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Member badges/awards pics aren't showing


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Title says all, really. The pics that usually appear in the "user awards" only show up as dots, and I think this applies for all members and all pages withthe shown. Wondering if you guys are trying to get this fixed, and thanks for reading.

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The same thing happens to me as well. Sure, you can go to a profile to check out the awards, but it's much more convenient to see them next to someone's post.

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Everyone having the problem, would you mind posting your browser and operating system?

For example, it's working fine for me on Google Chrome 17, running win 7

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Badnik Mechanic

can't get it working in Vista + IE 8.

The following I can get to work.

Vista + Chrome

Vista + Fire fox

It works when using my ipod touch.

It's most likely an I.E. issue since usually any updates to the board need tweeking for I.E. browsers.

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