'll talk about something else.


I finished this game at the bequest of an impatient friend, and because this topic decided to have a bonus round. And I have to say, wow. I can honestly say that this is the best ending I've ever gotten from a 5-7 hour game. Maybe I'm still hyped about it since I just beat it a few minutes ago, but still...

So after all you've been through, your friends decide that you should be the one to pick what happens. There are two endings, and neither is really the 'good' or 'bad' ending. One is more bittersweet than the other, but back to that in a moment. The endings are named Restoration and Evacuation.

In Restoration, you decide to activate the Bastion's primary function. Which is to snap the world back in time to a point before the calamity ever happened. No one, you included, would have any memory of anything that happened during or after the calamity. You would forget your friends, they would forget you, and everything would be back to the way it used to be, for the better or worse. Or worse, as Rucks says...

"There's one big problem with a thing that sets things back to a bygone time;

You can't test it.

So you're probably wondering, if the Calamity happened already,

What's to stop it from happening again after the Bastion does its thing?

The answer is....

I don't know."

The other ending, Evacuation, is if you decide to use the Bastion's secondary function. Which is to 'uproot' itself and travel anywhere you want it to. You get to stay with your new friends, try to find other survivors, etc. Still, the world's been irreversibly destroyed and millions of people have died.

Both choices seemed like leaps of faith before you saw them, and while Evacuation is the happier and more hopeful one, you could still argue which one is really the best for everyone. I like that, I haven't played enough games where they give me Grey and Gray instead of Black and White.

When playing New Game Plus, Restoration is the bad ending. History is just going to keep repeating and repeating until you decide to move on instead of going back to the past.

Moving on...

30 Days of Video Games

What can I say. Some days were better than others, some took me by surprise, and some I wasn't exactly ready to write a paragraph or two on. Other times I looked back at a post I wrote an hour ago with an entirely better choice in my mind. There were good days, and there were boring days where everyone picked the same thing. Still, it was fun while it lasted. I enjoyed seeing all the oddball answers some people picked, as well as coming up with a few myself.

Good topic, guys, good topic.

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That's my favorite song! =D (Sorry, just felt like sharing that XD)

Bonus Day - Favorite Game Ending


The (Good) Ending to Bioshock

Bioshock! What a surprise, right?! If you agreed to that, then you clearly have not read a single post of mine throughout these past thirty days.

Obviously, don't open the spoiler tag below unless you've played the game or don't care about stories being spoiled for some reason.

I don't think it's fair to talk about the ending to this game without mentioning what happens before it.

Throughout the game, you're led by a man named Atlas, who's family dies when you try to save them and he's doing whatever he can to make sure that you kill the man who is behind this "evil" city of Rapture and that you're able to get out safely.

Except, he ended up lying to you throughout the entire game. In fact, his name was never even Atlas. That's right, he lied about that too. The man's name was Fontaine, and he's one who has been trying to gain control of Rapture for a long time now to be able to gain his own power over it, it's resources, and everyone living in it in order to be able to unleash hell on the surface.

Throughout the whole game, you learn that you've been doing this man's bidding and following every instruction through you being brainwashed when born. Brainwashed to grow up quickly and forced to respond whenever someone asks you if you "would kindly" do something for them.


In fact, this is something that Andrew Ryan uses up against you when you finally face him. Asking you to kindly hit him upside the head with his own gulf club, which you're ultimately forced to do, only to find out that he was your father the whole time. Ouch. You end up helping out Fontaine gain control of Rapture, and that's when you find out that Andrew Ryan was actually the good guy all along. So, you set out to go kill the man who is now in control of this underwater ruin of a city.


You face off in this amazing (And kinda..easy) battle against him. The man who was with you at the beginning and you're finally bringing him to his own end. Right when it looks like you're about to do so, he knocks you back and you can't get up. As he's about to deliver the final blow..



Is he being bombarded by little girls with needles? Damn right, he is! Throughout the game, you can choose to save or kill these little girls running around the place called "Little Sisters" who turned mutated due to the effects of Adam, this substance found throughout the city of Rapture that people have gone mad with. Obviously, saving them being the right thing and killing them and taking their Adam being the wrong thing to do.

Either way, for getting rid of Fontaine, the Little Sisters offer you the key to the city. For being a good guy and saving them, your character sees that the right thing to do would be to bring the little girls out to the surface to be able to live their lives and experience the actual outdoors and daylight. You join them since you were trying to escape from Rapture in the first place.

You see the hands of the Little Sisters you saved going through different processes in their life from being married, to graduating and even holding the hands of their children. By being good, you were able to save them and you gave them the life that they deserved. During the final scene, you see the hand of your character on his death bed, pale and wrinkled from age.

But then, what do you see?


The hands of all the Little Sisters you saved, holding your own and being there for you just as you were for them. If that doesn't touch your heart in any way shape for form, then I really don't know what will. This scene was beautiful and added so much to the actual character that you were and how he was, even if it was really short. It made it all worth it to see that you gave them a chance to live a full life and that, even after everything, showing that you loved them made them love you too. Cheesy? Perhaps, but I absolutely loved it and I thought it was definitely worth it.

My words may not do it justice, so if you wanna check it out, here it is. But it is definitely a beautiful ending for a beautiful game.

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BONUS ROUND - Favorite Ending from a Video Game


Birds flying high you know how I feel....

...Sun in the sky... you know how I feel...

...Breeze driftin' on by you know how I feel...

...It's a new dawn, it's a new day... it's a new life...

...For me...

...And I'm feeling good.


The Saboteur For me has the best ending to a videogame, not only because it's a satisfying conclusion to the story, but from also an artistic standpoint, the ending to this game is probably ehibit A in the trial of the "Should videogames be classified as art?" debate.

What you have to understand, is that unlike most games, if I just tell you the ending, you won't quite get why it's such a big impact on you, so you need to know a little about the game itself and what it builds upto.

You take on the role of an Irishman who gets roped into joining the French Resistance after his friend is murdered in front of him at the hands of a Nazi general following a prank to get payback on him for cheating in a car race.

But with this man being held safe high up the ranks of the Nazi regime the only way he can bring him out of hiding is to undermine the Nazi control/structure until it collapses. Hence the role you play and the title of the game itself, 'The Saboteur.'

Whilst I've already told you the gist of the story, what I've not told you is what happens the moment your friend is murdered.


After you are captured during the prank, you are both subsequently tortured, accused of being spies, your friend is killed in front of you... the moment this happens, all the colour in the game suddenly drains, everything is now black and white, except for the red symbols of the nazi party and objects representing hope.

Colour in this game is used to represent both hope and happiness, however the game doesn't directly tell you this. The initial start, everyone is quite happy, there is hope for the future, the moment your friend is killed sparks the start of the invasion of France, what follows is that nobody has hope. Everything is black and white... until you get to work.


During missions you'll encounter objects of interest which are coloured, upon completing your missions it gives the people hope, colour returns to that area of Paris.

By the time near the game ends, the war is coming to an end in Paris, the Nazis know it, and they're getting desperate. Desperate to strike fear into the population they decide to hold a race to show their superiority. You enter the race only this time your intention is not to win it, it's to bomb it. With a car loaded up with explosives you enter the race and then crash your car into the main stand, theres a powerful explosion and it kills most of the higher ups in the nazi party. But the general escapes. You track him down to the Eiffel tower and its here where the ending to the game actually starts, and it's here where the game changes the meaning of hope and happiness.

The song you hear as you approach the dawn of fate.

This is where the last level starts, but it's also the ending of the game as it's impossible to die/fail it. As you approach the tower, you hear the haunting piano playing of Nina Simones feeling good, As I said, the representation of the black and white colour has now changed, for you see, what was a representation of the hope felt by the people of france, is now the dispair and the fear of the Nazi's, around the tower, As you approach the tower you can see Zeppelins exploding and crashing down, theres the burning remains of a Zeppelin just by the the tower.

As you climb the tower Tower you hear the screams and see Nazi commanders commiting suicide as they throw themselves off the top of it. The only area in Paris which now lacks colour is the tower itself, there is the meaning has changed, Paris has hope, but the Nazi's do not.


"He's upstairs..." Chances are you'll just stay here a while and listen to him play a while.

With the war all but lost, many are coming to the realisation of the crimes they've commited, many of the supporters are commiting suicide, either by throwing themselves off the tower, or by hanging themselves, others take a bullet to the head. Some have simply gone mad with guilt and fear. One soldier murders a prositute before then turning the gun on himself, another Nazi is sat at a grand piano playing Nina Simones feeling good (see above video), all he'll whisper to you is "He's upstairs." as you climb to comfront the man you've been chasing for the duration of the war, the one who has killed hundreds of innocent people, he stands before you on the ledge to the tower.

You exchange dialogue, and something happens that I don't think has ever happened before in a video game... the enemy suddenly becomes aware of the crimes he's caused and that even if he escapes the Allies hand of justice, he won't escape hells flames.


Look at him, just look at his expression for a moment. This is the final boss, it suddenly hits him, every crime he's commited, he knows he's eternally doomed no matter what he does.

But even the hero of the story, he realises that he also shares the same fate,regardless as to what he does now, he's murdered people too and one day he'll have to answer for the crimes he's commited as well.

When you regain control, you are given a choice, shoot him, or leave him be. If you shoot him, he dies and falls off the tower... let him live... and he commits suicide. Now usually there would be no question, shoot him, but if you pay attention to the dialogue before hand, you should question what to do, you want revenge, you want to put an end to the tale of revenge, but the dialogue between the two men prompts you to think, whats the point? My character would be no better than the other guy, just that he's flying a different flag.


The player here decides to shoot the general.

But the most interesting thing about this choice. The game never once prompts you to shoot him, the decision is completely your own. Nobody tells you to do it, theres no 'well the game told me to' the decision to murder is your own.

AH BUT HOGGY YOU! YOOOUUU!!! It's a war, it's not murder... that's true... it wouldn't be.. if you played as a soldier, but you don't, you're not a soldier in this game, you are technically a civilian, you are not a member of any army nor are not a French citizen, so every kill you have made, would be murder.

As the General falls to the ground, the moment his body hits the ground, theres a shockwave which spreads out over Paris as it goes it turns everything to colour and the sun begins to shine. Behind you, the elevator doors open and one of your fellow resistance fighters asks "Is it over?" to which your character turns and says...


"No... I'm just gettin' started!"

And so the credits roll, they roll to Nina Simones "Feeling good" the full version, you are taken to areas of the city you have seen throughout the game, watching Nazi flags burning in the sunlight.

Is it the best sandbox game made? Nope, not at all, but does it have the best ending to a sanbox game, good God yes. The ending to this game is incredible.

The next video you see is the ending to the game. Don't be fooled by the title, this is the ending to the game, another video from a German youtube user also has uploaded the same video, only like me, he calls this the ending to the game.

Just watch it, all 7 min of this great ending to a great game.


Thoughts on the 30 days

I'm quite tired so I'm going to keep this breif.

It was quite fun to do, I gave myself a target to try and not list one game more than once, which I think I probably broke once or twice, but I still stand by all my choices even if nobody else cared for them =p

I was quite surprised though at how diverse my game selection was compared to a lot of people, lol at one point I thought 'does anyone play anything other than Sonic & Zelda here?'

The best replies I read though were ones about obscure games, I can't say it's driven me to go out and try new games, but it was fun ready the effect various games had over people. I just hope I've inspired others to try games they may not have thought of people.

And yay! I did the full 30 + bonus round *blows a party tooter.*

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Sweet, I get to make up for that one day I missed. Hurrah!

Bonus - Favourite Ending

(Spoilers for those who have NOT finished Kingdom Hearts II)

Kingdom Hearts II has a very satisfying ending. Basic summary, everyone finds each other and the worlds are at peace again for now. It is worth watching the credits too, not only for the music, but you also get to see an extra scene from each of the worlds you visited in the game. It's a great way to close the stories of some of the worlds. Plus, after the credits there is an extra scene that leads to the next couple of games, and that doesn't even include the awesome secret ending (which is not in the above video, btw).

Overall, I loved this 30 day video game challenge. I got learn a lot about the likes and dislikes of my fellow gamers, and hopefully I helped expose some of you to a few games you haven't heard of or bother to check out before as well. Thanks so much Dissident and Carbo for the idea and daily topics. It's been really fun guys. Let's do this again sometime. smile.png

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I need sleep, but I want to contribute. I've missed the last two pages, but I'll read them tomorrow when I have the time. Apologies if I repeat anything that's already been said.

As for the ending...well, I already mentioned Sonic 2's ending. With that in mind, let's go for the only other ending that had a real, lasting effect on me.

I am of course, referring to Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.

The whole section underneath Dinky Island is very creepy, as you are chased through underground catacombs by the Evil Zombie Pirate LeChuck, and with no means to defend yourself. You're being constantly tortured by his voodoo doll, and there's no way out. Eventually, you manage to make your own voodoo doll, and you rip off its leg. Game over, right?


LeChuck asks you to remove his mask. This is the first we've heard of LeChuck NOT being a zombie. Guybrush removes the mask, and LeChuck is actually your creepy brother, Chucky. Who has never been mentioned until now.

Then a maintenance worker walks in and yells at ypu, and next thing you know Guybrush and Chucky are little kids on a carnival at what looks like Booty Island, and your parents are there saying you'd ran off, and its all happy families. Huh? And then, as the characters leave, Chucky looks at the camera with demonic eyes, suggesting LeChuck is planning some kind of evil trick.




What...who...where...how...huh?! And then...no sequel for 5/6 years....

A real mindfuck of an ending.

As for the topic itself, I don't know what I'm going to do after tomorrow. No 3 pages of replies to read? Its been great reading all these detailed posts about not just our favourite hobby, but the specific special moments and games to each and every single person who's posted. Even if its for games I'd not heard of, the passion of the writer makes it great to read about. SSMB magic, this topic.

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Portal 2 is a game.

More than that, it's a funny game. The first Portal game follows Chell as she awakens in the Aperture Science testing facilities, where a demented AI named GLaDOS forces her to perform tests with a gun that shoots portals. When you finally confront her at the end of the game, GLaDOS tries to kill you with neurotoxin and junk. Then, you redirect her missiles with your portal gun to knock out her personality cores. You grab these and destroy them in an incinerator. She malfunctions and explodes.

In Portal 2, Chell is woken up again by Wheatley, a core who leads you back to GLaDOS to put him in control of the facility. GLaDOS wakes back up and puts you through testing. Then, you get Wheatley in control, who turns out to be evil and puts GLaDOS in a potato. You take her through the facility from the very very bottom (so far that you hear recordings of Cave Johnson, Aperture's founder. He mentions cool tidbits, like the portal surfaces must be made of moon rocks to function) to the very very top where Wheatley is, and here's where the cool shit starts.

Wheatley claims to have studied your fight with GLaDOS from the first game and has taken some precautions: he has personal shields to protect him from the bombs he plans to kill you with, he uses no portal surfaces, and he starts the neurotoxin immediately. However, he fails to notice a pipe full of white gel running through the room he's in.

You redirect the bombs into this pipe and splash the gel all over the room, essentially making it full of portal surfaces. Then GLaDOS periodically gets you corrupted personality cores to put on Wheatley. It's basically the opposite of the fight with GLaDOS, putting them on rather than removing them.

However, you can't just slap them on him. You must hit him with a bomb first. You do this by putting a portal behind him and getting him to throw it into another one, so his shields cannot protect him. Finally, Wheatley has enough corrupted cores that the system automatically offers to switch him with GLaDOS, and all you have to do is press a button.

Here's where it gets cool. Wheatley tries to set it on fire, so the sprinklers wash off most of the white gel. The only patch left is under Wheatley, so you have to shoot a portal beneath him and a portal in the button room (Wheatley keeps putting up walls.)

Then, when you use the command to press the button (X button, square button, whatever it is on PC) it explodes, launching you back by Wheatley. Wheatley says he booby trapped the button.

Okay, here's the best ending of a game ever.

Remember how Cave Johnson said that the portal surfaces must be moon rocks?

Well, remember how you had to shoot a portal underneath Wheatley to press the button?

Well, Wheatley blew a hole in the ceiling. And it's night time.

That's right, you shoot the other portal on the moon. Wheatley gets sucked in, and you fly in with him. You grab onto Wheatley to avoid flying away. You look around, and you're on the moon. You see the earth. The music starts, and it's such a crazy fucking moment. GLaDOS, back in control, tosses Wheatley into space (with the Space Core; hilarity ensues) and pulls you back in.

There's more, but it's hard to appreciate out of context. Well, there you have it.


Moving on.


Though my previous post had a lot of finality, I'm glad I'm being told it's the end this time. Well, this has been a very educational thirty days. I've read some very funny and very informative posts about video game music, scenes, levels, and bosses. Some have been short, some very very long.

It's been a great exercise to make reports and things look longer than they should be, by indenting every few sentences. I mean, look at THIS post. Not that long, but damn is it taking up some room.

As I previously said, it's also been a good learning experience of how amazing I am at everything. This is A Match in Oil Ocean Zone, signing out.

Now fuck off.

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These 30 days were a great thing to experience, self reflection is always a great thing, and in the case of video games, it's probably some of the most meaningful opportunities I have available to reflect upon if only because of how much video games really mean to me. My interest in art and designing, fantasy and fiction, virtual lore and immersion, and basically all my interests all stem from this lovely medium that is perhaps one of the best interactive mediums available. Not only that, but those roots alone branch out towards every single path I take in life, especially when it comes to the people I meet. I've met some of the greatest friends imaginable that have helped push me and my creative instincts forward, thanks to the wonderful experiences they provide, and I couldn't be more grateful.

During Day 2 I mentioned that my favorite game of all time was Viewtiful Joe. One thing I offhandedly didn't mention about it if only because of how such a small detail may seem trivial, it also happens to have my favorite ending of any game ever. But why? What makes it stand out? I mean, Portal 2 has perhaps the most massive ending, MGS3 had the most emotionally captivating ending, Ghost Trick had the perfect finale to tie up it's long night of twists. There are so many seemingly better fit choices. What's the big seller of this game?

The credits.

As a child, end credits from games like Mario Kart 64 and Kirby 64 would always leave me with a huge smile on the face - it felt as if I had conquered something big, and as if I was being praised for it. The former in particular makes me teary-eyed with nostalgia.

Games nowadays don't put much focus in them at all. It's basically "oh you won, congratulations, here's the guys who made the game". But Viewtiful Joe's credits gave me such a blast to the past, since finishing the game was so rewarding. The game was incredibly hard and challenging, and you ended up loving the events and the characters. The credits is one big roll call of every character throughout the game, with some extra trivia, and it also throws in a bunch of referential movie posters.

The music symbolized this as well, as it truly felt as if you've reached the end of a magnificent journey you won't soon forget. As a matter of fact, contradictory to the Day when I mentioned "Favorite Song from a Video Game", this credits track is actually my favorite video game track of all time. The only reason I left it out was because of me wanting to do this one last hoorah.

I love it when games do put a shit ton of thought into this stuff. After all, the ending is in many ways, the portion of the game that sticks with us the most, and the thing we will always remember. And that, this game did. It lovingly crafted every portion of the experience. Even the ending.

"Everyone loves a hero. Everyone loves you."

Peace out guys. It's been real.

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30 Days of Vidya - Best Ending Ever

I've said it a million times, and I have no problem saying it a million more: Persona 4 is the greatest game I've ever played. It's got fantastic gameplay, an amazing soundtrack, and a charming story featuring some of the most lovable characters I've ever seen in any work of fiction.

And today, we're going to talk about the ending. Saying it's a good one would be an understatement of massive proportions. Think of it this way: When was the last time you've had to say goodbye to close friends/family, with everyone knowing you won't meet again in a long time? Had did you feel? Happy? Yeah. Sad? Yeah. Hopeful? Of course; you'd want to see them again some time soon. Think of that moment for a little while, and imagine exactly how you felt at the time. That is how Persona 4's ending feels.

You really have to play Persona 4 to understand this; in all honesty, it's simple. You board a train, your friends say goodbye, music plays, and... that's it. But that's all it needs. Chie, Yosuke, Yukiko, Teddie, Rise, Kanji, and Naoto aren't just Persona 4 characters. They were my friends. And saying goodbye to them was... well, equivalent to a tearful goodbye in real life.

I'm going to miss you guys.

Thoughts on 30 Days of Video Games -

117 pages. Pages upon pages of thoughtful, heartfelt opinions that revolve around the strong passion we all share: love for video games. Writing these entries, I've not only learned about all of you guys, but I've also learned a bit about myself; the themes and tropes I enjoy seeing, the type of humor that appeals to me, the music I love most, and more. It's definitely been fun writing these essays, and I've had a great time reading you guys' listings as well.

I feel things like this really serve to bring us together as a community, and I love seeing it.

I want to thank everyone for putting effort and thought into their posts. I really appreciate it. wink.png

Edited by Dissident

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FINA-Wait what? Bonus day? oh fine.

Favorite Video game ending:

Sonic & the Black Knight

This is one of the most poignant video game endings, I've ever had the feeling of playing, you can tell its good if the game made you feel a sense of heartwarming for the characters involved and the message received. The game pretty much drives home that no matter how much we may try to deny it, eventually all things must come to an end and we just got to accept it. Such a simple message, and yet to meaningful. Even more amazing is that it came from Sonic the Hedgehog of all things, go figure.

Honorable mention goes to Persona 4 for all of the reasons Dissident mentioned.

As for the thoughts on the whole topic? Yeah, I have to say its interesting to see all of us pretty invested into video games like this, hell I learned things about game I usually overlook, so thank you guys for introducing me to a whole new chapter of games, let's do this again sometime.

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Bonus Day: Best Ending Ever

I selected it for Best Moment Ever, of course I'm going to choose it for best ending ever.


The ending of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All

You know, the first 3 cases of this game are rather... questionable, but the last case has the honor of being the greatest fucking thing ever. So let's get this shit rolling...


So here's your client, Matt Engarde. Just look at him, he has to be innocent right?


WHOOPS, as it turns out he's the biggest jerkass ever. You can't blame yourself for falling for his shit though, the game actually fools you into thinking he's innocent. You use spirit magic to deduce whether or not he actually killed the victim, and he told the truth, he actually didn't. He just hired somebody else to do the dirty work for him. Just goes to show that you can't take shortcuts in life.

Well, now the answer is simple. You just have to lose!... Well things are never that simple in the Ace Attorney world. You see, the assassin he hired (Shelly de Killer) is making sure that you get him the Not Guilty verdict. He took one of your best friends hostage, and is going to kill her if you do try to pull this shit.

Well, fuck.

Now you have to get this son of a bitch off the hook, and in the Ace Attorney world, that means pinning the blame on someone else. The only way to actually win is for Matt to want the Guilty verdict, or somehow break the contract between him and Shelly. Neither of which is going to happen anytime soon...


That is until this guy happens, Dick Gumshoe to the rescue again.

What's that Gumshoe, got some new evidence you say? You're driving it over here now? Hope has been restored significantly, this new evidence might just be the key to winning this case. Now all we need to do is stall by performing some hilarious courtroom shenanigans...

Well, fuck... again.

Gumshoe wrecked guys, all hope is lost... again. Everybody pack your things, it's over...


...just keep packing everybody, it's just Franziska von Karma, no doubt here to screw me over again. Oh, wait, no, that's not right. She has the evidence Gumshoe tried to get to me. She's actually being helpful. The tables have turned, we're going to win this one, one way or the other... You know what? Let's do it both ways.

So as it turns out, Matt Engarde is a backstabbing son of a bitch (shocker, I know), and recorded Shelly killing his target in order to blackmail him. Upon realizing this, Shelly breaks his contract with Matt and makes him his next target. Checkmate, I win, but let's not end it here, let's do some overkill. Oh what's that Judge? You want me to choose the verdict? Well, I wouldn't want Mr. Killer to be disappointed, let's just say he's innocent. I get a win, Shelly's happy, we're all happy.


Well, except for him, he's definitely not happy. He's so unhappy he actually shits his pants, starts declaring himself Guilty, and carves his face out once he figures out what you're trying to pull. Hey, look, I broke the contract AND made him want the Guilty verdict. Doing the impossible 2x over, just your average day for an Ace Attorney.

So there you have it, you won the game. You saved your friend, and had a nice dinner. Now all that's left is to shout out your catch-phrase one last time...


So there's that.

Anyways, 30+1 days of videogames was fun, we should do something like this again.

Edited by Pinkie Pie

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With all that silliness I posted I forgot to mention my thoughts about the event...

Some music... Just because...

For starters, this thread made me realize how much time I invest in only a handful of games (I played many, but there are only a few that I truly loved and those were the ones that I repeated the most here). Not saying I will not try to expand my gaming library in the next days... I hope this thread get archived or something so I can come and check your recommendations later...

I also think I probably should have been more varied, but alas, my time wasn't enough to really think about the answers and try to come up with something truly original.

I also leave this thread with the feeling that I'm the only user in the whole board who put RTS above any other genre... Not sure what to think about it.

but all in all, I really enjoyed the event (even if there were 2 particular days that I would rather not think about), loved to take part of the forum activities for once (if you know me, and I guess you don't, you might have noticed that I'm not the most invested member in the community >_>), and I hope I can repeat it in the near future.

But the most important thing is...




I mean... Community... And stuff... >_>

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Favorite ending

SA2 is my favorite ending because it was a nice conclusion to the story. Even though it was a bitter sweet ending where everyone was mourning the so called death of shadow, it was nice to see the characters interact with each other after their loss. With all of the characters talking, reflecting on what just happened, and their future endeavors was a pleasant way to end everything.

As for my thoughts on the 30 days of video games I actually enjoyed it. Seeing everyone’s thoughts and opinions on their different experience with games was interesting. I even saw some games that I forgot about and haven't played in a while, it was a cool trip down memory lane being apart of this topic reminiscing about past games.

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Peace out guys. It's been real.

While I would've totally preferred getting Sock Place, this is pretty awesome too. PROPS TO THE CARBOMIN.

Day 23: Sock Gets To Finish The Challenge

Favorite Video Game Ending, huh? Well, this is pretty tough. Whateverbros, I'm gonna wildcard it again.




stop looking at me


KK FOLKS, LET'S GO WITH Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

(skip to 7:49 for the actual ending)

Okay, I'm gonna be straight witcha. This is an extremely personal choice. This ending isn't the most heart-clenching, purdyful, or even unique ending ever. It's pretty damn cheesy.


The guy's reaction to beating the final boss was essentially mine in a nutshell, a ballsout freakout. I mean, I felt sorry for Ty's parents for how long they had to wait for me to save them from the void.

Generic, cheesy, and incredibly satisfying, Ty's ending is one that shall stick with me for all eternity.

Final thoughts on this big whateverthisis:

~ I only have to do FIVE and I still get a badge? That's hilarious.

~ Auto-save has been my best friend and my worst enemy. This post alone has crashed six times, and six times I've had to rewrite apostrophes.

~ WHO WOULD LIKE MY LAZY-ASS POSTS? I MEAN COME ON you guys have good taste in posts, thanks ya shmucks. luv ya

~ It's honestly been really cool to see everyone's favorite moments in the realm of vidya, wouldn't mind doing something similar in the future. smile.png

~ Sock Place is still better than any badge you can ever bribe me with.

~ This post >>>>>>>> Vizard's

Tulta Munille, folks.

Edited by SockDrawer

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Day 30X6 - Favorite ending







Eheh...heh.......but seriously folks, Portal 2.

Portal 2's ending was everything a game ending should be. Tense, entertaining, satisfying, and even a little emotional. You got the coolest way to finish off a bad guy ever, a good-bye to your old nemesis, send you out with a musical number, reunite you with your best friend, give you another awesome credits song, and a nice little epilogue to finish it off. So many games nowadays forget that endings should be satisfying, like a reward for putting your time into their product. Portal 2 delivered this in spades. Never have I felt like a story has been wrapped up in a game so well. And you know what? It's gonna take a hell of a lot of effort for anyone to even come close to topping it.

Final Thoughts -

This was a lot of fun! I love talking about my favorite games, and seeing what everyone else's opinions and memories are. I'd love to see more challenge topics. Movie challenge maybe? Music? Play? TV Show? Whatever we do, I'd love to see more fun activity topics like this.

Edited by Gregzilla14

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