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30 Days of Video Games

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BONUS ROUND - Favourite Ending from a Video Game

Sat and thought about this one for a while, and then it occured to me that I've gone a whole 30 Days without mentioning what just might be the most beautiful game of all time. But guess what? Said game also has one of my favourite endings, so my swan song in this topic goes to...

If you haven't played NiGHTS into Dreams then you need to go and do something about that right now, the story goes something like this: Inside our dreams exists another world called Nightopia, where aspects of dreamers' personalities are represented by coloured spheres known as "Ideya." Claris and Elliot are two dreamers who possess the rare Red Ideya of Courage, although when we're first introduced to them they have no idea of what's about to happen or just how courageous they really are... in fact it's quite the opposite. Both kids are feeling like failures after the day's event and in the middle of their own nightmares that are replaying them over.

Claris has dreamed of getting the chance to perform on stage, but she's just

due to a bout of stage fright and lost all self-belief. Elliot meanwhile, is passionate about basketball and just suffered
on the court that's done a number on his confidence. But that's when they come across NiGHTS...

It turns out that in the dream world, Wizeman the Wicked has been capturing the dream energy from humans and intends on rising from the subconscious to enter the real world. After learning of his plans from NiGHTS, Claris and Elliot feel a new sense of courage and accept NiGHTS' request to help recapture the stolen Ideya. And so they traverse through the strange dream lands, and while taking on Wizeman and his minions in Nightopia, uncover the courage to tackle the problems they've been facing in their real lives. Claris heads back to the audition and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgoHlqUeweM, while Elliot

back out on the court. And it's on his way home (and after you've aced the game) that the scene at the start of this post plays out, and we're treated to a beautiful little moment where both kids come face to face for the first time during Claris' performance and share a lovely little moment that acknowledges the dream they shared together.

Then http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k75QjizPWvY, and we see NiGHTS atop Twin Seeds Tower... ending the game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGKMmTqfFww.


It's just the perfect way to wrap up an amazing game, and the fact that it's conveyed without any words whatsoever still leaves me in awe. There aren't a lot of games that feel as magical as NiGHTS, and that's why I adore it. It's really something else.

Final Thoughts on 30 Days of Video Games

It's been loads of fun, and quite a thought provoking experience. I've had to really think about some of my answers for certain days (be it to come up with something or just to narrow it down), and I'm quite satisfied with what I chose in the end. Also been keeping up with everyone else's posts, and it's really cool seeing what other people picked for each day... especially some of the more obscure ones. There's some games that I'll definitely be looking into once I get the chance, and I have this topic to thank for it. smile.png

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Bonus Stage: Favorite Ending and Final Thoughts

Well, my favorite moment WAS my favorite ending, so I'll just put the first runner up here.

The ending to Kingdom Hearts. It's emotional, the CGI looks great to this very day, the music is awesome and it's overall a really satisfying ending to a surprisingly awesome game. (And it's nostalgiagasmic btw)

So yeah, I guess that's it. I had a lot of fun talkin' 'bout vidya games with y'all and seein' y'all's thoughts on vidya games. I have to admit, it was kinda difficult finding out exactly what games to write about on some days, and figuring out exactly what I could say in my posts that would make it substantial wasn't always easy either (though I think I kind of overdid it on day 30 XD). But yeah, I enjoyed this a lot. Like I said yesterday, stay classy folks. ;D

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Night 31

There was only suppose to be 30 days Carbo. 30. Why is there a bonus day?

You shouldn't have done that Carbo...


Now I must figure out my post when I should have come here earlier to check if it was over with or not.


#5 Majora's Mask


My Friends. My dearest Friends.

You were all I had

You were all I needed, All anyone ever needed

Yet you left me, deserted me, abandoned me in my time of need.

The power, I felt it flowing through me, the ideas, it told me to do it,

There I was, corrupted, used as a puppet, and evil

But you my friends, you came and saved me

After everything I've said and done

You still cared about me....

You...still...love me...

The boy in the green hat is leaving,

And so must I....so must we...

My fairies are my new friends now

But I'll never forget you,

My Friends.....no

My Family

#4 Grand Theft Auto 4 (Deal)


Just why?

He loved me

I loved him

and Yet I betrayed him,

ran him over when he tried to get in my car

drove near him and then sped away really fast

I even ditched him when the cops showed up

I treated him like dirt, crap, and criticized him

Yet still he trusted me, he never once doubted me

He always knew the right things to say when calling you

He even invited you to his wedding, and yet because of your actions

Roman is dead.

All he wanted to do was go bowling while seeing some big american titties with his cousin Niko.

But did you? Yes you the person reading this, did you ever once even take on his plans, or even call him up.

No you didn't.

And because of your selfishness, your actions, your intolerance

Roman is dead.

Never has blowing up people, killing civilians by Road Rage, or even hi-jacking a top government vehicle seem so empty

Without Roman calling you.

This ending made me realize,

You never know how good you got 'em

Till he's dead. Only one thing left to do now

Load Save 2, do revenge, and kill Kate.

Just for you Roman,

Just for You....

#3 Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)


Yes, Sonic 06 may be one of the worst games of all time, but the ending made me truly appreciate not only the fact that the game was over (thank god) but also Sonic, as a better person and influence.

Now yes, we all know of the hinted relationship between Elise and Sonic, we all know how uncomfortable the kiss scene was, but looking beyond that stuff, I applaud backstory of the main story (if that makes any sense).

Princess Elise had a boring life, so boring with the same things to do, and the same nightmares she has for no reason at all every night and day. However, all that changes when Sonic came. Cutscene after cutscene, you begin to see Elise change. She becomes bolder, braver, and takes risks, after meeting Sonic. She talks back to people who she dislikes and isn't afraid to speak up anymore. She blossoms from a little shy girl into a strong considerable mental but not physically beautiful Woman. And that's what I think they tried to convey in this scene here.


The trees and flowers blossom as Princess Elise begins to show her true self.

But what really did it for me, was the ending. Yes now, I know alot of people are going to say Princess Elsie is a bitch for rather having the world die, instead of losing her only friend. But yet through the tears and such, Sonic tells her to just smile. And she does. She realizes that while Sonic was her inspiration and hero and friend, she must learn to become dependent on herself, and with that Princess Elise sacrifices her first friendship/relationship for the World.

For the first time, we actually see Sonic change someone. We see him inspire and develop a character through simple yet effective motions. I appreciate Sonic Team for doing that at least, and I also appreciate them showing us a little girl Bloom into a Young Woman, thanks to Sonic The Hedgehog.

#2 Halo Reach


Throughout the game, you feel superior in destroying some covenant ships, and stopping (part) of an air-fleet and what not. But soon however, you realize that you aren't just fighting a war,

You're fighting a war that you've already lost.

The turning point of the story in seeing your team members killed off one by one, all leading up to the epic finale of saving the last of the humans on Reach. You've done it, you've suceeded, and now it's time to go home......but not to Earth.

Noble 6 decides to stay on Reach, to finish his mission. the last objective he must do while the convenant are glassing Reach. He ust stay alive.

Knowing he's already dead, he stays behind and fights off the ever growing Covenant. But he can't win. He eventually dies, and must face that hard truth, that Reach is gone.

I dunno, but it always emotional gets to me whenever I see the last transfer ships leaving Reach while I stay behind and protect what's left of Reach. It sounds stupid, but this mission always touched my heart, and I applaud you Bungie, you went out with a bang, and what a bang it was.


The Finale


Kingdom Hearts 2 is a fantastic game, no matter what anybody tells you. But it's ending just strikes me as my favorite ending of all time. I don't know why, the music, the reunion, the atmosphere, it just had everything I could ask for in a game. The bad guy's defeated, the heroes return home, and the is ambiguous as to weather we get a sequel or not. It just ends it perfectly in my eyes, and I cannot wait to pick up the story in KH3DDD.

30 Days Topic


This was a great topic, one of my favorites on SSMB if I say so myself. Sure the badges are a main reason that motivated me to do this for 30(31) days, but I really enjoyed learning what you guys thought about most video games in general, your favorite VGM, your favorite cutscene, all these things make me feel as though SSMB has grown into a bigger family overall, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Plus this topic was a great excuse to talk about all my favorite and worst Video games.

Disindent and Carbo, you guys are awesome for coming up with such a great topic, and all you SSMB members are amazing for contributing towards this, as to get to know each other better. If we ever do one of these again, you can guarantee that I'll be there to contribute towards it.


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I might get shot for this but, the Sonic '06 ending is good because, it makes the game never exist.

Anyway, already posted that my favorite ending was the SM64 ending. This was a fun ride, folks. It goes to show how diverse our gaming habits are. It's also introduced me to games I've never heard of, and reintroduced me to games I had since forgotten. Fantastic idea, guys. Here's hoping there are similar things in the future because, I was actually looking forward to sharing my gaming history every day, and learning the history of others.

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This day doesn't count for a badge and this picture speaks for itself.

And if it's any consolation I spent like half an hour recreating this from the original sprites for the highest possible quality.

I really enjoyed the 30 Days of Video games, though, and like I said in my last post I'd love to do something like this again. It was nice to advertise Donkey Kong Country games see the tastes of the members here outside of Sonic. A non-gaming-related 30 Day Challenge would be awesome.

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BEST ENDING , Professor Layton & Pandoras box. No ending has touched my heart more. To avoid spoilers (I'm looking @ you Jeff!) The villain realises he has lost what he cares most for, yet he gains a new loved one. Also with the realisation of the towns true nature, he changes both physically & mentally . When the song 'Iris' plays your heart will be in your hands.

Thank you for the 30 day challenge , it really has been a grand tale of discovery.

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I really want to go with Portal 2, or even break my "No Sonic" rule and pick Sonic Adventure 2, but know what? No. I'm taking another generic route.

I'm assuming if you're in the topic now you don't care about spoilers, so let's go.


I spent a lot of my time thinking Half-Life 2 was some kinda "Sims" type game. I never knew anything about it, or saw much from it, other than some dudes at a forum I was at who would mess around with Gmod. All I would ever see them do is fling character around this European-styled city, so I figured it was just some funky little thing like that.

The other year, I expressed interest in finally playing Portal, and a good friend offered to let me borrow his copy of The Orange Box. He told me Portal was on it, as well as some Half-Life games. I figured "Cool enough. I'll get to try that too I guess."

Boy, was I (obviously) dead wrong. Here was a series with fantastic game play, interesting visual design, and sweet audio design. In addition, the story was compelling. The design to make Gordon never speak was a smart one, I feel, as it really puts you to seeing the world through his eyes, and in a sense, makes you Gordon. You care about the world and it's inhabitants, as opposed to caring about how Gordon cares for these characters.

And it all comes up to Episode 2's Ending. You've accomplished a big goal. You're not quite done with the huge weight of saving humanity, but you've just done something that brings you a damn sight closer. As you prepare to move to your next big objective, you're attacked, and forced to helplessly watch Eli Vance be murdered, viscerally.

I think I stayed dead still through the entire credit roll. I was shocked. Such a fantastic ending.

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Bonus Day - Fav Ending to a video game & final thoughts on 30 days topic

i can think of 5 off the top of my head

5. Deus Ex Human Revolution

We all know Squenix are amazing at delivering Messages and subliminal thought processes to you at the end of their games (Kingdom Hearts, FF Series, The World Ends With You etc.) but nothing can compare to their game "Deus Ex" truth is, you can choose from 4 endings, each with their own complications and gains to how the World goes on after the great Augmentation fuck up, the game throws you into a situation where you must choose one of the 4 consoles to relay a message via the CPU news network, your choices depends on the final ending.

1. You blame your company

2. You blame Human Resources

3. You tell the truth about what really happened

4. you self destruct the "core" a research centre in the middle of the sea, and let mankind choose its own story.

any one you choose shows the final ending based on your decision with the main protagonist Adam talking over a bunch of real life footage that makes you sit and think about your own actions in life, its just a game? but it sure as hell feels Real.

4. Mirror's Edge


Another game that makes you think about how our future may turn up, our paranoia and feeling vulnerable will lead us to barricade our lives with extensive protection and cameras on every corner, sacrificing freedom for safety, having to see what Faith Connors has to go through to save her only family from evil corporate schemes made me think "are the good guys really good at all?" the music and the ending scene of Faith hugging her sister from a near death experience will go down as one of the greatest game endings i'll remember.

3.Metroid Prime II Echoes


Samus beats Dark Samus, and in return destroys the existence of Dark Aether as she runs for the portal, Ing try to stop her and chase her as she leaps through the portal the dark planet behind her explodes, the luminoth on the otherside thanks Samus and bow as she walks between them, simply signalling them with a raised hand without looking back, not a word. it was truly badass.

2. Sonic CD

The intro and Ending to Sonic CD are amazing, never have i seen a Classic Sonic animated sequence i've loved as much as the CD ending, and seeing a snippet of Sonic Racing Metal at the end was pure eye candy.

1. Sonic Adventure 2

The ending, like i've explained in previous posts, is a true ending that makes it part of the much loved Adventure series, it was Dark and sad and the main theme playing after Sonic says "Sayonara Shadow The Hedgehog" was just pure win.

Honourable mention - Ghost Trick Phantom Detective

30 Days Topic - Its been fun, and very informative i'm glad there are people out there which agree with my love for certain franchises, i feel a little bit closer to you all :)

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Bonus Day - Best Ending

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

What to say, lol. Well, MGS always has great cinematics, but the ending just kept upping itself. First we escape after have the scene where you get to shoot The Boss yourself making the white flowers turn red, then you escape, but hey OCelot'S back, he jumps out of a plane and the day is saved.

Eva and Snake get it on, Eva steals the disc and get's out of there. We find out exactly why The Boss did what she did. Ends with Snake saluting to her grave, tearing up.

That whole ending I was at the edge of my seat and I felt for all of the characters-

On this whole thing: I thought it was really fun, albeit sometimes hard to come up with things to say. It was interesting to see how the others felt on these subjects.

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Best video game ending? Are there even any options besides this one?

Sonic CD

I always had an aversion to Sonic CD. I hated how it did things differently from the other 4 for the lulz. I hated how disjointed and unfocused it seemed at times. I loathed how it controlled. I even hated it on a meta level, as it was the game, more than any other, that turned people in this fanbase into frothing-at-the-mouth assholes all those years ago when I was new on the scene.

And yet, the one thing the game does fantastically right, it does better than any other game in the series; with the only one coming anywhere close being Chaotix. There is an intrinsic style to CD. A feeling of just how much of a labor of love it was making the game the way that it was. No other Sonic game is as stylistic, as inseperable from its ethos and emotion, as Sonic CD.

And the ending, particularly the original Sega CD one (and especially the NTSC-J one, which has the music times/synced to the action on the screen) enscapulates all of that perfectly. A direct segue from the final boss battle; Sonic's personality, Amy's personality, the result of kicking Robotnik's fat ass again... all of it perfectly summed up in the first 1:20. And what follows is an absolutely wonderful medley of nearly every iconic situation from the game, making them even more awesome then they were when you did them yourself; and showing off Sonic as a character better then... well, I can't really think of a game in the series that did a better job at it than this one.

And I was going to rewrite Stairway for my reaction to the entire event, but I ran into tons of problems with the 4th stanza; so screw it.

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TOP 5 FAVORITE ENDINGS (Cause one ending is not enough):

4. Metroid Fusion (GBA)

This ending was lovely, so good that I almost cried.

You had a computer boss you around throughout the game as Samus would sometimes talk to herself of

her past commander. But when you are nearly at the end, the Omega Metroid attacks! And your ship is gone! OH NOES! But then as you are weak the SA-X runs up to the Omega and sacrifices it's life! And then when you beat the Omega your ship flies up to you, and you pilot back along with the alien creatures you saved and the computer that helped you to escape (Without of course knowing it) which sounded quite familiar to her....Hasn't it? *dramatic dun dun*

3. The third Ending in Dino Crisis (PS1/DC)

The best ending there possibly is in the game..You get the crazed maniac Dr.Kirk, You get one of your

partners. (There are two endings, and one of them you lose something. Either kirk or Gail)

But don't think T-rex is left out of the fun, cause in the ending, Rick drops a bomb on it!

2. Sonic Adventure 2 (DC/GC)

That ending was just lovely..Kinda what Indigo said about it, but the favorite part of it was the pleasant interaction Tails and Eggman had, very lovely ending.

1. Portal 2 (PC/360/PS3)

So you defeated Wheatley and restored GLaDOS, now what? I'll tell you what! You get a nice speech from GLaDOS knowing what you both had to go through as Wheatley invaded the Aperture. Then you finally get a piece of freedom as the elevator takes you to the exit while the turrets begin an opera just for you. And as you see the beautiful fields outside with fresh air..You get a small souvenir from your adventures, the companion cube! Slightly burned but who cares! Chell is free and can start her life again!


What about the whole topic?..

It was a fun ride with everyone, sure I kinda gave up in the end a bit since my internet wouldn't provide me the ability to view anything for a bit and then I decided to just walk off..But at times I would view the topic

just to read others thoughts and likings! And Just cause of the bonus day given, I decided just to say bye to the lovely topic with some thoughts of my own! So this Topic was not just genius, but got everyone together to give out their feelings and thoughts on many corners of gaming.


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