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Disney's Wreck-It Ralph


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It's great to see all those characters in one room, but I don't really know who half of them are. =P Anyone care to list them all if they do? Unless the majority have been created for the film. I recognise the ones on the right, from Clyde to what I assume is a Mortal Kombat character. As for the actual story, it doesn't particularly excite me, but maybe future trailers will remedy that.

EDIT: I've just noticed that Dr. Wily's been cut from the scene. I wonder if he's been cut from the movie entirely.

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Zangief is a villain? He was in the Street Fighter movie but...

Oh well, this is still an EPIC trailer! All those video game characters and references...PPPFF. X3

We'll probably get it much later here in the UK, as usual. ;__;

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Yes! Bring it on! Loads of cameos to be seen here, I really can't wait! Regardless of whether Eggman has any kind of role or not in this film, I think I'll enjoy this film. *squeal*

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Or you could just fly over here to the states to see it when it comes out over here. I know it sounds a bit stupid but still tongue.png

And people got on my case when I suggested they spend $20 to import a game :V

I'm looking forward to this, but not $1000 flight anticipation.

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Hey SEGA fans, another SEGA cameo spotted! Evil demon lord Neff from Altered Beast:


who's the foxy dark elf? *raises eyebrows* xD

yeah i'm officially hyped so bad right now, i've went and invited like 20 friends over FB to go see it in IMAX... oh man so good.

:EDIT: The zombie with the axes who talks is also a SEGA villain, in fact he's the first boss from House of the Dead, the double Axe zombie!

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