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The Ace Attorney Topic (DS, 3DS, iOS) - News in OP

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3 minutes ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

It’s about $30 dollars, according to Reddit from the Yen price. Granted, that could be lowered when the cost conversions are properly done for other regions.

Oh, okay. I've got $20 in the eshop so hopefully it's around that much. My dad can give me the extra $10 if it ends up being 30 bucks. Hope your theory of it releasing next week is correct!

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Checked the trophy list and gotta say, i really like it:


It's a bit of a shame it's just one list and not one per game, and it's relatively easy, but it still has a couple of trophies tied to do silly things or as references to the community, like getting all the ladder vs. stepladder jokes. It reminds me of the one of the Castlevania duology put not too long ago.
Definetly gonna get the PS4 version at this point.


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13 minutes ago, Tornado said:

That's pretty neat for Capcom to do, I think.





Those are there too. But at the very least it's not just them.

What i was fearing the most was having stupid trophies like "raise an objection for the first time", and while there's a "start the game for the first time" kind, it's only that.
Here's the list btw: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8765-phoenix-wright-ace-attorney-trilogy


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I picked up the PS4 version and my first impressions are actually kind of strong, I've been waiting for a console release of the AA series for a long while, since I never bothered with the Wii ports since not only did they gate off Rise from the Ashes, but they were overpriced when you had the IOS release sitting there with all three games for a vastly lower cost. I'm only up to the first part of Turnabout Sisters so far, but I'm already enjoying this a lot more than the mobile, or 3DS ports.

I think a problem with me - and this is in general with Visual Novels, as I had the same experience with Danganronpa - is I don't like playing massively long story driven games on mobile, because not only is the issue of recharges a thing, but in general, it's just the smaller screen and everything. It's tolerable, and even with the Switch release - a bit better since that has a bigger screen that delivers a more console like experience, even if charging remains an issue, but personally, if it's going to be a long story driven game like Ace Attorney, I vastly prefer playing on a TV with a controller in hand. Already, the game had a plus over the different versions because of this.

But I think this is probably the most refined that these games are going to get. It looks incredibly similar to the 3DS and IOS versions from first glance, and yeah - it's still the trilogy on consoles, but you can tell the effort exceeded past just slap-dashing a 3DS game onto consoles for the hell of it.

The graphics have been refined a bit, obviously because if you tried to throw the assets of an IOS/3DS game onto a PS4 game, it will look horrendously ugly. From what I see, they've been remastered again to cover a 4K display, and especially during the court pan-outs, the sprites seemed to have been refined a bit. It's still not amazing, if you disliked the IOS/3DS art style, then you'll probably still dislike it here, especially if you believe the sprites are vastly more charming, like I do. That said, I personally feel like you can get through that for what is very easily the most accessible remastering of these three games.

I was honestly surprised just how many user-friendly and quality of life changes they made to the game, stupid, simple things that just make the overall experience better. First things first - there is now more than one save slot, and you can save/load whenever you choose to do so. You can hit options at any time to save the game, and it won't quit you out. You can choose to load the game as you see fit. What this means is that if you game over, you can immediately reload your game back to where it was.

Such a simple thing, hell - something that was present for emulators for years - and I am so happy it's here. It's weird to see it because Capcom/AA writers are infamous for despising save scumming, to the point they even created a save scum trap in Ace Attorney Investigations which basically bricks the save and forces you to start a case over again. But here, you can do it to your heart's content.

I know some will likely disagree with me, but this is a most welcome change for me. One of the things I really hated about later AA games is how fucking bullshit the game can get with the meter. Oh, you've been doing well up until now? Well, guess this one objection in a long list of statements or else you will immediately fail the game and start the case from the last "beginning". IMO, this is totally infuriating and completely hinders experimentation because if you aren't careful, well you're going to instantly lose and have to restart a sizeable chunk, so this is just a great change IMO.

Secondly - You can now choose how quickly you can skip scenes. This means that you are never forced to watch stuff like in the mobile ports of AA. You can hold circle and immediately auto skip a ton of stuff, or you can tap circle to get the dialogue to appear instantly if you're a fast reader and don't want to wait for the game to load all of the dialogue slowly. 

Thirdly - Investigations have gotten one of the best overhauls. It now plays like a point and click adventure game, and it has been made so much more user-friendly with one simple addition - your cursor is a magnifying glass. If you hover over an item you can examine, it will highlight yellow. Better yet, it will then mark that item with a red tick next to the icon the next time you hover over said item, allowing you to see exactly what you've already examined, and what you haven't.

As someone who got stuck a good few times because I couldn't find a specific item, and just clicked wherever or whenever I could in the vain hopes I'll find something that will progress things, this is a complete god-send. I am so very happy about this.

There's a few other things - the tick system in PW:AA has been replaced with the bar system from JFA and T&T, as well as all three games have a standardised U.I now. Every game now plays like the DS originals, where you had to complete each case in order to unlock the next case, unlike the IOS/3DS ports where every case was unlocked at once (That said - you can choose to start on your game of choice, so you can go right to JFA or T&T if you want). 

The trophies use a updated and refined version of the IOS achievements, adding a few new ones, which is also pretty fun. There's other simple stuff as well like being able to adjust the text box size and density, and disabling the screen shaking if you don't like that thing.

I've also heard on Reddit that the game is sporting a further refined localisation, cleaning up any typos or issues from previous releases. Not 100% sure if that means it's reusing the 3DS script, which in of itself was fixed, or if they're using a further refined version of the 3DS script.

So in short, while I can't really answer if it's a good decision for someone to pick this up if you're already fine with the 3DS/IOS/DS versions (Unless you're like me, and really wanted to play Ace Attorney on an actual console with an actual TV), but if you're a newcomer, who's curious about the series, this trilogy release on consoles is a complete and total no brainer.

It fixes a lot of the annoying flaws with the Ace Attorney series that could send you on circles for a long time, and make you nervous about making mistakes, as well as making it a lot less frustrating when the game pigeon holes you on the evidence you can use to prove a point, despite the sound logic, and it revealing later that you were right. It's quality of life updates are just the right amount of updating to get rid of a good few of the inherit Ace Attorney flaws IMO and that makes it perfect for newcomers, or even someone who wants to replay the series.

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I've been playing the finally-fully-finished fan translation of The Great Ace Attorney 1, I'm now on case 5.

So far, I have been thoroughly enjoying the game. It reminds me the most of Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, so if you like that game, then (minus the Layton parts) you'll feel right at home playing this one. It's even got the same mechanic for cross-examining/arguing with multiple witnesses/jurors at the same time.

In terms of structure, I'd say it's more straight-forward and segmented than most of the games. It's also quite different in feel to the regular ace attorney games, due to defying expectations that were set by the series. But there's enough familiarity and nods/references to aspects from the regular series that fans of it should be able to enjoy it thoroughly.

Do keep in mind, as I already have had to accept myself, that unlike the regular AA games, this one was made with a sequel in mind (which I'll have to wait forever for a translation of that, too), and isn't written in a stand-alone way like most of the AA games were. So not everything is resolved in the first game, as mysteries were intentionally left for the sequel to answer. That's the most spoiler-free and vague way I can possibly explain it.

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